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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


Demon Child
Went to the Festival in Iki Town and was challenged to another battle by Hau again and this time, he had a Pichu oh his team. Was not an issue, Blackjack handled him with no problem whatsoever. I then recieved a Z ring from Hala before going back home.

Lillie came over and I followed her to Professor Kukui's lab. I recieved the Rotom Dex from him before I was on my way.

I went back to catch route 1 to see if I could some different Pokemon that only came out at night. I emded up catching an Alolan Ratata and a Spinark before making my way over to the Trainer's School. I recieved the Exp share from Professor Kukui before going off to battle four trainers in the school. I received the TM for Work Up and some great balls before leaving the Trainers School and continued to make my way towards Hau'oli City.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Litten - LV 12)
Vikibolt (Grubbin - LV9)

Forretress Fan

Let's Go
Ran into a Shiny Tentacool with hunting down the elusive Mareanie. Then found the Corsola/Mareanie combo for the fishing after the shiny capture. Twas a good day


Well-Known Member
Pokémon Sun: Found all the Stufful, and got my reward for finding them all. Found two Team Skull grunts trying to steal a bus stop, and fought against them. Kukui finally caught up to me, and we took the bus up to the mountain. Met Molayne and fought against him, before exploring the rest of the mountain. Fought some trainers, found some items, before heading back up to the observatory. Headed inside, met up with Sophocles, and began my next trial. The power in the observatory went out when Sophocles tried to summon the Totem Pokémon, and I had to identity sound while waiting for it to show up. Eventually, I fought against Totem Vikavolt and its minions. After another tough battle, I cleared the trial and got the Z-Crystal from Sophocles. I also received another Z-Crystal from Molayne. I then was asked to return the mask that Kukui accidentally left behind when he left earlier.

Current team:

Minami (Primarina F - Level 38)
Arlene (Persian F - Level 36)
Raiden (Pikachu M - Level 36)
Vulcan (Growlithe M - Level 35)
Snoozer (Snorlax M - Level 34)


*hugs Absol*
Finished up the main story and am about to challenge the Elite Four right now. Current team:

Lvl 55 - Nebby (Lunala)
Lvl 57 - Aluna (Absol)
Lvl 57 - Rokhar (Lycanroc (Sun))
Lvl 57 - Kapur (Arcanine)
Lvl 58 - Flairy (Ribombee)
Lvl 59 - Aslas (Milotic)

And... I forgot to stock up on resources before entering. Well, here goes. :D


Demon Child
I arrived in Hau'oli City and was stopped by Hau and dragged into a shop, where I had the Poke Finder added to my PokeDex. When I left the shop, I was forced into taking some pictures of a Pikechu with the Poke Finder. When I was done, I went into town and the first thing I did was stop at the hair salon and picked a color and a hairstyle for my character. Then I went over to the clothing shop and bought some clothing before going to explore more of Hau'oli City.

I learned that Team Skull were in the Marina and immediately made my way that way. I met Ilima before Team Skull showed up and battld one of them. After defeating them, Ilima asked to battle me. I had a little bit of trouble with him but I did manage to beat him before he left to wait for me at the Trial site.

I did a little bit more exploration of Hau'oli City but I decided to do a little bit of training to level Vikibolt so he's at the same level as Blackjack.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Litten - LV 13)
Vikibolt (Grubbin - LV 10)


Well-Known Member
I entered battle with Tapu Koko and caught it with the first PokeBall I threw on the first turn. Timid nature.

That's probably all of my luck for today I guess.


*hugs Absol*
Elite Four: defeated Hala first. Was a pretty easy fight, using Nebby (Lunala) and Flairy (Ribombee) who was my MVP in this fight.
Second fight against Olivia. Was a little tougher due to me messing up with typing. Thought Ice was strong against Rock, but I was mistaken. Still, made it through.
Next up is Acerola. Not too difficult, but it hurt missing Stone Edge against her Froslass. Aluna (Absol) Night Slash'd his way through most of the rest without too much trouble.
Last guy is... Kahili? Haven't seen her before. Had to use Kapur (Arcanine) against her Skarmory, Rokhar (Lycanroc (Sun)) rocked the rest of her team with Rock Slide.

Champion time against best professor in any Pokémon game. WOW, that battle music, it's so glorious. :D Man, that was super close. Everything went fairly well until Tailwind Incineroar messed up like half of my team. Finished the fight with Nebby in good condition and a palaryzed, near-fainted Milotic.


So long
Before going to Route 7 like I had planned, I went back to Route 6 for some adventures there. But I didn't do the thing I had planned to as the odds were against me and I didn't want to waste a lot of time on this right now. Went south to see the new city... but it wasn't a new city as I thought yesterday, just a new part of Heahea which I go to previously. Explored it now instead, but there wasn't a lot of new things there and I couldn't go all the way east either.

Went out to Route 7 now. Couldn't go very far, and decided to skip the water part of the Route until later. I entered the Wela Volcano Park which is where I was supposed to go for two reasons. I met another Trial Captain yesterday who told me to come here to participate in his Trial which was at the summit of the Volcano. But before doing that, I had to do another thing. Started looking for wild Pokemon in the grass. Caught Fletchling, Magby, Cubone, and most importantly, the next member of my team, a Salandit. It wasn't the easiest though. I knew that I had to find a Female, and since it has a low chance of being Female, the odds were against me. After meeting three or four Males, I realized that I could use SOS chains to meet several Salandit without having to cancel the battle. This wasn't all easy either as they knew Dragon Rage which could 2HKO all members of my team. I eventually found a Female though, and managed to catch it without major problems.

Afterwards, I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal my team (they were pretty beaten up), then I started training Salandit. Trained it on Route 5/6 and at the Ranch. Caught a Fomantis at Route 5 since I hadn't met one before, and an Eevee at Route 6. Didn't really need it right now but it might be good to have an extra just in case. Along the way, I also played with Salandit in Pokemon Refresh until it had 3 hearts like the rest of the team. Once Salandit was at level 22, I felt that it was enough so I stopped training it and went back to the Volcano.

There, I battled some trainers and picked up some items before heading to the summit. At the summit, I met the Trial Captain, Kiawe. His Trial turned out to be a bit different as I had to watch his three Marowak perform different dances. I thought it was going to be hard, but it turned out to be rather hilarious instead. Got to battle one of the Marowak and a Hiker in the process. At the end, I got to face the Totem Pokemon, which was a Salazzle. Now I know what my Salandit eventually will evolve into. I decided to use Brionne against it, now that I finally had a type advantage at a Trial. It turned out to be easier than any of the previous Trials. Brionne destroyed the Salazzle with a powerful Water-type Z-move, and took care of the ally Salandit afterwards as well.

For clearing it, I got the Firium Z and the ability to use Charizard to fly to any area I had been to before. Decided to give the Firium Z to Salandit since it is Fire-type and it recently learned Flame Burst, allowing it to have a reasonably powerful Fire-type Z-move. Tried the Z-move in question as usual, and it quite strong. I also unlocked the Poke Pelago which I tried a little, will continue using it as I keep playing through the game. Went down to Route 7 again and the path to Route 8 was now open, so I went there. Didn't do anything there though, but I will tomorrow. Won't have much time to play then as it is Wednesday yet once more, but I will try to get a few small things done at least.

I have also thought about joining the current Global Mission that started today, but I'm not sure yet. I usually wait with signing up to the Global Link until I have beaten the game, but I might do things differently this time around. Will think about it and see how I decide to do.

- level 25
- level 24
- level 25
- level 24


1 more day ^^
I finished up in Po town. I didn't know I had to answer no to the grunts question so I had to look it up in my strategy guide. Then I beat the captain which wasn't to dufficult. Now i'm at Aether paradise hoping I can heal soon. Current team
Jonathan the Primarina lv 41
Kuwagata the chargabug lv 40
Iwanu the lycanroc lv 41
Hana the lurantis lv 40
Sandoku the salazzle lv 40

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
Time for a simultaneous game update. Remember when I said I was done with Melemele Island? Yeah, no. In both games, shortly after reaching Akala Island, I was greeted by Dexio and Sina.

In Sun, I had to fight Dexio, and his Slowpoke and Espeon. His Slowpoke was very easy to take out with Adorabuzz and my Grubbin. His Espeon, however, wiped half my team (Loba, Adorabuzz, and Grubbin) before I finally managed to take it out. Even for being a few levels lower than my team, Espeon simply wrecked me.

In Moon, things went much smoother. Sina's Delibird was easily one-shot by Zero's Rock Throw, due to being 4x weak to Rock-type. Glaceon was a bit tougher than Delibird, but not nearly as difficult as Dexio's Espeon was. She did manage to K.O. Zero, so I brought in Balboa, and used All-Out Pummeling on it. Nearly got a one-hit K.O., but I did manage to finish it off with a Brick Break.

That done, they gave me the Zygarde Cube. I've always liked game-long collection side quests. Big ones that come to mind are the Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time and the Stardust in The Legend of Dragoon. They tasked me with finding all the Zygarde Cells and Cores. Before returning to Melemele Island, I headed out into Route 4 to catch myself a Mudbray. Can I mention how annoying the S.O.S. feature is when trying to catch a Pokemon? Eventually, I got two Mudbrays, (neither of which had Stamina, though) one for each version, both around level 13.

Back on Melemele Island, I ran another lap around the island, collecting cores and cells. By the end, I had 12 Cells and 2 Cores in each version of the game. If I had access to Route 16, Sina informed me that I could create Zygarde 10%, but as it's a Legendary, I won't use it for my in-game team.

Next task was leveling up my Mudbrays, since they only had Ground-type moves. But, it turns out that Ten Carat Hill Cave has a 70% chance of giving me a wild Pokemon (Roggenrola, Carbink, or Alolan Diglett) that's weak to Ground-type attacks. The other 30% being Zubat. Easily managed to level them up to the party average (level 17-18), and each one learned Double Kick and Stomp. I gave them the Normalium-Z, because Double Kick only has 30 Power, and thus All-Out Pummeling would have pretty low power with it.

The new members of my teams ready to go, I headed back to Heahea City, and back to Route 4. Picking up where I left off, I headed to Paniola Town, where Hau challenged me. Both teams had Mudbray leading, so both fights got off to a great start. Bulldoze absolutely wrecked his Pikachu. In Sun, he had a Brionne, which easily fell to my Grubbin's Spark attack. In Moon, he had a Torracat, which just ate more of Mudbray's Bulldoze attack.

I pushed forward to Paniola Ranch, and found myself at the Pokemon Nursery. I was given TM10 and an egg, which contained an Eevee. In Moon, I took a bit of a time-out and bred my female Brionne with a male Meowth to get a baby Popplio, to add to my collection of breeders. Now, the only Alola Pokemon that I own that I don't own a breeder copy of is Rowlet, because my Dartrix in Sun is male.

On the road once more in Route 5, I was met by Hau once again. He had just been beaten by some blonde edgelord, Gladion. He challenged me to a battle, which was mistake. I'm not even going to use Spoiler tags for this one, because there's almost no point since in both games it was a two-turn fight. First turn, my Rockruffs used Rock Throw and K.O.'d his Zubat. Second turn, my Crabrawlers used All-Out Pummeling and outright wrecked his Type: Null. Some Team Skull punks showed up to mock him at his defeat, but the edgelord just walked off.

I healed up at the Pokemon Center, and caught myself a few new Pokemon. In Moon, I caught a Fomantis and Morelull. In Sun, I caught a Dewpider, and added it to my team. It was a male, and thus was given the nickname "Mortimer". I took another time-out here in Sun to level up Mortimer to the party level (approximately 21), before resuming the Island Challenge. It was now time for Lana's Trial. I headed down the brooklets until I reached the Trial Site to commence the battle with Totem Wishiwashi.

The battle opens with an awesome cutscene of Schooling Wishiwashi breaching the surface and diving at the trainer. It's aura flared up and boosted it's defense.

In Sun, I opened the battle with Crabrawler. I debated whether to use All-Out Pummeling now, or save it. I chose to save it, and instead used a regular Brick Break. Wishiwashi countered with a Rain-boosted Water Gun, and very nearly one-shot my Crabrawler, then proceeded to call in an Alomomola. I switched out for Archer. His Razor Leaf was perfect for this situation. Being that he resists Water and can counter with Grass, he was the perfect choice for this fight. Suffice it to say, things did not go exactly as planned. I started spamming Razor Leaf turn by turn, but both Alomomola and Wishiwashi were tanky as hell. Worst part was, Wishiwashi used Soak and turned Archer into a Water-type, effectively removing the STAB bonus that he got when using Razor Leaf. He stuck it out, though, and eventually removed Alomamola and removed Wishiwashi's Schooling. Of course, it cost me a K.O., as the Wishiwashi, used Rain-boosted Water Gun on him before losing the Schooling form. I brought Crabrawler back in, and used a revive on Archer. I wanted him to get at least some of the EXP for this fight. Next turn I used All-Out Pummeling on the Wishiwashi, and took it out.

In Moon, the fight was a bit easier. I think the RNG likes my Moon playthrough more than my Sun playthrough. I led with Charjabug, and used Spark on the Wishiwashi a few times, and easily brought it down. It never called in an Alomomola, instead calling in other Wishiwashi, so they didn't really pose much of a threat. My Charjabug wiped the floor with the entire fight, so there wasn't much going on here.

With the battle done, Lana gave me the Waterium-Z, and directed back to Paniola Ranch, to deal with the Sudowoodo that are "breaking the bridge". Here are my teams as of the completion of Lana's Trial of Water:

Archer ♂ (Lv. 23)
Adorabuzz ♀ (Lv. 22)
Loba ♀ (Lv. 22)
Mortimer ♂ (Lv. 22)

Crabrawler ♂ (Lv. 22)
Mudbray ♂ (Lv. 22)

Aria ♀ (Lv. 23)
Crest ♂ (Lv. 22)
Balboa ♂ (Lv. 22)
Zero ♂ (Lv. 22)

Charjabug ♂ (Lv. 22)
Mudbray ♀ (Lv. 22)


Artistic Flair
Pokémon Moon:
After finishing the Grand Trial of Melemele Island, I did a sweep of the island to obtain things that needed Tauros' help. Also returned to the Hau'oli Cemetery at night to get the Fling TM from a woman who only appears at that time. Following a brief detour to Ten Carat Hill I let my mother know I am heading for Akala Island before meeting up with Kukui and Lille at the docks.

Pokémon Sun:
With Melemele's trial done, I travelled along Route 3 to Iki Town for the Grand Trial of Melemele Island. Caught a Rufflet and Delibird along the way, with Delibird proving to be surprisingly stubborn. After recusing Cosmog for Lille and the third Hau battle, I arrived at Iki Town with Hala not too difficult to defeat with my Wingull and Makuhita. Currently preparing to revisit places that I could not access the first time around.


Demon Child
I made my way to Route 2 and I battled some wild Pokemon to train up Blackjack and Vikibolt a bit more. I also caught some cool Pokemon, like Alolan Meowth and Drowzee. I also caught a Makuhita, which I nicknamed it plasticbag and I decided to add it to my team for now. I trained it up so it was at the same level as Blackjack and Vikibolt before I continued on Route 2, battling trainers along the way.

I was stopped by a Delibird and dragged into the Berry Fields, where I saw that Team Skull was messing with some guy, and I was forced to battle one of them and I beat him no problem. I recieved an Oran Berry from the guy before I left and continued my way on Route 2.

Hau stopped me by the Pokemon Center and after we go in, he gives me some revives. AfterI left the Pokemon Center, I backtracked and head back towards Hau'oli Cemetary to catch a Drifloon as well as catch some other Pokemon in the area. After, I head back to the Pokemon Center in Hau'oli City to show the Beauty in the Pokemon Center Drifloon's Pokedex entry and got 10k out of the deal, which will help my fund my shopping addiction xD I am definitely not complaining about.

I decided to do a little more training with my new plasticbag (Makuhita) before taking on Iliama's trial.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Litten - LV 16)
Vikibolt (Grubbin - LV 15)
Plasticbag (Makuhita - LV 14)


#1 Lanturn Owner
I am now over 150 hours into my Sun version. Here are some highlights from my last several hours:

Hatched my first shiny Pokémon of generation VII. She is a Modest Turtonator with an IV spread of x/31/31/31/31/31. She is now level 50 or so, EV trained and with her final moveset.
I have collected many 5/6 IV Pokémon that I plan on trading for other high IV Pokémon and/or specific items. I am finishing up hatching a group of Popplio eggs now.
I may finish collecting the Zygarde cells soon. I keep telling myself I will do this, but I have been too busy.
I tried looking for a HA Vulpix. All the ones from the SOS battle did not have Snow Warning before the first one struggled itself into fainting. I may continue this hunt sometime soon.
I may try to collect some more bottle caps soon. I have a few so far, but I could always use more. I may try fishing back in Seafolk Village to get some more soon.
I gathered some more Heart Scales from the restaurants. I may dot his again tomorrow. I am not sure.
My Decidueye and Tapu Lele are both now level 100. I am considering Hyper Training my Tapu Lele into a 5IV (missing attack) equivalent.

I am not entirely sure what I will do next. Most likely some more breeding/training of my Pokémon.


Well-Known Member
Started my Aloha adventure in Sun over the weekend. Took a couple of days to actually get my hands on the game, seemed to be sold out every. Long time since that's happened to me.

Went through the initial opening stuff, which was actually pretty entertaining. They've done a really good job of mixing it up a little this time round. Liking the new characters so far, and intrigued by Lilly, (or whatever her name is) and her space cloud Pokemon. Be interesting to see how that pans out.

Chose Litten as my starter. Wasn't really a fan of any of them to be honest, so just went for the Fire type, which is generally my default. Had been planning on dumping it for Munchlax as soon as I got to a Pokemon centre, but that took a while, and in the meantime I grew quite attached to little Litten, so pleased to say I'm sticking with him.

After saving the space cloud Pokemon, getting saved in turn by the island deity, beating my new friend/rival and getting a Room dex, (just auto-correct to sex, would've been awkward...), I headed over to the trainer school. Rather embarrasingly I had a real Ash moment, losing to a pre-schooler with a Bonsly... Pretty sure that's my first in game defeat of the 3D era...what a way to lose

Managed to recover, and following my eventually victory against the rest of the trainers set out to explore the rest of the city. Bought some new clothes and got a haircut, and then decided to go hunting for a Pichu. Big fan of Alohan Raichu, so wanted to get one in my team as soon as possible. Took ages to find, but got there eventually. Named him Heb, after the Texan super-market chain, where I bought some delicious pan-cake syrup during a trip to Austin this year. Found an Alohan Grimer whilst looking. Named him Poke, as in the Hawaiian fish salad. No offence to any Hawaiian's, sure it tastes great, but to me at least it looks disgusting, although brightly coloured, just like Alohan Grimer :)

With my team coming along nicely, I took a trip down to the Harbour to check a rumoured Team Skull disturbance. Sure enough, found two caricatures hanging about, and swiftly dispatched them with the help of some other guy, (can't remember his/her name, seemed to be important though). Then easily beat my new acquaintance. Litten in particular was a bit over-leveled at this point, having KOed so many Abra in the search for Pichu.

Now heading out to Route 2


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
I just got my Electrium Z last night. I'm taking my time in completing the story of the game, stopping at each area to try and catch all of the Pokemon there. Currently I'm in Tapu Village searching for an Alola Sandshrew. I caught everything else there. I tried to enter the Abandoned Site but wasn't allowed to, lol.

Current Team:

Gastly- Lv 23
Geodude- Lv 29
Sandygast- Lv 38
Snorlax- Lv 37
Salazzle- Lv 42
Decidueye- Lv 47


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Over the long weekend, Ani completed her island trials, defused the situation in Ultra Space (or whatever it was called), and accepted Lunala into her party. Now she must travel up the mountain to face the Elite Four. But before she makes that arduous trip, she is currently focusing on further exploring each island and catching what Pokemon she overlooked. She also bought some stones to evolve the applicable Pokemon.

Currently, Ani's team is:

Decidueye, lvl 53
Mudsdale, lvl 52
Salazzle, lvl 52
Vikavolt, lvl 53
Alolan-Sandslash, lvl 52
Lunala, lvl 57

(I will update once I've tackled the E4!)

Mrs. Oreo

- So after receiving my starter pokemon from professor Kukui, I was going to visit my mom but a boy named Hau showed up and he challenged me. My Litten easily defeated his Rowlet.
- I gave Kahuna Hala my Sparkling Stone and set off back home. The next day, Kukui visited my home and he taught me how to catch pokemon at Route 1 and he gave me Poke balls.
- I defeated trainers along the route and visited Iki town to the north and arrived at the festival. Hala now handed me a Z-Ring and I once again had to battle against Hau and I won.


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Spent like an hour trying to capture Tapu Fini and it was the wrong nature. 3rd time I've caught it today and 3rd time it didn't have the synchronizer's nature :(

I did manage to collect all of the Zygarde Cells/Cores and also capture Tapu Lele. Took about 20 Pokeballs. Once I capture all of the legendary Pokemon I will likely start working on some of the living dex for the new Pokemon. I'll have to trade some of my extra UBs for things you only get 1 of like Type: Null and Cosmog (so I can evolve it to Cosmoem and keep the Cosmog you get in-game).
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Been on Ula Ula for a while and I met a lot of people here.
Manuel Oak, Guzma, the Trial Captains and my usual company represented by Lillie and Hau.
Right now I'm at Tapu Village, about to face the trial I guess, considering that I have an appointment with Acerola at the Aether Residence.
My team right now is made up of the following Pokèmon:

Incineroar (Lv. 34)
Primarina (Lv. 34)-Thank you very much Wonder Trade!
Mudsdale (Lv. 32)
Tsareena (Lv. 32)
Lycanrock Midnight (Lv. 32)
Golisopod (Lv. 33)

Oh and I also found a Shiny Magikarp while trying to catch a Feebas. XD


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got my porygon from the place where you save yungoose from. the person gifts it too you

i got my cosmog

caught caterpie,primeape, and many more poke

so many ref to kanto/johto in this gen