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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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lunis the ogre

Ogre of the gourd
Litten for sure
pikipek( unless his evos are terrible and we don't need a flying pokemon thanks to pokeride)
Well it seems that is all I know for sure.
I am hoping for some more water types to learn surf or that wishiwashi can surf.
I am also hoping for another dark/fighting type this gen as they usually tend to do well at the end.


"Orange" Magical Girl
Even though I'm avoiding spoilers starting in October (hopefully) I do have some Pokemon in mind other than Popplio in Moon and Litten in Sun. For Moon I might choose between Salandit, Turtonator, and Drampa. Maybe Jangmo-o too. I also have Lurantis, Comfey, Bewear, Lycanroc, Oranguru, Vikavolt, Bounsweet and Sandygast in mind as well. For Sun I'll definitely use an Alolan form and Passimian as I want to keep my team in Moon Gen VII Pokemon only.

There's just so many I love lol.
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«Last Hope»
For now I'm thinking:

Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
Salandit (Poison/Fire)
Bewear (Normal/Fighting)
Wimpod (Bug/Water)
Raichu (Electric/Psychic)
Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)

Might change depending on their evolutions or if there are unrevealed ones I like better of course, but I like having only dual typed Pokémon none of which share a type among the team
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Dragon Trainer
so far my team is as follows:
(assuming the starter evo leaks are true)
Tortunator (maybe Salandit instead, depends on its final evo)
Jangmo-o ( I have a feeling this is the pseudo line and I always use those)
Tapu Koko


Pokecollection Maste
Here is what I am planning for first playthrough of the games.




Well-Known Member
I haven't decided on a full team yet, but there's a few that I know I really want on the team. So far, I'm thinking the definite roster people are:

a) Litten (barring a reveal of a split evo that shows the Moon version to be redonkulously ugly, this is the starter Im going with)
b) Oranguru (I'm imagining he'll be the bulky tank of the team; thats the vibe Im getting from him anyway)
c) Lurantis (I usually don't have a grass type on the team and instead opt for someone who can learn Energy Ball or something, but I love Lurantis' design)
d) Palossand (I love the idea of a haunted sandpit that's taking on the form of a sandcastle; its really creative)

Those are my only definite additions at the moment; the others I want, but am not sure how they'll turn out, so it really depends on how they 'play' per sé
-WishyWashy: I love its submarine form, but there are still so many questions surrounding its usability
-Bewear: I get the feeling I wont be able to get him until late game and I'll already have a normal type in Oranguru, so I dont know if he'll have a place
-Mimikyu: I like it...still not sure about it though; should be fun to toy around with temporarily, but I dont think he'll have a permanent spot on the team
-Vikavolt: This was the first design revealed that I really loved, but being an early game bug, I feel like it'll probably be quickly outclassed and I'll have to give his spot up for someone else; he'll be around in the beginning, though.
-Mudsdale: I loved Zebstrika's design, but never ended up using it for one reason or another; I feel like Mudsdale will end up being the same for me.
-Oricorio: It might have a spot on the team if I need a specific type since its got some variety to it
-Minior: Depends on whether it has an evolution or not; I like it, but Im not sure how much
-Salandlit: I love the typing; I hope it becomes a 3 staged Poison/Fire Komodo Dragon. if that happens, it will definitely be on the team.


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
I'm barely even close to deciding my final team. All I have are potiential candidates for the usual type slots I have:

Water-type member: None, surprisingly
Grass- and/or Electric-type member: Rowlet, Vikavolt, Lurantis, Alolan Raichu
Fire-type: Litten, Salandit
Fighting-type: Lucario, Bewear, Crabrawler, Passimian
Free space: Mudsdale, Snorlax, Jangmo-o, (Midday) Lycanroc
Psychic- and/or Fairy-type: Alolan Raichu

And then I have the matter of deciding nicknames...
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My current planned team:

Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
Salandit (Poison/Fire)
Mudsdale (Ground)
Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
Bruxish (Water/Psychic)
Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)

Alolan Raichu (Electric/Psychic) (replaces Vikavolt if it's stats are terrible)
Wimpod (Bug/Water) (replaces Bruxish if the above happens)
Alolan Sandslash (Ice/Steel) (alternative for Alolan Ninetales)


Ice Master
My current planned team for Sun is

1) Rowlet
2) Rockruff (Midday evolution)
3) Salandit
4) Jangmo'o
5) Oranguru
6) Stufful or Mimikyu or a newly revealed pokemon

I also plan a second team of only Alola forms for a second playthrough

1) Marowak
2) Raichu
3) Ninetales
4) Exeggutor
5) New Alolan form
6) New Alolan form

The Super Kid

The Underdog :(
IMO this thread is a great idea. There were quite a lot of teams in the General Discussion thread at one point.

Lycanrock - Midnight (will trade from moon)
Tapu Koko

No Alolan Forms interest me so far. Especially because they are Gen 1 only (eugh)
Popplio and it's evolutions
Alolan Vulpix / Ninetales
Fomantis / Lurantis
Pikachu / Alolan Raichu

but I'll wait and see what I actually end up catching, I'll likely use a lot of previous gen pokemon in my main playthrough team depending on what's readily available ^-^

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
I'm not sure, but here's what I'm thinking so far:

Litten (Sir Percival) is definitely going to be my starter, so it'll be on my team for at least part of the game.

Midday Form Lycanroc (Angua) seems a likely member (it's one thing from Sun I prefer to the Moon version!). Mimikyu (Mimi) does too, although I'm not sure – I'll have to see whether it's good in battle or not.

Lurantis (Rose) and Alolan Ninetales (Raven) pretty much have guaranteed spots, just because of how cool they look.

I might also have a Type: Null (Sir Lancelot) on my team, though it depends on whether I catch one before my team settles into a permanent form.

iggy the skorupi

Active Member
This is just initial planning and not cast in cement yet:
Sun verison:
Rowlet (grass/flying)
Jangmo'o (dragon)
A Marowak (fire/ghost)
Wimpod (bug/water)
Passimian (fighting)
Mudsdale (ground)

Vikavolt (bug/electric)
Lurantis (grass)
Komala (normal)
Lycanroc midday (rock)

Moon verison:
Litten (fire)
Nuzlocke team.
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You know, I haven't given any thought to this yet, which is unusual considering that my White playthrough was based entirely on catching certain Pokémon to form my team, and in X I went in knowing roughly whereabouts I'd get what due to the abundance of early releases, meaning only Talonflame really got the nod to represent Kalos in my X team. OR was more or less a retread of my original Ruby team...

So, in this instance, I'm just going in with Litten being my choice of starter for Sun in mind. Other than that, I think I'm just going to limit myself to Alolan forms and Alolan native Pokémon, of course catching every single one as I go along!


Well-Known Member
I'm not sure which game I'll start with anymore, but I plan for whatever my first game to be all Gen 7 Pokemon, then in my other game I plan on doing a playthough with one Pokemon from each gen, and another playthough I'll do an Alolan form playthrough or maybe the other way around.

Not sure what Starter I'll start with, but using what we know so far, depending on the Starter I pick:
Rowlett, Rockruff, Grubbin/Cutiefly/Wimpod, Sandygast, Wishiwashi/Pyukumuku, Salandit
Litten, Rockruff, Grubbin/Cutiefly/Wimpod, Sandygast, Fomantis, Wishiwashi/Pyukumuku
Popplio, Rockruff, Grubbin/Cutiefly, Sandygast, Fomantis, Salandit

So far, Rockruff is the only Pokemon that makes it difficult to decide which game I'll play first because I want to use both Lycanroc, I'm using it regardless though. I love all the Bugs this time, Grubbin's line the most but uncertain if I want to go with Cutiefly or Wimpod instead for possibly seeing the evolution the first time while playing(Assuming Cutiefly has another evolution). Everything else are just favorites and want to avoid type overlap(Which is why I wont use Wimpod/Wishiwashi/Pyukumuku if I used Popplio).

I'd wait and see for the full dex to decide what team I'll use for an all Gen team, but for the Gen 7 Pokemon I'll use one of the Starters I didn't use. The other 6 I'll probably just use a favorite but I'd like to maybe use something I haven't used before or rarely used. I'd be rotating my team as well so I can use 7 Pokemon.

For the Alolan team I'll use one of the Starters still so I can use all three in the end, as for the 5 slots left, it'll be better if I knew more but for now Sandshrew/Vulpix, Raichu, Marowak, Meowth, and Exeggutor, again, wanting to avoid type overlap. Small selection to choose from right now though, so probably end up different depending how many more come out.

So I have basically only have 5 teams planned out over the course of three playthroughs. Figured I probably shouldn't over plan this time around... :3
So far I'm thinking:

Sandygast -> Palossand
Pikachu -> Raichu (Alolan)

...and the sixth slot is a mystery. This is all subject to change though.


Well-Known Member
I'm buying both versions but will be playing moon first.

Lycanroc midnight
Oricorio Pom pom
Leaving my last spot open for more reveals

Oricorio Sensu
Leaving 2 spots for more reveals.


Well-Known Member
My typical team has a Fire-type, a Water-type, a Grass-type, a "sandstorm"-type (Ground, Rock, Steel), a "supernatural"-type (Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Fairy), and some other type.
I'm also avoiding the starter evolution leaks, so I've picked starters based on their first evolved form.

Team 1
Fire-type: Salandit
Water-type: Popplio
Grass-type: Bounsweet
Sandstorm-type: Mudsdale
Supernatural-type: Comfey
Other type: Pikipek

Team 2
Fire-type: Turtonator
Water-type: Wimpod
Grass-type: Rowlet
Sandstorm-type: Minior
Supernatural-type: Mimikyu
Other type: Jangmo-o

I only plan to get Moon, so I have 2 teams planned because I really like both Rowlet and Popplio.
And it can be assumed that if any of these Pokémon have evolved forms, I'm going to evolve them. Except for maybe Bounsweet, because I love that little guy/girl/thing.


Well-Known Member

Oricorio (Pom Pom)


Munchlax (Shaky about this decision now that I know pokebank won't be accessible till January and I don't want to one in a Cherish Ball)


No water types yet.


Well-Known Member
I'm picking Rowlett for sure as my starter, but I may use Pikipek as a placeholder Pokemon in the beginning. Same with Charjabug, until I find a better Electric-type. Mudsdale for sure! Salandit if it evolves. The rest...I am not sure. I either don't like them, or nothing fits the type slot I want filled.
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