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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Wulava, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    I have been considering using Lucario on my Sun team, which would be the 4th generation (Gens 4, 5, 6, now 7) and 5th game (Diamond, Platinum, Black2, X, now Sun) I've used it in a row. I've always had certain self-rules in play, such as with each version and new gen, I never use the same Pokémon I've used before and each gen I only use Pokémon introduced in that generation, and Lucario has been that exception.

    Hopefully there isn't an Alolan Lucario since I know an Alolan Lucario wouldn't be both Fighting & Steel, one of those would be lost to cater to the gimmick. If I decide to go Lucario again.

    Its nickname this time around would be Cobalt.
  2. Seven of Arcanine

    Seven of Arcanine RK9 Unit Trainer

    Rowlet is my only confirmed team member, until the full 'dex and exclusives are known. But I have quite a few potentials I really like, such as Snowshrew and Icetails, Passimian and Mudsdale.

    Nobody's broken into my cross-gen team yet though. There was at least one Gen VI pokemon that did, the first since Gen III. Hoping Gen VII will give some of them a run for their money.
  3. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    It's highly doubtful that I'll get Sun version before the PokéBank patch, so I'll likely just transfer over the pre-built team I have on OR as soon as I start it up.

    Clear Body Klinklang
    Contrary Malamar
    Gale Wings Talonflame
    Mega Blastoise
    Rowlet's final evo
    Rock Head Tyrantrum

    Tbh, there really isn't much of anything standing out to me as actually good in Gen 7. Most of what I might use in a pre-Bank patch Sun version save file would likely be the Alolan Gen 1 reskins. If it so happens that I find myself in possession of a copy of Sun version prior to January 2017 (or if my family screws up and gets me Moon version instead), I'll probably go full native with a 100%-Alolan team.

    Vikavolt/Alolan Raichu
    Oranguru/Alolan Ninetales
    Alolan Marowak/Turtonator
    Popplio's final evo/Wishiwashi/Crabrawler
    Alolan Exeggutor/Lurantis/Rowlet's final evo
    Lycanroc/Mudsdale/Palossand/Alolan Sandslash

    Also, I am 100% NOT believing any "leaked" info, because if Serebii didn't report on it, it's 100% fake. I haven't even seen these obviously fan-made mockups yet, and I have no intention of looking at them. Why does anyone even still believe leaks?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
  4. Aromaeus

    Aromaeus Member

    Alolan Raichu
    Lycanroc Midnight Form
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
  5. aerial_ace

    aerial_ace Well-Known Member

    Itsquite hard to pick the team this time around even tho we dont have all pokemon revealed.
    So far my team most likelyvwould look like this:
    Lycanroc midnight form
    These 3 are definite i love all of them and they are so unique in their own rights. The rest of the team will probably change but for now the rest is:
    Oricorio pom pom or sensu style
  6. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    Well does that only specify the final team you want to challenge the E4 with or all the pokemon you consider using in a playthrough?

    In any case I can't say anything final before I have seen the complete pokedex and what everything evolves into. And even so I'm a person who likes to spontaneously decide on my team as I play the game.
    But as of now:

    Pokemon I'm gonna use for sure:
    Popplio, if it really evolves into the mermaid. I want that freaking mermaid...

    Pokemon I'll probably use at some point:
    Alolan Ninetales
    Alolan Exeggutor

    Pokemon I won't use:
    Legendaries and Island Guardians
    Turtonator (it reminds me of a disturbing anime monster I can't exactly remember, and of Gamera, and of Magma)
    Pikipek (unless it gets an evolution that's something better than Normal/Flying...yawn...)
    Comfey (unless it gets an interesting evolution)
    Alolan Meowth
    Alolan Raichu

    ...man I'm really looking forward to when we know the whole dex and everybody will be rating it and stuff.
  7. charmanderandswampertguy

    charmanderandswampertguy Thunder Trainer

    Ok here's my Sun team if Arcanine gets a Mega Evolution and please Game Freak I love Popplio give it awesome evolutions.
    Popplio MY DEFINITE 4
    Lycanroc (Midday form)
    Jangmo-o If Arcanine get a mega or Gengar if Arcanine dosent
    Pikipek or hopfully the toucan pokemon if its real
  8. Blaze990

    Blaze990 Well-Known Member

    While building my team I always try to have the following types: Grass, Water and Flying (As of gen 6 Fairy has made it its way to the list as well)
    My team isn't complete but so far this is what I have.

    Moon Team:
    > Rowlet
    > Lycanroc (Midday form) - Gonna need some help trade evolving it XD
    > Mudsdale
    > Wishiwashi

    For flying types (other than Rowlet), I'm still waiting for the complete Dex but for now its between one of two:
    > Oricorio Sensu Style
    > Pikipek (Depends on its evolution)

    Pokemon that may be on my team depending on their evolutions:
    > Comfey
    > Litten (If the leaked evolution is true... it WONT be on my first run team or any team)
    > Jangmo-o

    Alolan forms I'm still not sure... I want to have "new" Pokemon only on my team... but with their drastic changes they might as well be new XD. If I decide on adding them to my team then its between:
    > Alolan Exeggutor
    > Alolan Raichu
    > Alolan Meowth
    > Alolan Ninetales

    I like Alolan Sandshrew but not Sandslash so not sure about that.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
  9. Redcoat

    Redcoat Member

    I never really set my team in stone, but I'm gonna make this post and (if I remember) come back and see how my team actually looks after finishing the game. Just to amuse myself!

    Rowlet, nicknamed Hammer
    Fire-type, probably!

    Was gonna go for a weapon and tool theme for the nicknames but who knows, haha.
  10. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    So far, here's what I have planned.

    Alolan Raichu
    Lycanroc (Midday Form)

    Oricorio (Baile Style)
    Pyukumuku (If it gets a cool evolution)
  11. Imperfect God

    Imperfect God New Member

    I think this is the first time I've been this enthused with Pokémon. So much so - that I'm actually entertaining this wonderful discussion, at this stage. Normally, I usually wait until all the pokemons are revealed - then I start to dance with my reasoning side of the cognitive process. One thing is certain I intend on having at the very least 3 teams, which is quite a development!

    Team (A) - This is going to be a bird/avian team.
    1. Rowlett3 (although secretly I hope that the secret the starters share with Rockruff is split evo. As I'm not too keen on it's leaked final design, however it has grown on me. That said I am grateful that it keeps its avian appearance)
    2. Oricorio Pom Pom style
    3. Oricorio Baile style
    4. Pikipek's final evolution (I hope it's a steel, electric, ground type instead of that boring normal/flying typing). If not, I could use Skarmory or Empoleon (if it's possible to trade from XY/ORAS earlier on in the game, which I doubt)
    5. Hoping that more bird pokemons get revealed. if not, I will try out a few old faces
    6. Same as previous

    Team (Aa)
    1. Lycanroc
    2. Vikavolt
    3. Mudsdale
    4. Salandit
    5. Jangmo-o
    6. Reserved for a new water type, if not then Vaporeon receives a competitive call to arms

    These Pokemons in the reserves will get an equal opportunity to stake a claim for themselves, however if it's worth noting the list is subject to improvement; Mimikyu, Passimian, Crabrawler, Togedemaru, and Bewear

    Team (Aaa); will consist of Alolan forms
    1. Marowak
    2. Exeggutor
    3. Ninetales
    4. Raichu, however it may lose it's place depending who else gets an Alolan form
    5. Reserved for an unrevealed Alolan form
    6. Same as the previous
  12. Ioneos

    Ioneos Well-Known Member

    Rowlett is a shoe-in unless the evo's are confirmed trash.
    Finna use that sweet Snorlax Z-move, so the event Munchlax will go as well.
    Mimikyu is the only Pokemon that I care about deep down
    Pyukumuku better get some badass evolution for me to use
    Depending on how early they can be found in the game, Bewear and Minior will likely take up the last two slots.

    I really wish I could use Pikipek and Oricorio, but I'm not a fan of repeated types. Maybe I'll consider an all-Flying type team and actually battle some sky trainers.
  13. Navarch

    Navarch Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely going for Popplio because I always choose the Water type, and I'm gonna assume it's final evolution will be Fairy because of the leaks.

    I'm thinking something like this:
    Popplio Final (Water/Fairy)
    Mudsdale (Ground)
    Jangmo-o (Dragon)
    Oricorio Pom-Pom Style (Electric/Flying) (Maybe?)

    Definitely not my final decision, though.
  14. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I'm not really a fan of any of the the starter evolutions (although that'll probably change once we see them in game) and with the rumours about split forms, my choice is definitely up for change. Right now I'm looking at Rowlet as the most likely, but Popplio's evolution has grown on me a bit too. We'll see.

    Apart from that, I'll probably end up using Lycanroc (midday). I loved Rockruff from when it was revealed and it seems like my kinda Pokemon. I like Minior too, though, and if it ends up with a cool evolution I might swap out Lycanroc. I'm a big fan of Jangmo'o and Type: Null too, and I'm also considering Salandit, Wimpod and Pyukumuku depending on their evolutions. I dunno if I'll go with an Alolan Pokemon but I think Ninetales looks awesome and I have a big soft spot for Exeggutor so I might end up using one of them if I don't find anything else.
  15. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    I've managed to fill my roster, which isn't that impressive considering the sheer amount of Pokemon revealed, but I would still like to see surprises in-game that I recruit solely based on looks because right now it's a mix of design + usefulness.

    - Rowlet
    - Popplio (I've REALLY grown on it, solely with the possible siren evolution)
    - Drampa
    - Komala
    - Comfey
    - Oranguru/Passimian

    Drampa, Komala, and Comfey all have possible evolution/prevo scenarios that could change my mind. I love both the apes enough that I want both on my team, but I'll take the Moon exclusive at the very least. And also no Alolan variants because they're all has-beens.
  16. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Picking full rosters before the games have been released (or leaked, or datamined) seems incredibly short-sighted.

    I'll probably pick Litten, and maybe try to look for a Mudbray.
  17. XXD17

    XXD17 Draco rex

    The only solid spots I have is my starter (Litten) and Jangmo-o....I will definitely pick up a midday lycanroc and pikipek for early game, but they'll most likely be dropped later. The only other 'mon that will have a definite spot is the dolphin Pokémon that hasn't been revealed yet...I might also try out lurantis.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
  18. Wind?

    Wind? My name is Quiliver.

    Of the mons we know: here is my team I currently want.

    1. Quiliver the Rowlet
    2. Pickles the Pyukumuku
    3. Zabu the Passimian
    4. Clyde the Mudsdale
    5. #Mo'o the Jangmo'o
    6. Friendship the Alolan Marowak
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Popplio (If it is in fact Water/Fairy)
    Alolan Ninetales
    Alolan Raichu
    Lycanroc Midday form
    Cutiefly/Something else

    This will likely change once the game actually comes out.
  20. future.newyorker

    future.newyorker Well-Known Member

    Based on what has been revealed (or leaked) so far, this is what I'm going with:

    Lycanroc Midnight Form
    Alolan Marowak

    Possibilities for my team:
    Type: Null
    Tapu Koko (or other Tapu's)

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