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Sub --> Focus punch


Galaxy Trainer
Is this a good combination or not. I think so cuz you get one free turn to focus and you can make huge damage in your next turn.
It is quite good as I've heard, but never used it myself due to lack of capable pokemon.

Emerald Metagross

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It's and excellent combination if used on slower Pokémon. Holding Leftovers doesn't hurt either.


yeah its a very nice combo...heard of it a lot of times..


You best believe it
Do try it out. Not only is it one of the best combos, a lot of people who don't go on expert websites (Like this) don't expect it.


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It's a nifty little trick added in with R/S.

Best done with real tanks, not crappy ones like Raichu and whatnot...


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Substitute is a really useful move and can create other combos as well. E.g Sceptile's SubSeed tactic.
There is a list of combo moves here. Not all are worth using, and some of them are obvious combos.


prophecy fulfilled
If you use focus energy one turn then the next focus punch I think you shouldn't have to do the one turn delay thing just like Solarbeam\Sunny Day.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway, SubPunch is pretty much the only combo that actually, somewhat, works.


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It's a good combo, but I like Spore + Focus Punch even better. Breloom is just awesome. And if you like you can subseed with him aswell, but imo that's a waste of slots were you could have had Mach Punch/Sky Uppercut/Stone Edge/Seed Bomb.


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Yes it is and you should see that in most other pokemon move sets theres somthing simmiler to that aswell Spore-Punching but only breloom can do it so far.


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Which pokemon are capable of learning both moves?
P.S. and they should have high HP and Attack