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Suicune's Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by SlipKnoT, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Dragotar911

    Dragotar911 Dragos

    can you make evolution banners?
  2. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    No.... Besides even if I could it would look horrible with optimizing and stuff...
  3. Dragotar911

    Dragotar911 Dragos

    well, then can i have an evolving pokemon:
  4. YOU FORGOT!!!!!! UGH!!!!! Well then can I have a dancing ipod pokemon of lucario? I'd like it to say iLucario plz.
  5. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Dragotar=Use the form

    V VS> G: You're banned for not using the form and acting the way you did.
  6. Dragotar911

    Dragotar911 Dragos

    i thought i did, here are their numbers if that is what you mean.
  7. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Like this:

    Evolving Pokemon:
  8. Ash&May 4EVER

    Ash&May 4EVER Looking for shinies

    1 bannerr please!
    FORM: rectangular
    Size: medium
    Pics: hizokaru+evos
    Text: FIRE ROCKS
    Colors: Red and orange
    Border Color: yellow
  9. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Look, apparently you're not smart enough to read, but I'll spell it out for you.

    And posting when banned results in a permanent ban. Now, go away and never come back.

    @Ash&May 4EVER:No, you're breaking sig rules and you didn't ask who to do it
  10. Ash&May 4EVER

    Ash&May 4EVER Looking for shinies

    sig rules? sorry never requested banner before :(
    if you are kind enough to tell me what it means i will request abanner that is appropriate(Megadio26)

    if not, can i have a evolution thing?
    Pokemon: Gaburaisu line please
  11. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    Uh... Suicune can I request two things? If so then...

    I would like these two pictures to be WBGed.

    White Begones!
    What is too be WBG'd: [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Thanks if you can.
  12. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

  13. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

  14. Raichu_89

    Raichu_89 I <3 Chester B

    Team Arrangements
    Pokemon: Raichu,Totodile,Rentoraa,Floatsel,Zapdos,Sheimi

    Please and thank you.
  15. any requests for ME????
  16. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    White Begones!
    What is too be WBG'd: [​IMG]

    :] Please and thank you.
  17. Team Blast

    Team Blast Back from the dead.

    Request again?

    Do I have to request again? If so, tell me.

    Also: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2007
  18. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    REMEMBER:White be gones get rid of ALL white, not just outside white.
    No, but request or don't post.
  19. ShadowEevee

    ShadowEevee Ghost Trainer

    Requesting TC Plz
    Name: Rich
    Trainer Sprite: D/P
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Chickorita
    Pokemon 1: Meganium
    Pokemon 2: Jynx
    Pokemon 3: Swalot
    Pokemon 4: Raikou
    Pokemon 5: Gengar
    Pokemon 6: Milotic
    Backround: Can't see numbers that well...... 6th from top on left column
    (Sprites if you can plz do D\P)
    Tell me if I left anything out
  20. TotemoHarley

    TotemoHarley &lt;3

    I would like to request a dancing Ipod Pokemon from Megadio26, please. =)

    Pokemon: Ariados
    Text: iAriados
    Backround Color: Purple

    Thanks if you can!
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