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Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

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After yesterday's reveal of Dartrix, Torracat and Brionne, i think i can now start to designy team. It's not final.

*Litten (starter)
*A water type (tbd)


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Yeah. After seeing Dartrix, I'm sticking with my team. I will love all of them regardless what they become.

Still need those two other mons though. A cool water-type would be awesome right about now.


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Yeah. After seeing Dartrix, I'm sticking with my team. I will love all of them regardless what they become.

Still need those two other mons though. A cool water-type would be awesome right about now.

what water pokemon your hoping to be revealed


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Updated my team now

Litten- Torracat - ???
Pikipek - ??? - ???
Rockruff - Lycanroc Midday Form
Togedemaru or Pikachu - Alolan Raichu (Depends on what I want my grass type to be)
Grass type (a Alolan Variant, maybe Exeggutor)


Ana de Armas fan
So with the starter evolutions being revealed I'm still picking Popplio (in Sun) and Rowlet (in Moon):

Popplio - Brionne - ?
Rockruff - Lycanroc (Midday)
Sandygast - Palossand
Grubbin - Charjabug - Vikavolt

Rowlet - Dartrix - ?
Mudbray - Mudsdale
Water type (to be confirmed)
I think that I may just replace Mega Blastoise on my team with Ash-Greninja, if Battle Bond gives stat boosts similar to Mega Evolution. If not, however, then I'm sticking with M-Blastoise. If, for some reason, I don't get my pre-built team transferred over, Ash-Greninja will be on my team, as will Rowlet3, Turtonator, Vikavolt, Oranguru/Palossand/Alolan Ninetales, and Lycanroc.
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Planned Sun Team:
Rowlet's Final Evolution
Flygon (assuming it is in the Alola Dex)
Mega Gallade (assuming it is in the Alola Dex)
Alolan Marowak

Really hoping we are allowed to have a Mega, Ash-Greninja and a Z-Move all on one team. I don't think I read anything that you can't and Ash-Greninja doesn't seem to be portrayed as a Mega. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll be able to nickname Greninja and it will probably be very high leveled, relative to the start of the game if it is anything like Mega Glalie/Steelix from the ORAS demo.


Ghost-Type Master
Brionne has made me second guess having Popplio as my starter for fear of the final evolution being equally disturbing.

If the siren in the Chinese leak remains true, I'll be fine. If not, and something worse is set to be, I am going for Rowlett, which could drastically affect the formation of my first team.

So far, it remains as such:

1. Popplio
2. Drampa

- Oricorio (Ghost)
- Palossand
- Vikavolt
- Mudsdale
- Komala
- Alolan Marowak
- Oranguru

- Alolan Ninetales
- Lugarugan (Midnight Form)
- Bewear
- Minior

Agin, if the alleged Ghost/Ice snowman proves to be real, it will more than likely be part of my team.


Hylden General.
Well, Dartrix made me settle on starting with Rowlett on my first playthrough. I was hooked on Rowlett since day 1 but I also liked Popplio. But the leaked final evolutions made me doubt, and with the reveal from yesterday I'm 100% sure. This will be the first time that I won't be using a water starter for my main character. But there has to be a first for everything.


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My teams are not quite set for either version quite yet. I'm hoping that a datamine when the demo is released will reveal the remaining Alolan Forms and new Pokemon so I can finalize this list;

Sun Team (Alola Pokemon Team)
-Entermaid [Water/"Fairy"] *This is looking more and more to be the typing it will receive.
-Salandit [Poison/Fire] *I'm hoping Salandit has an evolution that retains this typing.
-Lurantis [Grass] *Unless there is another grass type that evolves and gains a secondary typing other than fairy/poison.
-Passimian [Fighting] *Wasn't originally planned, and may change between Passimian and Jangmo-o depending on Jangmo-o's evolutions and typings.
-Lycanroc [Rock] *Obviously the Mid-Day Form.
-????? *I'm REALLY wanting to add an electric type Pokemon to my team, but Togedemaru/Vikavolt/Oricorio don't impress me at all...

Moon Team [Alolan Form Team]
-Marowak [Fire/Ghost]
-Exeggutor [Grass/Dragon]
-Raichu [Electric/Psychic]
-Ninetales [Ice/Fairy]
-????? *Looking to add a water-type Alolan Form if one is revealed.
-????? *Either a bug, poison, ground, rock, or fighting type Alolan Form if one is revealed.


Dragon Pokemon Fan
So far my team on Sun is looking to be:

Lycanroc Midday Form
Alolan Ninetales

With the reveal of the middle evos and the leaks looking more and more real, looks like I'll be choosing Popplio. But I love how my team is looking. :)
Definitely Lycanroc, Salandit (who I hope evolves), Passimian and Vikavolt. Waiting for the final starter evos to decide between Rowlet and Litten.

Last slot is still open, with Jangmo-o currently laying the strongest claim. If Alolan Arcanine does turn out true, then he'll probably take the 6th spot.

Having said all this, I'll most likely blind Nuzlocke it like I did with Gens 5 and 6 so I'll get what I'm given...

New Konoiche

Active Member
I'm actually going to trade to have all three starters for my first play through, just to do something a bit different!

And I always give my Pokemon human names LOL.

Rowlet/Dartrix/Rowlet3 (Owen)
Litten/Torracat/Litten3 (Alan)
Popplio/Brionne/Popplio3 (Helen)
Stufful/Bewear (Buddy)
Oranguru (Bob)
Rockruff/Lycanroc Midnight (Charlie)


Popplio - Brionne - ??? --- WATER(/FAIRY?)
Grubbin - Charjabug - Vikavolt --- BUG/ELECTRIC
Pikipek - ??? - ??? --- NORMAL (STEEL??)/FLYING
Jangmo-o - ??? - ??? --- DRAGON(/FIGHTING?)
Rockruff - Lycanroc (Day) --- ROCK
Salandit - ??? --- POISON/FIRE

That's it so far. Unless they reveal a GRASS/FIRE type, in which case I'll switch Salandit. And a fossil for Lycanroc if it is revealed and decent...


Water Trainer
So far,

Popplio - "Ceres" (female)
Salandit - "Andy"
Lycanroc (Midnight) - "Bingo"
Jangmo-o - "Peter"
Lurantis - "Venus"
Pikipek - "Duncan"

Just Using Pokemon I like!
Not really overwhelmed at the choices for Flying type, so ill have to settle for the Regional Bird!


Top Coordinator
Brionne - Emmalina
Cutiefly - Pix
Morelull - Muschelle
Komala - Blinky
Bewear - Stuffins
Bounsweet - Smiley

Is my current party (and yes I am aware of the amount of type repetitions going on).

Dragon Pulse

Rowlet and Sobble enthusiast
I am currently considering on adding Ash-Greninja to my Moon team if there's nothing else I want on my party or an appealing Water-type.


Half, ninja, half cat, all attitude

Nickname Rowlet Hedgewig for lulz
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