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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread


My Sun team:
Lycanroc (Midday)
Steenee (Not evolving it into Tsareena)
Alola Raichu
Oricorio (Baile)

Moon Team:
Tapu Lele

why wouldn't you evolve Steenee?


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Magenton/zone whatever

Something like that.


For Moon version, which I plan on using as my main 7th Generation game, I'm planning on having a team consisting of the following: Ashirene, Lugarugan, Jijiiron, Kuwaganon, and Amaajo. My sixth slot will be for transitory Pokemon that I'm debating on using, like Banbadoro, Makenkai, or Yareyuutan.


Just 24 hours for preloads to go live in my timezone! I'm so excited!
I've been adding to my teams slowly as the trailers rolled out, and I haven't changed my mind on any of them since. All the 'mons this gen had such wonderful designs, I wish I could use more than six!

Primarina (Loved the line since Popplio! A dorky little seal clown into a beautiful entertainer. I couldn't be happier with a starter!)

I've been solid on all of these right when I saw them. They're totally charming! I plan to use as many males as I can, since these are all considered "feminine", and many people call me a feminine guy, I relate to them and it makes me happy that many people will love 'mons like them too.

Incineroar (This guy really grew on me! I thought it might be yet another Fire/Fighting type and I was almost poisoned against it, but seeing how much personality it has from its Z-Move, I just can't help but love it. :) )
Lurantis or Morelull2 (I can't decide!)
Wimpod2 or the crown-of-thorns (I still can't decide!)
Mimikyu (Possibly my favorite new 'mon this gen. So cute!)
UB-01 (I really hope we can catch UB's, or I'll be hard-pressed to find a last teammate... I really fell in love with it the moment it was revealed!)

There are so many more that I'd love to use, but there are sadly only six slots on a team. I hope all of your adventures are a little more decisive than mine will be!
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Cramorant is too cute for words!
My team will be Decidueye and Lycanroc (the others I don't want to spoil for the people in Europe).


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Hmmm... well, I don't really have any set plans for my teams. But I guess a definite teammate is going to be Decidueye, because I've always dreamed of having a ghost-type starter. I'm also glad that a certain Kanto Pokemon will be back so I'll be using one of those.

Other than that I'll probably just capture Pokemon that I see fit when I encounter them.


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I've finally decided on a team:

And Type: Null as a reserve.


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Because I've already ruined it for myself and know all the Pokemon, I'll put in the ones that were announced properly...Why do I do it to myself.
Incineroar or Salandit
Mudsdale or Flygon

Luckily I don't know anything about the story yet. I have to now avoid the internet until Wednesday (wooo Europe)


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I've got a few Pokémon in mind for my team before I start playing, but I'm not averse to using Pokémon not on this list. I'd like to end up with mostly the new Gen VII additions, an Alola Form or two, and possibly a Pokémon from a past region.

Alolan Raichu/Vikavolt
Lycanroc (Midday)


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My fully evolved moon team will be:


Ledyan (I will replace it in the middle of the game, but don't know if I should switch it for Wiglytuff, A-Marowak or Toxapex)

Oricorio( Will replace it with Kommo-o later in the game)



Clawitzer - I was waiting to use these last two in pokemon Z but the game never happened and since I can't play X,Y(too boring) I'll use now haha


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Still only see the following Pokemon as the only good choices for me. I still have no idea what my full team will be, even after peeking at the S/M Pokedex on this site.

Lapras (yet again. No good Water-type choices for me this gen)


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It took me forever to decide on a starter, but I'm going with Litten! It's been several gens since I've picked the fire type first. Aside from him, I know I gotta have Alolan Dugtrio and Kommo-o. We shall see!


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
This will (probably) be my final time. Some new Pokémon spoilers:


Star Champion AJ

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Sun Team

Incineroar: I love the design and I like Fire-types.
Vikavolt: Electric-type, can learn good moves like Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz and Energy Ball for those pesky Rock-types.
Midday Lycanroc: One of the two reasons I picked Sun and I like his design compared to the Midnight form.
Araquanid: I like spiders, my sister hates them, I need a Water or Grass-type and his Ability is good against Fire and Rock-types.
Flygon: My favourite Pokémon, Dragon is my favourite type and because the Jangmo-o line appears a little too late for my taste.
Alolan Ninetales: The other reason for picking Sun instead of Moon and is very cute.

I'm aware I have four Pokémon weak to Rock-type moves (two of them being Bug-types) but my team, with the sole exception of Alolan Ninetales can cover that problem.


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Just remembered why I never bother with pre-planning my teams. I'm like 3 hours into the game and the only Pokemon I actually have from my pre-planned team is my starter.

Also it seems like it is going to be harder to even use a team with nothing but Alola Pokemon.


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I only began thinking of my teams recently. I usually plan them further in advance, but...school. >_<
Don't have final teams decided yet, but this is what I'm thinking so far:

I've been playing this version and think I will keep these three for sure:
Alola Raichu
Alola Muk
I have their pre-evos in my party now and like using them.

I've also been using Trumbeak, but I haven't decided if I'm going to have Toucannon on my final team yet.

I would like to have a Ground type on my team - deciding between Alola Dugtrio and Mudsdale. I love A. Dugtrio's hair, but I might "save" it for a future game/playthrough since I already have two Alola forms.

Haven't thought of anything else to use, but I'll probably find something once I've played through the game some more.

This will be my main version eventually, so I want to put together a team of my favourite new Pokemon/new Alola forms.
Pokemon I really want to use:
Primarina - Rowlet was my favourite first stage starter, but Primarina's definitely my favourite of the final forms - love its design and typing. Plus, it'll fill my "obligatory Water type" role.
Alola Exeggutor - I like the design & Dragon type. I also just really like the Exeggcute/Exeggutor line and have been wanting to use it more often.
Alola Ninetales - Pretty much for the same reasons as Exeggutor - love its appearance, type, and I feel like I haven't used Ninetales as much as I should've by now.
Palossand - Sandcastles are cool! Also, after looking at the Serebii Pokedex, I love its movepool and the fact that it has base 100 Sp. Attack - I don't use Special Ground types that much.

Still need to pick two more Pokemon. I won't play Sun until after I finish Moon, so I still have lots of time to decide. Also, it will be no problem if I want to use a Pokemon exclusive to Moon.

Leafy Sea Dragon

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I'm quite used to Pokemon that evolve with happiness to evolve around level 30, but the Pichu I caught at level 5 on my team leveled up at 16 surprisingly. I didn't use the soothe bell until either 14 or 15.

Edit: Munchlax evolved evolved at 19, gave it the Soothe Bell at 17.
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