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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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Lightning zebra
I pretty sure that I'm going to choose Moon version. Me and my sister don't usually pick our team beforehand, expect those one that we really want. So our team looks like this right now.

Decidueye - We have hard time choosing between Popplio, which I would want and Rowlet that my sister wants. I usually I go along with my sister and to be honest I don't really mind choosing Rowlet.
Wishiwashi - If we choose Rowlet, I wanted Wishiwashi to team and my sister happily accepted
Mimikyu: When we first saw this cutie, it was instant Pokemon to add to the team
Palossand: It looks interesting Pokemon and I would like to use one
Pikipek evolution line: We usually use the regional bird in our team.

We haven't decided what Alolan form we use if any. Alolan Ninetales would be interesting choice, but I'm not sure


Well-Known Member
I plan to use different Mons on each island and only keeping starter. A way to get a variety of new mons and hey get too feel a bit like Ash ditching everyone but Pikachu lol


Lilac Dungeoneer
For Sun, I plan to exclusively use Alolan variants of Kanto species for my in-game team. Here's to hoping that they can learn the necessary field moves, or that field moves aren't that relevant given our new modes of transportation, because I don't think any will learn Fly - unless there's something REALLY weird about Alolan DDugtrio' hair!

HM's have been all but confirmed to have been dropped. Looks like we're using pokeride features instead, which is awesome cause now we can teambuild without having to worry about HM slaves and the like! =D
The teams i planned for :


Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Silvally (Still not sure what type i'll give him)
Ninetales (Alolan Form)
Muk (Alolan Form)


Pikipek's last evo
Wimpod's last evo
Golem (Alolan Form)

I probably won't start Moon until after finishing Sun because i preordered both versions but plan on letting my brother play Moon while i play Sun.

EDIT : How could i forget about the event Munchlax ! It's gonna take one of my spots in my Sun Team. Maybe instead of Lycanroc or if Kommo-o is really late in the game to get i might not use it.
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Well-Known Member
I think I'm going to poke bank a fennekin to pair up with popplio. They both have synergy and turn into waifus


Follow the Path
For Sun, I'm currently leaning towards:

Alolan Ninetales (if in Sun)
Alolan Muk
Komala (I know it'll likely be very weak, but if everyone can use Pikachu on meth, I can use a koala!)
Wimpod's evolution

Erron Black

The Outlaw
I have FINALLY decided on my main three teams and I don't think anything is likely to change now. Mostly because I'll have a copy of both Sun and Moon, I'll have my main playthrough on Moon, then I'll play through Sun as many times as I can until I've used all the new Pokemon/Alola forms.

Moon Team:
Lycanroc Midnight
Alolan Marowak
Alolan Sandslash

Wimpod's Evolution
Silvally (Dark Type)
Diving Bell Spider
Alolan Ninetales

Sun #2:
Pikipek's Final Evolution
Alolan Raichu

Salandit's Evolution
Morelull's Evolution
Crabrawler's Evolution
Alolan Muk


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I'm going with Sun.

The team I'll be using consists of the following:
- Decidueye.
- Pikipek3 or Oricorio Sensu. I'm a big fan of Skill Link and want to see if there are new chain-moves. I like the Ghost/Flying-type a lot, I might combo Dancer with a possible Quiver Dance Ribombee.
- Lycanroc Midday or Minior. Lycanroc Midday just looks so smoothe, while I'm interested in Minior for set-up potential when the "shield" is up, maybe it's a Shell Smasher?
- Salandit2: Love the typing. Still don't see the point in Corrosion aside from putting Toxic on Poison-types. You can simply burn most Steel-types, there's no reason to Toxic them.
- Ribombee: I really like the typing. Hoping for it to get Quiver Dance to combo with Oricorio Sensu in doubles if I'm going to play there. Shield Dust is nice, though situational.
- Mudsdale: Not a fan of horses, but I like Ground-types. Want to try out Stamina.

Probably those eight at least, because I don't know on which island you get each pokémon on. I don't want to be running around with just my Rowlet until the third island for example. Hence, Lycanroc and Pikipek are fullfledged choices that I really want to use, but they're also on their since I know I can get them early - as opposed to I assume Oricorio Sensu and Minior..

There's still others I want to use but these eight are the prime suspects that I'm inclined to settle with. Other options would be Passimian, but outside of doubles, it probably is just a mediocre Fighting-type with a double/triples-specific niche, same with Oranguru. I like Tsareena a lot, but I'm already using Decidueye. Then there's Incineroar, which I would normally use by trading a Litten over, but I've been a fan of Salandit since its reveal and I'm sticking with it as my Fire-type. Could've opted for Oricorio Pau, so that I don't double up on Ghost (now that Decidueye turned out to be one), but I just don't tend to use Psychic-types that much, and if there was one that I'd use, that would be Bruxish since its also part Water-type.. #HatedThemInGenI.. -.-

Speaking about Water, now that we know Surf isn't mandatory.. I guess that explains why there's no Water-type on my team. As said, Bruxish might get a chance and I really want to see what Pyukumuku can do with its Innards Out ability. If it has high HP and low defenses, it might just be an easy way to get a revenge kill... I also like Togedemaru's typing, but I doubt the stats will be enough to win me over.


Well-Known Member
I'm getting Sun and so far my team looks like:

Pikipek(could change)

I'm still deciding on who my final member will be but I'm happy I at least have most of my team planned out.


Well-Known Member
Hell yes BEASTpod remains Bug/Water upon evolving which means my FWG core is legit! Glad to know my final team is set. Can't wait to get my hands on them soon.


Well-Known Member
I feel that I'll probably choose an Alola Form for my last slot because I'm actually a big fan of the ones revealed so far, even though I tend to not use "alternate forms" on my teams. I'm seriously considering Alolan Meowth -> Persian, or maybe Alolan Sandslash. I would have chosen Alolan Ninetales had I not decided to go with Primarina. I don't want two fairies on my team.

Also I'm probably going to soft-reset for a female Popplio because I just can't see Primarina being male.
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Erron Black

The Outlaw
Well after stuff and things with datamining my teams have changed slightly, except my Moon team!

Sun Team #1
Alolan Raichu

Sun Team #2
Alolan Ninetales


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Welp, final team time. Spoilers:

Incineroar (Blaze)
Goliospod (Beastly, subject to change)
Dhelmise (S.S. Wreck)
Lucario (Aurora)
Lycanroc midday (Hunter)
Alola Raichu (Tony, subject to change)
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Ana de Armas fan
My final two teams for Sun and Moon - spoilers from Datamine:


[spoil]Popplio > Brionne > Primarina (Water / Fairy)
Rockruff > Lycanroc (Midday) (Rock)
Grubbin > Charjabug > Vikavolt (Bug / Electric)
Salandit > Salazzle (Poison / Fire)
Sandygast > Palossand (Ghost / Ground)
Jangmo-o > Hakamo-o > Kommo-o (Dragon / Fighting)[/spoil]


[spoil]Rowlet > Dartrix > Decidueye (Grass / Ghost)
Mudbray > Mudsdale (Ground)
Mareanie > Toxapex (Poison / Water)
Oranguru (Normal / Psychic)
Crabrawler > Crabominable (Fighting / Ice)
Oricorio (Baile Style) (Fire / Flying)[/spoil]


With the early leaks and such i've finally worked out my 2 teams, wasn't easy though. Even with the low amount of new pokemon, so many are great that i wish teams could be larger than 6 ^^

The final teams are in my signature, under spoiler to avoid any... well... spoiling :p

Some general changes i've made, sadly had to switch my fairy team to sun (originally wanted moon team to be fairy), this also means i had to drop lycanroc (midday form) from my teams as it wouldn't fit the team i had alrdy planned for moon originally. Also had to make one of my fairy team members not fairy due to it being too awesome and not having room for it on my other team :p.


«Last Hope»
Few changes to my team, one I wanted myself and one I didn't want but oh well...

Decidueye Grass/Ghost
Salazzle Poison/Fire
Bewear Normal/Fighting
Araquanid Water/Bug
Raichu Electric/Psychic
Sandslash Ice/Steel

Araquanid instead of Golisopod because while I like it, its design also creeps me out a bit lol
(I also wanted Ninetales but I have Moon and don't feel like breeding one to get it with my OT :/)
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Your Friendly Noodle
Sun Team: Incineroar, Lurantis, Kommo-o, Bewear, Ribombee, Alolan Sandslash

Moon Team: Decidueye, Wimpod evo, Salandit evo, Vikavolt, Lycanroc, Alolan Raticate
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