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Summer Sprite Contest Polls

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25, 22, 17, 5, and 1 have my vote. All of the entries were good, but only some of them remind me of the beach. One of them reminds me of winter......


My votes are for

-Nice colours- well used.

-Despite the leaf not being coloured I think it adds a nice variation.

-Fantastic Choice of colours.


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I'm not voting at all. None of these really appeal to me Except Mine. IMO, none of these Resemble the beach. It would usually have Beige for sand, Blue for Water. And if it has Three colours, a nice bright one for shells. And I don't get why everyone likes fourteen. It's Second DARKEST colour on the flame is WHITE. The Fire was poorly recoloured. But if I HAD to vote, it would be Seven. I love the Shades of blue and how they did the glow as lumps of sand/waves of water.
IMO, you could have used a light Blue instead of White

I like the colours, but Maybe the White should be the Banada, the White should be Orange, and the Orange should be Blue. Or just switch White and Blue to make it have more Water
All you did was change Blue to Pink. When does Pink suite the beach? Next time, choose Beige, or Orange as Sand
This one is good, I'm just not fond of the Brown.
Missed a Couple Red Pixels. And I don't like how bright the colours are. Other then that, it's good
The Second and Fourth Shade are way to different, The First three Shades are way to bright, giving it sort of an Inferno look
I like the oranges, but it just Doesn't suite the beach enough. I'm glad you recoloured the White a pale, pale orange instead of Leaving it the regular White-Grey.
I really like this one. A good choice of blue, and the combination of the Blues and the Glow really gives it a beach feel.
I like how you mixed the Beige and Blue in a wavy look in the middle, it makes it really look like waves,
The Second shade on the White is a bit too Dark. Other then that it's good.
Green doesn't really scream out 'beach'

I'll do the rest after
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I have to admit that I didn't realise that the entries were supposed to be beach themed... I thought that they just had to be recoloured using the colours of a specific "beach" pokemon, many of whom don't have beach themed colours themselves. We were slightly limited in the colour combinations we could use...

The theme is there as a GUIDANCE. You have to vote using both criteria. Which are the best sprites in terms of quality? If you don't think any look like the beach, then vote on the ones that are the best sprite quality in your opinion.

Secondly, the theme is the beach. That means anything that goes on at the beach. if someone recoloured something to make it look like an Ice Cream, I would definitely congratulate them.

Let me give you an example of one of my old sprites. If say, in the re-patterning week, the theme was once more the beach, and someone submitted this:

Then that is very clearly the beach. It's a beach ball, for goodness sake! Likewise, anything submitted this week that does something similar (like recolouring to look like Palm tress, Sea Birds, anything of the sort) is good.

You should look for both things. If it follows the theme nicely, AND if it's a good sprite. The point is not to make things that must look like the theme. As with a lot of competitions, it aims to try and get newbie trainers to hone their skills whilst at the same time giving more experienced spriters something fun to do. It's not meant to be a serious contest. You're meant to have fun.

Anyway, all votes have been counted in.

Now for Proby's opinion.
I don't vote or submit an entry every week, for reasons I believe are obvious. I'm the owner. However, I would like to give my opinion on my Top five sprites each week.

-Entry 25

Well recoloured. Golurk to Shuckle, if anyone wanted to know. I like the contrast between Red and Yellow here.

-Entry 21

When I saw this entry, I immediately liked it. It was very well done. Swellow here just looks exactly like a Seagull (His colours are Wingull's). Very clever entry.

-Entry 8

It took a few entries for this person to get their entry following contest restrictions, but i really like the result. It's been cleverly recoloured to look like the beach and I love this entry for that. Plus, there's a glow, I love glows, they just make a sprite look whole to me.

-Entry 7

This person taught me how to do glows. They definitely made the most of that skill here, with some nice waves on the sprite. Hippopotas looks like it belongs in the water in this sprite, with the blue aquatic recolouring. A lovely entry.

-Entry 22/ Entry 1

I can't separate these. They both have glows, they both look extremely visually appealing. Their colours both just work very nicely. Neither look like the theme much to me, but I chose these because of the high quality of sprite.

I will now close this week's entries in the main thread and post the new theme, before returning here to edit the first post with Week two's entries.


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Awesome, new entries!

My votes go to:


I was a little unsure about 4, since it was a little hard to tell what it was actually supposed to be. But I ran out of favorites, so I decided to change it. 5 was pretty clever... it was the first one that really appealed to me.

By the way, are you going to tell us the results of the previous poll?


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2, 8, 16, 19.


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Some really creative and nice ones here! My votes go to:
One (1)
Four (4)
Eight (8)
Eleven (11)
Fourteen (14)

$h1ny Hunter

<-- Future Target
Hey. I assume anyone can vote in these contests right? If so then here are my votes:
Entry #2
Entry #3
Entry #4
Entry #11
Entry #20
These were all really creative and thoroughly thought out. I like them all! :)
2. 5. 8. 14. 16.

I was really proud of my entry for this week and I was expecting it really to stand out above the others, but now I've seen them... Wow. There are some awsome sprites there. There is not a single one that if I had only seen that one, I would assume I would vote for it.


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Hmm. I know it isn't normal, but I'll critique all the entries before choosing. It helps me think:
1-Really crazy. Not my favorite by far, but I like what they did to the ropes to change them into vines.
2-Very ellegant, but one of the tails are the wrong color which may be a deal breaker if I see others I like more.
3-Looks more ground type with a tree. Seriously, the tree is the only grass-type looking part.
4-Just looks too freaky too me.
5-Heh, three peas in a pod. I like it.
6-Too crazy. I think it would have been better as just the body, head, and the plants right on top of the head.
7-Is very well and looks like it could have been an actual sprite from the game.
8-Reminds me of a pinapple, not that that is a bad thing. I like pineapples.
9-The purple outline just makes it look weird, sorry.
10-Just doesn't look right with the flowers.
11-Really good retype.
12-Robotic tree nazi doesn't look good.
13-I really like it. Very subtle (except for the color change), and it works.
14-I like the wings, but the body really puts me off.
15-I think it looks more like a preevolution of Electrike than a grass-type.
16-I like it, but i seems kinda cluttered near the back.
17-Lots of stuff, but it isn't cluttered at least.
18-By now, I'm tired of Bellosom's flowers and she really could have been better with like a mint green body instead of that color.
19-I like how you used parts of a water type to make her look grass type. I like it.
20-Really looks like a grass-type and makes a bit of sense counting his Sap Sucker ability.

And so, my top 5 are:
5, 7, 11, 13, and, 19. Those are the ones I vote for.
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