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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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Happy Hydreigon

Kahuna Mikah
Whilst I haven't planned my entire team yet(and I don't plan to, as I want to catch some along the way), I know that my team in Sun will definitely consist of:

Leo(Because it's a sea lion) the Popplio- C'mon I need to use my starter, plus I find Popplio adorable.
Warren(Ever heard of the song "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon, yeah no more said) the Midnight Lugarugan- I know I'm playing Sun but my friend has Moon so I will trade him my Rockruff to evolve it.
??? the Jangmo-o- My favourite Pokémon of Gen 7 thus far, IT IS SO DAMN ADORABLE AAAAAAAA.

Julia Artemis

Well-Known Member
So I guess my preliminary Moon Team will be.


Though could see me replacing Vikavolt for another Electric Pokemon if it's stats are blah or maybe Laurantis, maybe replace Bewear if Crabrawler gets a good evo like Clawizter, Crawdaught or Kingler. And if Salandit is unimpressive than I'll probably switch it with Jangmo-o
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Pokemon Lover
I was planning on using litten, stufful, alolan meowth, venipede, teddiursa and something else on my first run. However the delayed pokemon bank might make this impossible. So my first run would be something like this now:

- Rowlet
- Jangmo-o
- Passimian
- Rockruff --> Midday Lycanroc
- Salandit
- ?

The last slot is open in case I see something in game that I want to add, and I guess I can use the team I planned originally after pokebank becomes available.


Well-Known Member
I've been back and forth with my teams but what I know that i am going with is :

Lycanroc (Midday)


All alolan forms


Ghost-Type Master
I am now very unsure about my team. There are only a few pokemon I'm certain I will have with me, and even that could change in the upcoming months.

1. Popplio
2. Drampa

- Oricorio (Ghost)
- Palossand
- Vikavolt
- Mudsdale
- Komala
- Alolan Marowak
- Oranguru

- Alolan Ninetales
- Lugarugan (Midnight Form)
- Bewear
- Minior

Now, if this alleged Ghost/Ice snowman proves to be real, that will more than likely jump to the top of the list.
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Well-Known Member
I always play each game at least three times, using different teams with different starters, and sometimes going for nuzlocke runs too.

At the moment, the team I’m wanting to use on my first play-through is:

-Popplio (With the leaks almost 100% being confirmed, I’m going to choose this unless it turns out there are alternate forms and one I like more than Popplio’s final evo)
-Lycanroc (IF I can trade, I want the Midday form but I’m getting Moon. Only if I can trade my own Rockruff, have it use a rare candy or something in Sun, evolve, then be traded back to me.)
-Minior or Pikipek (Minior if can’t get Lycanroc as described above, otherwise Pikipek)
-Salandit or Alolan Marowak
-Alolan Sandslash

Pokémon I’ll probably want to use in a subsequent play-through:

New Pokemon
- Rowlet and Litten (Obviously)
- Also any Pokémon mentioned in my first team that I don’t get to use for whatever reason
- Drampa
- Wishiwashi
- Oranguru
- Type:Null (Good chance of being in my first team if it isn’t a legendary, as I don’t like using legendaries)
- Alolan Raichu
- Alolan Ninetales

Old Pokémon I’ve not had the chance to use in a team yet:
- Gengar
- Snorlax (Just for Pulverizing Pancake alone)
- Various eeveelutions
- Mismagius
- Honchkrow
- Weavile
- Probopass
- Garchomp
- Electivire
- Trevenent
- Porygon-Z (Favourite Pokemon, still not been able to use it in a team)

The above old Pokemon assumed being in the game due to Aromatic Mist's observations.
Of course, this is all likely to change based on new Pokemon and evolutions revealed. Minior, Salandit and Pikipek are only in my main team currently based on the assumption they’ll have decent evolutions.

EDIT: Edging towards Salandit in my first team, as using a water sealion starter, a bug/electric type AND a Ghost/fire type marowak would make my team really simillar to my original White team, which I want to avoid.
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faerie dragon ghost
It's kinda too early but I've some mons already planned in my mind:

~ For HM slave I might get Trump mons aka Gumshoos
~ I kinda want to use alolan forms of Gen I mons too, so far what I like are Meowth/Persian (?) & Marowak.

lol, this made me laugh. It sounds like we may not need HM slaves this gen, what with the pokeride stuff, though we don't know for sure yet.

I'd like to do a playthrough with alola and regular forms side by side, but as it looks like pokebank is being delayed, I'll list some of the alola (not alola form) pokemon I've had my eye on (potential slots on my team) in the meantime:

mimikyu (definitely want to raise on of these. It's just so hilarious how it pokes fun at the pikaclones concept. Will name mine pikaboo.)
drampa (hoping for a 3-stage line, if not psuedolegend)
rockruff-->midday form (annoyed at the exclusive evo's.)
minior (pretty! I'm thinking blue or green {especially if it gets a deeper green}. A black or white one would also be cool.)
morelull (I'm afraid it will end up useless or ugly... but it's so cute now!)
salandit (Hoping for a cool evo and decent stats.)
rowlet-->archer (I'm also waiting to see if we get split evos or anything; poppliovely has also grown on me some, though I don't think it'll ever be one of my favorite mons)

I also think oranguru is funny, but I don't know if I'd use it in a playthrough. Might raise one sometime though. Pyukumuku maybe if it evolves into something usuable for similar reasons.


Saiyan Jedi
The only Pokemon, I truly want for my team so far are Litten and Type: Null, I am going to have to wait for the games to come out before I make any final decisions


Well-Known Member
My in game team appears in my signature, but as of right now my teams are looking:

Moon: Rowlet, Rockruff, Salandit, Jangmo-O, Unrevealed Pokemon

Sun: Litten, Pikipek, Mudsdale, Passimian, Wimpod (Possibly depending on evolution and stats), Unrevealed pokemon

Alolan Team: Marowak, Raichu, Sandslash, unrevealed alolan forms for the rest


Renan Segretti

The other 2 i'm still thinking. I like Jangmo-o if he end up being the pseudo legendary, specially if its going to be dragon fighting.
I also like Type:Null, but i need more information about him. And lycanrock midnigth form.


Well-Known Member

and prob chnge two for these ones



Very Melon
I'm hoping to use these:

Sun Team:
  1. Vulpix
  2. Alolan Vulpix
  3. Alolan Oddish (still dreaming for this to happen) / Vikavolt
  4. Midday Lycanrok
  5. Murkrow
  6. Ivysaur / Alolan Sandshrew

Moon Team:
  1. Litten (will ditch it for Fennekin if the leaked final evo is true)
  2. Alolan Marowak
  3. Morelull / Formantis / Scyther
  4. Delcatty
  5. Clawitzer / Kingler
  6. Noctowl / Latias / New Flying-Type

Dragon Pulse

Rowlet and Sobble enthusiast
As I will be using Sun for nuzlockes and just for fun when I get it for Christmas, I will get Moon first, which will be the one I use seriously.

My current team for Moon as follows:
• Rowlet
• Midday Lycanroc (I will probably trade it to someone who has Sun and they'll evolve it perhaps. I'll see what the evolution requirements are when the game is released.)
• Drampa
• Mimikyu

I love Midday Lycanroc much more that its Midnight form. Also, I am prone to changing Rowlet as I am not a huge fan of its leaked evolution. I prefer Popplio's evolution much more, but we'll see how it goes. For Drampa, I do love it, though I may change it for Jangmo-o as it is adorably cute! If it has a great evolution, then I am prone to changing Drampa too. I am waiting to see what I can use for the fifth and sixth slots. I might be using Alolan Raichu and/or Alolan Marowak.


Well-Known Member
- Type:Null (Good chance of being in my first team if it isn’t a legendary, as I don’t like using legendaries)

It wont be a Legendary as it's not listed as such on the main sites. However, I do get the impression it'll be like Rotom from DP. Only 1 that you wont get until post game. Imagine you get it from Gladion, other wise I only see there being one other that you still get post game. I was considering using it myself.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I for one am happy with the amount of lines we seem to be getting, if the signs are correct. Normally, I tend to go for 12 different types on the same team, but for some reason, quite a few of the single typed pokémon are catching my eye.

Thus, I can only make a temporary team - but heck, I'll add a full bench of six as well.

The A-team:
- Rowlet: Grass/Flying - No. Contest. #Arrowl2016
- Midday Lycanoc: Rock - To be honest, I like it a lot more then Midnight, but it may fall off my team if something incredible pops up.
- Salandit: Poison/Fire - From the start, and anxiously awaiting the evolution.
- Mudsdale: Ground - From the getgo.
- Wishiwashi: Water - I doubted at first, but after seeing the shot of it as Lana's Totem Pokémon, I was sold.
- Passimian: Fighting - I'm salty about its ability being specifically meant for Doubles, but I like this guy so much. Why couldn't its ability also mean that it would receive the ability of an opponent it faints?

That's just eight types instead of my usual twelve.. Weird.

The Bench
- Litten: Fire - I'm still on the fence on what might happen to the final evolution.
- Cutiefly: Bug/Fairy - Even after seeing the evolution, this might be one of those cute Fairy-types that I can appreciate. And I like the unique typing.
- Jangmo-o: Dragon - I think this is our Pseudo, and while I really like its design (and it might end up Dragon/Fighting or Dragon/Steel), I tend to not use the Pseudo's because they come in too late.
- Oricorio: Ghost/Flying or Fire/Flying - I really like these two forms. I often shy away from Psychic-types, but even Pa'u-style might end up being on the bench.
- Togedemaru: Electric/Steel - What can I say. I normally don't go for the Pachirisu/Emolga/Dedenne, but I like Togedemaru for some odd recent more then Vikavolt. Gonnagetaplushieformykid
- Oranguru: Normal/Psychic - Did I say that I normally shy away from Psychic-types? Well, Normal-types as well, but if I'm going to go online for battles, this thing is just a must.

All is subject to change. The big thing being that there's no GenVII Ice-type or Dark-type revealed yet. Along with Fire and Ground, those are my favorite types.

Heck, stuff that I'll definitely capture and try to use before likely swapping them out for the A-team and Bench:
- Pikipek: Normal/Flying - Might be Bench-material once we see its evolutions. But with Rowlet being my starter.. I dunno. If it turns out Steel/Flying than I might just drop Lycanroc.
- Mimikyu: Ghost/Fairy - Love the typing, but seems a bit too gimmicky for me to incorporate it into my style. Never really used Klefki either (I think they'll be sort of similar in stats).
- Minior: Rock/Flying - It's a bit gimmicky, but if it evolves into.. Majior.. Then I might consider it for the bench, or even the A-team if it's appealing enough.
- Komala: Normal - I tend to shy away from Normal-types, but it's so cute and I could see its evolution being quite capable ala Ursaring/Pangoro. Will probably replace Oranguru when I don't feel like doubles.
- Popplio: Water - Yeah, I'll definitely get one, but I doubt it will be a mainstay on my team for long.
- Bewear: Normal/Fighting - Just because I can?


Well-Known Member
My planned team so far:

And that's it

I'm thinking of maybe including Rockruff and a water and a grass type Pokemon, one of which being a Alolan Variant. So I want my team to be:

Litten's final evo
Pikipek's final evo
Maybe Lycanroc
Water type
Grass type


Everything stays.
It is too early to make a full team but there are a few Pokémon which I have fallen in love with that are confirmed/nearly confirmed to be in my team. My qualifications go as follow:

- Rowlet/Unknown evolutions

The only way they won't make it into the team is if they introduce enough Pokémon that I prefer over them to top them all.
- Rockruff/Lycanroc [Midday Form]
- Cutiefly/Unknown evolution(s)
- Pikipek/Unknown evolutions

I appreciate these Pokémon and I am waiting to see their full potential before making a decision about them.
- Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt
- Salandit
- Bounsweet
- Comfey
- Oricorio [Sensu Style]
- Sandygast/Palossand
- Jangmo-o
- Passimian

Pokémon that have little to no chance to make it to the team. The ones that have been crossed out have already hit 0%. This category does not include the other two starter Pokémon and legendary Pokémon (that I love but won't get).
- Komala
- Yungoos/Gumshoos
- Drampa
- Bruxish
- Togedemaru
- Stufful/Bewear
- Mimikyu
- Wimpod
- Mudbray/Mudsdale
- Minior
- Fomantis/Lurantis
- Wishiwashi
- Pyukumuku
- Morelull
- Turtonator
- Crabrawler
- Type: Null
- Oranguru
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