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Suggestions plz



The team I use for competitive purposes seems to be missing something.. How could I modify it for the better?

Here's a brief overview of my team, all Lv100 EDIT: I'll quit being lazy and give you the 411, but I'm not sure how I EV trained them. For the most part I believe I balanced out their EVs.

Kingdra (Hydra) @ Chesto berry (Special Sweeper)
Modest Nature, Swift Swim Ability

Hp: 288
Att: 190
Def: 227
S.Att: 276
S.Def: 250
Spd: 236

Ice Beam
Dragon Breath

Umbreon (Wretch) @ Leftovers (Wall/Tank)
Docile Nature, Synchronize Ability

Hp: 347
Att: 149
Def: 264
S.Att: 169
S.Def: 301
Spd: 164

Confuse Ray
Double Team

Gardevoir (Unmei) @ Salac Berry (Special Sweeper)
Docile Nature, Trace Ability

Hp: 295
Att: 141
Def: 188
S.Att: 298
S.Def: 266
Spd: 211

Calm Mind
Destiny Bond

Nidoking (Cerberus, I haven't thought of a great item for him.. Physical Sweeper)
Docile Nature, Poison Point Ability

Hp: 305
Att: 243
Def: 183
S.Att: 189
S.Def: 161
Spd: 232

Sludge Bomb
Hyper Beam (Had a lack of nice TMs..)

Machamp (Atrocious) @ Scope Lens (Physical Sweeper)
Quirkly Nature, Guts Ability

Hp: 295
Att: 358
Def: 184
S.Att: 137
S.Def: 177
Spd: 190

Cross Chop
Rock Slide
Bulk Up

Metagross (Helix) @ Shell Bell (Physical/Special Sweeper)
Docile Nature, Clear Body Ability
HP: 303
Att: 323
Def: 299
S.Att: 226
S.Def: 232
Spd: 193

Meteor Mash

First off I was thinking of swapping Machamp out for something with slightly better defenses, and since nothing on my team is great against the hundreds of water types I was planning to swap Nidoking out for a Venusaur.
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