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Summer School Paradise (Sign-ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Dragalge, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    RP Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?660109-Summer-School-Paradise-(RP-Thread)
    Discussion Thread: Coming Soon!


    Have you always wanted to learn about all there is to Pokemon in an area with a beautiful ocean view? Ever wanted to have classes in a region where the winds blow gently across the land? Then look no further than the Hoenn Pokemon School! Set in Slateport City, the school environment is lively with both students and Pokemon learning together in hopes of succeeding in their classes. The teachers in the Hoenn Pokemon School are ready to work with their students in hopes of helping them not only learn what they’re taught but to succeed with the skills they learnt and apply them to the real world. Unlike the trainer school in Rustboro City, the Hoenn Pokemon School teaches a bit more than just names of Pokemon types meaning that lessons are bit more on the intermediate level.

    Professor Reinhardt, a highly rated and prestigious professor of the Hoenn Pokemon School, has opened a special summer class for registration with nine spots available to those wanting to learn under his wing. Professor Reinhardt’s class involves students learning a mix of concepts that hail from Hoenn and other regions such as Double Battles, Mega Evolution, and Z-Moves. In addition to all of that, Professor Reinhardt’s class also includes fun extracurricular activities to do in the beautiful summer weather of Hoenn! Pokemon species will also be discussed in class ranging from commonly found Pokemon like Wingull to myths of legendary Pokemon like Rayquaza and other Pokemon across all regions! Students might even see his Honchkrow in the classroom annoying other students without warning. In the end however, Pokemon School is all about having fun learning new things and forging long-lasting relationships!

    As for the school itself, the Hoenn Pokemon School’s campus is large with places like the courtyard and library to study, get help from professors, and do other free time activities. The awful-looking and simplistic map is shown below:


    And of course, explanations of the locations shown:
    • Dorms: This is where students reside at the campus during the semester as said before. Girls sleep on the second floor while the boys sleep on the first floor. Each room as two beds, two desks, and two medium-sized closets for clothes, showering equipment.

    • Cafeteria: This is the mess hall where students can get food cooked by chefs of the Hoenn Pokemon School. They serve all kinds of dishes and drinks so every student has something they will find delicious!

    • Library: With an assortment of books such as fiction titles to computers, the library is the #1 source of information to go too! The librarian, Mrs. Marx, just asks you to be silent as possible!

    • Health Room: Got an injury? Maybe you’re just sick or ate a bad Pokeblock. Either way, the health room has it all to help treat your illnesses or injuries, all done by Nurse Joy and her Chansey!

    • Classrooms: These places are where the students learn all sorts of new things about the Pokemon world! In the near of the hallway lies Professor Reinhardt’s classroom, an area with nine chairs aligned in a 3x3 square, a chalkboard, a monitor, and other parts of a classroom that you usually see.

    • Courtyard + Fountain: This grassy center is where students like to hangout usually. From playing with their Pokemon to studying under the sun, being on the courtyard is always a relaxing place to be at. In the center lies a fountain with two Skrelp-shaped stature spewing water out endlessly.

    • Pokemon Battlefields: Four Pokemon battlefields lie outside of the main school campus where students may partake in Pokemon battles. After trainers battle, they can bring their Pokemon to Nurse Joy at the Health Room which is located next to the entrance to the battlefields.


    This is a Pokemon Slice-of-Life RP with doses of Pokemon Trainer RP elements mixed in where members will have their characters learn in a structured class by Professor Reinhardt (whom I have nearly full control of). Your character can be from any region rather than being in Hoenn. This RP will be divided into two sections: Lessons and Assignments (marked in spoilers for convenience's sake).


    Lessons are what they are: The stuff that students learn in the classroom! Classes begin on Monday May 21st, 2018 (Your character will arrive to the campus a day early) and classes are during Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 A.M. to 12:15 P.M. During this time frame is when the lessons will be held. Lessons primarily start with me controlling Professor Reinhardt who goes on to teach a certain subject and giving the class something to work on related to it (like a puzzle, writing papers, etc).

    When they’re given these things, your characters can freely interact with others such as asking for help, chatting about how there’s day going, and other banter you would expect in a classroom. For example, Professor Reinhardt might teach the class about Z-Moves and the students are given a worksheet on what the names of the Z-moves and students must match them with their corresponding poses. In some cases, there might be lessons that go on for two or more days.

    As far as RP posts go, for Professor Reinhardt, it will usually be one post about him teaching the class the subject and giving out the assignments to students. Members will then follow up with their characters listening to the professor, working on the assignment, turn it in, and sign up for their homework. Of course you can make more than one post detailing character interactions and whatnot. Even your Pokemon may be out of their Pokeballs too if they want!


    Homework is what you do outside of class to complete rather than doing something in the classroom. Not every student will do the same homework assignment however! The class is given a choice of three homework assignments to choose from and the students must pick only one of the three homework assignments available. At the end of classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students sign up on a clipboard under the homework that they want to do. The homework may or may not relate to the lessons learned in the week as well. Some homework assignments may include:

    • Catching a certain Pokemon and showing it to Professor Reinhardt on the day the homework is due.
    • Battling another student at the Pokemon Battlefield(s)
    • Search for certain items outside of Slateport City
    • Go out in the wild and observe a Pokemon nest (and other related areas) and record certain data.

    ...and more! Each homework assignment can have a maximum of three students working on the same thing. This is to encourage different character interactions between characters and perhaps develop them too! Depending on the homework, Professor Reinhardt will provide the students with the necessary tools to fulfill their assignments (i.e. PokeBalls, clipboards, etc). Sometimes the class may even take a field trip to somewhere farther out in Hoenn and do the assignments from there so the class won’t primarily be stuck in Slateport City forever. Or even better: There might not be homework assigned on some Fridays too!

    All homework assignments have due dates. Homework assigned on Monday is due on Wednesday, homework assigned on Wednesday is due on Friday, and homework assigned on Friday is due on the following Monday (hooray for an extra day!). There are no classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekends so the students are free to explore the rest of Slateport City while being able to go out of the city (furthest I will allow you to go to is Slateport City’s beach, Maulville City and Route 103) and do homework at their own leisure.


    In terms of RP posts, I'll usually give a week- ten day timeframe for members to have their students complete their homework. Failing to do so may result in penalties or even have him or her removed from the RP unless you give me a notice that your post may be late.

    As for your SU, your character should arrive at his or her dorm room in the end of your History section and the time they arrive takes place on Sunday, a day before the first day of class starts. All the cities and routes are based off ORAS’s designs (meaning Maulville City is in its mall-like state for example). As for your opening RP posts, as said earlier, it will mainly consist of your character arriving at their dorm rooms. Make sure you follow the guidelines in your SU so that you are not missing any details!

    The Rules Like Most Schools:
    1. Follow all general SPPf rules.
    2. Do not bunny someone else’s characters without their permission.
    3. Be kind to others when interacting with other members.
    4. Don’t make your characters a Mary Sue/Stu. Legend has it that these people got hated because they were too perfect and boring. Don’t have your character end up like them.
    5. You can’t back out of an Assignment less you get zero credit which can hamper your overall performance. So, do things!
    6. As said before, follow everything in the SU exactly! Otherwise, depending on how it’s done, you may or may not be denied.
    7. As GM, I also have outside duties to tend to in life so please do not pester me in getting the RP to go faster, etc. Additionally, I do not want to see the same behavior done to members participating in the RP. Doing so may/will have you reported to the mods and removed from the RP via getting expelled.
    8. Most importantly, have fun with this! I mean, you do that in RPs.

    Signup Form:
    Accepted Players:
    1. Frank Johnson – Dragalge (Done!)
    2. Schade - Kenneth "Kenny" Marcinko (Accepted)
    3. Monster Guy - Lorenzo Amorè (Accepted)
    4. Hydrangea - Melanie Sylvester (Accepted)
    5. TikTok13 - Jay Brooks (Accepted)
    6. Gamzee Makara - Petunia O'Donnel (Accepted)
    7. InnerFlame - Liam Mackenzie (Accepted)
    8. Sketchie - Markus Moncrief (Accepted)
    9. Pir8Heart - Magritte Mallory Masterson (Accepted)

    My SU:

    Name: Frank Johnson

    Gender: Male

    Age (13 – 16): 15

    Appearance (At least eight sentences): Frank Johnson is a fifteen-year-old boy who stands at five feet and seven inches tall. His skin is slightly tanned from being under the sun throughout his life in the Hoenn region. Frank’s hair color is brown and usually looks messy. For Frank’s eye color, they are brown like the rest of his family. Frank wears an azure-colored shirt with a Sharpedo design in the center of the shirt. In addition to that, Frank wears light white-colored shorts with four pockets on each side. A belt is worn around his shorts with a small strap holding his Pokeballs. Frank wears white-colored socks with small Pokemon-like patterns resembling Wishiwashi. Lastly, his sneakers a grayish color with white soles underneath.

    Personality (At least eight sentences): Frank is what one can call ditzy upon first sight. While Frank has a welcoming and upbeat attitude, he can miss some details that others are saying due to his excitement. This can cause Frank to misinterpret what others say but he will realize his mistakes a bit later. Even though he’s decent at studying, there might be times where Frank forgets to bring a pencil or worse, his Pokemon with him whenever he goes out. Never less, Frank continues his upmost to bring a smile to everyone as much as he can…even if one time he got punched in the face for it.

    While Frank is indeed a scatterbrain, he is also serious when it comes to doing his daily routine and makes sure to put his chores and studies as high priorities before anything else. He is however aware that being serious too much will wear himself out and that nothing will get done so when the time calls, he puts down his work and relaxes between here and there. Of course, as mentioned before, he sometimes might forget to bring the tools to accomplish his important needs, thus delaying his completion longer. Overall, Frank is serious when the time calls for it but is otherwise a klutzy scatterbrain.

    History (At least eight sentences): Frank grew up as an only child in Mossdeep City in the Hoenn reigon. In his childhood, Frank loved to play with the Pokemon who lived next to the shore such as Wailmer and Staryu. He helped around his parent’s home, assisting to fold the laundry and clean the windows of his home. Frank used to not always be fond of this kind of work and preferred to play with the Pokemon outside but after his parents had a talk with him about the future, Frank grew some standards and took his chores seriously. With that said, they also told Frank to always remain positive no matter the circumstances.

    Around ten years old of age, Frank started to do errands in the city to help him get out from the house more often. Throughout his time in Mossdeep, Frank assisted in taking care of other people’s Pokemon and delivering packages to other folks. Due to his upbeat attitude, Frank managed to make some friends along the way and even got paid for the services he had done despite a few going haywire (such as letting a Seviper loose by accident).

    At one point, Frank assisted a kid around his age thinking that he was friendly only to be tricked in the end and get injured by having his face punched inside the kid’s own home. The child that injured Frank had karma bite back at him when his parents came inside just after the incident, grounding him for his selfless act. After being nursed back to health, Frank continued to do his errands which eventually earned him a trip inside the Mossdeep Space Station at the end of the summer.

    In the winter season where more Ice type Pokemon could be found, Frank decided to visit the shores again and encountered the same kid that injured his face messing around with a Spheal. Frank jumped in and saved the Spheal, taking hits from the rocks that the kid was throwing. In return for Frank’s kindness, the Spheal used an Aurura Beam attack at the bully and scared him away. With his hand out, Frank asked if the Spheal would like to come with him to which the Spheal happily agreed. Frank’s parents accepted Spheal into the family after hearing what happened to it outside.

    At the age of fifteen, Frank wanted to learn more about Pokemon and what was outside of Mossdeep City. Because of this, Frank’s parents decided to research for a Pokemon school outside of their home city. After a half of an hour of research, they found a Pokemon school in Slateport City where Frank could go for the summer. Frank’s parents applied their son to Professor Reinhardt’s special summer class, since there were limited spots. They purchased a ticket for Frank to aboard a ferry to Slateport City coming the next day which would have Frank arrive to the school campus one day before class started. Frank and his Spheal waved goodbye to both of his parents as the ferry set sail onto Slateport City.

    Other: N/A

    Pokemon #1 (Must be no taller than 2’5”): [​IMG]
    Species: Spheal
    Gender (Male/Female/Unknown): Male
    Moves: Ice Ball, Defense Curl. Water Gun, Aurora Beam
    History (At least three sentences): This Spheal was found originally being abused by a bully that Frank had encountered in the past. After being saved by Frank, Spheal returned the offer by attacking the bully with an Aurora Beam attack and joined Frank and his family. Before leaving Mossdeep City, Spheal would often roll around Frank’s house, nearly topping nearby objects to the ground. Despite this, Frank’s Spheal keeps a smile going a lot, often clapping whenever it knows Frank or someone else is cheerful.
    Other: Spheal's ability is Ice Body.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Reserve me plz!
  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Sure thing!
  4. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Name: Melanie Sylvester
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Melanie stands at a small 4'11", meaning most people regardless of their gender tend to tower over her. Her weight, well, let's just say she's "stocky" in a way. She's not too thin, but certainly not what people would consider fat. She would describe herself as "pleasantly plump". Her body is "pear shaped", and her breasts are a little on the larger side, being around a DD cup. Her skin is dark, considering her parents are of mixed race --- her father African American, and her mother Caucasian. Her skin is clear, blemish free, but she occasionally gets a bit of eczema on her cheekbones due to her glasses rubbing against her skin. Her eyes are a stunning amber, complete with black thick rimmed glasses due to her near-sightedness. Her hair is usually messy, black, and a little on the frizzy side. However, she often ties it back in a rather large --- fancy bun.

    For clothing, Melanie likes being plain. Her usual attire is a simple red sweater, slightly oversized --- as it once belonged to her father. She wears black leggings with this, as well as some plain red high topped shoes. She enjoys the causal nature of her attire, and usually ignores those that tell her to dress fancier. On warmer days, as in those that are extremely hot. She can be seen in some black high rise shorts, a red tanktop, and a short black leather jacket. She wears sandles with this, and will sometimes sling a backpack over one shoulder.

    Personality: The first thing one might say about Melanie is that she's shy, however this isn't exactly true. Melanie is more of a private, lone wolf type. She prefers being by herself, and is a woman of few words, preferring not to waste any and only speaking when spoken to. She's extremely focused in all situations, be it interactions, work, or wandering the streets; she puts her all into it. She refuses to talk about her feelings, even when prompted. She prefers to remain a mysterious closed book, not discussing how she feels, her past, or her family to people; even those she feels close to. She avoids mistakes, in both of her aspects of work; especially when speaking to people. She remains polite, calm, and kind; making sure she doesn't say anything she shouldn't and reciting her speech perfectly, almost as if she's practiced what she's saying a dozen times before.

    Melanie is a perfectionist. She wants everything to be in order, including her life, which is starting to look like it will never be what she desires. She understands hardship, but is usually only focused on her own. Not being around others much as a child, she believes that her family is one that has suffered far more than others and puts her own problems on a high pedestal in front of her. Despite her vigilante nature, she is mostly focused on making the streets better for herself and her own desires, no one else's. She prepares for the worst, knowing that most situations will probably turn out far better than she thinks they will. She thinks that viewing the world with a heavy "glass half empty" perspective makes things better in the long run.

    Melanie dislikes authority, preferring to listen to herself, and herself only. She's the cautious type, not allowing herself to get close to others at the risk that they may hurt her. She lives under a shell, and very rarely do people get to see inside that shell.

    History: The youngest born to the Sylvester family in Po Town, Alola, Melanie never truly knew freedom. From the time she was old enough to walk and hold objects, she was put towards the cleaning of some of the homes in the Tapu Village with her mother and her sisters. She had no childhood to speak of, besides maybe having a mild chat with some of the snooty rich children who wandered the house while she was cleaning their bedrooms for them. Though, despite this upbringing, she wasn't resentful of her parents. Sure, she hated cleaning day after day, but she knew there was no way to move up in the world besides marrying someone of a higher status than herself. However, the young girl was taught from a young age that happiness and love were far more important than wealth. Which she held true to her heart.

    While her and her sisters cleaned multiple houses in the village, her father was normally away, working at his job which Melanie herself knew very little about. Her older sisters seemed to dislike their father, as he was never home and in her eldest sister's own words; "did unsavoury work". Melanie did not know what the word unsavoury meant, but knew that she adored her father when he was home. Melanie, or little "Mel", as her father called her; was seemingly his favourite of his three daughters. As Melanie grew older, she found herself near her father's side more and more. She watched him talk to weird looking strangers in the alleys, giving them something weird and claiming it was for work. She never minded, she loved spending the extra time with her father.

    However, it was when she hit her teenage years that she learned something... surprising about her father. Her father by day, did his weird work in the alleys and in a small factory that she was unsure of the location of. But by night, he was a cunning vigilante known as "The Fox"... a member of the infamous Team Skull. He told Melanie that although she was the youngest, her eldest sister, Malorie; wasn't actually the oldest of the children. The real oldest was Markus, who ran away from home two years before Melanie was even born. She was shocked to hear this, asking her father why he would do such a thing. Her father explained that he had wanted Markus to continue in his work, to work alongside him when he was playing "The Fox" and killing the Aether Foundation's closest allies. Markus wasn't happy with this, and ran away, seeking something else. Melanie's father then offered the position to her, running alongside him when he was playing the fox in her own gear. She accepted graciously, and was trained at night by her father following her day work as a house cleaner and serf.

    Melanie's father taught her to train her Pokemon, parkour from building to building, and how to remain out of sight and avoid suspicion. Life was going well for the young thirteen year old, and she found great joy in stirring up trouble for the foundation and the professor. However, disaster struck after a certain night of running alongside her father. They had paused after knocking out a street patrol, and her father had begun acting strange, not like himself. Melanie then watched as her father collapsed in front of her, convulsing on the floor before finally succumbing to death. Melanie was instantly filled with panic, she knew she needed to get help, however she didn't want her and her father to be found out by foundation. She got the attention of Aeron, one of her father's friends who she caught a glimpse of passing below on the streets.

    Aeron came to the girl as fast as he could, but he realized her father was already gone. He apologized to the girl, using the words "heroin" and claiming that the "heroin" had finally caught up with him. Aeron felt pity for the young girl, helping her get her father out of his "Fox" costume and getting the attention of some guards while Melanie ran home and slumped herself into her bed, praying that she hadn't woken anyone up.

    The knock at the door the next morning came as a surprise to everyone, everyone besides Melanie. Her mother broke down, her sisters were miserable for the rest of the day; but Melanie just felt numb. Her father had been a great man, but... drugs? She was filled with mixed emotions but she knew one thing for sure, she wanted to clear the streets of wrongdooers and continue in her father's work. She adopted the name "Wanderer" to hide her identity during her now "less than savoury" work. She kept it a secret from her family, who had also never known about her father.

    However, this dream was short lived. To make her feel better after her father's death, her mother shipped her off to Slateport City... to attend this fancy new trainer school.


    Pokemon #1
    Name: Alyssum
    Species: Bellossom
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Quiver Dance, Petal Blizzard, Dazzling Gleam, Sunny Day
    History: Melanie's first Pokemon, Alyssum was gifted to her by her father. Back then, she was a simple young Oddish who used a sweet scent attack to spruce up the smell of the bathrooms her master cleaned. However, as Melanie got older and Alyssum did as well --- the two began to think of evolution. When she evolved into Gloom, she had to make the choice between two stones --- the leaf stone and the sun stone. Her feminine and girly nature, lead her to choose Bellossom over Vileplume. Alyssum never approved of Melanie's vigilante activities, she's happy she's finally just being a normal teenager.
    Other: Shiny. Modest nature, Chlorophyll as her ability.

    Pokemon #2
    Name: Exodus
    Species: Swellow
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Facade, Sky Attack, Steel Wing, Brave Bird
    History: Exodus was and still is a natural risk taker, and that was how he and Melanie met. He decided to fight a much larger bird, and surprise surprise, he lost. He was mortally wounded, and was nursed back to health over the course of two years by Melanie. He fell in love with his trainer, and would do anything to protect her.
    Other: Holds a Toxic Orb for battles, Guts ability. Adamant nature.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  5. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    You got it, Hydrangea! I'll put you in the list!
  6. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Lovely to see this up and running. Dropping my Wip here for now.

    Name: Kenneth "Kenny" Marcinko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Kenny is a young man that stands on the rather short side, at 168 cm height. He has a rather lanky body, though he can build muscle quite easily if he were to work out. His fair skin is deathly pale, and he is very sensitive to sunlight, easily getting sunburns if he is not careful. His short black hair is always messy, and he has the chronic "Bedhead" more or less regardless of what he does. He has piercing yellow eyes which come across as unsettling for some, as he tends to stare at people a lot. Besides the creepy staring, his eyes have a youthful relaxed look to them. His face is overall childish in appearance, and many would consider him to be physically cute, if not completely creepy otherwise.

    For clothing, Kenny always dresses in dark colors, or a variety of shades of grey. He enjoys dressing in fairly simple attires, and doesn't ever bother to accessorize too much. His main attire is easily distinguished by his signature dark lilac hoodie, which is like 3 sizes too big, just the way he wants it. The hoodie also has a pair of black dots for "eyes", and has two spiky ears on the hood, which Kenny keeps up maybe a 95% of the time. The hoodie also has numerous pockets on the inside, where Kenny would store small items or pieces of candy or food in general. Underneath the hoodie, he wears a purple T-shirt with a crown motif on it. He wears a pair of black shorts, with a pair of black leggings under them, as well as a pair of white sneakers for easy mobility and general practicality. His clothing is not necessarily of the expensive kind, and Kenny doesn't care too much about how he looks, though he enjoys hiding away from people in his huge hoodie.

    Personality: At first, second and third glance, it is very obvious to everyone around him that Kenny is a quiet and withdrawn character. He is very shy around others, and tends to avoid social situations as much as he can. He is generally calm and quiet in nature, and is often very absentminded. His absentmindedness tends to make him unaware of potential situations, and makes him very oblivious and socially awkward whenever he is actually social with someone. He prefers to be quiet and just to ominously glare at people. He is completely apathetic to most, if not all situations, and is about as emotional as a pet rock. He is very good at hiding his feelings, and he very rarely shows any sign of emotion besides the occasional oblivious happiness that stems from his initial absentminded nature.

    Kennys absentmindedness has also helped him develop a rather amusing immunity towards sarcasm and criticism from others. He's the kind of boy that could very well mistake a harsh comment or mean critique as a compliment, and act thereafter, further annoying the person opposing him. A side-note to this part of his personality is that Kenny is also very detached from other peoples opinions on him. He never feels he has to meet anyones expectations, and he always follow his own path, whatever graveyard it might take him through. Despite his lazy attitude, he is also a determined character, and is quite capable of pulling through once he sets his mind on something.

    Kennys interests are what would be considered dark. Though he is a generally kind person, he tends to take joy in others misfortune, though he doesn't have malicious intentions. He is very socially awkward, and his way of showing affection for someone is to eerielly stalk them. Due to his generally quiet nature, he is very sneaky, and has a habit of watching someone from afar, or to sneak up right behind them, often to their shock and surprise. He is rather slow to warm up to someone unless he has taken an instant liking to you, and can be very cryptic when talking about his own life or his intentions. He is intelligent, and has never had any sort of issues with his academic endeavors. He aspire to become a gym Leader some day, and takes his studies quite seriously.

    History: Kenny was born into a working class family living in an apartment in Castelia City in the Unova region. He lived with his father, who worked two jobs trying to give him a decent enough upbringing, which often left Kenny to fend off on his own during his early childhood. He never spoke out about feeling left behind by his dad, for when his dad managed to make time for him, he was the best dad ever, and Kenny was nothing but thankful for his dads efforts. Kenny was a lonely kid growing up. He was constantly teased in school because his family weren't as walthy as some of the other kids, and he felt isolated, which was most of the reason he would grow into a rather shut in character.

    Despite his very obvious lacks on the social field, Kenny always succeeded with his academics, and also showed a curious side of his character that was willing to learn. Not too surprisingly, this got him into the bullying by the other students game again, and he would often find himself shoved into a locker, locked into a shed etc. After a while, he just started to ignore it, and would patiently sit and wait wherever he had been stashed for someone to find him. It was also during these quiet sessions that he became aware of his sixth sense, as he would often be accompanied by the spirit of a young girl who apparently passed away in a freakish Ketchup-related incidence several years prior. she would often keep him company until the teachers managed to locate him, and would tell him stories from her time, and about the ghost pokemon she was friends with during her life.

    At his tenth birthday, his father gifted him with a Litwick. Though the pokemon was somewhat endeering to be around at the start, Kenny warmed up to it, quite literally, throughout the coming years. Litwick became his only true friend, just like his father had hoped it would be. In his eyes, Litwick would be Kenny's friend and company for when he was not around, which was still a pretty frequent thing. Hopping from job to job like a rabid Buneary, Robert Marcinko was even busier than before. Luckily though, Kenny now understood his fathers absence, and was always appreciative when his dad came home from a late shift somewhere with rings under his eyes darker than his jet-black hair. He never asked questions, and the little time the father and son duo spent together was always precious.

    To sum it up, Kenny's childhood was a lonely one. Ghostly encounters not included, he did not have many people to talk to, and he began to take a liking to it, stearing away from any potential social event or interaction, though people very rarely bothered to talk to him. Though he was a very clever young man, he still was kinda inexperienced on the fields of battle. He knew more or less all he could about the theories surrounding battles, but he had very little practical experience. Though Litwick had evolved into a Lampent at this point, Kenny stil lacked a good place to train with it. He had plans of doing a pokemon journey to Johto after he was done with school, and all that was left now was a summer school that his father had scouted out for him. Though it was far away, and quite the pricey trip, it would be worth it for Kenny to gain some practical experience the summer before he had planned on going on his pokemon adventure.

    - He can see and communicate with ghosts.
    - He aspires to be a Gym Leader, and hopes to be able to move to the Johto Region in order to learn from the Ecruteak City Gym.

    Species: Lampent
    Gender: Male
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Confuse Ray
    - Shadow Ball
    - Flamethrower
    History: Lampent was given to Kenny as a Litwick by his Father for his tenth birthday. Though difficult a first, as hanging out with the Lamp Pokemon was very draining on Kennys energy at first, the draining feeling stopped several years ago, and was replaced with a sense of mutual understanding. Lampent is Kennys one true friend, and lights up even his darkest days. The two of them are inseperable.
    - Lampent has a habit of eerielly humming while swaying from side to side.
    - His ability is Flame Body
    - Lampent has casually stolen Kenny's soul during their time together. Kenny is completely oblivious to this.

    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: Male
    - Hyper Voice
    - Ominous Wind
    - Pain Split
    - Attract
    History: Mismagius is Kenny's second pokemon, and was caught in a somewhat charming graveyard not too far from his hometown. Initially unaware of the Pokemon stalking him through the graveyard, Kenny's reaction to when it suddenly appeared from behind a tombstone to screech in his face, was simply to scream back. The two screamed at each others for the better part of the night, prompting some fun headlines int he newspapers the following day. Though he didn't catch it at first encounter, the two eventually grew close over the course of a few months, until Kenny finally challenged it to Battle with his newly evolved Lampent
    - Mismagius' ability is Levitate
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  7. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    This looks amazing! Can I take a reserve? Also, can I use Sableye as one of my Pokémon?
  8. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Name:petunia O'Donnel


    Age (13 – 16):15

    Appearance (At least eight sentences):petunia is rather tall, being 6'2". Her eyes are gray, and seem unfocused as if lost in another time. Her body is built like the ancient warrior women she admires so, with well-toned but not overbearing muscles, slim but practical physique, and fluid way of moving. Her hair color is unfortunately red, and, due to her freckles, makes her a stereotypical ginger:her pale skin doesn't help...she dyes her hair acid green and black for this reason. She wears her hair in a tight Battle Zone Braid, with a Mega Pidgeot tail feather in her hair for luck and as her "warrior clan signature". Her casual sandals are jade, lime or emerald colored, and are armored, but flexible..her school uniform shoes follow the same color pattern. Petunia's choice of shirt is a Koffing and the Toxics tee when not wearing just a acid green and white school uniform top. She also typically wears acid green and white school uniform pants/skirts, depending on the weather. Petunia has a acid green messenger bag as well, and plans to add a Key Stone and Z-Power Ring to her ensemble as well.

    Personality (At least eight sentences):petunia is obsessed with her native Kalos's ancient past's tribes, being descended from a clan that raised some of the finest female warriors during a pre-AZ period. She also refuses to be intimidated by anyone, using her impressive body to intimidate bullies and thugs. Whenever this isn't happening, she looks unfocused, as if daydreaming about Kalos's distant past. Her rivals, however, soon learn that in battle, she is calculating multiple moves ahead, having a key analytical mind...but X-Factors tend to screw her up in this regard. Petunia also loves the color acid green, due to it being her clan's signature color. She never picks on those under her, preferring to lead them to "greater glory". Her warrior woman mentality even extends to her love of hearty proteins and exercise:She never skimps on a training day for her Pokémon or her body. Petunia is fiercely protective of nature and Pokémon to the point where she'll pick you up by the neck and hold you up off the ground if you dare to use Cut on the tall grass, eat unnecessary wild berries off of a tree, or even if you are too affectionate to a Pokémon to the point where it attacks you. She is trained in physical combat(both armed and unarmed) and has completed some basic forest ranger training.

    History (At least eight sentences):petunia started her life in the shadow of Shabboneau Castle, listening to her Nana's tales of old tribal battles and warrior women, which inspired her to begin training to be a warrior herself, taking lessons from an elderly soldier named Ollie. Ollie trained her to be able to defend herself, even w/o a weapon or Pokémon, but the day after she was bequeathed his ring of passage, her life took an unexpected turn. Her Nana was captured by Team Flare, who brainwashed her into joining them(and stole 1, 000, 000 from her in the process). Nana was put on Yveltal duty, but the beast of death hatched and took her life force along with 100 0ther Grunts. Petunia arrived to save her Nana, (having followed clues in her caretaker's fridge notes), who had raised her after her parents died at the hands of a Chandelure, but by that point Calem, Serena and company had already stopped Team Flare, and Nana's body had been incinerated by the Ultimate weapon.

    Distraught, she adopted a facade of being lost in thought all the time...but her anger showed in her casual wear and temperamental nature. Trying to curb this, she went home and searched her ancestral woods for a partner, and found it in a Teddiursa, which happened to be acid green for some reason she couldn't figure out. Figuring this was fate, she and Teddiursa trained in learning how forests and other terrain looked, acted and felt for a whole year...but then child protective services came for her, revealing she had an older cousin that was in the Hoenn region, who'd agreed to take her in, provided she enter school again at the HPS. She took her up on it on the grounds that she continue her ranger training on the side. As such she has completed one year at HPS so far, and, after seeing her cousin's Key Stone and Z-Power Ring, she sought not just to become a ranger and return to a more dignified warrior's temperament, but to also earn similar items to her cousin, as well as lead her classmates to glory and prestige!

    Other:Has a fear of Chandelure due to her parents having their souls consumed by a particularly nasty and gluttonous one.

    Theme song:[video=youtube;a8Dc6Qf937k]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Dc6Qf937k[/video]

    Pokemon #1 (Must be no taller than 2’50”)(So 8 feet 4.23333333333333 inches? You might want to fix that typo lol):Boudicca
    Gender (Female):
    Moves:Metronome, Facade, Crunch, Work Up
    History (At least three sentences):petunia's partner she found in a forest clearing during her time in the wild. Boudicca has the ability to sense food on a level that rivals a Munchlax, but it preferrs wild, unprocessed food. She dreams of evolving into a mighty warrior of an Ursaring. Loves to rely on the luck of Metronome. Hates processed or prepared Pokémon food to the point where she'd rather starve than eat it.
    Other:She is Shiny, but She and Petunia don't know this yet. Has Pickup and an Adamant Nature.

    Pokemon #2 (Must be no taller than 2’50”):Burton
    Moves:, Taunt, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak and Will-O-Wisp. Wants to Learn Phantom Force when he evolves.
    History (At least three sentences):Caught on a whim by Petunia when she went to Mt. Pyre on a dare from a upperclassman, Burton was caught in a fair fight with Boudicca. He does not eat much, but likes the occasional Old Gateau in addition to regular Pokémon food(infuriating Boudicca in the process). His passions are jumpscaring wild Pokémon smaller than him who misbehave, Contest(battle)s, and booping around bolts of black fabric with his horn-top thing. Hates bullies and being called ugly.
    Other: Has Frisk as his ability, and an Adamant nature.

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  9. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Glad to see you here, Schade!

    Yee Sableye is good. It's under two feet and 50 inches so Sableye is fine to use!
    Ah yeah my mistake~. I'll edit accordingly but your SU looks fine otherwise! I would probably say though to at least separate your History section into two paragraphs for readability's sake.
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  10. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    I like to reserve spot. I'll get done soon as possible.
  11. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Sure thing!

    I have given Hydrangea the rights to accept any reservations! I’ll be out tomorrow for almost all day and a bit of Sunday so I won’t have much time to look things over.
  12. Hydrangea

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    Absolutely. That leaves us with one spot remaining.
  13. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Name: Jay Brooks
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Jay Brooks is around 5 foot 7 inches, with a willowy build, being narrow and of average height. His physical strength is nothing to be proud of, but small muscles can be visibly seen on his arms. Jay has thick brown hair, messily swept to the side with a left parting, and no matter how much he tries to fix it, it will always curl at the ends. His hair is so dark that it is often mistaken for black. In regards to his face, it has always been pale and smooth, with a curved and circular jaw and a small number of freckles dotting his otherwise unblemished cheeks. He has striking dark blue eyes, which have an odd intensity to them, and thin, angled eyebrows which are almost always upturned in a look of concern.

    In regards to his clothing, you will be hard pressed to see Jay Brooks without a scarf on. He has it on at all times; weather and time of day mean little to him. Not being one for casual and needless attire, Jay will always dress fit for the occasion, always prepared for whatever tasks the day might have in store. He often wears a smart blue jacket, blue being being his favourite colour, accompanied by a simple button-up shirt. For the more lonesome moments when Jay wants to blend into the crowd, he'll wear a black jacket and throw some headphones on. Furthermore, the young man almost always has a satchel or backpack on his person, prepared for whatever the day may need, be it campfire wood, a packed lunch, or a spare PokéBall or two.

    An altogether good person, Jay is often upbeat and has a smile plastered on his face. He loves to make people laugh, and enjoys teasing those he closest to with playful jokes that only they would understand. Jay is very honest and loyal, and will stick by his friends when the going gets tough.

    Despite his boisterous personality, Jay is often quite nervous, avoiding large groups of people he doesn't know, and struggling to work up courage in stressful situations. He finds it difficult to interact with new people one-on-one, but is fine with individual dealings once he knows whoever he's talking to. Jay finds it tough to deal with problems that seem to have no solution, and is often too prepared to give up what he wants for someone else, meaning that he rarely focuses on his hobbies and goals.

    Having said hobbies, Jay loves music. Anything and everything to do with it, especially of the rock genre. While he only listens avidly to one or two bands, he appreciates other styles, and can't help but get his Pokémon to bod away to some of his favourites. Furthermore, Jay is and art fan and a book fan, and is always reading or drawing something, when he is not preoccupied with Pokémon, work, or people in general.

    He draws all of his energy from others; if one person in the group is sad, he'll inexplicably be sad too until the problem is rectified. Jay will jump at the opportunity to go out, be it to a cinema, or a park, or even a swim, especially if somebody he has his eye on is present, although that is rare and infrequent. That being said, Jay is an affectionate and kind person, and believes in small, random acts of kindness.

    But regarding Pokémon, Jay cares for his two partners non-stop. They're pampered, well-fed, and above all, well-trained. From the day he got them, he has put nothing but his heart and soul into his two Pokémon, Sableye and Mawile. They are always ready for anything, and their trainer spurs them at every opportunity.

    History: Born into a rich, high-class Unovan family, Jay Brooks was a pampered child. His parents, believing they were superior to the "common folk", would not let their son play with the "normal" children. Because of this, Jay led a relatively secluded lifestyle, with no friends except his father's Liepard.

    It was evident from a young age that Jay wasn't like his parents. They were blonde, with flawless skin and pale grey eyes. Jay was odd, he was different, and they couldn't explain why he looked nothing like them. However, they repeatedly reassured people that he was a Brooks at heart, no matter how he looked. But Jay didn't inherit anything from his parents, so it seemed.

    He was nothing like the snobbish aristocrats that had brought him up; he was a very polite and considerate boy, who almost seemed to detest the prejudice his parents had towards the "lower class". Jay made a big point of sneaking off into nearby towns, and hanging out with anyone he could find, only to be whisked away by his parents, once they found him. These little adventures earned him a week locked in his room, with one meal a day.

    But Jay was still sick of his family. So on one cold night, he broke out again, something he'd done a million times before, and went exploring into a nearby forest. Pretty soon, despite Jay's love of the outdoors, he became scared, and with his fear, became lost. It wasn't long before he had absolutely no idea where he was, and what's more, he was sure that more than one creature in the shadows was following him.

    Jay remained where he was, trying his best to stay calm, when all of a sudden, a Trevenant came charging towards him. Terrified, Jay started to run, but tripped on a knot of grass. As the tree-like Pokémon approached, Jay was sure he'd meet his end. But then, out of the shadows, a little purple Pokémon appeared. A Sableye. Courageously, it fought the Trevenant away, and then watched over the curled up, bawling figure that was Jay for the rest of the night.

    When day finally came, the Sableye led a tearful Jay back home, where his parents, who Jay expected to be mad, were overjoyed to see him alive. Without even thanking the Darkness Pokémon, the Brooks carried their terrified son into their home, and the Sableye was not seen for some time. It was not until after Jay's thirteenth birthday that he saw Sableye again. He had a Pokémon of his own now; a Mawile, gifted to him as an egg by his grandmother. On the night, Jay was stood at the balcony of his bedroom, bored. His birthday had been terrible. No matter all the pointless gifts that his parents pelted him with, he felt hollow, like something was missing.

    That's when he saw two shimmering eyes looking at him from the shadowy floor beneath his balcony. With ease, Jay clambered down and found the very same Sableye from all those years ago. It had always watched over him; protected him from harm. From then on, the Sableye became Jay's partner Pokémon. Alongside Mawile, the trio were never separated, and would spend long nights together reading books and watching old movies. Even out and about, Jay always had both Pokémon perched upon his shoulders.

    After months of coaxing and persuading, Jay's parents finally let him start his adventure, paying for him to travel to Hoenn to study alongside other students under Professor Reinhardt at a school for new trainers. Three weeks after his fifteenth birthday, Jay boarded a ship with Sableye and Mawile that would take him away from his parents and straight to Mauville City. What could be better?

    After gawking at the sights to see in Mauville, Jay made his way to the trainer's school, amazed by the diversity. Bags in hand, he walked into his dormitory with a wide smile and a light heart, ready to see what the future held in store for him.

    Other: Jay suspects that Sabe is in love with Mawile.

    Pokemon #1: Sableye (Sometimes called Sabe)
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Male
    -Calm Mind
    History: Jay's Sableye is a quiet and peaceful soul, always on hand and ready to protect his trainer at all costs. If he could speak English, he would be the obvious voice of reason in their little trio. Origins unknown, it is speculated by Jay that Sableye was an abandoned Pokémon, due to his uncanny ability to use the move Recover, amongst other status moves, much faster than any other Pokémon. Nonetheless, Sabe is a skilled battler and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his trainer (and Mawile) on a night.

    - Prankster is his ability and his nature is Calm.
    - Just like his master, he always wears a scarf.
    - Sabe knows that Jay thinks that he is in love with Mawile
    - Sabe also knows that Jay is right.
    - He has a habit of swinging his legs when sat down, and humming when bored.

    Pokemon #2: Mawile
    Species: Mawile
    Gender: Female
    -Sucker Punch
    -Iron Head
    -Swords Dance
    -Play Rough
    History: Mawile was gifted as an egg to Jay on his tenth birthday by his grandmother, a Pokémon breeder. She is loud, playful, and boisterous, and often enjoys playing pranks on other Pokémon, especially Sabe, who refuses to retaliate. Even from when she hatched, Jay has looked after her well, and as such, she is a rather spoilt little Mawile, and always expects the best. Sometimes, she expects too much, but this results in a stern telling off from Sabe.

    - Intimidate is her ability and Adamant is her nature.
    - Unlike most Mawile, she has pale green eyes.
  14. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Name: Liam Mackenzie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Liam Mackenzie Sketch

    Appearance: Liam is a taller guy standing at 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Though he appears to be a bit taller because he got his blonde hair often gel up into a tall Fauxhawk hairstyle. Sometimes one might see it down when it’s early in the morning or right after a shower. The hair neatly hugs his face at that time. His complexion is light, smooth and free of blemish except for a large black mole centered on his left cheek. He has a skinny body built that’s average in appearance not really lanky but it’s not really tone either. With his sharp and chisel facial features, he has a very manly, mature look to him. His face is often shave clean of hair but occasionally he goes around with little stubble. It not super noticeable due have such a pale complexion and light color hair. A pair of light green eyes reflects his confidence and resolve.

    Liam wears fashionable outfits that are a perfect fit on him. While he known to wear a wide range of colors, he favors the colors red and yellow. A favorite outfit of his is a yellow hooded shirt with a red plaid unbutton shirt over it, a pair of black designer jeans tighten to his waist by a black leather belt and pair of black shoes. He known to wear the same outfit scheme with different colored clothes. Or he just wears just the hooded shirt or the button up shirt on its own. One finally accessory he always has on is a golden locket. It’s oval shaped and hangs about mid-chest. It has pictures of his family in it and it’s well taken care off. It’s tucked into his shirt when he feels it might be in dirtied or damage by something.

    Personality: Liam, while not exactly a rude person, is just way too full of himself. He believes he’s the best and better than everyone else. It doesn’t help that he is indeed very intelligent and he excels at almost everything he tries. He is so good at things that even without his full efforts still gets above average results. Because of that Liam rarely wholehearted does anything since it’ll turn out great anyways. The arrogant way that he boasts and carries himself normally rubs people the wrong way. Having people not like him is normal for Liam. He just sees them as people who are just jealous about how awesome he is. Having that thought about others, he doesn’t hold any grudges or really get bothered by them. Because the majority doesn’t typically prefer him, he often goes off on his own a lot. He would rather be by himself anyways as other people just seem to get in his way. However, he would never deny someone that wants to join him on his quest.

    In all honest, he is actually a fairly kind and friendly guy. Even though Liam is conceited, he is very knowledgeable and willing to share what knows with anyone that is willing to listen. He has a bit of a habit to ramble on about things for too long and brag about himself. He will go out of his way to help someone if they needed it. Cheering them up when they seem down and he will even go so far as in sacrificing his body to protect them. Liam tends to look after younger kids. He’s even a little too affectionate towards them despite not being related. Liam often throws advice and encouragement toward them. When it comes to pokemon, he is very kind, patient and doesn’t appear to be haughty at all. Pokemon tend to like him way more than other humans. If it wasn’t for his conceited, arrogant and borderline narcissistic personality, Liam could probably be very popular among his peers instead of a hated loner.

    History: Liam was born the eldest son of very successful businessman and very powerful elite pokemon trainer mother in the Kanto Region. He lived in Celadon City until he was about six and then him and his mom moved to the quieter city of Viridian. Even at a young age, it was apparent that he was an exceptionally intelligent and talent boy. His parents and other people were always praising him and telling him how amazing he was, so it was only natural that he got a bighead. Since no one could ever outdo him, it became embedded in his mind that he is truly wonderful. Other kids his age, mostly out of jealous, didn’t bother with him since teasing didn’t really work on him.

    Reaching the age of ten, Liam was eager and fully ready to begin his pokemon journey but fate had other plans. His mom got into a horrible traffic accident shortly after giving birth to his twin siblings. It was so bad that she was in coma for nearly two months. With his dad being a full-time working man in the Celadon City, taking care of his younger brother and sister fell onto his and part-time nanny’s shoulders. Six years later he still finds himself at home taking care of his siblings and mom. That accident had wreck some serious damage on her body and immunity system. She had to go through a lot rehab just function normally again.

    Liam over the years kept his wits and skills up by studying when he could and battling trainers that came through the city but he had lost that ambitious spark he once had. Deep inside was a part of him that wanted to see the world and find a real challenge but worry about his family's well-being, he remained there to watch over them… Maybe sensing this urge in him, his mom signed him up for the special summer classes at the Hoenn Pokemon School. Even though she knew it’s no replacement for a pokemon journey around the region, she hoped that this would invoke that passion that made him always do his utmost best.

    Other: Despite how great and wonderful he is, Liam is extremely terrible at double battles with another person. And he is incredibly bad at growing things. Also, he gets very seasick.

    Pokemon #1: Zeus
    Species: Pikachu
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Slam, Iron Tail, Double Team, Thunderbolt

    History: Liam found Zeus’ egg in town after one fierce storm when he was around nine. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t find the pokemon’s true parents so ended up raising the pokemon himself. The two have been an inseparable duo since. Zeus has a few traits that are very much like his trainer. The Pikachu is very full of himself and overconfident in his abilities which he can back up. He is however snobbish and doesn’t get along well with other pokemon or humans. He is unfriendly to anyone that isn’t Liam but will indifferently deal with them. He doesn’t even really like Liam’s other pokemon that much but will still protect it if he must.

    Other: Has the ability Static. The pokemon shows no desire of evolving to a Raichu.

    Pokemon #2: Mimick
    Species: Mimikyu
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Scratch, Copycat, Baby-Doll Eyes, Shadow Sneak

    History: While exploring the Viridian Forest a month ago, Liam stumble upon this pokemon. He was making the local pokemon rather uncomfortable. When he showed the Mimikyu some interest the pokemon immediately got attached to him. He believes the pokemon was abandon but he has no proof of it. Mimick is very clingy to Liam and always tries to stay close to him. He starts to cry when he loses sight of him. Whenever he meets a new pokemon he tries to be friends with them but since he gives off creepy vibes most pokemon wants to avoid him…

    Other: Doesn’t really like to fight, but put in his best efforts to please others. Also, doesn’t like to be picked up by strangers.
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  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Lorenzo Amorè
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15


    Appearance: Lorenzo is somewhat short for a young man his age, standing only at 5'2". He is aware of this, and makes jokes about it if it get's brought up. While he does claim his lack of height adds to his appeal, he does wish he were taller sometimes. Despite seeming weak and fragile based on his appearance, he is actually stronger than he looks. He keeps himself physically fit to compensate for his lack of height, and has a fairly toned physique hidden underneath all the clothes he wears. He was born with a pale complexion, He has neatly styled blonde hair on top of his head, and his bangs go to his eyebrows. He has big violet eyes. A trait that seems to run in his family. As well as a small nose, and a round "Babyface", which give him a youthful appearance. His face is clean-shaven, and his upper body is free of any hair except the top of his head and eyebrows.

    Lorenzo is very into fashion, and likes to dress well. He designs his own clothes to reflect his taste, as he has a hard time finding clothes he likes in men's clothing stores. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans. His wardrobe contains a lot of different colors, but there will always be something pink in whatever he chooses to wear. His current outfit consists of a pink dress shirt that fits him well. Over this, he wears a sky blue vest. He likes to wear scarves, and the one currently around his shoulders is sky-blue. He also wears a blue pearl bracelet bracelet around his left wrist, and a diamond ring on his right ring finger. On the bottom he wears a pair of sky blue trousers, held up by a belt with a gold buckle. His choice of footwear include a pair of pink dress shoes. He accesorizes this with a pink cap on his head that has a diamond brooch attached to it, and a pair of pink diamond earrings hang from his earlobes. He carries around a sky blue messenger bag.

    Personality: Lorenzo is innocent, carefree, and seemingly always happy. He is faithful to his loved ones, and will stand by them no matter what. He wants to spread kindness to everyone, and is accepting of everyone. He enjoys talking to people, and being friends with everyone. He sees good in everyone, and sees no reason to discriminate against others. Some have been known to manipulate him because of tendency to trust people immediately, but he doesn't see that as a bad thing. He is the one who will cheer you up and offer words of encouragement when you are down. He also values loyalty and kindness in others.

    Lorenzo has tastes that are usually considered feminine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink. He is very into fashion, and designs his own clothes to reflect his tastes. While he isn't necessarily vain, he does like to take care of his appearance. He carries around a mirror, and often consults it when he feels like he needs a confidence boost. He also doesn't particularly care for getting himself dirty either. Due to the fact that he feels there is a lack of nice clothes for men, he likes to make his own clothes to suit his own tastes. He also has a passion for cute and pretty things. It's the reason why he likes the Fairy type. The Pokemon under it are gorgeous. Anything he perceives to be adorable whether it be a person or a Pokemon makes him squeal excitedly. He also has several childish interests as well. He likes candy and sweets, has a collection of fashion dolls. as well as cute Pokemon plushies, and his room is decorated with posters with characters from his favorite cartoons.

    Lorenzo is adorable, and he knows it. He does use it to his advantage if he knows if it will benefit him somehow. Usually to flirt with guys, or get himself out of trouble when they get mad at him. Due to his small size, and child like appearance, he is often perceived as being weak. This has earned him both the ire of bullies who liked having an easy target, as well as the care of nicer people who felt like they had protect him. He works out regularly to compensate for this, but people still coddle him. He considers it both a blessing because it gets him attention and people think he's cute, and a curse because some people underestimate him. He works hard to prove himself, such as staying up late to study, or consistently practicing a new skill. When he does get bullied, he'll usually respond with some sassy comment, but it does get to him once in a while. He doesn't understand why so many people have problems with boys liking pink?

    Regardless, Lorenzo is a cheerful optimistic person. He is often seen with a smile on his face, and acting like life is all cupcakes and rainbows. He believes it's easier to live life when you expect the best than expecting the worst. This does not mean that he is never sad. He cries openly when he's sad, but it doesn't take much to make him feel better. He is also very affectionate. He likes giving, and receiving hugs, and often gets very close to people. He devlops crushes on guys rather easily. These qualities make him a natural flirt. While he likes people in general, he is attracted to men. You can often find him staring at, and flirting with guys he finds attractive. In general he is an emotional person. While he seems childish at times, Lorenzo is a happy, fun loving young man, who just wants to be accepted for who he is.

    History: Lorenzo Amoré was born in Laverre City, to Italian parents. He grew up in a prominent, wealthy, upperclass family. His parents doted on both him and his older sister, Cadence. Even though he was was the younger sibling, both siblings were expected to live up to the family name, and do great things. While Lorenzo was homeschooled until he reached a certain age like his sister, the boy liked to play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Lorenzo was never interested in the things typical boys were interested in. He liked cute little ponies, and Barbie dolls while most boys liked playing with toy cars and football. He also preferred Clefairy where the other boys were obsessed with Charizard. This made him the target of bullying by other boys. Lorenzo didn't really care much, because he usually just played with the girls. They played better anyway. When the bullying did make him sad, he always had his sister to turn to for comfort.

    Things started to get different when he was in middle school. He noticed the other boys talking about girls. His own sister was often the subject of their attention too. Lorenzo found himself uninterested in the subject of women. Sure, there were some cute girls in the school, but the guys were way better. For a while he kept his attraction to guys a secret. He wasn't sure there was anybody else that understood how he felt. After he saw pictures of his idol Movie Star André Bellamy, kissing other hot young actors in magazines, he slowly grew more comfortable with his homosexuality. He eventually found other gay boys at the school, and started flirting.

    Cadence caught him kissing a boy one day, and that was when he came out to his family. All of his family members were fully supportive of him, and the fact that he was gay was not that big of a deal. His sister even enjoyed having someone she could talk about boys with. Now, Lorenzo dates and flirts with other guys a lot, but he still hasn't had a serious relationship yet.

    After he discovered the lack of clothes for guys that interested him, he learned how to sew and design clothes. It was all the same thing in his eyes, while women get so much more variety. This forced him to learn how to fix them to suit his tastes. It started by purposely dyeing white clothes pink, and it progressed from there. He wasn't opposed to creating nice things for women though, and he gets practice by making clothes for his collection of fashion dolls to wear.

    Lorenzo's favorite Pokemon were Fairy type Pokemon. They were adorable, but powerful and not to underestimated, which is why he liked them. Instead of travelling around the Kalos Region challenging Gyms, he became a Gym Trainer at the Laverre City Gym. There, he trained under Valerie to learn everything he could about the Fairy type. He occasionally battled against other trainers that came to challenge Valerie. While he enjoyed his time there, and made friends with his fellow gym trainers, he was a little annoyed that he was the only male trainer in the entire gym. Weren't there other boys who liked Fairy type too? He decided that one day, he would become a Fairy type Gym Leader himself one day, and open an all male Fairy type Gym. In his own words, it would be "the gayest gym ever!"

    He signed up for the Summer Classes in the Hoenn Pokemon school as soon as he heard about it. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about Pokemon training, as the Laverre City Gym could only teach him so much. While Hoenn was no Alola, going to school in a tropical paradise was a nice bonus. So, he said goodbye to his family, and promised to keep in touch, and travelled to Slateport City for the summer.


    Pokemon #1: Isabella
    Species: Clefairy
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Sing, Dazzling Gleam, Sweet Kiss, Flamethrower
    History: Knowing of his love of Clefairies, Lorenzo received his own Cleffa as a Christmas gift on his tenth birthday. Lorenzo was happy to have her, and bonded with the pink Fairy type Pokemon quickly. This allowed the Cleffa to evolve into a Clefairy relatively soon after he got her. She is Lorenzo's best friend, and can often be seen sitting on his shoulder, doing something cute to get attention. Personality wise, she has a lot in common with her trainer. She is friendly, happy-go-lucky, and cheerful.
    Other: Her ability is Magic Guard


    Pokemon #2: Luca
    Species: Kirlia
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Confusion, Draining Kiss, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt
    History: He received his Ralts from Valerie after he became a Gym Trainer. Everyone in the gym received a Fairy type Pokemon to help them with their training. Lorenzo chose to take a Ralts, since his big sister had a Gardevoir. While he and Lorenzo get along, they are as close compared to Lorenzo and Isabella. While friendly, he is much more quiet and reserved. He really only opens up to people he knows well.
    Other: His ability his Trace
    He wants to become a Gardevoir, and Lorenzo wants him to become a Gardevoir
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  16. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    I'm back, everyone! Thanks for being patient! (and a thank you to Hydrangea for helping out while I was away!)

    @ Yukki: I'm assuming your post is a WIP? If so, just make sure you expand your Appearance to six+ more sentences (and perhaps expand on the Personality/History just a teensy bit more) and you should be good to go!

    @ TikTok13, InnerFlame, and Monster Guy: All of your SUs look good! Accepted!

    I'll see about getting a Discussion thread + the RP set up this Saturday/Sunday! I'll get my SU done probably on Wednesday~
  17. Yukki

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    Unfortunetaly, I have to withdraw from this RP.
  18. Schade

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    'Kay, I'd say my SU is just about done now.
  19. Dragalge

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    Noted. I'll remove you from the list then~
    Good good! Soul stealing Lampent is a bonus too! You're accepted!
  20. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Apologies for the double post but update time! I have finished my SU and asked for approval for a discussion thread. In the meantime, I'll try and post the RP tonight at the earliest, if not, the next couple of days. I’ll notify you all when things are ready. Thanks for being patient!
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