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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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danger chili pepper
Staff member
You may post your planned Sun/Moon Teams here.

We are aware that we don't know the complete Dex yet.
It's a bit too early for this, but since we have over 40 new Pokemon revealed, along with Alolan Forms (and those prior-Gen Pokemon that appear on the trailers), it's quite reasonable that some of you might already have teams in mind.

Forum rules apply.


Protect The Smiles!
My Moon team will very likely be comprised of:

Rowlett + evos/Wishiwashi/Drampa/Alolan Raichu/Salandit/Bewear

Just liking these 'mons a lot.


Well-Known Member
My team so far is not a secret to anyone.

Rowl, the Rowlet
Volt, the Vikavolt
Salan, the Salandit
Jang, the Jangmo-o

Though, I'm having a hard time finishing it. I need a water-type, but none of the revealed have screamed to me. I hope there's more. ( There should be a dolphin coming up, so we'll see them.). And I also need a sixth one, but, again, none have screamed to me.


Sparkling Noodleboi
I think it's a little too early for a thread like this myself, but who am I to argue, anything that promotes discussion is good in my book.

I'm gonna be boring and just give my Moon team, I tend to avoid trying to straight up plan out more than two Pokemon in pre-release, just to get a baseline for my team and work from what I find in game. So far it's just:

Rowlet -> Whatever the archer will be named
Grubbin -> Vikavolt

However, recent and not so recent reveals such as Lycanroc Midnight and Crabrawler are tempting. Maybe even Passimian if a friend of mine is willing to trade,


Well-Known Member
Current plans for my Sun team ...

Almost definitely: Rowlet, Mimikyu, Lycanroc. Unless I hate whatever Rowlet evolves into, it will probably be my starter, and I love the designs for Mimikyu and Midday Lycanroc.

Probably: Salandit, Wishiwashi. I like Salandit, but there are several other weak-to-Rock Pokemon competing for its slot, so it depends on how much I like its evo. Wishiwashi is cool, but it's certainly possible that there will be another Water type I like more.

Maybe: Crabrawler. It's a neat design and I love the lore, but there are a lot of things I could put in here. Jangmo-o and Alolan Persian are leading contenders, and since seeing Eevee's amazing Z-Move I'm tempted to use it and eventually have it evolve into Espeon or Umbreon, neither of whom I've had on an in-game team before.

I also really want an Oranguru, but I'm getting Sun. Maybe I'll get a traded one early enough to use it in game!
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Sad Bayleef is Sad.
Rowlett Lurantis Moondoge Oranguru Vikabolt Palossand and I'm thinking about Wishiwashi or Alolan Raticate, heck are good synchronizer would be great, I hope for the Beeheyem line to become available or good old Espeon.

I might go Popplio instead of Rowlett depending on the evolution confirmation.


The planned and staying;

  • Popplio.
  • Alolan Ninetales.
  • Lycanroc (Midnight Form).
  • Lurantis.

Subject to change based on future reveals;

  • Oricorio. (Might be replaced with Litten, Salandit or future revealed ones.)
  • Oranguru.

B. Thunder Tiger

Well-Known Member
My team so far, as I know for myself, will consist out of Alolan Pokémon. This I do mainly to get a feel for the new critters, not to say, its a unique experience. No, Alolan variants of existing Pokémon do not count in this, unfortunately. That said, the Pokémon I will be using, or plan on using based on the current revealed Pokémon so far:

1. Litten - Fire Type (no, I do not care whether the starters have split evo forms. I liked Litten from the beginning, and still do)
2. Wishiwashi - Water Type
3. Lycanroc - Rock Type (Midday Form)
4. Vikavolt - Bug/Electric Type
5. Passimian - Fighting Type
6. Mudsdale - Ground Type


Bone-ified dinosaur
So my planned team is as in my signature right now:

- Rowlet (Grass/Flying) -> ???
- Grubbin (Bug) -> Charjabug (Bug/Electric) -> Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
- Mudbray (Ground) -> Mudsdale (Ground)
- Oranguru (Normal/Psychic)
- Alolan Sandshrew (Ice/Steel) -> Alolan Sandslash (Ice/Steel)
- Cubone (Ground) -> Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost)

However, depending on whether they are obtainable early-on, this may change. I'll likely use Yungoos -> Gumshoos as my Normal placeholder until I can get Oranguru, and I'll probably get a Pikipek in the first route to bulk up the team while I have spaces and eventually be my Flier (if we need one with PokeRide being a thing). Also, if by some miracle Jangmo-o is obtainable early enough to make him worth training through the storyline, he is definitely going on my team.

I'm also waiting for a Water-type that grabs my attention, because so far it's a pretty glaring weakness in my team, and I'm not too keen on any we've seen so far.

Options that I am keen to try if others don't work out:
- Fomantis (Grass) -> Lurantis (Grass) If by some crazy chance I decide to change starter.
- Sandygast (Ghost/Ground) -> Palossand (Ghost/Ground) If both Mudbray and Cubone are too late in the game.
- Alolan Vulpix (Ice) -> Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy) If somehow it appears way before Sandshrew, or they end up version exclusive or something weird like that.

Either way, I'll be wanting to train up an awesome version of these guys as soon as I finish the game. :)
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Ana de Armas fan
My teams so far will be:

Lycanroc (Midday Form)



Forever now
It's kinda too early but I've some mons already planned in my mind:

If the leaks are true about the final evos of the starters, I'm gonna ditch Litten w/ Popplio. Or use Litten in another version if I buy both versions of the game.

Moon team:
~ Popplio
~ Pikipek
~ Drampa
~ Salandit
~ Oranguru
~ Either a Fairy, Comfey, or an unknown Steel type mons, not certain yet.

~ For HM slave I might get Trump mons aka Gumshoos
~ I kinda want to use alolan forms of Gen I mons too, so far what I like are Meowth/Persian (?) & Marowak.


Mine so far:

Pokemon Sun

- Popplio (Water)
- Lycanroc (Rock)
- Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
- Jangmo-o (Dragon)
- Pikipek (Normal/Flying)

I haven't decided on my last member, and my choices could change depending on their final evolutions. I'm hanging on Popplio becoming Water/Fairy, Pikipek becoming Steel/Flying, and Jangmo-o becoming Dragon/Fighting.


Well-Known Member
So far, my planned team is the following:

Litten (or any other starter)

These ones would be my main, but I'll probably rotate my team a lot in order to train all of the new Pokèmon available in Sun & Moon! :D


Doing Their Best
Currently on planning on using the following:

-Lycanroc Midday Form
May end up rotating Lycanroc and Passimian and subbing Tapu Koko for Vikabolt

- Rowlet
-Salandit/Alolan Marowak
-Vaporeon (depends on how easy it is to obtain a Water Stone)
Undecided for the last member, will need more Pokemon to be revealed before I choose.
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Well-Known Member
Here are my teams so far. Pardon spelling errors.

Moon Team:
Litten (Fire)
Lycanroc (Rock)
Mimuyku (Fairy/Ghost)
Oranguru (Normal/Psychic)
Wishiwashi (Water)
Alolan Ninetails (Ice/Fairy)

Sun Team:
Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
Lycanroc (Rock)
Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost)
Passimian (Fighting)
Jangmo-o (Dragon)
Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)

As I don't normally use bug types Vikavolt will be pretty fun to use. I also want to try out both forms of Lycanroc, but will switch one for something else if they don't differ enough.


Explorer of Ruins
Copied from my post in another thread but...here's my team ideas:

Moon: Litten, Lycanroc Day form (planning on trading with my sun version for it), Gumshoos, Mimikyuu, Lurantis, Palosssand. Will also use Moon legend Lunala at some point
Sun: Popplio, Lycanroc Midnight form (again, swapping with moon), Turtonator, Morelull, Gumshoos, Oricorio Sensu style. Will also use Sun legend Solgaleo at some point.
Others I might use at some point: Drampa, Cutiefly, Mudsdale, Jangmo-o, Type: Null, the version exclusive monkeys, Comfey, Salandit, Bewear, Tapu Koko and other guardian gods, and Pyukumuku.

But these are merely ideas. I have not finalized teams yet, of course. Still waiting for all Pokémon to be released. I might also use an Alola form or two.
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