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Suicune's Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by SlipKnoT, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Kirby010694

    Kirby010694 Munchlax WILL eat U!

    Can u make me a trainer card


    Trainer Sprite:Guy Shino trainner
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Lucario
    Pokemon 1:Gokuzaru
    Pokemon 2:Hitmonchan
    Pokemon 3:Euirdo( kirla boy evo )
    Pokemon 4:Riku( electric legendary dog )
    Pokemon 5:Electabile( Electabuz evo )
    Pokemon 6:Dragonite
    Backround:http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/9494/trainertemplaterc5.png( same backround as i have now, or something dark and shady looking )
    Badges:All( no ribbons )( use the extra set i have on mine plz )( just add on a extra row )
  2. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    megadio, can you make a zubat line evolving like this?
  3. Hylian_Kitsune

    Hylian_Kitsune Tormented Soul...

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2007
  4. super groudon

    super groudon Master Of Shadows

    please can i have a banner
    text:thunder forums
    background:lightning in the background,with everywhere else in the background red
    text colour:any whatever you think will go well with the background
  5. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    :O... crobatman read the rules! You have to use the forms... But since you's my friend I'll let that slide... Anywho I''ll start the other things I didn't finish and then do yours! I'll pm it to you when I finish!
  6. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    oops! sorry, i don't request things that often. i just went to the last page.
    I'll make it official!

  7. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    Can I request 1 thing? This is a request to anyone who is free and can do them. :]

    Request 1: Custom Badges
    Badges In Question: I would like a badge of each Type of Pokemon; Bug, Grass, Fire, Water, Dark and so on. Uhm... this is going into futher detail of the badges.

    Bug: A spider web. Like... the SpiderMan symbol if possible.
    Dark: A moon. Cresent or Full, whichever one you think will look better.
    Dragon: A fang. Like a Dragon Fang... xD
    Electric: A lightning bolt. Or like... .a barrage of Lightning bolts all bunched together, so it looks like one is ontop of the other.
    Fight: A two part badge please. One badge is a white closed fist. The othe badge is a black foot, like stomping. :]
    Fire: A flame, or like..... yea thats the best I can describe it. LOL
    Flying: A cloud with a wing sticking out of it. [Like its representing a bird flying through the cloud.]
    Ghost: A ghost? xD
    Grass: A leaf! :] Or a tree, that would pwn.
    Ground: ??? I cant think....... If you cant think of anything too then thats fine. You can just skip this one.
    Ice: A snowflake.
    Poison: A puff of poison gas.
    Psychic: A sort of three part pinkish purple circle. Like a middle circle, then a circle over it then a final circle. In a sort of overlapping type thing
    Rock: A rock.
    Steel: A metal plate. Or like a Diamond? xD
    Water: A tear drop, or like a tiny square with a wave shape on top.

    Sorry if this is two many requests. I hope Im not bugging anoyone about this. If you cant make this then its fine.
  8. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    -_- I don't do more 10 letters in a blinkie, soz.
  9. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    lol nice thats the one that was made for me lol...

    um could i have another request

    could i have a Pokeball
    Pokemon: pikachu thanks :)
  10. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    wow this shop hasn't grown many pages scince I last visited. Anyways, I'll do the pokeball now.
  11. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.

    You almost done on my blue blinkie I requested a few pages back tori?
  12. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    Almost. I just need to animate it.

    EDIT: I PMed them to you. And I will do the Pokeball tommorrow *yawn*
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2007
  13. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander

  14. I don't know where Suicune is.
  15. airfrogyto19

    airfrogyto19 New Member

    I would like a banner please

    Celebi background
    Airfrogyto19 in green text
    Green theme

    If you could do another I would really appreciate it
    Erureido background
    Airfrogyto19 in green text
    Green theme

    Thanks a lot in advance
  16. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

  17. evo poke please~!

    Pokemon: gengar-line please.


    another evo~:

    Pokemon: Milotic-line please.
  18. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    K........ I'll start it right away!
  19. Raikou77

    Raikou77 Well-Known Member

    Can i get these 2 sprites WBG'd



  20. diampe

    diampe Groudon's enemy.

    Megadio26 can i have a dancing ipod Kecleon
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