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Subway suggestion?


I battled against this incredibly annoying team on random matchup today and I think it would be pretty decent in the Battle Subway. Since I only battled it and didn't make it myself, I have no idea what the EVs, held items, or natures are, so sorry about that. The Breloom is completely speculation as I lost before the third pokemon came out.

Liepard @ Leftovers
-Foul Play

Ditto @ Choice Scarf(?)

Breloom @ ???

I can only assume that Breloom's sole move was Spore. Liepard gets priority Assists via Prankster and hits with a guaranteed Spore, since Transform cannot be used through Assist. Breloom is pretty useless, but Liepard can take on most pokemon, as long as they don't wake up in a lucky moment. If Liepard does get taken down, Ditto can hopefully help clean up, which is what happened to me. Liepard wears the enemy down a lot and if it does get taken down, Ditto is still perfectly viable.

I have no idea if this would work on the Subway though. Haven't looked to see how many things shrug off sleep . . .