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Submerged Embassy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Snorby, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby

    12,000 feet below the sea, through the corals and many fishes, laid an Embassy hidden in the abyss. This Embassy focuses on rigorous training provided by the cold induced waters and intense pressure to produce maximum power. Do you think you can handle the intense adrenaline brought from sheer force? Join and make your way to the bottom of the ocean floor and discover the hidden power that the Embassy has hidden away up until now. You’ll be astonished and amazed of all the interesting marine life that you’ll meet while on your way here!


    1. Follow all SPPF rules! They were made for a reason!

    2. Post at least twice a month on the thread. Not doing so will result in one strike. Two strikes and you won’t be allowed to participate in any event that the clan does for ONE week. Three strikes, you will be removed from the list and will be removed from the clan. If something comes up, let one of the leaders or any of the clan members know. Things happen and we’re left to assume you left the clan unless otherwise notice. But yeah; use the thread! We have it for a reason!

    3. We WANT to hear about any events that are going on in your daily life. We also want to hear your thoughts about the metagame through the guild in its entirety. Make sure to keep most if not all conversations relate to either the guild or pokemon, so it isn't marked as spam. We also have a xat that we want to remain active! This will probably be the fastest way to find battles and we can also talk about various topics that are completely unrelated to pokemon. Since we are already discussing about the rules, some additional rules are as follows:

    4. Be respectful on the thread and xat. In the event you don't enjoy how something is being handled, private message or private chat a leader. We are here to make every member enjoy their experience in this guild. If you are making any member’s time here unpleasant or uncomfortable, any leader who is present or hears about any risen problems will take the appropriate actions to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    5. Be a devoted member, if you leave this clan 5 times you will not be allowed to rejoin.

    6. Make sure to always use the correct forms when you post a battle. It is easier when scanning over pages to find them. In the event you do not use the form, either it will be missed or we will count the match as a loss for you and a win for your opponent.

    7. Don't forget to have fun! This is why we come together in guilds; to learn things and make friends.

    8. Any username that was created less than a month after the account creation date and having no posts listed in their activity or any user who creates an account on the same day that the account was made with a post count of 0 will not be accepted. The user must also have at least 10 posts in any thread throughout the forum with the posts actually containing substance. It's pretty obvious when a user posts things just to gain a post count. This is to prevent potential alts and trolls from joining. If a new user was referred by at least two people from within the clan, he or she may be accepted, but first myself or scuba will run a background check to see if the user in question is an actual user of whom anyone might know or recognize.

    Thanks to Skarm™ for the Main Banner
    Thanks to Extroph for the Leader Userbars, Rank Userbars, Text Designs, Achievement Medals, and War Banner.
    Thanks to Dragonicwari for revising and formatting


    As you descend into the ocean, the pressure becomes much higher, more bone-crushing. To weed out the gummies from the sharks, the points system will be similar to that of a group pool. You all start at the lowest rank and ascend your way to the deepest depths of the ocean. In order to achieve a new rank, you must accumulate a certain amount of wins against someone who is also in your current rank. So if you want to gain a new rank, you must battle the same person from your current rank x-times (and win) or if there is more people in your rank, then of course, challenge them. Variety is encouraged!

    All users who join will start near the land. Being able to breathe and see the radiant sun. (The Shoreline Zone).

    Results of Battle Form

    [b]Your Rank[/b]:
    [b]Your Opponent's Serebii Username[/b]:
    [b]Your Opponent's Rank[/b]:
    Any user who does not use this form will not have their match counted towards the points total because as far as anyone is concerned, the match never happened since no one can see when such a match took place.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
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  2. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby


    Along the shoreline the light shines on you as you take a deep breath, preparing for the descent ahead.
    Dr Ciel
    Sir Niner Steak
    Apocalylpse Lucario
    EZ Target
    James Bondage
    Sad Machine
    King Color
    Aura Sensei%99

    Splashing is all you hear as your feet first touch the water. You recoil a bit at first, but you know dealing with the cold water is worth the journey ahead.​
    x15 wins

    The smell of salt is all around you, but by now you hardly notice it. You're beginning to learn how to use the currents to your advantage by testing things on your own and watching others around you.
    x30 wins

    You've begun to develop your gills and can spend more time under the water. The inhabitants of the reefs now accept you as one of their own, but you long for somewhere further in the depths.
    x35 wins

    The water is getting colder. The pressure is getting stronger. The water is darker. You wonder why you keep descending, but something is calling you down to the bottom.
    x40 wins

    You can feel that barely any make it this deep. The others you've heard of making it down here are only myths, fables, or so called legends. You feel as though nothing is down here besides you... but you know something is. Why else would you be down here?
    x50 wins

    You feel grittiness beneath you. You play with it for a moment before realizing you have felt sand for the first time in what feels like forever. Your eyes move away from the sand to see Kyogre before you. Welcoming you to the true embassy.​
    x100 wins

    Banned Users


    Any user who has been banned from the guild will have the appropriate reason displayed next to their name. If a user who has been banned thinks the ban was unfair or unjust, PM one of the Leaders to discuss the matter in further detail.


    Inactive users or users who have been warned will be placed here.



    [b]User Name[/b]:
    [b]Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name[/b]:
    [b]Reason for Joining[/b]:
    [b]Referred by[/b]:
    [b]Timezone (in GMT[/b]:
    [b]Battle Experience (0-10)[/b]:
    [b]Additional Comments?[/b]:
    Managers from Down Under

    Listed below are the users you can challenge at an attempt to be placed on our war team:

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014
  3. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member


    Within the clan, there will be major and minor tournaments. Major tournaments will go on for 1 month and the winner of the tournament shall receive a special reward for winning. Minor tournaments are completely random and will last for 1 day. Minor tournaments, since they’re significantly smaller in comparison to the major tournaments, will still obtain a reward, but it won’t be as rare as one from winning a major tournament. Anyone from the clan can participate in any of these tournaments, but please make sure to use the Battle Results Form as proof of the win.

    ~ BW2 OU, First Place- , Second Place- , Third Place-


    ~ Great Battle Reef- Hosted by Ger9119
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
  4. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby



    "The tide comes in an' out, and in life you win and lose! What's important is that it keeps goin'."~Marlon


    War Team Leads:




    War Record: 1-2​

    VS Crusade's Order- L
    VS The Enternain Forces Guild- L
    VS Veneno Oscuridad- W


    The community create a team project is a project where the clan collectively creates a team from any given tier chosen by poll vote. The purpose of a CCaT is to create a team around a particular pokemon from the chosen tier to give others newfound knowledge of how various pokemon on the team function to achieve their ultimate goal.​
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2014
  5. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby


    A bi-weekly agenda will be implanted in the thread to make sure our tasks and missions get accomplished. If we can all complete the agenda within 14 Days, rewards will be distributed to those who helped in completing the bi-weekly agenda. So every Monday EST-Time: I or Scuba will post an agenda that needs to be completed. However, please note that each agenda is subject to change every two weeks as nothing is set in stone.

    [b]Weeks of[/b]: (Starts: X and Ends: X)

    This section is intended to facilitate playing with other members of the clan in Pokemon X & Y for version exclusives, battles, safari exclusives, or simply to evolve Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve...like Graveler, for example. If you'd like to add your friend code, VM me the HTML form that will be found at the bottom of this post and I will add you to the list. Please keep in mind that you will still have to make some effort to communicate with each other via PM/VM in order to set up times to battle or trade.

    In-game Request Form

    [b]Friend Code[/b]: (####- ####- ####)
    [b]In-Game Name[/b]:
    [b]Trade Evolution[/b]:
    [b]Rare Candy[/b]:
    [b]# of Rare Candies needed[/b]:
    [b]Pokemon that needs to be cloned[/b]:
    [b]# of times a pokemon needs to be cloned[/b]
    [b]Cloner’s collateral given[/b] (Only the user who is cloning has to use this if he or she is offering collateral.)[/b]
    [b]Looking for x pokemon or x item[/b]
    [b]How many needed?[/b]:
    [b]Pokemon that needs to be EV’d[/b]
    [b]Stats that the EVs need to be distributed [/b] ex.)4 Hp/252 Attack/252 Speed.
    [b]Reset EVs[/b] Can you reset my EVs, please?


    Irrationality: /In-Game Name: Irra/ Version: Y/Friend Code: 1779-1470-6699/ Safari: (Dragon) Gabite, Sliggo, and Noibat
    ShyOctopus /In-Game Name: Lulu /Version: X /Friend Code: 3351-5426-2342 /Safari: (Fairy) Snubbull, Spritzee, Floette

     Forum Name: /In-Game Name: /Version: X or Y/Friend Code: ####- ####- ####/Safari:
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014
  6. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Member Projects

    This section will be for any Serebii related projects we have. If you have something that I haven't seen please send it to me. This will include SPPF Journal articles, Serebii Tours, Art Shops, and whatever else you guys think will fit here. This section will be filtered montly, weekly if needed.

    (Numerous members contribute)


    (Team Building Tour Hosted by Minedreigon)


    (Rebellious Rebel Tour hosted by MMS)​
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2014
  7. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Finally up :) Let's get some activity
  8. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    *Pops champagne bottle* Welcome everyone !~
  9. Cherche

    Cherche Banned

    User Name: Dr. Ciel (Soon to change)

    Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name: Cinco Diablo

    Reason for Joining: New guild, new opportunities~

    Referred by: N/a

    Timezone (in GMT: -5 (EST)

    Battle Experience (0-10): 9.5

    Additional Comments?: None

    W00t, first signup~
  10. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    Ah. The lovely Dr. Ciel :] welcome aboard!~
  11. gr8astard

    gr8astard New Member

    User Name: gr8astard
    Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name: omylord/gr8astard
    Reason for Joining: i do what i want
    Referred by: irrationality
    Timezone (in GMT: -5 (EST)
    Battle Experience (0-10): 8
    Additional Comments?: None
  12. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    Accepted. Welcome :]
  13. Moonclawz

    Moonclawz Aura Trainer

    User Name: Moonclawz
    Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name: Moonclawz
    Reason for Joining: Looks cool.
    Referred by: Dragonicwari
    Timezone (in GMT): -4
    Battle Experience (0-10): 8
    Additional Comments?: N/A
  14. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    Welcome Moonclawz :] *hands you a complimentary cookie*
    Moonclawz likes this.
  15. Cherche

    Cherche Banned

    Wlecome to the clan, friend. * Hands complimentary cup of tea *
    Moonclawz likes this.
  16. ~~Kawaii~~

    ~~Kawaii~~ Banned

    User Name:~~kawaii~~
    Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name: New Demons
    Reason for Joining: I enjoy Irrationality
    Referred by: Irrationality
    Timezone (in GMT): Beasts from the East :)
    Battle Experience (0-10): id rather say sorry
    Additional Comments?: I would love to art requests, and submit art and whatnot :) i draw everything by hand though idk how yo work gimp
  17. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    New account, so I'll have my eye on you. Hand Drawn art is pretty original. I like that:]

    Accepted and welcome!
  18. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Welcome everyone :) Spreadsheet should be up to date
  19. Irrationality

    Irrationality Founder of SE Guild

    Good work, Wari :]
  20. Sir Niner Steak

    Sir Niner Steak wow very tm87

    User Name: Sir Niner Steak
    Pokemon Online/PokemonShowdown Name: SirNiner
    Reason for Joining: One certain cool cat mentioned it to me, so I came to be a cool cat. Also, happy battle funtimes.
    Referred by: Irrationality
    Timezone (in GMT): -7 (Mountain)
    Battle Experience (0-10): 7
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