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[SU]The Legend of Sparx[SU][R] - [CLOSED]


always thinking about Pokemon~
The Legend of Sparx:​

The legend of Sparx dates back thousands of years in what we now know as the Orre region. This island floated over a luscious and bountiful valley full of flowers that is now nothing but sand. Sparx was home to many people and Pokémon who lived side by side as companions. This was one of the very first examples of a civilization where people and Pokémon coexisted, similar to how life is today. Back then, people and Pokémon lived separate lives. People were afraid of Pokémon’s power and Pokémon did not trust people. It was a different time.

Nobody knows what happened to Sparx and its people other than what the legends tell us. According to books found in the Canalave library, the island of Sparx befell a terrible tragedy that ended their civilization. Legends say that one day the island came crashing down to the surface, but nobody knows why. This caused tremors and quakes across the land. The people of Sparx were presumably wiped out by the crash. Over time, the legends of the floating island have been forgotten by the majority.

This brings us to present day where the island has risen once again. Almost out of nowhere, the land where the island crashed began to quake. From the tremors emerged the island of Sparx and it ascended into the skies of Orre. The island used to hover above the surface and now it was among the clouds.

This sent the region into a spiral and many people are racing to figure out what’s going on for various motives.

Since the island’s reappearance, nature has been thrown out of balance. Natural disasters are occurring more often. The seas are storming, which has left everyone unable to flee the region by boat. The only way to get to Orre is via plane. The forest around Agate Village is covered in vines and fractured earth from the quakes. Mt. Battle’s volcano is now active and unstable. The canyon is plagued by sandstorms and tornadoes from the high wind velocity. Pokemon are running rampant and attacking humans, even their trainers.

This is not the first crisis to befall the Orre region. About two decades ago, the region was under attack by a criminal organization: Cipher. Cipher was closing the hearts of Pokémon and using them as weapons to do their bidding. Their ultimate goal was to conquer the Orre region and then the world. They were thwarted twice by brave heroes who stepped up to play their part in their destinies.

Now it is time to tell the tale of new trainers who will solve the mystery of Sparx and restore peace to the Orre region. Or will they be looking for treasure and power? Maybe you’ll be there to defend the chaos. That is up to you. Every story has heroes, villains and antiheroes. The choice is yours to make.

Six months later and the Orre regions is getting closer and closer to ruin with every passing day. You have been contacted by Justy to join his team of top tier trainers to restore peace to the land. Justy has formed the Phenac Academy for Trainers in place of the Pre-Gym. You have either graduated from this institution and Justy remembers you being an outstanding student and or you are a trainer of some notoriety and skill that Justy has contacted. Either way, you have accepted his invitation to Phenac City and have just arrived to hear his plan.

Updates to the Orre region:

Gateon Port is also an airport now. The city has been expanded as the gateway of traveling for the region.

There is a Pokemon League here now. There are 8 gyms:

The S.S. Libra wreckage has been rebuilt and reworked as a Water-Type Gym where there is a Pokemon Center and Mart inside. The gym leader is named Finn, an ex-professional swimmer.

The Snagem Hideout is now a fairy type gym. Their leader Lovrina is a scientist working with the local police department, a reformed Cipher member.

Pyrite City is a dark type gym where the old colosseum used to be. The gym leader is named Cail, a shady guy who is informed of all the crimes of Pyrite.

Dr. Kaminko’s Lab also has a gym. A now grown Chobin runs a steel type gym here.

Mt. Battle also includes a gym along with its usual trial. The gym is ran by Fiona, a fire type expert.

The Orre Colosseum now hosts a gym as well. The dragon type gym leader: Heathe runs the show here. He was once an apprentice of the dragon master Drayden from Unova.

The Outskirt stand has now become a gym as well. It’s expanded and become a small town that offers a motel for weary travelers, a Pokémon Center as well. A few houses for the locals. The gym is inside the expanded train where Reggie runs a ground-type gym.

Realgam Tower also hosts a gym. The gym leaders, Rui & Wes reside here. They use a combination of Eevee evolutions on their team in the style of double battles.

The elite four is hosted on Citidark Isle now. The elite four consists of Eldes (psychic-type), Duking (fighting-type), Silva (ghost-type) and Zook (normal-type). The champion of the region is a grown-up Jovi.

This is set in modern day so everyone should have Rotom phones and such advances in technology.

Other than that, everything should remain the same. If there is anything else that needs updated we can discsuss further.

Wild Pokémon are a well-established part of the region. A mix of Pokémon from regions 1-5 can be found.

This is the map of the Orre region I used when thinking this out:

Sign-Up Form:

Name: (What is your character's full name? Include nicknames and preferred names here as well)
Age: (18+)
Gender & Pronouns: (male, female, nonbinary, etc.)
(minimum 100 words on your character's past)
Personality: (minimum 100 words on your character's personality! Tell us who they are, their thoughts, dreams, quirks, etc.)
Pokemon Team: (Minimum 4 Pokemon, one does need to be able to Fly you around for travel. There will be a chance to catch more Pokémon.)
Appearance: (100 words minimum on what your character looks like and their demeanor. A picture works as a supplement not a replacement)
Other: (any other info we should know about)

RP Rules:
1.) No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
2.) All forum rules apply.
3.) Only two characters max.
4.) You must be dedicated to this RP (be able to post at least once or twice a week. We are all busy people so I understand.)
5.) No legendary or mythical Pokemon allowed on team. (Special Pokémon with unusual abilities and such can be discussed with me.)
6.) At least two/three solid paragraphs for each post minimum and no double posting.
7.) Please try to use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand your post. Please proof-read your posts.
8.) This RP is rated R for mature themes and languages, but don't be excessively crude per the forum rules.
9.) Let's have fun and be creative together!


Maya Bordeaux - Mickmon95
Melissa "Mimi" Shannon - Monster Guy
Aiden Bradford - Sketchie
Ashley Prince - Schaide
Yulie Stelle - TheSequelReturns
Camilla Jimenez - Skillfulness
Jasper Harcourt - Tangeh
Eric Damon - Kung Fu Ferret


(OOC: The other day I really had the yearning to collaborate with other writers on a common project like before so I reworked an old RP/Fic from 2010 from a different forum to what you see above. If you have that same desire, then please feel free to sign-up. Also, very rusty on the RPG forum process so if anything needs to be modified please let me know.)
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always thinking about Pokemon~
Name: Maya Bordeaux

Age: 22

Appearance: Maya has mid-back length, dark brown hair. Maya has light brown skin and hazel eyes. She has a chubby frame to her body. She is smaller in the chest area but has thick thighs and hips. She has a round, cherub like face. She stands at 5’5 in height. She constantly has her hair up in a short pony tail to keep her hair out of her face, usually when she’s in battle or being active. She is generally sporting light pink jean shorts or skirt. She matches it with her favorite white tank top that has a Buneary with hearts for eyes in the center. Her nails are usually painted light pink (to match the outfit) and manicured. Her shoes are a matching pink tennis shoes, standard running shoes nothing special. She wears a pink fanny pack that has a Clefairy face on it. She keeps her Poké Balls, lip balm, nail polish and perfume in there. She also has a silver necklace with a pink star-shaped pendant on it. Her earrings are small, silver heart-shaped hoops. Her alternative outfit, she will wear an oversized pink hoodie with light blue jeans. The hoodie has a Piplup and Pachirisu hugging in the center. The jeans have heart shaped designs on the legs.

Gender & Pronouns: Female – She/Her

Personality: Maya generally has a cheery demeanor. She is a tad bit of a klutz. She loves making friends with new people. She has a tendency to be chatty, but she always means well. She definitely leans in to her more feminine energy and loves bright, pastel colors. She doesn't like getting sweaty or dirty. She can be a bit vain when it comes to appearances, but this makes sense with her mastery of the appeals in Pokémon Contests. She is sensitive and emotional. She is that friend who will cry when watching movies. She doesn't do well with confrontation and will try to maintain the peace. She's a child of divorce, what do you expect? This can result in her bottling up her emotions for the sake of helping others. Taking care of people is second nature as she practically raised her younger sister. Maya is a great cook and is a wiz when it comes to sewing and crafting. For lack of finances, she has had to construct many articles of clothing for herself and her younger sister. Her grandmother played a big part in teaching her those skills. Maya tries her best to put up a strong front, but she's insecure of herself. She is working on building that side of herself up to fulfill her goals. She is bad with directions and relies on her GPS to get her to new places. She lives for making notes on her phone because her memory is that of a Goldeen. People mistake her goofiness for lack of discipline or commitment. But Maya is always trying her best at things. She's a work in progress, but her spirit is golden and burning with passion. She's not stupid, just in her own world sometimes. She has a sweet tooth. Cake and ice cream are her Achille's heel.

History: Maya is originally from Sinnoh, specifically Jubilife City. She grew up in the biggest city of the entire region. This where her dreams of performing and aesthetics came from. Maya’s household consisted of her father (Daren), mother (Eve) and her 2 sisters. Maya was the middle child and lived with her younger sister, Irene, and her older sister, Heather.

Maya's parents got divorced because of infidelity. Daren had been cheating on Eve with his coworker and they were expecting a child together. Daren would finally get the son he always wanted. Daren and his girlfriend decided to leave and start over in the Hoenn region. The girls were allowed to choose who they wanted to live with. Heather and Daren had always been close. So naturally, Heather left with her father to Hoenn and they haven’t been in contact since.

This left Maya and Irene staying with their mother. This led to a single parent household. Eve had to work double shifts as a nurse to keep their family afloat. This left Maya to caretake for her younger sister in her mother’s place. Maya ended up starting her Pokémon journey at 17 instead of 10 so her younger sister wouldn’t be left alone without being able to care for herself.

Maya began her journey with her starter Pokemon: Neptune the Piplup. Neptune and Maya became close friends as their journey across Sinnoh progressed. Maya was gifted a Pokémon egg from her grandmother early in her journey. She would take care of that egg which would eventually become Heart the Togepi. With other Sinnoh region Pokémon to complete her team, that are now in the PC, Maya and her team competed in many contests but were unable to qualify for the Grande Festival. Maya just couldn't get the hang of the battle rounds. Maya excelled at the appeals and aesthetics, but she struggled with her battle strategies. Maya took this loss, dusted herself off and set her sights for the Johto region. She was determined to start over and try again.

With Neptune and Heart by her side, Maya began her second contest circuit run in the Johto region. This is where she caught a Mareep that would be known as Helix. She also caught a Phanpy that she named “Hobart”. Maya caught 2 more Pokemon and formed a new team that would get her to the Grand Festival this time. She would unfortunately be eliminated in her first round of battles. It wasn't a close match either. Maya was annihilated. It was a humiliating loss. She lost the match within a minute as she froze and was unable to command her Pokémon properly. While this was progress by making it farther than last year it left Maya devastated and embarrassed in front of her rivals. She considered giving up on her coordinator dreams altogether. This was a major blow to her confidence.

Maya went back home to Jubilife and was consumed by a period of sadness. Her mother figured this was normal after such a hard loss to swallow, but this lasted for months. Eve became worried by her daughter's change in behavior. Maya was no longer wearing her bright colors and spent the days locked in her room laying in bed. She was no longer herself. Eve was never around for Maya as a child due to working so much, so their relationship wasn't the closest. Eve was more logical and avoidant of feelings. Eve tried to help her daughter but to no avail. Eve couldn't reach her daughter. Eve called for backup in Maya' grandmother: Vida.

Maya and Vida had been always been close. Vida was the opposite of her daughter. Vida was sociable and in tune with emotions. Vida had retired to Agate Village, in the Orre region, after her lifelong career as a master trainer. Vida came down to visit and talk to Maya. Vida was able to breakthrough to Maya get her back up on her feet, although Maya was reluctant to get back out there. Vida advised her to go to another region to hone her battling skills. Maya made the decision to head to Unova to follow that advice.

In Unova, Maya's objective was battling. In this region, there wasn’t a contest league so she this would be perfect for her focus. There would be less distractions and reminders of her failures. Maya caught a Lilligant that she would call “Belle” to join her team. Maya took on the gym challenge and was able to earn all the badges necessary to compete in the Pokémon League. It was an uphill battle for sure. She had to rechallenge a few of the gyms, but through listening to their advice and applying the critiques she did it. This gave Maya a boost of confidence.

During a training session, she attempted one of her appeals that she hadn't dared to attempt in many months. She began with the first command and froze. The memories of her loss came flooding back and she broke down. She was taken back to that stage in Johto where her world came crashing down. When it came time to challenge the Elite Four she was defeated by the first member. While it was a feat to conquer all the badges, the victory felt hollow as it wasn't her true passion. Maya felt like she failed once again.

Maya made her way back home to Sinnoh feeling defeated. She rested her head in her mother's lap and finally cried. Maya hadn't grieved her losses yet. She had been paralyzed with fear, but hadn't actively let it out. While Eve wasn't the best with feelings, she did her best to comfort her daughter. Eve advised her to take a break without any goals or objectives. Maya needed to focus on herself and the relationship with her Pokémon team.

Maya chose to head to the less popular Orre region to spend time with her grandmother. This region had no contest circuit and only in recent years had a fully developed Pokémon League. This would be perfect for her to have an adventure and build up herself backup with her team. Maya ventured out to Eclo Canyon to do some training and she found a wild Vulpix. She caught the fox Pokemon and named her "Pepper". Maya had been living in Agate Village with her grandmother when Sparx rose from the depths. Months passed on and there had been no resolution to the disasters plaguing the region. That’s when Justy contacted her and invited her to Phenac City to join his team of top tier trainers.

Pokemon Team:

Empoleon “Neptune”: Maya's starter Pokemon. Maya and Neptune clicked instantly. They were a great duo and trusted each other without any issues. Neptune will do anything to protect Maya and help her dreams come true.

Togekiss “Heart”: Maya received this egg as a gift from her grandmother. Maya started her journey later than most as she had to raise her younger sister. Heart hatched in Maya's arms as they arrived to Floaroma Town. Heart thinks of Maya as a motherly figure since that was the first thing he saw when he was born. Heart loves flowers and all things sweet scented.

Ampharos “Helix”: Helix was the first Pokemon Maya caught in the Johto region. Helix and Neptune have a rivalry for Maya's affection. Helix is jealous that Maya has a special connection with Neptune. Helix is always showing off and trying to prove his power to Maya as a result.

Donphan "Hobart": Hobart is a bit of a slacker. He loves to sleep and eat and lie around, but is reliable when Maya needs him. Upon evolving, Hobart did not listen to Maya. It took time and work for them to trust each other. Now Hobart would try and stop a train if it meant helping his trainer.

Lilligant "Belle": Belle was the first Pokemon Maya caught during her time in Unova. Belle follows in Maya's footsteps when it comes to wanting to be pretty and not get dirty. She's a little high maintenance and can have an attitude, but she is obedient to Maya. Belle isn't as interested in battling as she is in the appeals round of Pokemon Contests.

Vulpix "Pepper": Pepper was the first Pokemon Maya caught in the Orre region. Pepper is young and the newest member of the team so they're still all getting acquainted. Pepper is feisty and hastily jumps into situations. Pepper means well but she sometimes acts before thinking.

Other: N/A
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Serebii’s RP section is deadder than… something dead. That being said, I’m joining, and I hope other people join too.

Name: Melissa "Mimi" Shannon
Gender and Pronouns: Female (She/Her)
Age: 21

Mimi stands at about 5'4", not too tall, but not too short either. Her skin is fair, and she has a thin frame, but puberty has been good to her, and she developed nicely in all the right places. Her silky smooth hair is normally a chocolate brown color and is quite long, falling past her hips. She dyes her hair a bright pink color, because pink is a much more fun color. Her bangs are also somewhat long, so she has to part them to the side to keep them from falling over her eyes when she isn't sleeping. Her eyes are a brown color, and are large and childlike, with long eyelashes attached to them. They are often half closed, so she usually looks like she just woke up from a nap (Which, is the case with her most times.)

If you didn't know her, one would never suspect that Mimi comes from wealth. Don't get her wrong, she likes to make herself look pretty sometimes, but she prefers comfort over fashion, and she doesn't always feel like putting in the extra effort. She also shops at thrift stores more often than at high end Department Stores, so her clothes aren't always the best that money can buy. She likes to wear the colors purple and pink, as they are Musharna colors. When she doesn't need to look nice she dresses casually, wearing clothes that are comfortable and that don't require too much fuss. She is usually seen sporting a simple pink blouse and purple jeans. On her feet she wears a pair of pink flats. Apart from a lavender bow she wears clipped to her bangs, and a pair of purple stud earrings shaped like the flowers on Munna, she rarely wears any other accessories, and has little need for make-up. She does wear her Mega Bracelet, with a Metagrossite around her wrist.

Personality: Mimi is a relaxed, cheerful, carefree, laid-back girl. Often just going with the flow. She is easy to get along with, and it is nigh impossible to get her angry due to her calm nature. She is a lazy, and she often procrastinates to get work done. She has a habit of falling asleep at the most inappropriate times. She claims this is a side effect of being around Musharna and their Dream Mist all the time, but that's not true. This is just an excuse for her to get out of situations she’s not comfortable with.

Besides sleeping, Mimi enjoys Video Games, Cartoons, and all sorts of nerdy interests. While she enjoys the glamour and lifestyle that being a famous trainer, brings, she’s not really interested in any actual responsibility. This leads to a few disagreements with her mother, and others in a position of authority over her. All she wants to do is play video games, sleep all day, and maybe conduct some Pokemon battles. She has very little desire to do much else.

Though she is lazy, she is by no means stupid. When Mimi is actually determined to do something, she can produce fantastic results. She enjoys battling and is quite good at it. She is observant, and knows how to read people, which gives her some insight into other people's feelings, as well as being good at strategizing for battles. She also developed a special bond with her Psychic Pokemon, allowing her to command them without having to say a word. Although she doesn't like bragging about it, She enjoys the lifestyle that being born into a wealthy family brings. Not having to work regular hours, being able to sleep untill noon if she so chooses, going to extravagant parties, and being able to spend large amounts of money on anything your heart desires. She just wishes she didn’t have to deal with actual responsibilities.

History: Mimi grew up in a very privileged household. She lived in a large mansion in Striaton City Unova, and lived a very comfortable life. Since her birth, Mimi's mother wanted her to make a name for herself, and do something successful in her life. She was a Shannon, and Shannons don't just settle for average, they strived for greatness. Mimi really didn’t have much of a desire to do much of anything. School was there... quite frankly she found it boring. All they do is yap about things that don’t matter. Mimi spent most of her time playing video games, napping, and cared very little for anything else. Her disinterest in doing anything productive got her into arguments with her mother. The arguments were mostly one sided, as Mimi was never one to get angry, and she often pretended to be asleep when her mother was particularly angry with her.

One night, while Mimi was sleeping, a Munna from the nearby Dreamyard got into her home and into her bedroom to feast on the young girl's dreams. Before the Psychic type Pokemon had a chance to chow down however, Mimi woke up. Upon seeing the cute pink Pokemon, instead of being frightened that a wild Pokemon had somehow gotten into her home, she bonded with her. By the next morning, Mimi had her first Pokemon.

After that, Mimi's mother was intrigued that her daughter managed to bond with a Pokemon so quickly. Pokemon Trainers were also highly regarded if they had skill. So, she encouraged her daughter to become a Pokemon Trainer, and sponsored her journey. Mimi wasn't entirely sure about this idea, but went along with it. If only to get her mother off her case about not doing anything with her life. Besides, her mother was paying for everything, what was the hurt in trying?

So, she went on journey through the Unova region to obtain the eight Gym Badges. At first, she didn't understand what all the fuss was about, and didn't really try very hard to succeed. Over time, she discovered she enjoyed Pokemon Battling. Even though she didn't win every battle, she enjoyed the experience. Her battling abilities improved over time, and she also accrued a collection of Pokemon. For some odd reason though, Mimi found herself bonding with Psychic types the best. Even though she was on a journey, that did not stop her from napping with her Pokemon, and playing video games in between training.

Eventually, she managed to earn all eight Gym Badges of the Unova region, and earned the right to challenge that regions Elite Four. She was ultimately defeated by Caitlin. Mimi wasn't too bothered by this setback however. She had come to respect the Elite Four member. They both had an affinity for Psychic type Pokemon, and Caitlin conducted battles in a room containing a large bed.

After her loss, Mimi returned home. She had the Pokemon trainer experience, and it was fun, but now she was ready to return to her life of leisure. Her mother had different plans for her. Mimi had gained a lot of notoriety in her time as a trainer. So much so that Mimi’s mother was contacted by Justy to Phenhac city for Mimi to come down and join his team of top tier trainers. Mimi’s mother saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime! Mimi didn’t really want to go, but after much nagging from her mother, flew to the Orre Region to please her.

Pokemon Team: Shaana the Musharna, Diva the Sigilyph, Blobby the Reuniclus, Lancelot the Gallade, Sheldon the Slowbro, Titan the Metagross

Other: Due to bonding with Psychic type Pokemon, Mimi has developed minor Psychic powers. She can levitate small objects with her mind, and can communicate telepathically with Psychic Pokemon

Likes Cute things and sweets

Dislikes Bug type Pokémon.
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literally some guy
Sure, I'll bite. Here's a WIP-

Name: Aiden Bradford
Age: 23
Gender & Pronouns: Male, he/him
Hope - STEFAN / Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney / I Was the Sun (Before It was Cool) - Starbound OST

Appearance: Aiden is 100% pure Unovan beef. He stands tall at 6'1", keeping a warm and relaxed stance. He is broad shouldered and muscular, built for a day's work out in the field. His skin is naturally olive toned, kissed with a golden tan from being out in the sun so often. He has dark auburn hair that shines with gold and copper undertones. His hair is a touch on the wavy side, and he keeps it just long enough for his bangs to brush over his eyebrows. His face is square, set with a strong, wide jaw. His nose is defined and sturdy, set by deep hazel eyes. He usually has a calm, gentle expression on his face. His hands are strong but gentle, a little rough from his work.

Aiden wears what you would expect a rancher to wear: button-up shirts tucked into sturdy denim jeans, often smudged with a little dirt. He's rarely seen without a cowboy hat and a pair of boots on. He has one set of ear piercings, usually only wearing a simple pair of gold studs. On occasion, he'll get a little more dressed up with fringed chaps and vests. While often a little messy from working, he does clean up nicely and owns some fancy attire for fancy gatherings. He usually wears cool colors, often blues but occasionally greens or purples. In his pocket, Aiden keeps with him a small, circular locket; on one side is a picture of his parents' wedding day, and the other is a picture of him and his brothers when they were children.

Personality: If Aiden Bradford is anything, he is three things: positive, honest, and hardworking. He's usually got a soft smile on his face and a song in his heart, keeping him sunny no matter the circumstances. He enjoys making others laugh and usually has a joke for any kind of situation. He's seen quite a bit in his days on the ranch, and knows how to handle himself under stress. Finding the upsides and silver-linings is his specialty. He is friendly and warm, and always open to new friends in his life. He's always been a curious one, deeply interested in learning about the world around him. He looks a little rough, but has a gentle touch in everything he does. Aiden is fiercely loyal, especially to his family and his close friends. If you're a friend of Aiden's, he'll be by your side through-and-through.

Aiden is a rancher through-and-through, and loves being out in the fields. He loves waking up early and catching the sunrise while he works, he loves hauling what-have-you to where-have you, and he loves the feeling of dirt and nature. He's handled all kinds of Pokemon and loves each and every one of them, though he has a special sort of way with the Miltank. He was on the rodeo team all through high school and college, and has a real way with a lasso: he was even champion of tie-down roping back in college, twice! He plays the fiddle and has been since he was a child, but has recently been learning his way around the guitar. (The boy has a voice of gold and loves to sing, but it's hard to sing and fiddle at the same time.) Being from Lentimas Town, Aiden has also learned how to fly a plane as this was the best way in-and-out of Lentimas, and it came in handy for crop dusting too. (He can also make a mean cornbread, in case this ever becomes relevant.)

The warmth Aiden brings is not always kind, however. Aiden holds his temper well, but will lash out with fire if someone goes too far. (Sometimes, this is warranted. Sometimes it is not.) He is easily frustrated when someone is struggling with something he knows he could just do, and sometimes rushes in to fix a situation that isn't his to fix. Although he's happy to be a listening ear to others, Aiden is a very closed off man to himself. He doesn't like talking to others when he's hurt or upset, choosing to 'ride it off' instead. For Aiden, he is either sunny and positive, angry, or nothing at all.

Aiden takes a lot of pride in his work and in himself. If he says he'll do a job, he'll do it, and you can count on that. He is thorough, and believes that a job that isn't well done isn't a job done at all. He's a brave man, choosing to face his fears head-on rather than running away. He loves pokemon and people alike, and sets his heart on defending those around him with all he's got. If someone needs help, you can bet on that Bradford boy being by your side, ready to lend a hand, a heart, or a rope to solve the problem.

History: The night is cool and quiet. Aiden sits comfortably on the ground, leaning back against a half-asleep Heather. "What about me, huh?" he says, adjusting his hat. The campfire glistens in his soft hazel eyes. He takes a deep breath, settling into Heather's side. "Well, I was born in Lentimas Town, 'bout twenty-three years ago or so. My Ma and Pa, Sally and Gideon, owned a big ole' ranch out in the valley 'round Reversal Mountain. Our house sat right on the edge of town and the edge of the ranch, which made it easy to go back and forth 'tween the two. They had Jesse 'bout three years after I was born, and Russell just a couple years after that. Me and my brothers, y'know, we've been tight as a knot since we were kids. Still are, even though we've all found ourselves apart."

Aiden reached out, gently stroking Heather's mane. "I've been workin' the ranch long as I can remember, before I was off to school, even. We had all sorts'a pokemon: a whole herd of bouffalant, mareep, miltanks, gogoats, lechonks... a good variety of 'em all. Pa taught us how to care for 'em early, and Ma taught us how to ride nigh as soon as we could stand." He chuckled, cherishing the memory for a moment before continuing. "We didn't do as much with crops as much as our neighbors, but we had some crop fields of our own and Ma had a vegetable garden just for the family. Gotta tell 'ya, there's nothin' like sweet carrots right outta the ground."

"Huh, what happened next..." Aiden said, scratching his head, "School was fine. I wasn't a bad student, but I wasn't a star either. I really just floated by until middle school, 'cause that's the earliest we had a rodeo team! I made rodeo team every year from then to high school graduation, and boy, wasn't that the most fun I had as a kid. I did all sorts'a competitions, but I think I was always best at tie-down roping. Took home a couple awards for East High School, even! I'd just get better and better from there, really."

"I took a gap year after high school, 'course. That was the thing to do, anyway. I had a pretty solid team already since I'd be taking Merc, Heather, Jack, and Lily, but I think we got even stronger when we ran into Annabelle out in them ruins. We swept the Unovan gym challenge pretty fair and square, I'd say. I wouldn't call myself a powerful trainer or nothin', we had our struggles, but we managed ourselves all eight badges before we were off to college. I probably could have gone on to the Elite Four, but frankly, the start of the semester was comin' up, and I wanted to get settled out in Sinnoh before I had to get to work."

"I was accepted to Eterna State University, and while it was a little rough leavin' home, they do have a real good agriculture department. I spent the next few years pursuing a bachelor's in agriculture tech, emphasis in farm and ranch operations, hopin' to learn more about how to make better ranches for pokemon. I did well, I'd like to think, an' I graduated about a year ago or so. You'd be right to guess I spent the whole time on the Eterna rodeo team, too!" Aiden sat a little straighter as a grin crept across his face. "In fact, you're lookin' at the cross-regional champion tie-down roper, two years in a row. I even beat out some folks I knew from Lentimas!"

Aiden leaned back into Heather's back with a sigh. "They were good times, I tell 'ya. During breaks and whatnot, I'd see the sights of Sinnoh; even got myself some gym badges, too! I wasn't serious about the Sinnoh League, though, had other things to take care of. After graduation, I was plannin' on headin' back to Unova, but got an offer to move out here to Orre to put my degree to use and get this ranch on its feet. Ma and Pa understood, and I wouldn't be out here forever, so I took up the job and headed out."

"Been here since. Ranch's been nice 'n all. The pokemon are nice, and I really feel we're doin' somethin' out here for 'em. It's a new kind'a ranch meant to flourish in the desert, and I think I've got a lot to take back to Lentimas when it's finally time to go home. But, uh..." Aiden cleared his throat. He shuffled his feet in the dirt as a worried expression crept to his face. "Y'know. Thing's've been... different, ever since that damn island debacle. It's been a disaster. Spookin' the pokemon, muckin' up the crops... just a whole pain. So when Justy called up the ranch lookin' for me--me of all folk!--well, you best believe I accepted right away. I'll be headed out to the city come mornin'. Hopefully we can get this whole mess roped up and settled so things get back to normal 'round here."

Pokemon Team:

Mercury - Rapidash, M
-- Mercury was a gift from Aiden's uncle when Aiden was six years old, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Mercury is fast, and enjoys the thrill of the competition. This is a rapidash build to run. He can be a little prissy at times, and doesn't love the dirt near as much as Aiden does, but will tolerate it while out working.

Heather - Mudsdale, F
-- Heather was introduced to Aiden not long after Mercury. Aiden's parents had mudsdales of their own, so when an egg was found on the farm, it was only right to go to Aiden. Heather is a big girl, and very strong. She loves being out in the mud and dirt, but can be a little stubborn sometimes and doesn't always listen.

Jack - Stoutland, M
-- Jack is a bit older than Mercury and Heather, he was just a puppy when Aiden's parents brought him home when Aiden was three. Although he was a family pokemon for a long while, he became the closest to Aiden when they would work the Mareep together; when Aiden left, so did Jack. Jack is a very laid-back pokemon. He works hard when he's on the job, but is always looking forward to his next nap.

Lily - Drapion, F
-- Aiden found Lily as a Scorupi on Reversal Mountain when he was only nine, and immediately scooped her up and brought her home. Ever since, Aiden treats Lily as his Special Little Girl, and Lily knows she's a Special Little Girl. She is a big cuddlebug, and loves all the attention she gets. She's sweet and a little silly, and loves to be a part of the adventure.

Annabelle - Volcarona, F
-- Aiden met Annabelle much later as a teenager on his adventure while poking around the Nimbasa ruins. He found her as a lonely larvesta, scooped her up, and brought her home. Annabelle is also a Special Little Girl, but is much more shy and reserved than Lily. She adores the heat of battle, but prefers quiet company any other time.

Other: Aiden speaks with a pretty strong accent that is common in Lentimas Town and Driftveil City, similar to the southern drawl found in the south-east United States.

Aiden is most interested in fire-types, ground-types, and bug-types. He's also got a big soft spot for horse pokemon of all kinds.

Aiden is very much a morning person, preferring to be up a good while before sunrise.
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This seems interesting, I want in.

Name: Ashley Prince (Often called 'The Prince' by his fans)
Age: 25
Gender & Pronouns: Male (He/Him)

Appearance: Ashley is an averagely tall man standing at 5'7", and at first glance you wouldn't think too much of him, allthough When you take a second to adjust, you'll see that he's actually a fairly attractive man.He has a toned physique due to his active lifestyle, and he takes great care of his body by eating properly and exercise regularly. He has relatively pale skin, with a slight olive complexion. His skin is blemish free, and burns easily in the sun, which prompts him to always keep sunscreen on him just in case. His platinum blonde hair is medium short with an undercut, and he keeps his bangs longer. He usually keeps his hair styled, and is one of the people that can make a straight mid split look good. His face has defined features such as a wide jawline and high cheekbones, and his golden yellow eyes have that certain determined look to them.

For clothing, Ashley don't hold anything back. He got money and he enjoys the finer quality clothing wherever he can find it. Everything from sponcorships from famous boutiques, to high end sports wear, he's got it all. He doesn't dare tell anyone that his favorite outfit is a huge hoodie and slackers, however. Being a sporty man, he often find that perfect balance between practicality and comfort, without giving anything up in the looks-department. His casual attire consists of a simple pair of light blue skintight jeans, paired with a long-sleeved white sweater that's just one size too large for him. With this, he rotates between like 15 pairs of formal-looking sneackers in a variety of blacks, browns and greys. He doesn't accessorize much, but wears an expensive wristwatch and has pierced ears.

Personality: Considering his position in life as the star player of a very successfull soccer team, it is easy to assume Ashley's just another prim celebrity with no real context. This is far from the truth, however, as Ashley is probably the most down to earth person you've ever met. Decorated with a smile a solid 90% of the time, he greets everyone he meets with a smile, regardless of your disposition of him. He is very approachable, and never judge anyone for anything ever. Always a shoulder to cry on and a voice of reason in your time of chaos, Ashley is near perfect in the public eye, something he takes great pride in. While he is aware of his status as a celebrity, he tries to not let it go to his head, and always preach hard work and determination when asked for the key to his success by the media.

Behind closed doors though, he's slightly different than he appears publicly. While he always watches out for his friends, and acts sort of like an older brother to them despite some of them being older than himself, he has a habit of bottling up his own feelings and never truly letting his guard down. He is very selfless and caring to his friends, and sometimes neglects his own emotional needs and wants. He treats his pokemon like his own children, whom he raise with a loving iron fist. Strict training regimes are a daily part of both Ashley and his pokemons lives, and while he can be tough on them, it is very easy to see he genuinly care very much for them.

Ashley is an athlete through and through. Never skipping leg day, never skipping upper body day, never skipping literally anything, he goes through rigorously intense workouts every day, often bringing his pokemon along with him. His career and life circle around his own physical shape, after all. When he works out, he becomes a much more determined person, pushing limits left and right while also sometimes lecturing others on how what they are doing and they are wrong and this is how you do it and that's how he threw a rope around a team mates waist once and started running laps on the field during training against their will. The consequences of that weren't pretty.. Anyways, he's a determined man with a goal. He definitely has set high standards for himself and his pokemon, and while his aim is admirable, he does need to be told to relax every now and then, as he often push past his own, his pokemon and even other peoples limits. His competetive nature comes with the field, and Ashley enjoys feeling like he's better than other people in those aspects of life. Always giving 110%, one often gets to see his competetive side during soccer matches and Pokemon battles. Due to this, he's somewhat of a sore loser, and has a tendency to beat himself up over it unnecessarily, taking loss and molding it into motivation for tougher practice in order to better himself and his pokemon.

While Ashley is definitely a career man in every aspect of the word, he is also gay, and occasionally set off time for dates here and there. While he was scared the media would shun him if they found out he was also romantically interested in men, his agent encourraged him to make a public coming out, which he did by bringing his best friend Ferdinand as his date for an event. Nobody would bat an eye at it, hadn't Ferdinand very drunkenly, and very publicly planted a hot steamy kiss on his lips in front of the cameras. The clip is on Poketube you should check it out. Meant as nothing more than a prank among best friends, the media ate it up, and the coming out was a success. Shame Ferdinand is still experiences fallout from the event though, as he is straight himself. Regardless, Ashley's life has little room for romances as it is, but he's always updated on the latest dating apps, juggling from app to app trying to find Mr. right.

While being used to living life in the fast lane, Ashley is also prone to burnouts, which he periodically experiences. struggling to take himself into consideration, coupled with the ever heavy weights placed on him by both the public and the media, not to mention himself, he often spends time off-season trying to relax, but often gets roped back into his training regimens. Even though he needs to take it slow and maybe go on a vacation or 5, he prefer to be where the action is. While he wishes he could tone down the amount of projects and work he has going on, he feels he's in too deep at this point, and would hate to disappoint anyone. Be sure to bring a Pokemon knowing a Sleep-inducing move if you want him to take a break, because nobody is safe from Hurricane Ashley.

History: Ashley was born into a very normal family living in the Galar region, consisting of two hard-working parents and no siblings. Being left on his own accord a lot as a child made him determined to make friends, and while he was a lazy boy initially, his parents forced him to do at least one afterschool activity. This activity ended up, of course, with being soccer. As a child, he was very mediocre in school, considering he wasn't the brightest of students. Sitting still and reading a book about injuries was boring to him, whereas climbing a tree and doing a professional dive off a branch as it snapped, gaining a concussion to his head as a result, was better learning for him. Avid follower of John Dewey's philosophy; Learning by doing, he just got more out of practical experience rather than theoretical studying. Besides this though, he managed to stay afloat all through his schoolyears, eventually graduating with just above average grades.

As mentioned, Ashley always had a knack for Soccer. Being naturally talented from a young age, he enjoyed the attention being good at something was, and as such decided to spend more and more time on it, eventually wanting to try playing professionally. He loved the thrill of sports, and the cheering roars from the crowds, and also all the good merch dels the professional stars eventually got. Yeah, his motivations did have a few dollar signs here and there, but overall it was defenitely something he wanted to dip his toes into once he got to that stage of his life. However, he also wanted to go on a pokemon journey when he was 10, which was something that excited him equally as much as soccer. New places to explore, new pokemon and friends to meet, it would be nothing short of epic!

And epic it would be, once he got through the tutorial.. Uhm.. the paperwork etc etc in order to apply for a trainer card, unfortunately for him, all local professors were swamped, and nobody wanted to endorse him for the galarian Gym Challenge due to his lack of experience and pokemon knowledge. However, never one to give up, Ashley would send applications to different regions, hoping one of them would have a spot and pokemon for him to get started.

He got lucky. Very lucky. On the verge of giving up his pokemon adventuring dreams and going back to school, he got an E-mail from a certain man named Elm. Professor Elm. He never did give his full name, only his title and surname, unless the title is actually his actual name. The professor offered to fly him out to the Johto region and get him set up, in exchange for him helping the professor out with his research. Being 10 years old and having no logical grap on how adult responsibility worked, Ashley eagerly approved of the offer, and set out to the fabled Johto region. Where were his parents in all of this? Good question.

The Johto regio would be very different from what he was used to in Galar, being more... warm, and welcoming. Less industrialized, with more focus on the basics around pokemon training. In other words, it was perfect, and staying at the hotel the night before he would meet the professor, Ashley couldn't sleep, and kept tossing and turning, not even noticing the Misdreavus in the corner patiently waiting for him to fall asleep to unleash its Dream Eater. Alas, Ashley didn't sleep that night, and instead ran laps around he hallways of the hotel to calm himself. Once it was time for him to go to the lab, he was made aware that he was not alone there. Standing with the professor was a young girl and a boy, both his own age. He was made aware that due to some security regulations put in place after a pokemon trainer was mauled to death by a wild Ursaring after leaving on her own, Ashley would have to travel in a group of 3.

Being very much against the idea, Ashley protested that he was a big boy and could take care of himself. Everyone in the lab laughed at that before it got awkwardly silent, and someone even shed a tear while putting a stuffed pokedoll on a little shrine dedicated to someone named Daniela. The other kids seemed chill with the decission however: One of them was a boy, taller than Ashley and with wild dark brown hair. The other kid was a calm girl with long black hair put up in twin pigtails. They introduced themselves as Elena and Ferdinand, and after the introductions were over, the professor eagerly started filling them in on the responsibilities you had as a pokemon trainer. Being 10 years old and very impatient, Ashley obviously did not pay attention, quickly grabbed a Cyndaquil that wandered in from somewhere, and ran off before being given its pokeball.

The travel through Johto would prove to be a very exciting one, as the trio would eventually get caught up in a pyramid scheme of Slowpoke tails, money, bosses with suspicious sick leaves and poor working environments. As their journey went on, they would defeat gym leaders together, camp in the wilds together, and encounter an evil Team Rocket plot in the meantime. However, their adventures were not without costs, as Elena's Bayleef was stolen by a Team Rocket opperative. While they did fight many Team Rocket members on their travels, they never found her Bayleef again. This took a very powerful toll on Elena, who was already struggling with coming out of her shell. There were many silent nights around the campfire. Ferdinand and his team would preform songs to her, and Ashley would desperately fail at making funny knock knock jokes to her. She was not having any of it, yet, she appreciated their effort.

The trio would eventually fight their way through all 8 gyms in the Johto region, earning their right to challenge the Elite Four. However, while they easily swept through the Elite Four themselves, their dreams were abruptly crushed by newly appointed Champion, Red. Easily wiping their entire team, one by one, Red offered some words of wisdom before they left in humiliation. "...." he said. ":..... ...... ........ ......". In a sense, he was right. ":...... ........". With Red's words, the trio felt a new calling, despite their crushing defeat. They needn't be champions, they needn't strive to be the very best that no one ever was. The trio decided to go their seperate ways after this, each one of them wanting to find themselves here in this funny little GBA game called Pokemon: The game of life.

Let's do a time skip. We need a time skip. After the humiliating loss to Red and his posse, Ashley would eventually travel back to Galar after finishing the Johtonian Pokedex for Professor Elm. Now 18 years old, he started doubing his own goals in life and what he wanted to do. It would feel weird dropping out of the Pokemon grind, but he was feeling like he had come to a standstill. Ashley looked at his favored team. While he loved all his pokemon equally, he had a soft spot for his own elite 6. His starter seemed eager to just follow him. Bobby was always like that, following his examples and backing him up. The rest of his team also displayed an uncharacteristic volnurable and touching moment, before they all walked off into the sunset together towards an uncertain future.

Another time skip! Bet you didn't see that one coming. Ashley is now 20 years old. After parting with his companions, he decided he would go back to the Galar region, where he easily swept through the gym challenge, before yet again being stumped by their annoying champion, Leon. While Ashley's own Charizard made a good run for their money, the champions Gigantamaxed Charizard pointed at it and laughed. Feeling the crushing blow of defeat once again, Ashley were set on retiring from his pokemon journey for good. Elena had graduated to become a lawyer, while Ferdinand was a household name in Sinnoh as a DJ, slowly turning ripples into waves internationally. Feeling like he had nowhere left to go on his own, Ashley returned home, where he would stay for a few months while picking up a part time job as a junior league soccer coach. He did have a lot of experience at this point after all, and figured he could do something with that. Soccer was something he loved, and he loved the faces of others once he taught them how to play properly and having fun while doing so.

It wouldn't take long before he would be approached by a scary-looking older man in a flamboyant tuxedo. He introduced himself as Chairman Bob, and claimed to have been paying attention to Ashley's soccer career, long before he even decided to do it. Ashley flinched and cringed as he realized the times during the past decade where he felt watched hadnt just been an ill feeling after all, but he listened regardless, ready to call the police. The skeletal man said he wanted Ashley to try out to be a striker for a Soccer team he was organizing, considering they were experiencing a rapid growth of success despite not having a set team yet. Being met with screams of joy and encourragement from his friends when he talked to them, Ashley decided to accept. Soccer was a fun hobby of his regardless, so what could he lose?

Nothing. He lost nothing. After signing up with the Galarian Speedrunners, Ashleys popularity grew taller than the Dynamaxed Alolan Exeggutor he saw once, and within a couple of years he was a household name. It was so weird, being in the spotlight like this, but it didn't feel wrong. In fact, Ashley finally felt at home, traveling across regions for championships, matches and whatnot. While he wasn't battling a lot anymore, he still his team of old friends with him, battling whenever he had the chance. A short lifetime of being a good number 2 second only to insane champions, his popularity grew even further within the community, and people who weren't interested in soccer started noticing how strong he was in battle. Defeating challengers left and right, he would be scouted for being the faculty head of a certain Battle Tower in the Sinnoh region, a professional breeder for a posh breeding company etc. He had everything he wanted at his fingertips, and only his own choices were holding him back.

Despite the offers, he decided to stay with the Galarian Speedrunners. The team had breached mainstream with such a pace and intensity, they were all famous now. It was so strange, going from being a nobody to having everybody drool over your shirtless body because you did that one underwear commercial for Boxers Boxers Boxers™ . It was around this time that he would be contacted by a someone named Justy. Claiming to be from the Orre region, he had a proposal for Ash to partake in which piqued his interest. Apparently there were some sort of mystery unravelling in Orre, and Justy explained that he chose to contact Ashley due to knowing how he defeated Team Rocket all those years ago. With the combination of off-season coming up, as well as a need to slow down in the fast lane, Ashley accepted the invitation, and travelled to the Orre region despite not knowing a single thing about it.

The Elite Pokemon Team:
- Typhlosion (Bobby). The best friend and Partner in Crime.
- Politoed (Bael). The Pickpocket. Watch your belongings when in prescence of this one.
- Scizor (Astaroth). The Muscle and threatening prescence.
- Skarmory (Sitri). The Gadget Guy. The gadeteering genius with everything you need.
- Piloswine (Berith). The Distraction. Don't get too distracted by this heartbreaker.
- Umbreon (Aim). The Conman and manipulator.

- Ashley is a very successful and famous soccer player, and is the star player of the Galarian Speedrunners.
- Keeping up Galarian traditions, Ashley makes a lot of League Cards which he shares over social media, as well as limited edition ones you can only get at his events.
- He owns a Shiny Charm that he was awarded by Professor Elm when he completed the Pokedex. He keeps it on his bag as a good luck charm. It's never gotten him a shiny though.
- While soccer is his top priority, Ashley is also an accomplished model, often modelling for sportswear and underwear.
- Ashley has problems sleeping, often laying awake and stressing about getting things done. He combats this by having his Politoed use Hypnosis on him.
- While originally being Galarian, Ashley prefers Pokemon from the Johto region due to his travels.
- Ash has gotten a LOT of merch made based on his pokemon.
- Typhlosions flames are the logo of the Galarian Speedrunners.
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Wow! Thank you for submitting your characters! They were all a joy to read through. :) You all have been accepted.

As previously mentioned, I had the strong desire to experience an RPG again on a forum and thus this was created.

I'm looking to get this up and running sometime the first week of May. That way it gives people some more time but also since this section of the forums is very dead and I don't want us waiting too long.


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I have been toying with the idea of another character but I also do not want to overextend myself. But I support you! ^_^


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Name: Jasper Harcourt
Age: 25
Gender & Pronouns: Male, he/him


Jasper stands at average height, at about 5'9”. Though he's not one to go out of his way to exercise, he's always led an active lifestyle through his pokemon journey, giving him a trim, fit body type. He has choppy steel-blue hair that would fall past his shoulders at its longer points, but he keeps it held in a loose bun. His eyes are a piercing golden yellow, in contrast to the rest of his darker appearance. He has a long face shape with a pointed chin and a long but thin nose. His skin, which rarely sees more than moonlight, is quite pale and prone to burning. He has long, thin fingers that get him a lot of “do you play the piano?” questions (he does not).

Jasper isn't a fan of that old-timey look some of the other ghost specialists seem to favour. Instead, he usually dons a long-sleeved black shirt and damaged jeans. He also wears a number of black bracelets and has a drop necklace with a large ghost-type symbol on the end of it that contains a Key Stone. His clothing choices are offset by thick prescription lenses that he wears to correct nearsightedness. He is otherwise practically blind but can manage without them (at least in a “fake it until you can hear who you're talking to” sort of way), but considering he can't see even a quarter way across the battle arena with his normal vision, they're a necessity for pokemon battles.

Personality: Jasper has a calm and mature aura about him that contradicts with his personality once you get to know him a little better. He takes great joy in making quips at and messing with his friends and co-workers, but in truth, the more he teases you, the more he likes you. He can be a bit of a prankster in this regard too, especially with the wide array of ghost pokemon at his disposal that are perfect for scaring the living daylights out of anybody at any time. He doesn't take as well to being on the receiving end of pranks though, and will immediately plot revenge if taken by surprise.

He's surprisingly chatty, and especially if you get him onto a subject that he's passionate about, it can be difficult to shut him up. He gets most of this energy out via writing though, as well as talking to his rotom, Pixel. If it weren't for Pixel figuring out how to possess electronics with speakers, he'd probably talk to himself any time he was without human company. It's more this fact than anything that he got into writing – mostly books detailing his training techniques and tales of grandeur about battles past. How true any of them are is up for debate – he definitely exaggerates certain details or skips over some he'd rather the public not be aware of.

Jasper is a night owl, partially out of necessity as ghost-types get more out of training when they're in their element at the witching hour. He can be very grumpy in the morning, especially if he has to wake up early, or if he doesn't get his coffee on time. The number of mean-spirited quips he makes at others quadruples when he's tired, and he will take poorly to anyone trying to engage him in legitimate conversation before his brain is fully functional. Despite this, he will mock early birds for their inability to stay awake at night, as if oblivious to his own inability to function at their respective prime time.

He can be awkward when he has to be empathetic, as his instinct to make light of the situation is sometimes the worst reaction to have to somebody in pain. He feels like he goes into panic mode if he sees another person crying, especially if he knows them well enough that he can't just turn a blind eye to their emotions. He doesn't like to go to others if he's upset either, and will either rant to Pixel or internalize everything. He avoids talking about negatives or worst case scenarios, preferring to either ignore bad situations or find a positive from them.

History: “Do you think I should start all the way at the beginning? 'I was born and raised in Floaroma Town. In the spring the air was so thick with pollen I could barely breathe, but the scent of those gorgeous blossoms as they opened themselves wide to the heavens and lit up the ground like a rainbow... I'll never forget it. It's the smell of home.' But eh, I was born in the dead of winter anyway. In the middle of a blizzard. Everything was dead. Yeah, that's more fitting; the publishers'll like that.”

“Zrrt! Leave it in! Good for Sinnoh tourizzzzm!”

Jasper shrugged at his rotom, nicknamed Pixel, who was currently inhabiting the tablet he used for writing. They had a lot of time to kill, as they were presently inhabiting a train car headed for an airport to take them to Orre. “Why would I care about Sinnoh tourism? But sure, whatever. But if my autobiography tanks, it's on you. Anyways, where was I... Oh, right. Parents had normal boring jobs, I was outside a ton as a kid, life was good. I had an older brother too, Aiden. He was a total jerk to me growing up, always pushing me around, but he died when I was seven. Fast-forwarding to adulthood - ”

“Zrrt! Wait, wait, wait! You can't juzzzt glozz over your brother like that!”

“Why not? I hate talking about it. I guess it did kind of lead me to where I am today... nah, I can abridge it, let's skip ahead - ”

“Azzzz your head editor, you gotta spill the detailz!”

Jasper was quiet for a few moments. He hadn't had a great relationship with his brother as a kid, but when Aiden had been caught up in a dare with some of his “friends” and drowned in the fast rapids just outside of town... everything changed. “It was like my whole world shifted...” he muttered, Pixel eagerly writing down every word. “Maybe sometimes I wished Aiden was dead... and I felt so, so guilty about that afterward. I'd do anything to take those thoughts back, anything to make life go back to normal – to make my parents smile again, to lift that dark cloud over my heart. There wasn't anything I could do. But I heard a rumour. I went outside of town to the Valley Windworks. That's when they found me.” Jasper's eyes glossed over, a small smile tugging at his lips. “I should have been terrified, right? A swarm of drifloon descending on me like a pride of pyroar on a bunnelby – er, wait, what would people from Orre say?”

“Zrrt! Uhh, like Team Snagem on a shadow pokemon?”

“What? Nevermind. Leave it as is. But it was incredible... The flowers of my hometown were nothing compared to the void of the afterlife. The eyes of my ancestors, the incredible broadness of it all – I don't know how to describe it Pixel, and the conversation I had with my brother, I... just let me write it myself later, okay?”

“Whatever you say, chief!”

“I think I was meant to stay there, but maybe the drifloon sensed how absolutely grateful I was for the opportunity. Maybe they saw something in me I didn't recognize in myself yet – I really don't know, but obviously I didn't stay in the afterlife. The drifloon who brought me back ended up being my first pokemon. I named him Alonso – dunno why, I was a kid. Kids are weird. Speaking of kids being weird, I grew more and more interested in ghost pokemon and the other side I'd been so blessed to visit. Oh, and before you ask, yes were my parents ever concerned about me. My Arceus, where would I be if I'd listened to them and ignored my calling? I just got sneakier about it – and left home when I was ten. In fact, I didn't just leave home – I left Sinnoh.”

“To Kalozz, where you met me! I can take it from here!”

Jasper chuckled. “I met you when I was sixteen, in the Lost Hotel. You just skipped over six years and six gym badges - but hey, you're the editor.”

“Zrrrughh, alright, alright, so you got to Kalozz aaaaand?”

“Met up with the most ridiculous group of kids the world had ever seen. I loved those guys to death – still do, wish I could visit more often. I gotta stop leaving the country. Anyways, they were mostly from Kalos. Few of 'em found their calling elsewhere, but the rest of us stuck through it the whole journey. I didn't just train ghost types at first either – do you remember that gogoat we thought we could ride on between towns? No idea why we thought that was a good idea.”

“Not really. I think by the time you found me it was a ghostzz only club.”

“Ah, yeah, true. I'd caught Dante by then, and Alonso had evolved. I'll write those stories separately. You quickly became my favourite cell phone, Pixel; you'll always have that. And now you're my favourite vacuum cleaner, too.”

“Zrrt – REDACTED.”

“Anyways, finished the gym challenge when I was eighteen and had started training for an opportunity to challenge the Kalos Elite Four. I learned so much over eight years. I grew up traveling around Kalos, meeting new people, studying new pokemon, and learning how to be creative with the pokemon at my disposal. It all came down to this. I had to switch Alonso out of my team, which was hard at the time – he just wasn't battling as well as he used to. I figured maybe he was getting old, I mean, who knows how old he was when I caught him, right? Challenged the Elite Four – really fun battles, all four of them. I have some notes from back then documented somewhere; you can borrow those for details. I'd earned the right to challenge Diantha – but she wasn't available right away, so we set a date for the championship match to be held a week later...”

Jasper fell quiet, then let out a slow sigh.

Pixel floated closer. “...I took the call from the pokemon centre.”

“Alonso... just like that, he had slipped away from us. Back to where I first met him. Back to the realm nobody on this planet can truly comprehend. I knew he was in a better place, but I... I wasn't with him. I was so focused on training for that big battle that – I didn't even realize how sick he had gotten. Maybe I was just young and disillusioned into thinking he was immortal. Ghost types may border the afterlife, but they only share it when their life, too, comes to an end. I learned that the hard way. One of the worst days of my life was compounded when I had to forfeit the match I'd been looking forward to for half my life. Diantha was really nice about it though – made it seem like it was no big deal to completely cancel the event. Ha – I know better now. But even though we didn't battle then, she saw potential in me – and when Olympia had to retire for a while due to a health scare, I was happy to step up when Diantha requested it.”

“Zrrt! I already mizz Anistar City!”

“Same here, Pixel. The sting of salty air, the crisp sea breeze – it's just as much home as Floaroma Town, now. What a gorgeous city – and the gym! Olympia was an artistic genius if she was the one who designed it. The ghosts took to it like a moth to a flame – I bet anything some of them are still there. I probably forgot a dreepy or two at least.”

“Real responzzzzible, boss.”

“I'm glad Olympia's doing better now, but the last year being in charge of it was wonderful. Wish they'd kept the ghost typing when I left. I learned so much when I was there – I'd spend time devising new strategies while watching other ghost experts on old replays in the backroom whenever I wasn't battling.”

“Zrrt! To Orre we go!”

“Yeah,” Jasper smiled. “Some guy named Justy contacted me. Heard that my gym contract was almost up and figured I'd be looking for a new gig. Didn't think it would be somewhere so far though, or somewhere so dangerous.” Jasper sighed and looked out the train's window. The sun was setting. “They said I'd need a pokemon to fly around on, do you think I'm winging it with Viper? Like, yes, but it's weird when she goes invisible and I'm just flying around on nothing.”

“Zrrtthhhaaaa hahaha! Forget Viper, I can inhabit a helicopter. Leave it to me!”

“...Yeah, no. Hard no on that. No stealing vehicles. Bad rotom.”


Jasper grinned out the window. After they got off the train, they'd need to take a plane to make it to Orre. It was an island, after all – one that was in a bad place right now. Earthquakes, natural disasters, storm surges... if he and his ghosts could lend any assistance, then they were up for the challenge.


Species: Sableye (mega)
Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary, other than his mouth is almost always curled into a creepy smirk.
Personality: Pretty quiet and unassuming, despite being Jasper's ace pokemon and having numerous accolades under his hypothetical belt. He has a weird habit of cackling randomly to unnerve others and loves to hide and jump out of nowhere to scare people. Jasper's other pokemon look up to him as their leader of sorts and give him a lot of respect – and a wide berth.
History: “Ah, Dante. I met him in Reflections Cave in Kalos – I had no idea back then what this little guy was capable of, though he gave us one hell of a battle. And yeah, he's always been this quiet and creepy, I adore it about him. Chatty pokemon are the worst.”


“And then, naturally, I had to go on a long quest to find a sablenite. Actually bought it off a sketchy rare items trader for a hefty sum, and I wasn't sure if it was the real deal at first – obviously it was, oh, you should have seen Dante the first time he mega-evolved. I knew I had a champion-worthy pokemon on my hands right at that moment. Incredible. He became my signature pokemon, and I'm so proud at everything we've accomplished together.”

Species: Rotom [various forms]
Name: Pixel
Gender: Genderless – doesn't really care what you call them pronoun-wise, but will be quick to remind you they have no genetalia, if only to elicit a reaction.
Appearance: Usually is possessing Jasper's cell phone or writing tablet so that they can speak. Both devices turn from their usual grey to red with large eyes whenever possessed, and can float.
Personality: Typical of rotom, loves to possess electronics and rivals Jasper in terms of chattiness. They can talk if they're possessing an electronic with a speaker. Very friendly, but has a sarcastic streak and, like their trainer, love to mess with people they know well.
History: “Zrrt! That'zz me!”

“Yeah, I caught you in the Lost Hotel back in Kalos, but you can probably detail that battle better than I can.”

“To be honest, I jumped at you hoping you'd catch me! I'd always wanted to leave town, go on a journey, and I picked the perfect trainer!”

“Thanks buddy, you're pretty cool too. Took you a while to figure out you could talk though – the day you went into my cellphone changed my life forever. I had a rotom phone before it was cool. Still can't decide if it was a good or bad change, though.”

“Ha ha ha. I am laughing so very hard.”

“I think your best battle was against Siebold. Pretty sure the last thing he was expecting to see was a lawnmower. I think he had half a mind to disqualify us - sore loser, ha!”

Species: Dragapult
Name: Viper
Gender: Female
Appearance: Typical appearance, but has a habit of phasing in and out of transparency.
Personality: Powerful and she knows it, and fearless in battle. Has dozens of dreepy children, though none are on Jasper's person aside from the ones in her cannons. She has a huge sweet tooth and will stalk anybody who has food on their person, hoping they'll give her some. Jasper likes to encourage others to feed her since this reinforces the behaviour, and means they will have a giant ghost dragon popping up in their room at midnight begging for treats. This mental image amuses Jasper to no end.
History: “Remember that gogoat I mentioned a while back? Yeah, I traded him for a dreepy egg with some weird lady from Galar who was breeding them like they were going out of style. I guess you can't even register a gogoat in the pokedex in Galar, so it was, uh, maybe slightly illegal, but whatever.”

“Viper'zzz really awesome! The way she launches her kids across the battlefield, zoom, I want to try it sometime!”

“Yeah, mom of the year. That's Viper for you, I guess. Never did figure out who the father was, damn horny buggers, none will fess up. The gym was starting to drown in dreepy, so maybe it's for the best we got out of there."

Species: Ceruledge
Name: Kratos
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average sized, rather young which shows in his glossy appearance
Personality: A bit shy and unsure of himself, especially around other trainers. He has warmed up somewhat to Jasper but hasn't given him his full trust yet. On the other hand, is fiercely protective of younger pokemon if he senses they are in danger.
History: “The newbie on the team! Got Kratos in a trade for a spiritomb; his name came with him, but eh, it's not too bad. Still got some work to do on this one, but I can tell he's full of potential."

“Zrrt! Crazy what people will trade you for a spiritomb. We've got like ten of 'em back home."

"To be fair Pixel, I don't think most people spend months staking out to hunt them like we did. Spiritomb are pretty elusive."

"Crazzziness pays off sometimes!"
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@Tangeh I read through most of it and I'm excited to see it completed. It was a pleasure to read and it does meet the requirements so you're basically approved but I'll add you to the official list once it's completed. I appreciate your time and effort! That goes out to everyone as well!


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Hey, a new RP! I think I'll join this one as well, I've been feeling nostalgic for my RP days as of late and I'd like to give it another go.


Name: Yulie Stelle

Age: 24

Gender: Female (She/her)

Appearance: Yulie is thinly built and tall, a little over 5'10''. Her eyes are a warm green and her ash-grey hair is long and straight with asymmetrical bangs that tend to hide her right eye. Though naturally fair skinned, she has a decent tan from her copious time spent outdoors. What can be seen of her expression, when it's not hidden behind her hair, her camera, or her sketch pad, is generally calm and unbothered. Her eyes tend to have a cold indifference to them, especially in the tedium of day to day life or mundane interactions, which can be off-putting to those who don’t know her. Her lips take on the same hard line, never wavering too much from neutral, and her voice is likewise a bit muted and mellow. She usually has a bit of a downcast look to her in public and most people see her with her head buried in a book, going through photos, or just napping in a quiet corner.

Her “city” attire, as she calls it, consists of a bright yellow beret, a stylish blouse of white or black, a long navy blue skirt that goes past her knees, and simple black shoes. This is only her photo op clothes though and absolutely any chance she gets she’ll be in her usual outdoor wear which consists of a touristy graphic t-shirt from her travels, a pair of sturdy and well worn jeans or denim shorts both in dark gray, and her seemingly oversized orange and gray windbreaker. Her outdoor tennis shoes wear out frequently and she replaces them at least two or three times a year so they are always different but generally fairly new. She’ll still wear a hat if it's particularly sunny out but it's generally a functional sports cap, her favorite of which is styled to look like a Beedrill’s face, though she has Haunter, Spinda and Mareanie ones as well. When she’s napping, she tends to pull the cap down over her face so the two pokemon eyes on the front of the cap look like a comical sleeping mask.

Personality: Yulie is first and foremost a photographer. It's what she introduces herself as, that single word serving as her fair approximation of what she’s all about. Namely, finding those precious moments wherever they may be and preserving them as best she can. Her camera is never far from her, even when she’s technically not working, and she’s liable to snap a few shots of anything she finds interesting be they landscapes or landmarks, pokemon or people. Very few of these she winds up saving at the end of the day and it is her evening routine to go through the set with her pokemon and pick the few winners.

The aura of cold indifference that wraps around her like a security blanket very rarely wavers. She comes off as uncaring, distant, even a bit haughty depending on who you ask. She’s been accused of being perpetually tired despite her copious coffee intake. But stick around and get to know her and you’ll see that just underneath the too calm exterior is a woman who truly loves the world for what it is, both the good and the bad. It's why she does what she does and under the right conditions she’ll be more than happy to open up and talk to you about her travels or her favorite pictures. Each photo in her sprawling collection tells a story and she remembers them all.

Going hand in hand with her withdrawn persona, Yulie is quite skilled and experienced at traveling alone through the off-route wilderness. She has a rapport with wild pokemon and generally makes new friends with them quite easily even knowing which ones to look for to help in a rough situation. This has helped her nature photos earn quite the reputation for capturing pokemon in the wild in their relaxed and natural behavior. She relies on her pokemon partners quite a bit and treats them well. Perhaps too well, as they are used to having the run of the place back at home. She doesn’t rely on people though and tends to keep most others at an arm's length.

Yulie is most assuredly not a morning person. Despite this, she can often be found up bright and early. Even before sunrise. Photo opportunities wait for no one and her non-circadian sleep schedule is proof of that. She sneaks in cat naps when she can and tends to sleep the entire time she’s on a plane, train, or boat, but otherwise seems to be awake as much as humanly possible. This can make her a bit scatterbrained and she has a habit of fumbling for words mid-conversation, forgetting important dates, or showing up fifteen minutes late to meetings. Her eating habits are likewise questionable and she would be liable to survive entirely on coffee, protein bars, and instant noodles if she could. Still, the easiest way to get her to like you is to treat her to a proper meal since she spends most of her own money on travel and gear instead of food. And when she does splurge on food, it's generally for her pokemon.

History: Yulie was born and raised in Unova, Mistralton City to be exact. Her father was an airplane pilot at the local airport and her mother was a gym trainer at the local Flying type gym. Though she was initially excited to follow in her mother’s footsteps and start her own pokemon journey, the young Yulie was a shy and anxious child and would get overwhelmed with fear anytime she strayed too far from home. It was on one of these attempted outings that Yulie got lost. Alone in the woods as the sun set, she was too scared to find her way back and sat crying under a tree certain that she was going to be lost out here forever. Then, a little light caught her eye. It was the flame of a tiny Litwick, the little ghost pokemon looking back at her from the shadows with concern. Yulie stared back and for a while neither of them moved. But eventually, the Litwick hopped over to Yulie’s side and the two of them rode out the night until Yulie’s parents found her and brought her home.

That was the end of that, Yulie thought. No more adventures. No more pokemon journey. Until a few nights later when that same Litwick showed up at her window. It took some convincing, but eventually it managed to get Yulie to open up the window and the two of them played all through the night. And it kept showing up, night after night. When Yulie told her parents about it, they were delighted and gave her a pokeball to catch him in. Yulie, not wanting to make a fuss over it, simply sat the ball down between them when Litwick came back to play. And, to her delight, it tapped the ball and essentially caught itself.

Yulie would name him Toasty and together the two of them would brave the dark forest around their hometown, eventually being joined by a Joltick who had hitched a ride home in her backpack. Now, Yulie had the confidence to battle it and after a short struggle Lemon was added to her fledgling team. Things were looking up for Yulie, but the good times were not to last.

She was ten years old, right on the cusp of starting her journey, when her parents divorced. As things would have it, Yulie wound up staying with her grandparents in Alola while her parents settled their affairs. It was here that Yulie was introduced to the wonders of photography. Her grandpa was a sketch artist and a painter who spent days meticulously capturing the gorgeous landscapes of the Alola region. His paintings captured Yulie’s heart immediately and she wanted to do what he did. He taught her the fundamentals of art, of perspective and framing and color balance, things that have stuck with her to this day. But her drawings always felt off somehow. They didn’t capture the world as it really was, only how it looked to her and even then only as well as her untrained hands could draw. That was when her grandmother bought her a camera and the rest is history.

When it came time for Yulie to return home, she didn’t want to leave. She eventually returned home to Mistralton to stay with her father, but spent every summer from that year onwards in Alola with her grandparents. Eventually, she would take on the island challenge during the summer of her sixteenth birthday and successfully defeated two of the Kahuna’s. But even as her skill in battling grew she never had the fire for it. Her true love, her true calling, was to photograph the natural world and that is what she set out to do. It was her photo of a Totem pokemon, an Alolan Raticate, sleeping peacefully with its peon Rattatas, that earned her a scholarship to a prestigious photography school in Galar.

After her graduation from there at the age of twenty, she went on to become a rising star in the pokemon photography world with her photos of pokemon in their natural habitats gracing magazine covers, documentaries, and science books. Her field work became the talk of podcasts and lectures and Yulie soon found herself becoming something of a minor celebrity among pokemon naturalists. But that life was accepted reluctantly. Yulie didn’t want to be famous. She didn’t want to give talks or promote camera equipment or make appearances. She wanted to take pictures and see the world. And so she started becoming more and more of a recluse, spending weeks or even months at a time out in the wilderness and only making public appearances when she had a particularly special photo to share. Still, something about her work must have caught Justy’s eye as he contacted her with a once in a lifetime opportunity to investigate something truly strange.


Pokémon Team

Name: Toasty
Species: Chandelure (M)
Personality: Toasty was Yulie’s first partner way back in the day and the two have been together since they were little. Though the bond between Yulie and her team is strong, she and Toasty share a special familiarity. He can make Yulie laugh just with a perfectly timed look and the two of them go through the day’s pictures together every night before bed. Though he’s been with Yulie the longest out of anyone on the team, Toasty is hardly the most mature and loves a good prank as much as the next ghost type. He’s learned to adjust the light from his flames to help backlight Yulie’s photos and has served as Yulie’s emotional support for many years.

Name: Lemon
Species: Galvantula (F)
Personality: Quite the curious one, Lemon is prone to getting into all sorts of trouble and is usually Cherry’s partner in crime. That is, when the two aren’t picking a fight over something. There is no bag she doesn’t want to crawl into, no cabinet door she won’t try to pry open, and no ceiling she won’t hang out on. Lemon also gets excited around new people and is prone to running up to say hello. As a giant spider, this has a tendency to go wrong quite often which causes Yulie no end of trouble. But all it takes is one word from Yulie or a stern glare from Sugar and Lemon will hop back into line.

Name: Sugar
Species: Hatterene (F)
Personality: If Yulie’s team had a team mom, it's Sugar. She’s constantly keeping tabs on the other pokemon as they get into various shenanigans whenever Yulie is napping. Her peaceful and calm demeanor makes her the ideal study partner as Sugar is most often content to sit quietly and stare at whatever catches her interest. It's not uncommon for passerby to see Sugar watching them intently, her near unblinking gaze unbroken until she laughs softly at their unease and looks elsewhere. When Lemon or Cherry misbehaves however, Sugar will scold the two of them often before Yulie does.

Name: Marsh (Marshmallow)
Species: Drampa (M)
Personality: Marsh is an old soul. He always seems half asleep and often serves as Yulie’s pillow when camping out in the field. Though kind and warmhearted, Marsh can’t be bothered to look after the younger members of the team. His only concern is Yulie’s wellbeing and he’ll fight anyone and anything that makes her upset or sad. Thankfully, he hasn’t had much occasion to do so. If ever Yulie needs to travel the skies Marsh is there to provide a comfy ride and if Yulie ever needs to win a battle Marsh is there to bring his full draconic power to the table. He may be fearsome when he needs to be, but all it takes is some fruit gummies to win him over.

Name: Cherry
Species: Tsareena (F)
Personality: Cherry is a total diva. She’s always wanting to be not only the center of attention, but the best at whatever is going on. If Lemon is climbing something, she’ll try to get higher up than him. If Bean is running, she’ll try to race him. If Toasty is making Yulie laugh, she’ll try to one up him. And any time she succeeds, she’ll put her hands on her hips and stand beaming and waiting for praise. Said praise usually takes the form of a snack, but even a nod of acknowledgement from Yulie will be enough to keep her beaming for hours. When Cherry doesn’t get her way though, she can get temperamental and start ruining other’s fun. Sugar doesn’t tolerate this very much but Yulie has still had to apologize for Cherry’s tantrums more often than she’d like.

Name: Bean (Coffee Bean)
Species: Stonjourner (M)
Personality: Bean has the need for speed. His one true joy is walking at a brisk pace as far as his legs can carry him with Yulie perched comfortably on his shoulder. Lemon and Cherry often hitch a ride as well and Bean can carry them all without breaking a sweat. He’s generally the one responsible for lugging around Yulie’s camping gear or getting the team across rugged terrain. At home though, Bean is a goofball whose favorite game is hide and seek despite being an eight foot tall rock type. He still hasn’t figured out that putting his hands over his eyes doesn’t mean he’s invisible.
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Ahhhh why not? Been a hot minute but I'm down for another RP, hope my character looks good! Let me know if I need to make any changes, thanks :)

Name: Camilla Jimenez
Age: 20
Gender & Pronouns: Female (she/her)

Appearance: Camilla is roughly average height, appearing taller or shorter depending on the shoes she wears. In flats, she is about 5’ 5” with a subtle, hidden muscular build. She doesn’t look like it, but under her slim appearance is a strong body. Her skin is dark in tone and smooth with a few minor scars along her arms and legs. The majority of her hair is dark brown, nearly black, but the last three inches or so are dyed a light, grass green. Its total length reaches around the end of her shoulder blades and is thick, wavy, and difficult to manage. She usually puts it up in a ponytail or fashionable braid. Her eyes are hazel, ranging from silvery to orange. Above her right ankle she has a tattoo of a single feather and though she says she has more, it’s a lie just to get people curious because she finds it funny.

As for fashion, Miguel’s girlfriend is getting her start with fashion in Unova and so Camilla always does her best to stay up to date with trends. Currently, her outfits consist of lots of pastel and faded colors in tandem with black or grey. Tie-dye patterns are popular as are denim layers and accessories. She prefers a pair of plain pants, short or long with the weather, in faded shades. Her top layers switch between the undershirt and the jacket being the more pastel color and she often has a fun, nature-y graphic featured somewhere. Other than that, rose gold jewelry is in and she wears fairly plain footwear like black sneakers.

Personality: Camilla has the most responsible personality of her siblings. She always makes sure to stay up to date on anything work related and never misses an appointment. Amazingly, she never needs to make notes for herself–she just has an instinct for keeping track of things. More than that, she presents herself professionally wherever she goes. This makes her appear initially cold towards people outside her inner circle. Some of this is due to her upbringing with business-minded parents, but rather than going through a rebellious phase and ruining her image, she always kept things clean cut.

That’s not to say Camilla is a stick in the mud. Far from it. She is the life of most parties and has endless stories to share of wild (and questionably legal) adventures. Then how does she keep such a spotless record? Camilla is a fantastic speaker. She easily talks circles around people, turning debates on their head and playing devil's advocate just for fun. When people try calling her out on something, she quickly spins the story in her favor and moves along to get them to forget about any transgressions. Obviously there are people who can see through her magic tongue, but she either avoids them or befriends them.

Concerning friends, Camilla attracts a rowdy crowd and she revels in it. Her friends like staying late at bars joking with the bartender while betting on games of pool. They have harmless fun or make sure the fun they’re having will only be a harm to themselves. People of a more sensitive nature will not have a good time around Camilla if she’s being open and honest. She can be harsh with truths and will move along if someone is feeling hurt from something she said. Her sense of humor tends to be crude as well.

This isn’t to say Camilla doesn’t care. Once she realizes she’s hurt someone, she knows she needs to walk away to avoid making things worse. She has a great sense of empathy and can easily help others with their problems. Often, she knows what’s wrong with someone before they approach her. She just knows if she causes a problem, someone else will need to be able to fix it. She isn’t really aware of how to help people she’s hurt and simply gives them space and time, will listen to their side, and be ready to be forgiven or left behind. In fact, she’s usually quiet about her own personal views and keeps her emotions bottled up. She doesn’t want to be a burden to others and will deal with hardships on her own or with her Pokémon team. Unless she’s with her close friend, she’s mostly introverted and keeps to herself.

History: Everything started for Camilla 20 years ago when she was born in Mahogany Town, Johto. She had an older sister and a few years later a younger brother and the trio were inseparable. Their parents were workaholic business types that were not very present during their upbringing. Camilla, her sister Vanessa, and her brother Miguel all raised each other and were all passionate about Pokémon . Vanessa started her journey at 10, but went back to school at 15 to study Pokémon physiology. Camilla went to school when she was 10 (two years after Vanessa) and decided to study Pokémon breeding and behavioral training. Finally, Miguel went on his Pokemon journey at 10 (one year after Camilla) and took on the gym challenge. While they all took different paths in life, they all stayed closely connected.

Camilla finished her training at age 14 and immediately took up a job with a breeding ranch near Olivine City. After Miguel finished defeating the gym leaders (13 yrs old), he took on the Elite Four of Johto and won. Everyone expected him to take on the champion as well, but he surprised them and left for Unova. During this time, Vanessa (17 yrs old) was in her second year of being an official Pokémon Ranger for Sinnoh. The sisters visited each other frequently and often made plans to visit their brother out in Sinnoh as he was incredibly busy training to take on the Unova Elite Four. By now their parents were far more interested in what their kids were doing and they tried to involve themselves at every turn without success. They sent messages and made surprise visits to continue pressuring their children to do good in the family name. The siblings simply rolled their eyes and distanced themselves from their parents further.

At 16, after two years of training and breeding, Camilla was content with her path in life. She was incredibly successful with instilling desired behaviors as well as rehabilitating traumatized Pokémon. In fact, she often collaborated with her sister who would occasionally have rescued Pokémon that couldn’t be returned to the wild or handled by the average trainer. Her brother was making slower progress through Unova, but he was making connections and close friends. In fact, rather than ambitiously pursuing the Elite Four, he was encouraging Camilla to attempt the gym challenge in Johto. He liked what he saw of her Pokemon training at the ranch and thought she would make an incredible trainer. In the past, she had battled other trainers from time to time, but never felt challenged by it. Miguel and Vanessa convinced her the Gym Leaders were far more talented and would give her a proper hard time. She caved to the sibling pressure and started facing the Johto Gyms.

In a year in a half, Camilla got all the badges and felt a drive and passion she hadn’t realized she was missing. All her work on raising Pokémon from birth and adjusting their behavior taught her how to be an effective trainer without her knowing. Now that she had all the badges, she wanted to challenge the Elite Four like her younger brother. Both her siblings came by to encourage her the day of her challenge, but she failed after the second Elite member. It was a tough blow, especially considering her brother was considerably younger when he completed his own circuit. That didn’t stop her though. Instead, she became more determined and worked through the gyms in Kanto. Then she moved on to Sinnoh to train further and spend more time with her siblings.

After 3 years, she had all her badges from Kanto and Sinnoh, but still feared facing the Elite Four. By this point, Miguel had also defeated the Unova Gym Leaders and was in a serious relationship which slowed down his Pokemon trainer journey. Vanessa was in a leadership position with the Pokemon Rangers on short-term deployment to Orre. Camilla decided a new region would make a nice change of pace and traveled to Orre with her sister where rumors of natural disaster and ruin proved true. Even if she wasn’t a Ragner like her sister, maybe she could help anyway. Sure enough, the local Ranger Corps were in touch with Justy of Phenac Academy so Vanessa made sure Camilla was in contact with him. She’s anxious and eager to get started on restoration efforts.

Pokémon Team: Luxray F (Leonida, Leo), Breloom M (Punchy), Jolteon M (Spartacus), Masquerain F (Franchesca, Franky)


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I wanted to announce that the RP thread is now up and running! Feel free to make your first post at your earliest convenience. Like I mentioned before, 1 post per week is ideal. We are all busy people with lives and I understand that. Anything more than that is icing on the cake. Feel free to message me for any ideas or any discussion you would like.


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Oh that's a good point! I guess we could do either. Is anyone leaning any particular way?