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Summer School Paradise (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Dragalge, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Dragalge

    Dragalge Time for eviction tbh

    Summer School Paradise
    RP Thread​

    Sign-Up Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?659886-Summer-School-Paradise-(Sign-ups)
    Discussion Thread: Coming soon!

    The Rules Like Most Schools:
    1. Follow all general SPPf rules.
    2. Do not bunny someone else’s characters without their permission.
    3. Be kind to others when interacting with other members.
    4. Don’t make your characters a Mary Sue/Stu. Legend has it that these people got hated because they were too perfect and boring. Don’t have your character end up like them.
    5. You can’t back out of an Assignment less you get zero credit which can hamper your overall performance. So, do things!
    6. As said before, follow everything in the SU exactly! Otherwise, depending on how it’s done, you may or may not be denied.
    7. As GM, I also have outside duties to tend to in life so please do not pester me in getting the RP to go faster, etc. Additionally, I do not want to see the same behavior done to members participating in the RP. Doing so may/will have you reported to the mods and removed from the RP via getting expelled.
    8. Most importantly, have fun with this! I mean, you do that in RPs.


    Frank Johnson
    Slateport City Docks -> Hoenn Pokemon School
    Sunday May 21st, 9:00 A.M.

    Out of his bed, Frank ran up to the front of the ferry, admiring the beautiful morning skies. Wingull and other flying type Pokemon were soaring in the sky over the blue ocean. On the sea had Wailord, Lapras, and other water type Pokemon swimming around the ferry as it made its way towards the location in front of them. Slateport City was in front of Frank’s own eyes and he got excited just thinking about what the Hoenn Pokemon School would have to offer.

    The ferry finally docked and when the bridge lowered, Frank rushed out of the ferry with his belongings and nearly fell but quickly regained his balance. Frank let Spheal out of his Pokeball and allowed Spheal to walk alongside. Ecstatic as usual, Frank took in the beauty of Slateport City. From the colors to the feel of the city, Frank could not wait to get settled into the Hoenn Pokemon School so that he could explore the city on his own along with Spheal.

    After taking in some of the sights on the way, Frank finally found the Hoenn Pokemon School. Frank knew that he had to go to the left of the campus since that was where the dorm rooms were at. He went up to the Residence Administrator and filled out some paperwork before he got his card that would unlock his dorm room’s lock. Frank’s room was just a couple rooms away from the cafeteria which pleased him greatly as he could get food in flash. The moment he unlocked his door, Spheal rolled into the bedroom and crashed onto a nearby desk. Frank helped Spheal regain his balance and placed him on his bed.

    “I can’t wait for this class to start, Spheal! I wonder who my classmates will be along with their Pokemon!” said Frank in an excitable manner. Spheal clapped cheerfully with him in happiness.

    After unpacking some clothes and hygiene-related items, Frank and Spheal headed out of their dorm room and exited the area to explore the rest of the campus. They took a gander at the courtyard and the fountain and proceeded to say hello to a few folks. After looking around in the campus, Frank and Spheal exited the campus to explore more of Slateport City to get familiar with the new city that they would be accustomed with for the semester.
  2. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Petunia O'Donnel

    Slateport City Residential District->Hoenn Pokémon School

    Sunday May 21st, 9:00 AM

    Pokémon:Boudicca(Teddiursa) and Burton(Shuppet)(How do you get an image of a Pokémon to appear like that?)

    Petunia woke up by bolting up with her partner Pokémon, Boudicca the Teddiursa, and proceeded to get showered dressed and packed in record time, deciding to feed herself some organic whole wheat toast with fried eggs on the side, while Boudicca ate a plate of Figy Berries and several raw eggs. The two then began their daily jog, but instead of heading to the beach or forest to train themselves, they ran off to school, with her guardian Cousin Melly only waking up to a quick "HelloIloveYouGoodbyeSeeYouLater"! Petunia subsequently made sure to leap over rocks, potholes, short Pokémon and young children, with Boudicca imitating her every move. "1 and 2 and 3! C'mon, Boudicca, let's keep our pace up! We're going to be there on time if not before!" "Teddiursa!"

    After reaching the school with 5 minutes to spare, Petunia and Boudicca took a rest on a bench in the courtyard, being sure to drink some Fresh Water to stay hydrated. She then decided to let out Burton. "C'mon out, Burton!" The Shuppet jumped out of his ball with a yawn, then, upon seeing where he was decided to use Taunt on a nearby wild Wingull who was Wing Attacking a first-year who had tried to retrieve her Apple that she was saving for a teacher, which the Wingull had claimed as its own. The Wingull immediately changed targets, but Petuina was ready. "Spin and use Shadow Sneak!" Burton did as he was told, resulting in his attack creating a shadow-wreathed dust devil that caught the enraged Wingull inside of it. "Now's your chance, kid!", Petunia said. The first-year scurried and got their apple back, but then threw a Poké Ball she'd concealed in her ther hand at the downed Water/Flying type, successfully catching it. "I finally got a Pokémon!" she declared. Petunia saw this and, while internally slapping herself for not doing the same, congratulated the girl for her ingenuity, and recalled Burton after sneaking him a PokéBlock before Boudicca smelled and attacked it. She decided to then patrol the courtyard, to make sure nobody and nothing else got to bullying on her watch, with Boudicca following suit.
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy I like T.K.

    Lorenzo Amorè
    Slateport City Docks --› Hoenn Pokemon School
    Pokemon: ;035; ;281;

    It was a long journey from Kalos to Hoenn. Lorenzo had managed to keep himself occupied for it. Lorenzo was looking foward to finally get there. As soon as the ferry pulled into the dock, Lorenzo got off the boat, along with the crowd of other kids doing the same. Luca the Kirlia following behind him using Confusion to levitate his bags. Isabella, his Clefairy, sat on her usual place on Lorenzo's shoulder. While it wasn't Alola, The seaside City of Slateport was lovely in it's own right. There was lots of shopping to be done here. He spied a vendor in the marketplace selling Pokemon plushies. Meaning Lorenzo had to stop by there later, and see if they had anything he didn't already have. First, he had to find his dorm, and drop his stuff off.

    After taking in some of the sights, the pink clad boy found the school. First, he had to stop by the Residence Administrator, and fill out some boring paperwork. Once that was done, he finally got his card key, and the location of his room. Once he got to his dorm, Isabella jumped off his shoulder, and got onto the bed, and started jumping up and down like a happy child. "Clefairy, Clefairy!" Luca, being the more organized of the trio, helped Lorenzo unpack his belongings with psychic powers. This included placing the Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Gardevoir plushies on the bed he had claimed. As well as putting away all of Lorenzo's hygiene items, and boy did he have a lot of those.

    "Hm, there's two beds... I wonder If we'll have a roommate?" Lorenzo wondered out loud. Then started giggling at the thought of it. "Ah, the benefits of being gay. I might get to share a room with a hot guy for a few months. Hm, on that note, I wonder what kind of people we'll meet here?"

    After everything was unpacked and neatly put away, Lorenzo, Isabella, and Luca headed out their room to explore the rest of this campus. They headed to the courtyard first to see if they could meet any new boys. Once there, Luca ran in front of the fountains, and started doing a little ballet dance in front of it. The Kirlia seemed happiest when he was dancing. Meanwhile, Lorenzo and Isabella took a seat at a bench nearby. Lorenzo looked out for any attractive guys he might want to get to know.
  4. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Kenny Marcinko
    Slateport City Docks -> Pokemon School

    The trip to Slateport City from the Unova region was supposed to be a rather lengthy one, but Kenny found it to be over quicker than he anticipated. Granted, he had spent most of the time stuffing his face with all kinds of delicious foods from the ships buffèt, and had frankly not noticed how time flew by. He wanted to go shopping at the ships store, but that would have to happen some other time. He sighed a sigh of disappointment as he waddled around, looking for the exit. He was met by the pleasant Slateport City breeze as he exited the ship. He knew the directions for the school, and getting there shouldn't be too big of an issue. The docks were full of people from all over the world, and Kenny immediatly felt the need to go invisible and disappear. He disliked huge crowds like these, and pulled up his hood before taking his two trolley bags. Many of the other trainers there had their pokemon out, and Kenny figured it would be better for him to have either Lampent or Mismagius with him, even though the trip to the school should be fairly short. He decided against it, wanting to get out of there as quickly as he could.

    The Pokemon school was more or less how you would expect a school to look like. It was shaped like a horseshoe, and its old fashioned style made it look more important than it probably was, as well as making it stick out in the moderately modern Slateport. He was first met by a big courtyard decorated with benches, some greenery and a big fountain in the middle shaped in the form of a Pokemon looking a lot like a Horsea after a bad night out. Based on the people and their pokemon around, this was the general hangout area, and Kenny quickly shuffled through towards the main entrance. He knew he had to register with the administration office before anything else, and dreading he might have to stand in a line, he picked up his pace. Finding the teachers lounge shouldn't be too much of a hassle either, and Kenny started thinking about settling in at his dorm. He was suddenly struck with the hope that they wouldn't get roommates. Shrugging off the thought, he continued through the grandiose main entrance of the Pokemon School.

    It would soon be evident that navigating through this school would be a task more difficult than previously anticipated. He had been given a very poorly drawn map by his dad, allthough he suspected it was actually drawn while his dad was sleepwalking, or drunk, or generally not in the state of drawing a very basic map. The little adventure had Kenny walk around like a headless chicken looking for the teachers lounge. The adventure had him run into every wrong place possible within the school walls, including the cafeteria, the girls bathroom, the gymnasium, the battlefields out in the back, where 4 kids were obsessively adding sand to a very proud-looking Sandygast and the janotorial closet. After a surprisingly long amount of time Kenny managed to track down the teachers lounge. It was a pretty plain room, but it was clearly signed with a sign saying "Teachers lounge" out front, which is strange considering kenny had walked past the place maybe 17 times already.

    The lady behind the desk had huge square-glasses, and her hair was strictly pulled back into a bun. She looked very strict, but had a surprisingly gentle voice as she helped Kenny fill out his paperwork. "And last but not least, you are expected to attend every classes and finish each assignment given to you by your teachers, but you probably knew that already. anyways, I reccomend you go to your dorm to get settled in. Classes start soon." The woman babbled on, leaving Kenny standing there only giving nods and the occasional "Yes" before he quickly turned and walked out of the office. ODdly enough, there were no line. Now then, to find the dorms...

    After another oddly long time of walking around the school like the Scooby Doo Gang in a hallway being chased by some low-budget monster, he managed to track down the dormitories. According to his intel, the boys dorms were on the first floor while the girls were on the second. It didn't bother him too much as it meant it would be easier for Kenny to sneak out if he ever wanted to, not that that would likely ever happen. He decided that he would now release both his pokemon so they could get a better feel of the dorm.

    The dorm was pretty simple, having a set pair of beds, desks and chairs, as well as dressers. Kenny's fear seemed to be evolving into a reality as he was pretty much certain now that he would have to share room with someone. he sighed a sigh of disappointment before he started to unpack. "Hopefully they won't be too loud..." he said to no one in particular, to which he earned an eerie laugh from Mismagius. Lampent was trying to start a conversation with the ceiling lamp, and lit up the room in a warm light. After analyzing the room thoroughly, Kenny decided he would go for the bed and desk that would benefit him the best, meaning he chose the bed standing in the corner the furthest away from the lamp and window. He didn't bring very much with him besides maybe 5 sweaters looking exactly like the one he was currently wearing, and unpacking went without much hassle. Mismagius found its new home inside a poster of Morty, the Ecruteak City Gym Leader, giving the otherwise handsome man an eerie, unnatural grin. Lampent kept swaing around the lamp, seemingly having an actual conversation with it...? kenyn laid down on the bed. No need to worry about exploring the place now as there would be plenty of time for that later. "And now... We wait." he said, laying down on his bed.
  5. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    OOC: Sorry for taking so long to post DX

    Liam Mackenzie
    Hoenn Pokemon School
    Sunday May 21st
    Pokemon: Zeus (Pikachu) and Mimick (Mimikyu)

    “Boats are the worse…” That groan was let out of Liam mouth. The constant swaying on the seawater, may his stomach churn and feel sick. Hopefully there won’t be too many boat rides happening this summer. But this being Hoenn did not bode well for him. Thankfully by the time he walked from docks to the school, his stomach had completely settled and he didn’t feel like hurling. He definitely one of the later arrivals because the seasickness but that didn’t mean anything, even people as great as him had a weakness here and there. That wasn’t going to slow him down. He glance around the courtyard, it was a fairly large area with a fountain right in the center. The courtyard itself was probably double the side of the Viridian Trainer School.

    “This looks like a place could be worthy of us, right Zeus?” Liam’s eyes turned down to the Pikachu at his feet. The yellow mouse pokemon looked around a bit and merely shrugged unimpressed. “Yeah, it looks like it‘ll have to prove if it can handle us.”

    “Mimi…” a quieter voice spoke out from the man other side. It was a Mimikyu and unlike the other two he seem pretty interested as he looked around. Liam wonder if he seen any place other than the forest? He couldn’t help but smile at the tiny Pikachu look-alike. He crouched down and pat his head before picking it up and setting him on his shoulder.

    “There you go Mimick, you can get a better view from here,” the blond said as he stroke the side him this time. The pokemon nuzzled against his neck affectionately. An annoyed ‘chu’ came out from below. Which Liam immediately responded with a pat on the Pikachu’s head. “Let‘s look around as we walk through, partner.” With that Zeus’s annoyed face loosen up and he nodded.

    With that Liam decided to explore the courtyard before heading for reporting in. There were a few people, but a couple that stood out. One was a tall looking girl, marching around the area… patrolling? Next to her was a small green bear, a Teddiursa… a shiny pokemon pretty neat. Liam had only read about them, off-color pokemon. He wonder if look was all the pokemon had going for it. As he continued straight through the courtyard toward the fountain where the second one stood out: a small kid in pink. He spared him a glance… a boy? How unusually girly for a boy, and by the Clefairy at his side he was probably into cute stuff. Liam merely shrug off that thought, each their own. Going a little closer the fountain he noticed a Kirlia’s dancing. Mimick attention was on it.

    “Hmm? Interested?” the Mimikyu again quietly murmur as his eyes locked onto the pokemon’s every moment. “Ok knock yourself out, we aren‘t rushing.” He put the pokemon down and watch him move over into the shadow of fountain. Mimick hugged the wall and inched close enough to see it and then full on stared at it without moving. Liam chuckled, it looks like he didn’t want to interrupt its dance.

    Liam moved over to a vacant nearby bench where he could watch how it would unfold. Kirlia were supposedly mild-manner pokemon so thing should get too heated even with his stalking of behavior. Zeus climb up on his shoulder and rest there silently. The teen simply stroke the Pikachu’s head as he sat their and took in the sight of the surrounding area. It was kind weird to not see a line of tree surrounding the area and the air has a salty scent to it. So this was a port city. He would have to go explore it more fully later.

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