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Subpunching Breloom?

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Komedic Konservationist, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    Being an inpatient gamer, I never had the patience to train a Sporepunching Breloom. Therefore, my Emerald Breloom is stuck with an absolutely horrific moveset; Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Mach Punch, and Sky Uppercut.
    What I want to know, does Breloom also make a good subpuncher? Because I'm planning on teaching it Substitute and Focus Punch, but since those moves can only be taught once (yes, you could trade, but I have no friends to trade with, and I've only got one GBA) I want to know if Breloom is a good Subpuncher, and if it will work well.
  2. DragonDance

    DragonDance thrasher

    Sporepunch > Subpunch but both are ok
  3. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    subpunch breloom works really well in game

    sub/focus punch/spore/sludge bomb

    is a nice In-game set
  4. DemonScythe

    DemonScythe Guest

    leech seed/sub/punch/spore

    suck the life out of some shits and resistant grasses take
    heavy status along with an FP =)
  5. Alfonc

    Alfonc D/P is almost here!!

    What you want is Spore-Punching seeing that it can take out a lot of toughies like Tyranitar and Snorlax!

    Just play around with what it can learn but for now this is the moveset I think is the best and is used in Battle Frontier a lot!

    Adamant/Jolly nature
    Ev's 252 Attack/Speed,6 HP

    Focus Punch
    Sludge Bomb
    Mach Punch/Hidden Power:Rock/Ground

    Okay,so Hidden Power:Rock/Ground isn't used in the Battle Frontier,but it can work!

    I have a Jolly breloom that has Outstanding Speed,I might train it seeing that it can also take out Scizor with Spore and Focus Punch!
  6. I prefer DemonScythe's suggestion. 0mastar's suggestion still seems to be a SporePunching Breloom against the will of the thread starter. lol
  7. Twitch

    Twitch Dr. Awkward

    ;227; But my good sir, DemonScythe's set is also SporePunch. :D
    But it is a good set nonetheless. At least ingame, I have no idea about competitive.
  8. magnemiteZ

    magnemiteZ Banned

    The best way to get hundreds of Shroomish with Spore, so you never have this problem again, is to level up, paying no attention to Evs etc (one male and one female obviously), until they hit level 52 and then Smack them both in the day care. All of the spawn will have Spore at Lv5!

    I like the Idea of a Sub and Spore Punching Breloom. Super safe or what? :D
  9. Wow, do my eyes ever deceive me or what...(Regarding earlier comment)

    Spore-SubPunching Breloom is somewhat of a paranoid idea, though the Sub does work to set up a Spore opportunity if the next Pokemon has the upper hand against Breloom.
  10. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    Training the Breloom I've got to lvl 50 took the entire length of time it did to reach the elite 4. I can't stand the thought of training yet another Shroomish, especially as it's one of the slowest critters to level up in the entire game.
    I don't want Spore on Breloom! All you guys are giving me movesets with spore, when the whole point of this thread is to find a Substitute (pun intended) for spore!
  11. DemonScythe

    DemonScythe Guest

    Its not that hard at all just go with
    you paralyze your foe and substitute until they can't move
    you Leech them to get the life back from your subs, and once
    you got leech going you can outstall them like a sceptile but you
    get the bonus of sticking a big focuspunch right in their face!

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