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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

This thread is for you who already have the game. You can post about completing a trial, encountering a legendary, losing a battle, etc.

- Don't spam. In the past you could only post once per 20th post. We do not want to enforce such a rule again.
- Do not ask questions here. This is not the help thread, which you can find here: Sun & Moon Help Thread
- Each post must contain 3 sentences or more. Don’t just post “Caught Pikipek.” This is obviously you either being lazy or trying to increase your post count.

Each of these rules will be enforced. If you break a rule, expect your post to be deleted, as well as expect an infraction.


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
I got my Sun and Moon Dual Pack from Gamestop at the Midnight Launch! After finishing the demo to get my Ash's Greninja, I started the main game and was really happy with the smooth walking controls with the circle pad. I picked Rowlette as my starter. Currently I'm talking to Hau and checking out the place. So far I am really liking it and can tell the story is the main focus in this game and I have a feeling it'll be deeper than X and Y's story.


Shiny hunter :)
So i picked Rowlet only because I didn't want to spend hours SRing for a female popplio, so here I am in that Melemele meadow. So far I haven't seen any pokemon I really want besides Cutiefly who i'm now training.. I also wanted that one crab but none of the berry trees are letting me get him, even when I SR like 20 times. Also why the heck is Oricorio so freaking hard to capture? I have him in red, and im throwing great balls and it literally won't even shake once. why? thisis so stupid.
*finally, after wasitng all 16 great balls I got it*
Anyways, I'm heading to the next island after I beat the kahuna or whatever he's called :)


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Currently on Route 9 with a team of Brionne , Magnemite, Crobat and Bayleef. These games are no fair Magnemite & Slowpoke among many other good Gen1 pokemon on the first island makes it hard to want to try new things when the old ones that work are so readily available. I'll ditch Bayleef when it evolves and start getting some new things on island 3 once i reach it.


Lover of underrated characters
Arrived in Alola and saved Lillie's friend. Chose Litten as my starter and beat up Hau. Caught several Pokemon before having to kick Hau's butt again. Upon arriving in the next city I changed my character's hair and eye color(Why we can't just pick hair and eye color of our choosing at the start I have no idea..... I wanted white skin and brown hair but that wasn't an option)
Trump the Yongoose


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I chose Rowlet as my starter. My Pikipek just evolved into Trumbeak (my first evolution so far). I recently caught a Growlithe (Arcanine is one of my favorite Pokémon), and am now hunting for one with a better nature and stats. I will soon be heading to the first trial.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Just bought both games! I did soft resets to get a Modest Popplio. Finally got one after about an hour or so. My Popplio is a male and I nicknamed him Kanaloa, whom is a god of the ocean in Hawaii! Tried out the Pokefinder and Festival Plaza, which the latter I'm trying to figure out how to get Festival Coins currently. Really want them Apricorn Balls! I'm on my way to beat Ilima right now, and he's really tough. His Yungoos is pretty bulky and manages to get two leers in before I can defeat it, then Smeargle two shots me with Leafage. Bought some X Defenses, Potions, and X Sp. Attack to beat him!


1 more day ^^
I started my game about an hour ago. I did all of the tutorial stuff. I loved the starting action thing with Lilly. I chose popplio and named him Jonathan after a seel from an anime that I forgot what it was called XD. I also caught a pikapeck, yungoose, ledyba, and caterpie. When can you start sos battles?
Curent team
Jonathan the popplio lv 8


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I got Moon after work today. I chose Litten as my starter and named him Beltigre after the "leaked Pokedex" that turned out to be a hoax. I decided to turn it off after a while to make it last.


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Started Moon after getting home from work. After the absolutely obnoxious amount of cutscenes I chose Litten as my starter after much deliberation. After that I spent a good thirty minutes trying to find a Grubbin before learning that some Pokemon don't appear in certain patches of grass which is ridiculous. Finally caught one and also caught all the Pokemon you can find in the area. Now I'm at the trainer school battling students and catching Alola forms. At least it feels like I am finally getting to play the game now.


Ascended Dialga

Grad student
I just picked up my copy of Moon today and I've already put about 4 hours into it. Instead of planning on a specific team, I decided to catch every brand-new Pokémon and Alola form that I see on-sight as well as any older Pokémon that I know are good, and build the best team I can out of them. At the moment, I have just defeated Hala. My current team Torracat, Trumbeak, Machop (nicknamed Macho and received from a trainer in the Route 3 PMC for a Spearow), Drifloon, Alola Rattata, and Alola Diglett. Trumbeak and Drifloon were the ones who won me the battle against Hala. Thanks guys!


1 more day ^^
Continued from last post. I caught everything on the first part of route 1. I killed the first grubbin I found because I wanted a female but did find and catch a pichu. Did find another grubbin and ran because I didn't notice it was a grubbing XD I finally caught 1 and named him Kuwagata. Did the festival after beating the trainers, made my way to the lab after catching rattata, wingull, and slowpoke, then I got to the trainer school, caught everything, beat the trainers, then I went to the main part of the city, bought some new cloth, caught an abra, beat team skull, and the captain. Current team
Jonathan the popplio lv 12
Kuwagata the grubbin lv 12


To Alola!
I bought Pokemon Moon after my university classes were done today! I was really impressed with how the game opened; I chose Popplio as my starter and didn't think of a good nickname until it was too late! I'll find the Name Rater later and change it. I initially caught a Pikipek but soon remembered I don't necessarily need a Flying-type anymore since we have Pokemon Rides. With that in mind, I caught a Grubbin and named him Altair. I just beat Team Skull at the Marina and hope to catch a Mudbray as my next team member!


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Picked up both games at midnight, but I was only able to start about an hour ago. I'm playing through my Moon version first. I chose the male character and am using Rowlet as my starter.

Right now, I'm on Route 1 training. I levelled my Rowlet up a bit and caught a Pikipek. My Pikipek was only level 2 when I caught it, so I'm working on getting it closer to Rowlet in level. Currently, it's level 4 and Rowlet's level 7. I'm going to train and explore Route 1 a bit more now and might catch another Pokemon if I find something interesting.


Johto Champion
I've got about three hours of play logged and I'm in Hau'oli City; I just heard about Team Skull at the Marina so I'm headed there. I spent quite a bit of time (and money!) working on customization to get the perfect look for me, so that took a while. My current team:

Grubbin, Lv. 9
Pikipek, Lv. 11

I love how leveling up takes longer and the experience scales differently again (and I'm not using the Exp. Share, so that's fun). I'm surprised I can play so long and be at a pretty low level and not have attempted the first trial, which I really like. I also think the battles are definitely tougher.

But really, the best thing so far is some of the music!


Can also jump!
I got pokemon Sun version and have been playing it all day since. I chose Popplio as my starter. I was unlucky that it wasn't female but that's alright, I still love him! I named him Dizzy. With his help and other pokemon I caught along the way, I made some good progress.

So far, I beat any Trainer whom I bumped into on Route 1 and eventually stopped by the Professor's "Lab" and got the cheeky Rotom Dex. I like their company, and is pretty helpful to boot! After some lessons at school, I caught up with my newfound mates and went sightseeing in Hau'oli City. After which I encountered these Team Skull jerks who tried to mess with me and the Island's Captain at the Marina, but we ended up messing them up instead and they beat it! With the Captain's thanks, I healed up my crew and headed out into Route 2.

I took short-lived visits to the side areas (And solved some Team Skull Trouble, again, while I was at it.) and moved on. Catching a few things and prepping beforehand, I took on the Island Trial in Verdant Cavern. The pokemon in there were a bit tougher than I expected! Not to mention I bumped into Team Skull yet again, but this time they had a bone to pick with me and my trial. The nerve of those guys! Luckily they didn't stop me and I took on the area's Totem pokemon. It was a tough opponent, but managed to overcome them with some teamwork from my pokemon, earning my first Z-crystal!

Now that i've been cleared to catch pokemon in the cavern, I wend ahead and did so, and some of my pokemon evolved along the way! Afterwards the Professor came by and taught me about Z-Moves, which are, in a word, AWESOME! I can't wait to try them for myself! Now I plan to venture to Route 3 to explore as well as search for Lillie, who seems to have went missing.
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Lover of underrated characters
Me and my Pokemon successfully completed our first Trial, and beat Team Skull again as well. Gaining our "first" Z-crystal(Totally had Snorlium Z first!)
We then went to search for Lillie and once again rescued Cosmog for her.
Traveled back to Inki Town and beat Hala next, traveling across the ocean we arrived at the next island and met Mallow and Olivia.


Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Unfortunately wasn't able to get much done, I got Rowlet and fiddled around with the towns (everyone does it don't lie to yourself).

I did end up getting a Pikipek to serve as filler until I actually find something I'm actually using so when the AI wants to spam Growl, I can switch between the two instead of always having a crippled starter. Then saved the game.

Monster Guy

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Illan, why did you teach your Smearagle Leafage?! Just to troll me?!

I beat the first trial and the grand trial of the first island, and now I'm on the second island. My Mono Fairy team is coming along nicely. I'm using a Mono-Fairy team, and the first Kahuna is a Fighting type specialist. HA! xD It was easy as pie.


Ariel the male Brionne
Flufer the male Cottonee
Lacey the female Cutiefly
Sylvia the female Sylveon
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1 more day ^^
I started doing stuff on route 2. First I caught makuhita and drowsee. Next I talked to some people and battled some trainers including a team skull grunt. Then I caught a spearow and a cutiefly. One thing I hate is that I've battled about 10 trainers and every one has 1 pokemon DX my biggest pet peace continues >.>