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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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Dragon Pulse

Rowlet and Sobble enthusiast
My younger sister may play through Sun when I get it, and the team she came up with is:
- Incineroar (Fire/Dark)
- Primarina (Water/Fairy)
- Ribombee (Bug/Fairy)
- Bewear (Normal/Fighting)
- Comfey (Fairy)
- Oricorio Pa'u Style (Psychic/Flying)

She liked both Litten and Popplio a lot and couldn't pick between them both, so she decided to use both. I have noticed there is three Fairy-types on her team, but it doesn't really matter as she's just starting out. I find it interesting on what she has chosen. :3


1 more day ^^
So far these are what I'm using for my team
Alolan ninetails
I might go with a Japanese name theme this time.


Active Member
Decidueye (Grass/Ghost)
Incineroar (Fire/Dark)
Primarina (Water/Fairy)
Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)
Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
Salandit (Poison/Fire)

My favourites so far for my initial gameplay of Moon, but I'm getting Sun as well
i'll trade the other starters from Sun on my 2nd 3ds


New Member
So far I'm planning to have a team consisting of:
-Wimpod's Evo
-Mystery Spider

I feel like with Water/Bug/Grass/Elec/Fairy/Other I have some decent type coverage, at least for the game. im not sure what moves i should try to squeeze in, to cover my bases though. hows it look tho?


Pokemon Lover
I'm considering to change my team a little, it seems my previously planned team will leave me with only one pokemon to use in the first island. The new team is also somewhat limiting as only two of them are available in Mele Mele but I think I can manage. Right now it is looking like this:

- Rockruff/Lycanroc day (mele mele)
- Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu (mele mele)
- Tauros (akala)
- Passimian (akala)
- Drampa (ula ula)
- Tortunator (ula ula)

So basically I'll get 2 pokemon in the first island, 2 more in the second and the last 2 in the third island. None in the last one.

Since HMs are gone this would be my first time without a water and a flying type in my team.
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Well-Known Member
I will be switching from Incineroar to Decidueye. So my team now will be

Lycanroc midnight
Oricorio pom pom


I'm with the following pokemon.
Which happen to be one pokemon from each island

from Mele Mele
Bell Spider
or whatever Wimpod evolves into
from Akala
From Ula'ula Island
From Poni


Informed Casual
Picking Moon; Rowlet's most likely gonna be my starter and I really liked Rockruff from the demo so I hope to have a Decidueye and Werewolf Lycanroc by endgame.

Also looking forward to Turtonator (since Mega Charizard X Fire-Dragon is one of my favorite type combos) and Alola Ninetales.

Since Nintendo's confirmed publically that Ultra Beasts are catchable, I'm really liking UB-02 Beauty but we'll see about the other ones that I can't talk about in this board just yet :)
I prefer to go with the flow and see what I feel like using when I play the game (also because usually we get a decent amount of unrevealed Pokémon, but alas..), but I certainly will go for Rowlet and Wishiwashi.


Well-Known Member
I know for a certain that I will go with litten and Lycanroc midnight. At some point I will get the fighting/dragon pokemon but the rest of the team will just come naturally.


Lilac Dungeoneer
So far the pokemon I'm picking are-

Lycanroc (midday)
Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Raichu

There's three more of course, but one is a datamined 'mon and I wasn't sure if the other two were shown to be in the games aside from datamined info.

Sun- Wimpod's evo and Porygon-Z
Moon- Salamence
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Lover of underrated characters
Sun team:
Alolan Sandslash
Wimpod evolution


New Member
I ordered the Steelbook, and I haven't picked out my Moon Team yet, but Here's My Sun Team. (All Pokemon will be written as their first forms, as well as in the order I think they will appear in the game.) Litten, (My new favorite Alolan Starter, previously Popplio until his evolutions ruined him ;( Munchlax, Event, also I love Munchlax, he's like my Pokemon Personification Rockruff, He's so cute and I love wolves, Midday form obviously, I did say this was my Sun Team. Alolan Vulpix, I like Alolan Sandshrew and Vulpix, so I'm using Sandshrew in Moon, and I love Alolan Vulpix's Design! My little Snowflake. (I'm totally catching a Fem! one and naming it Snowflake.) Wimpod, I love this little guy, his evolution looks awesome but he's only a two-stage Pokemon which is why I believe he'll come later in the game then Vulpix and Rockruff. I'm also excited to see his typings, a Powerful Pure Bug Type with Swarm would be a nice change, and also slightly overpowered. And finally, I can never end my adventure without the game's Mascot. Therefore, my last Pokemon Sun Team Member will be Solgaleo. The same goes for Lunala in Moon.
I always run with 3-4 teams for a play through. So far team 1 is looking like:

Flareon@ Toxic Orb
Adamant, Guts

Modest, Hydration
-Heal. Bell

Modest, swift swim
-Hydro Pump
-Signal Beam
-Mud Shot



Legendary Dreams

Well-Known Member
Well, as a safety precaution since I did the planning with the datamine information, they're in spoilers

Actually, since there is an Island Dex system, I thought it would be fun to restrict myself to using Pokemon available on each island for its Trials & Kahuna battles. Outside of that though, I'm probably going to need to train everything else I caught (because I'm probably going to just catch everything I can). I'm not going to list the teams for each island since they're still prone to changes (with unknown typings out there), but I've put the conditions that at least 1 of the Pokemon in each team must be unique to that island, 1 Pokemon must be an Alolan Form Pokemon and 1 must be a non-Alolan Gen 7 Pokemon. One pokemon can't cover for multiple restrictions even if they do meet them. Well, there's also the type balancing (which basically means no 2 Pokemon of the same type), so there might be still some changes when the game comes out proper.

Post 4th Island though until the main end, assuming the main storyline doesn't actually conclude before the Last Island, the team would basically consist of 1 Alolan Pokemon and 5 Other Generation 7 Pokemon. Tentatively they are:

1) Incineroar (Yes, I will continue to train Litten past Melemele, but I decided it doesn't get an exclusion into the Island teams by virtue of its starter status).
2) Alolan Exeggutor (I'm amused enough to decide to actually use him, as an actual non-mega Grass/Dragon is rather interesting).
3) Lycanroc Midday (It's just adorable, I used Mightyena in my ORAS run pretty much for the same reason).
4) Wimpod Evolution (I like cool bugs and it fits that perfectly, not quite Gen 5 in quantity selection, but this is still a gem design-wise).
5) Mimikyu (At first I wasn't very convinced, but its typings do fit in and the song got me...)
6) Solgaleo (I'm assuming catching the Box Legendary is mandatory again this time round)... until Solgaleo joins the team, Mudsdale would probably be the stand-in.

If the Ultra Beasts are actually usable at this point, I might need to revamp the entire list, so it's not by any means definite either.
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Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
After speaking with my friends and finding out that most are choosing Popplio for their starter for Primarina I'm tempted to choose Litten instead as I don't see the point in most of us having the same starter. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to change my starter but if I do my team will look like the following.

- Incineroar
- Mudsdale
- Oricorio (Pom-Pom)
- Lurantis
- Wimpod/Carracosta (if Wimpod loses its Water typing upon evolution)
- Drampa

If I stick with Popplio my team will look like this.

- Primarina
- Mudsdale
- Oricorio
- Lurantis
- Talonflame
- Drampa

Was originally going to have Kommo-o instead of Drampa but an image of which Pokemon can be found on which islands shows that it isn't available until much later in the game and I'd rather have all 6 of my Pokemon by that point. If this information is false however I'll be taking Kommo-o.


Johto Champion
For Sun, I plan to exclusively use Alolan variants of Kanto species for my in-game team. Here's to hoping that they can learn the necessary field moves, or that field moves aren't that relevant given our new modes of transportation, because I don't think any will learn Fly - unless there's something REALLY weird about Alolan Dugtrio's hair!

Marowak, Ninetails, Raichu, Muk, one that I can't mention without spoilers, and then I'm undecided on the sixth slot.
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Hero of Truth

Lillie Fan
My team for Sun: starter (haven't decided which one yet), Lycanroc, Crabrawler, Alolan Sandslash, Wimpod, Solgaleo. On rotation: Vikavolt, Zygarde, Alolan Muk.

For Moon: starter, Lycanroc, Wishiwashi, Alolan Ninetales, Salandit, Lunala. On rotation: coming soon.
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