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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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I'm kind of in a tossup here. Between two games, I will have to make a choice between Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina. Primarina is my least favorite overall; although its typing, stat distribution and movepool kind of makes it the likeliest best of the three starters, it's probably the least interesting personality wise (I guess we ought to be judging which Pokémon we might want on their personality). Incineroar, meanwhile, is the least interesting design-wise and is the least likely to have any place in the competitive scenes, but it easily has the most personality and the best personality out of all three starters (plus, I'm a cat person, so huge plus). So I guess that leaves us with Decidueye, who doesn't have much of an active personality, but a very reserved and cool personality nonetheless, and he by far has the best design out of all of the starters.

Tough call, but I'm probably going to use Decidueye and Incineroar in both games at the very least. If we get a third game (or a pair of sequels--given the plots of land that have no purpose as well as the recent establishment of the league, I'm gonna guess Pokémon Sun and Moon is going to have a sequel or two released next year, and the sequels will reestablish the return of Pokémon Gyms), then I'm gonna go with Primarina at some point in time.

I'm probably going to end up picking up Solgaleo and Lunala in both games as well. As well as a new Alolan form in each game. Though I would like to keep my options open at the very least because it looks like the icy peak will be the final destination for the main campaign of the game, and in the Alolan Pokedex, it looks pretty clear the Ice-type Pokémon of the region are at the very end of the island Pokedex, so I'm not so sure if I'll be able to obtain Alolan Ninetales or Sandslash earlier on. But all things considered, I'll probably be relying on reserves so that I can continue to keep my options open. Just new Pokémon plus one Alolan form per game, and the only Legendaries I use are the Mascots. Also looks like we won't be struggling so much to evolve Jangmo-o all the way up to Kommo-o. So I guess that's pretty cool.


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Ok, my team has officially been finalized! I'll be playing Sun but acquiring the Moon exclusives from a friend of mine. My team is also very Ghost friendly.

Lycanroc Midnight Form
Alolan Marowak
Alolan Sandslash

I'll also be using Alolan Rattata/Raticate for a while on my team until I can get some of the later Pokémon.
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Just been sifting through and this appears to be what could be my final Sun team. Without further ado...

• Incineroar
• Toucannon
• Alolan Raichu
• Golisopod (Wimpod evo)
• Alolan Ninetails
• Kommo-o

Happy Hydreigon

Kahuna Mikah
I have now planned my Sun team, will post Moon team soon.

Leo the Primarina
Sebastien the Toucannon
Warren the Lycanroc
Buck the Mudsdale
Stan the Shiinotic
Tangy the Kommo-o
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Good grief with the new info we got my team just got smashed spoilers of unreleased mons so don't look if you don't wanna know!

3.Mimikyu {Ghost/Fairy}
4.Salandit>Salazzle {Poison/Fire}

Help me at least narrow this down please! I don't battle ppl so I don't need an epic team I just want to be able to beat the game without too much difficulty so keep that in mine. I've also listed them in order of most liked.
5.Grass Base Option:
Rowlet>Decidueye {Grass/Ghost}
Morelull>[Morelull Evo] {Grass/Fairy}
Cottonee>Whimsicott {Grass/Fairy}
Alo Exeggutor {Grass/Dragon}
Phantump {Grass/Ghost}

6.Water Base Option:
Dewpider>Araquanid {Water/Bug}
Mareanie>Toxapex {Poison/Water}
Surskit>Masquerain {Bug/Water}
Tirtouga>Carracosta {Water/Rock}

Possible odd ball options to replace one of the last two options: Passimian {Fight}
Alo Marowak {Fire/Ghost}
Pangoro {Fight/Dark}
Krookodile {Ground}
Alo Vulpix {Ice}
Drampa {Normal/Dragon}
Alo Ninetales {Ice/Fiary}
Stufful {Normal/Fight}
Pikachu {hat} {Eletric}
Braviary {Flying}

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor


what ever........
My team will at least have Incineroar and Arcanine the rest is still up in the air.
I won't get Sun anyways till xmas so I will have plenty time to chose.
There is a really low chance that I'll get Sun version prior to the PokéBank update in January, but now that we have a lot more info on the Alolan dex, I may just make some adjustments to my team. I haven't yet decicded where in my team these changes will be made, but several leaked Pokémon are looking increasingly promising. If I do make a pure-Alolan team, it MIGHT consist of:

Kabuterimon the Vikavolt (Named after the Digimon character. I mean, c'mon! It's too obvious!)
Kamehameha the Sensu Oricorio (Named after the school of hula dance, plus two DBZ puns. Another obvious jab at anime culture.)
Matahari the Salazzle (Named after history's deadliest and most infamous femme fatale. Other possible names would be Lamia, Succubus, or Lilith, after the mythical demon that seduces men in their dreams.)
Ash-Greninja (This dude cannot be nicknamed, sadly. I wish Battle Bond would work like Skill Link for Water Shuriken, instead of merely buffing its damage. I don't know how big the buff is, tho; it may be good.)
Legolas the Decidueye (I'm really flying my nerd flag high with this one. Alt-gender name would be Lavistra, after a character from an indie game I used to play.)
Lu Bu the Kommo-o (Named after the Chinese deity. Alt-gender name would be Diaoshin, after Lu Bu's wife.)

Erron Black

The Outlaw
So my Sun team changed slightly, mostly because I'm not the greatest fan of Kommo-o...

Alolan Golem


Ace Trainer
My Sun team will be as follows:

Lycanroc (Midday)
Ninetales (Alolan)

It's pretty balanced I think - just have to watch for those pesky poison moves! Though most fairy types learn psychic type moves at some point so hopefully that won't be a major problem in the game.


Mudbray or Jangmo-o if I can get one with low lv from trade
Wimpod later when the time comes I will switch it for the Satoshi Gekkouga. I wanna kick the ultra beasts hard with mizu shuriken. I wonder if Satoshi Gekkouga will be breedable
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Dragon Pulse

Rowlet and Sobble enthusiast
I wanna get rid of Greninja and add Alolan Marowak to my team, but I already have two Ghost-types on it (Decidueye and Mimikyu). The other team members are Lycanroc, Drampa and Alolan Raichu. Is three Ghost-types too much?


Ghost-Type Master
Just found out a certain pokemon is exclusive to Sun.

I am so bummed right now. I wanted it on my team so badly.

If you want to know who it is, just click here.
Alolan Ninetales :(
I wanna get rid of Greninja and add Alolan Marowak to my team, but I already have two Ghost-types on it (Decidueye and Mimikyu). The other team members are Lycanroc, Drampa and Alolan Raichu. Is three Ghost-types too much?

I had three Fighting-types on my in-game Sinnoh team and did just fine, so no, use whatever you like. In-game trainers will be annihilated by a knowledgeable player, regardless of the Pokémon you use against them.


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I wanna get rid of Greninja and add Alolan Marowak to my team, but I already have two Ghost-types on it (Decidueye and Mimikyu). The other team members are Lycanroc, Drampa and Alolan Raichu. Is three Ghost-types too much?

I'm using the same three Ghost types, and I don't think it'll be too much.


I wanna get rid of Greninja and add Alolan Marowak to my team, but I already have two Ghost-types on it (Decidueye and Mimikyu). The other team members are Lycanroc, Drampa and Alolan Raichu. Is three Ghost-types too much?

I have guaranteed three Fairy types in my Moon version; Primarina, A-Ninetales and Ribombee, which may add up if I decide to include Mimikyu. 3 is completely fine.
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