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Submerged Embassy

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Serebii Champion x.x
Well RIP SE.

While I was never in this guild physically (have mercy Miror), I was pretty much here in spirit. This guild was pretty much the embodiment of competitiveness on Serebii for the longest time. I applaud the effort to actually keep competitive guilds going but with the death of SE this is probably the death of guild wars as well.

Since I knew pretty much everyone in this guild as well...

Cloos: Clearly the best battler
Suhnny: Who?
Clone: Hf being relevant at smogon
MMS: Prodigy duo
Ger: At least you tried friend
Moonclawz: Always good for fun matches in tournaments
CDemo: TSS random
Clay: You were there
Miror: Don't infract me


Aura Trainer
Thanks to everyone for making this guild a fun place to be! I wasn't super active on Xat and stuff but I could tell you guys are all cool people. :]

Ger- Props to leading the guild through much inactivity.
MMS- Thanks for leading the guild with Ger after Irra left.
Cloos- The BW lord. Always had fun battling you.
Clone- A real nice guy. You have a lot of potential and are a really great battler!
Clay, Apollo, Turpoo, C-Demo, Aeon, Cryss - didn't really talk much but you guys were still cool
Suhnny - a funny guy. Really not as bad as everyone says.

Everyone else - really wish I got to know you guys better. Hope to still see everyone in the Xat or OU room or on Smogon!


Xwisher Sweet
Well I suppose its time for out goodbyes. Before I joined this clan I was as though a lost dog, hopeless without his owner, who trailed around looking for the next bite to eat, occasionally hanging out with packs of riftraft, until one fateful day. That fateful day was when I joined this clan. Prior to this is when I lost all hope of clans and my experience here has changed that.

moonclawz - who can forget moonclawz, hes such a nice guy who I feel I can talk to about anything. Thanks for lending me your ear bro when I asked you about how to deal with my girlfriend breaking up with me.
clay - Ahh clay, hes quiet, stern, and feirce on the battlefield. A person who makes you feel good knowing hes an ally and a dread knowing hes your enemy. A Natural born leader with the swing of a mighty axe that can prove it.
clone - what can people say about clone that cant be said about his inspriing jokes and sense of humor. Always a person who is a welcome addition to the xat. I'd like to call him the Steven Colbert of Serebii who has the demeanor of George Clooney and peircing eyes of Michael Keaton.
cloos - What a guy. Me and him go the the same university and we met at our university Anime Watching club. Unfortunately he isnt as well respected in person as he is on serebii. A good friend non-the-less
Suhnny - Ahh suhnny! A mighty warrior who's trademark has been to taunt his opponents by prematurely typing "gg" during an intense pokemon battle. An excellent person to bounce ideas off of when your in an intense search for adult female milf/cougar actresses.
MMS- A fine young warrior I have seen MMS develop into. A well respected leader and individual whom serebii has grown to respect for his calm and professional way of handling things.
And everyone else!!!!!! :p
ger - An individual who has established himself for his unique fighting style and creativity. He is prone to long nights out and coming unto xat where he reveals way too much info about himself.

As I write this last bit I am starting to tear because it feels like a goodbye. But never forget, Thats its never goodbye, i'll see you guys later!!

P.S. - Stay tuned for my free event giveways every second sunday! #sogekingrules
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Who Ya Gonna Call?
Goodbyes? Well, if you insist.

Alas, poor Submerged Embassy, I knew it well (and by that I mean poorly).


De-le-le wooooooooooop
Staff member
Alright, as I haven't received anything this should stay open, closed upon request.
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