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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


The Ghost of Tsushima
I started off this morning by arriving at Mt. Lanakila, and who would appear but Gladion! I underestimated his Silvally, leading to two of my party members fainting before I even started to climb.
After Poni Canyon and its multitude of trainers, Mt.Lanakila was a breath of fresh air and very straightforward. Kinda reminded me of GSCHGSS' victory road, especially the rival battle at the end. Hau wasn't a pushover either - I swear, that Raichu should be his ace considering how strong it is. Anyway, after that battle, he gave me 3 Max Revives and left. I took that opportunity to grind my team up from lv.49/50 to lv.55. League Time!

Hala was straightforward, possibly the easiest for me. Decidueye and Ribombe practically double-teamed him.
Likewise for Olivia; only Carbink gave me a hard time because of its defences. I primarily used Flygon and Lanturn, only switching in to Decidueye for the aforementioned Carbink.
Kahili's Skarmory managed to set up Spikes, while Mandibuzz survived Ribombee's Twinkle Tackle and almost KO'd it in return. Other than those, fairly straightforward battle. Fairy could use some type boosting items other than Pixie Plate. Preferably introduced this gen if not last gen, but that's off-topic.
Acerola's Dhelmise gave me the most trouble - its base Attack is 131, no wonder it hits like a truck. Decidueye outsped her Pallosand and KO'd it with Sinister Arrow Raid before getting an opportunity to use Neverending Nightmare. Pretty fun battle, though the same can be said for the entire Elite Four.

"Champion" and ending below.
Lycanroc went down in two hits from Lanturn, albeit not without setting up Stealth Rock. Snorlax went down quickly thanks to Bewear's x2 Work Up + Expert Belt. Braviary managed to set up Tailwind and KO Salazzle before going down from Flygon's Rock Slide. Without the aforementioned Salazzle, I tried to use Ribombee against his A-Nintales - that was disastrous, as Psychic failed to KO it, in turn KO'ing Ribombee. In hindsight I should've revived Salazzle.
Next up was Incineroar, who was actually the hardest for me; it actually managed to KO Flygon before I revived it, and Flygon was almost KO'd again before it went down from an Earthquake. Magnezone was the victim of Hikari's Z-Move for this battle; after being healed by Kukui three times, Decidueye got its health down low. I was worried he'd heal again, so I opted for Sinister Arrow Raid again, ending the battle.
After that, Kukui and the Elite Four congratulated Hikari on being Alola's first Champion! Iki Town held a party (Mina's absence irked me, I mean surely Hapu could've invited her or something), which was a pretty fun and amusing cutscene. Lillie and Hikari sneaked off to visit Tapu Koko's shrine, where the deity itself challenged me. I caught it, which I'm sure is pretty sacrilegious, I mean it's the guardian deity, it's sacred, it has a shrine, and I just caught it. I'm convinced the Tapus you encounter are avatars of the real Tapus, hence why seemingly everyone has no qualms with their capture. Lillie headed off for Kanto the next day. The final scene and end credits as a whole were incredibly poignant in my opinion.

Thoughts on the Elite Four and plot as a whole below.
Kukui was a much, much better Champion than Diantha will ever be; I actually struggled at some points, unlike Diantha whom I practically swept with my Delphox's Calm Mind + Psychic/Shadow Ball. Though for a Professor specialising in moves, I was expecting much more diverse movesets - maybe Leech Life on Incineroar for recovery and Psyshock on Ninetales for coverage, for example.
The Elite Four as a whole are much more memorable than XY's in my opinion, because they're more far developed and fleshed out (even Kahili, who was really only alluded to by an NPC) - compare that to XY, where only Malva was the only one who stood out thanks to her ties with Team Flare. Their usage of a party of 5 again was really great - I'd really prefer if future games and generations kept to 5 instead of using 4 again. It was understandable for BW since you had to fight N and Ghetsis afterwards, but in XY that was just pathetic. Difficulty-wise, I think it's a step in the right direction.
The game has its flaws, but the plot was on par with, if not better than BW. Characters are much more developed and fleshed out; for example, I didn't think I would like Hau because I was one of the people who wanted an antagonistic rival, but now he's one of my favourite Pokémon characters, and possibly my favourite rival alongside Silver and Barry. Same goes for Gladion, who actually fills that antagonistic rival niche if you think about it. And of course there's Lillie; by far one of the most developed and fleshed out character in the franchise, on par with Silver, N, Cheren, and Bianca in my opinion.
Both antagonistic teams are very refreshing in my opinion. On one hand you have the hilarious Team Skull where even the grunts are given development, and other the other hand you have the Aether Foundation who seems genuinely good, but ran by someone completely obsessed by the Ultra Beasts. Then you have the revelation of Skull helping out Aether while Nihilego brainwashed its employees which I admit was a great twist by Pokémon standards. Apart from Faba and possibly Lusamine, I cared about pretty much every important character from both organisations; Team Flare and its admins and other important members who weren't Lysandre or Malva felt incredibly dull by comparison.
By SM's endgame, I cared about every character, whereas by XY's endgame I really only cared about my player character. I hated XY's rivals and most of its characters, simply put.
It's alright as a JRPG, but in terms of mainline Pokémon games it's excellent. Plotwise, SM was a step forward from XY, which itself was a step back from Gen V. I'm looking forward to seeing how Gamefreak can top SM's storyline in future games and generations. Could do without all the Kanto references though. At least sprinkle in some Johto seeing as it's literally connected to Kanto.
I've mentioned this earlier, but the OST is absolutely amazing. My favourites in particular are Aether Paradise's themes, both of Lusamine's themes, Konikoni city, Malie city, and Po Town.

Decidueye (Kotori) lv.59
Ribombee (Pixie) lv.59
Lanturn (Aoi) lv.58
Bewear (Hugs) lv.58
Flygon (Terra) lv.58
Salazzle (Pele) lv.57
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So long
Started today by training Steenee a little bit further. Trained it to level 25, then I felt that it was enough for the time being. I also played with all members of the team in Pokemon Refresh until they had 4 hearts. Trumbeak and Salandit accidentally got up to 5 hearts though, I didn't know it was possible to go from 3 to 5 directly, but it was. Oh well, doesn't matter much as I want everyone to get to 5 hearts eventually anyway.

Once Steenee was at level 25, I continued by exploring some new areas. First out were the water parts of Routes 7 & 8, battled a bunch of new trainers for more training. Then I went back to Melemele and explored some water areas there as well. Though there were some areas I couldn't go to yet since rocks were blocking the way, so I'll get back to them later. During all of this, I caught several Pokemon: Shellder, Tentacool, Finneon and Bagon. I also caught a Fletchinder and a Wimpod on Route 8. In addition to that, I have picked up Zygarde Cells and got a message from Sina saying I had collected 10% in total and that I should meet her somewhere I can't even go to yet, so I will have to wait with it for a while.

I also saw a new Pokemon I hadn't seen before. Don't remember its name but it was some kind of water-spider, pretty cool. Once I had done all of this, Steenee had gained some more training and was at the same level as the rest of the team, so I stopped. Continued with the story. Went back to Akala and entered the Dimensional Research Lab. There, I met Lillie, Hau, Professor Kukui and some now faces. Most notably Professor Kukui's wife, who also was a professor. Didn't know he was married, so that's interesting. They talked a bit about things like alternate dimensions and Ultra Beasts, so that's cool. I guess I will learn more about these things later on. When we were done, I left.

Continued towards my Kahuna battle. In order to get to the next city, I had to go through Diglett's Tunnel, so that's where I went. Met various people there, most notably Olivia herself. But also some members of the Aether Foundation as well as two members of Team Skull, had a tag battle against them with Hau. While I was in the tunnel, my Trumbeak reached level 28 and evolved into Toucannon. Didn't think it would happen so soon, so I was a bit surprised. Its design changed considerably, it didn't become a large stork, but rather a toucan. Which I suppose makes sense given its name. It also learned Beak Blast upon evolving which I taught it over Pluck, but maybe I shouldn't have done that since I noticed Beak Blast was a charging move... though being able to burn opponents while charging isn't too bad. I'll keep it for now, might delete it if it should learn some other strong Flying-type move later on.

Exited the tunnel and arrived at Route 9. Battled the trainers here and explored Konikoni City. Didn't visit Olivia yet though. I find it interesting how some Pokemon were interacting with each other on the streets here. I went east to the Memorial Hill and some other places. Battled all trainers there, picked up items and caught some Pokemon: Phantump, Gumshoos and Nosepass. Found the entrance to the Ruins of Life but couldn't go very far there... yet. I decided to train Steenee a little more in the grass, it eventually reached level 29, learned Stomp and evolved into Tsareena! It also learned Trop Kick after evolving, which is great. It might not be as adorable as when it was a Steenee, but it is much stronger and more elegant, which isn't bad. Tomorrow, once I have finished resetting the new events on Gen 6, I'm going to challenge Olivia. I have heard that she is a Rock-type specialist so Brionne and Tsareena will likely have to take care of her.

- level 29
- level 28
- level 28
- level 28
- level 29
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Well-Known Member
Made my way through Route 2 and on to my first Island Trial, which involved rooting out and battling several Pokemon with a hairstyle similar to Trump's. Midway though I was interrupted by the two Team Skull grunts I'd met down at the Marina. After beating them, they helped me trap the 3rd Trump-a-like, presumably in the hope that I'd be deafted by the Totem Trump that came next.

To their dismay, I wasn't, although it was a reasonably close battle. With my first trial complete, I headed off to find Lillie on route 3. Apparently she'd got lost again. Found her, retrieved the space cloud Pokémon, who'd run off again, and then made my way back home, to prep for my grand trial against the Kahuna.

The grand trial battle was lot of fun. Very atmospheric with the crowd watching on and fires lit around the arena. Turned out to be quite a rough one, only managed to win because Torracat survived Makuhita's penultimate attacked by 1 HP. With the battle over I decided to reinforce my team a little. Torracat and Poke, (Grimer) are doing a good job, but until he evolves, Heb, (Pichu) is largely a spectator in any meaningful battle. So, went back to route 2 and caught myself a Growlithe, who I named Foxy, after a plush toy I have who looks very similar to Arcanine/Growlithe, (it's suppose to be a fox, hence the rather unoriginal name). Always been a big fan of Arcanine right back since the RBY days, but never used one properly in a team before, so glad to have the chance now.

With my team suitably bulked up, I headed back to the Marina and took a trip on the Professor's rather beat up looking boat to the next island
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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Well I got Moon a week ago, but haven't progressed as far into it as I'd have liked. Hey ho, life goes on...

The new cutscenes at the start of the game are rather long, but interesting nonetheless. I was impressed at any rate, although I just wanted to start playing. After doing the generic stuff (name, character creation) and realising the controls were not what I expected (using the circle pad is still an oddity to me). Still, the game felt smooth and I happily continued on through the intro bits. Kukui is cool, Lillie is starting to grow on me and Hau is just great. I wasn't certain which starter I was going to pick since I like all of them pretty equally, but overall Rowlet won through for me and became my first Pokemon. I named him Robin Hoot, because it's funny. It should be noted my friend is playing Sun, and using Popplio so we're sort-of mirroring one another. I battled and destroyed Hau before continuing on, doing the standard "learn to catch a Pokemon" shenanigans you always go through before being allowed into the open world.

It was at this point I caught my second team member, a Pikipek. I like it's evolutions a lot and although HM's aren't a thing anymore having a Flying type has stuck with me. I named it Rafael and trained him up a little in the grass before continuing on. I battled Hau again and once more destroyed his team, Pichu and Popplio being no match for the might of Rowlet. Continued on storyline-wise, and realised that I'd missed catching my third team member! Because I didn't understand how certain Pokemon only appeared in certain areas on a route. My third spot was going to an Electric type, because I love Electric types. Was initially going to be Pichu, but my friend already wanted to use one and I found a Grubbin so... Grubbin was caught! I named her Blue Beetle and trained her up a little bit, before continuing along to the first major city in the game (whose name I don't know, these town names will escape me and I'm sorry for that).

Needless to say, the city was great. I did plenty of exploring and challenged the trainer school, nearly getting my *** kicked by an Alolan Grimer. I like to keep my team at the same level (it's a bit of an OCD-thing, bugs me otherwise) so I didn't use the Exp. Share as much and so was under-leveled... the challenge was incredible after X&Y. I continued on, nothing exciting to report up to the island trial. That was fun! Alolan Ratatta looks cool, and gets destroyed by Brick Break from Pikipek. So did the Totem Raticate, although it did knock out my Grubbin. However... Pikipek evolved! Into Trumbeak, which was cool. Bit tougher now.

Continued on, did more training and did battle with the Kahuna. After a single use of Work Up Trumbeak one-shot Makuhita and Mankey before just failing to KO Crabrawler (which I considered using on my team). Rowlet beat it instead, so it was all good. Now I had Tauros to smash rocks, I could continue along to wherever it is that you catch Rockruff, to catch a Rockruff. Which I did! I named him Fenrir and attempted to train him up before just giving up and moving onto more island challenges.

Met Mallow and Olivia, lost for the first time in AGES (to whoever the trainer is with Glaceon, Icy Wind ripped my team apart) and Rockruff finally learnt Rock Throw. Which isn't that good to be honest... aah well. Better than nothing. Whilst training my Rowlet evolved into a Dartrix, which is pretty cool! It's a lot tougher now, and surprisingly bulky (but then so was Rowlet).

Lana and the Water trial was cool, Wishiwashi was definitely dangerous! Except when you combine Dire Hit and Razor Leaf, and crit every single time. But I won regardless, continued on training a bit until my Grubbin evolved into Charjabug! Which is great, the Electric typing is so useful. I did the Battle Royale stuff, wasn't my thing but could be fun later on I guess. Got lost looking for Route 7, but eventually found it and caught my fifth team member, Salandit! Finding a female wasn't too tough, and I named her Bandit. I'm now training Salandit on Route 5.

Apologies for the long post, and the rather poor explanation of things. I will improve over time, just trying to get it all organised!

Robin Hoot (Lvl 21)
Razor Leaf, Leafage, Peck, Astonish

Rafael (Lvl 21)
Pluck, Echoed Voice, Work Up, Brick Break

Blue Beetle (Lvl 21)
Acrobatics, Spark, Bug Bite, Bite

Fenrir (Lvl 21)
Howl, Rock Throw, Bite, Leer

Bandit (Lvl 19)
Ember, Smog, Dragon Rage, Hidden Power [Fighting]

Grey Wind

Well-Known Member
I made my way through Route 8 and battled the trainers there. Ended up losing to the girl with the Miltank embarrassingly enough, but defeated her after a rematch. Spent a while exploring and captured Wimpod, and managed to get Wishiwashi to activate Schooling (which is awesome. I love my giant fish). Once I'd trainer a bit I went to Lush Jungle to face Mallow's trial.

The trial portion was pretty fun but I got annihilated by Lurantis on my first attempt. Solar Blade cut through most of my team, and its Salandit's weak defence meant that Trumbeak and Castform could pick it off. The second time started off similarly, but I managed to poison Lurantis with Salandit's Smog and eventually one with only the lizard left standing. I'm loving how tough these battles are. After I got the Grassium Z I explored Lush Jungle for a while and caught a couple of things, then saved.

lv 23
lv 22
lv 22
lv 23
lv 23
lv 21


Dragon Pokemon Fan
A lot has happened since I last posted; let's see:
Went through Po Town, then the Aether Foundation. Thought it was pretty cool when Gladion helped. Found Guzma again and fought Lusamine the 1st time. Had slight trouble, but her. Then Ultra Beasts were set free into Alola. Arrived the last island and went through the Poni Canyon. Hakamo-o evolved into Kommo-o.
Obtained the Sun Flute and summoned Solgaleo. Went inside that Ultra Beast place and fought Lusamine the second time. Didn't have any trouble. After that there was a touching scene with her and Lillie. Really liked that. After I had to catch Solgaleo. Tried several times in hopes of getting an Adamant nature. Figured it wasn't happening anytime soon, I decided to catch an Adamant Synch Abra who I used to finally catch Solgaleo. Caught an Adamant nature in a Luxury Ball! Looks so pretty coming out in one!

Then I headed for the Elite Four! Fought Gladion for the final time who I beat pretty easily. Went up Mount Lanakila. Thought I wasn't going to fight the Elite Four yet, but I fought one of them anyway. Saved after. Realized after that I didn't buy any more potions before going in, so no idea how well this is going to go. o.o

Current Team:
Primarina [Fearie]♂ lv54
Lycanroc [Isaac]♂ lv53
Salazzle [Fudanshi]♀ lv54
Mudsdale [Spartan]♂ lv54
Lurantis [Uke]♀ lv53
Kommo-o [Seme]♂ lv53


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Started making my way through Po Town. I battled several Team Skull members before reaching the Shady House. I went inside and took my time exploring all of the rooms. Eventually, I reached Guzma's room and battled him. My Muk was able to defeat both of his Pokemon after using some Crunch attacks.

Next, I returned to the Aether House. I battled Gladion, defeating him with Muk and Golisopod, and then heard about what happened to Lillie when I was gone. I then went back to the docks in Malie City to sail to the Aether Paradise, but I had to fight Nanu first. I used Muk, Golisopod, and Toucannon in that battle, then took the boat to the Aether Paradise, where I saved.


Pirate King
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Been a while since I posted here. Yeah, I honestly haven't played in a couple of days but I did pick up the game and play a little bit today, since I had the day off.

I got Vikibolt and plasticbag up to level 16, which really did not take that long, before going back to Verdant Court to take on Illima's trial. It really not a challenge, plasticbag handled it with no problem at all which is not surprising since he is a fighting type haha.

While there, I picked some items, like two super potions, an X Defense, a revive, and the TM for Brick Break while I was there. I also got the Normalium Z crystal from Illima after defeating the Totem Pokemon.

After, Illama and I went back outside and he was kind to unlock the Captains Barricade so I was finally access Route 3. Professor Kukui came out of Route 3 and he showed me how to use Z Powers. After, he told me he lost Lillie somewhere on Route 3 and asked me to help him find her but first, I ran back to the Pokemon Center to heal up and to put plasticbag back in the PC sorry buddy but you won't be joining me on this adventure before making my way over to Route 3 to find Lillie.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Litten - LV 16)
Vikibolt (Grubbin - Lv 16)


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Thanks to EB games stuffing up my order, I only got Moon yesterday (digital download, had to empty my 3DS to fit it) and I'm now undertaking my first ever Nuzlocke run. The random number generator landed me Poppilo, which is good because it's my favourite of the three starters. I called him Max. Max is cute.

I like that there are so many areas on Melemele, I've been able to fill my team fairly quick. Already suffered 2 losses, my Alolan Grimer Chungus fell to Ilima's Smeargle and my Ghastly, Quetzal was beaten by Hala's Crabrawler. I thought I was clever sending the ghost in to fight the fighting type, but when he used Pursuit and shaved off 3 quarters of my health, I realised I'd doomed it. I tried Hypnosis as a last ditch, but it missed and that was curtains for Quetzal. I sent in my Trumbeak, Maggagie after that and safely cleaned up. The first totem fight wasn't that bad either thanks to Max's Disarming Voice being able to get a super-effective hit against both the Raticate and it's little minions. I'm told some of the later ones get tough, looking forward to the challenge.


Can also jump!
I followed Hau and Gladion to the Aether Paradise elevator, but I was attacked by the personnel and had to fight my way through! I didn't let them stop me, and the three of us went up a floor, where Aether Vice President (or whatever extravagant title he gave himself) Faba was waiting. His aid didn't come easily. After a quick thrashing from yours truly, he submitted and we were able to access the lower levels. Going down there was some sort of secret labs in there. I had to go through a few more Aether workers before I can go further. Gladion went to check one lab, Hau and I were to check the other. The workers we beat were no help, so I took a look around. What we found out...It meant that this "Paradise" was a whole lotta trouble, and we definitely needed to find Lillie and Cosmog...and fast! We headed back upstairs to be set upon by more Aether Foundation workers. None of us were going anywhere, and we chased them off. Wicke came by, it looks like she's the only friendly one around here right now. And it turns out that she and Gladion were acquainted...She told us that the President was near. The others hurried off, only to be stopped by Faba again, who came with reinforcements! We had to work together to beat them all, but eventually Faba gave up access to Lusamine's quarters.

But there was a bunch of Team Skull guys on the path, and Guzma was there too! In a fit of rage, Gladion charged in to confront him! You mean Team Skull plays favorites with the Aether Foundation!? Whoa...I plowed through the grunts, but it turns out that Gladion got beat...Guzma was still itching for more, and I was next on the list...! His pokemon didn't pull any punches, but neither did mine. It wasn't easy, but we were able to thrash him a third time! He backed off for now, and I raced into Lusamine's quarters. I catch Lusamine giving Lillie alot of flak, but it turns out that she and Lillie are more close than we thought! After a harsh exchange she fled through her portal, I quickly followed.

As I arrived to confront the Aether President, her true colors came into view: She was totally NUTS, keeping pokemon as mere...trophies! What's more is that she wants to use Cosmog to open Ultra Wormholes all over Alola...in a grand goal to add the Ultra Beasts that let loose to her dreadful collection! But if she does that...Ugh, this infuriated me as bad as Gladion! Speaking of, he and Hau arrived, the former was determined to stop the Madwoman. But she already set her plan into action without much thought, the Ultra Wormholes were opened! Not to mention Guzma showed up to trap us. But no, we were NOT going to let this go. I faced Lusamine myself...Me and my pokemon gave everything we had, we managed to thrash her pokemon one by one and overcome her! But in a desperate act, the lunatic (And Guzma too) went through the Ultra Wormhole before it closed! Yikes, what a mess this is. Something tells me this is only going to get worse if we don't do something...Luckily, Cosmog was ok, but it changed form or something. What's happened to it? I hope it will be alright...

Exiting the place, Hau left to finish his Trials on Ula'Ula and get stronger, while Lillie and Gladion had decided to do everything they can to stop Lusamine and Guzma from wreaking any more havoc. Maybe the help of the Legendary pokemon of Alola will set things right? As a longshot as it sounds, it's still a shot worth taking! Either way, the two had their minds made up, and even offered to take me to the next island, Poni Island. After combing the VLFS(Very Large Floating Structure) for items, we set out to Poni.

We arrived at Seafolk Village, I did some looking around and made the usual stop at the Pokemon Center. I think i'll take it easy before going further, it's been a a rough and eventful night...

The crew has been through alot, here's how they're doing now:

Dizzy the Primarina. Lv 47
Maui the Pompom Oricorio, Lv 47
Greenblade the Lurantis, Lv 44
Eversnooze the Komala, Lv 45
Freya the Lycanroc, Lv 46
D.Hoof Jack the Mudsdale, Lv, 45
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1 more day ^^
I caught tentacruel and lumineon in poni wilds. After that I got to ancient poni path and the ruins. Next I went to exegutor island and caught 1 and got the flute. Then I got to vast poni Canyon where I beat Hapu pretty easily and Kuwagata finally evolved ^^. Finally I started going through the canyon and caught a boldore, murkrow, machoke, and my final team member, Ryuko the jangmo-o. Current team
Jonathan the Primarina lv 48
Kuwagata the vikavolt lv 47
Iwanu the lycanroc lv 47
Hana the lurantis lv 48
Sandoku the salazzle lv 48
Ryuko the jangmo-o lv 44
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Arise from the Ashes
Finally managed to start my Moon version after delaying starting it. So I tried to SR for shiny Rowlett cause I wanted to do a shiny trial game. I tried Rowlett just to see how it went and it was... awful I kept fainting, this was my first choice starter as well, so restarted and on my first Litten I got a female Hardy one and called her Kaili. I tried her out to see if she was good and I love it! Its been amazing I've decided on keeping her and caught a Pichu to cover water weakness this might be changed to . I've also thought on the other pokemon which I'm going to use on my team so think I've got a good idea on what I'm using.

So far I've beaten Hau twice and been catching pokemon in Route 1 and going to trainer school now.


Made a new discovery in breeding. They've really changed how it works in the Pokeball department. If you breed Pokemon of the same species with an Everstone, they pass their ball 100%, however without one and it picks randomly between the two parents. I didn't know that.


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Pokémon Sun: Returned to the Aether House along with Acerola, discovering that one of the kids' Yungoos had been stolen by Team Skull. Met with Grimsley and got Sharpedo registered into the Page Rider so that I could explore more of the area and make it to my next destination. My Steenee evolved into Tsareena as I explored, making my way through Route 16, Ula' Ula Meadow and Route 17. Eventually met a police officer who helped me get into Po Town, where Team Skull seems to have taken over. Now exploring Po Town, fighting members of Team Skull as I head deeper into this place.

Current team:

Minami (Primarina F - Level 43)
Raiden (Pikachu M - Level 40)
Vulcan (Growlithe M - Level 40)
Amarok (Lycanroc M - Level 39)
Miette (Tsareena F - Level 37)

Edit: Went through Team Skull's mansion and beat Guzma, as well as picking up a Bug Z-Crystal for myself. Met up with officer Nanu outside, and Acerola showed up to bring the Yungoos back to its owner. However, upon returning to Aether House, we learned that Lillie and Nebby had been abducted by Team Skull. Gladion showed up, angry to discover that Lillie and Cosmog had been taken, and challenged me to a battle. Afterwards, we headed to the harbor to go after them. While waiting for Hau to catch up to us, Nanu showed up, and challenged me to a battle, being the Island Kahuna. Defeating him allowed me to finish my Grand Trial and the trials on Ula' Ula Island, and I received another Z-Crystal. Hau caught up to us, and him, me and Gladion headed to where Team Skull supposedly brought Lillie: Aether Paradise.

Current team:

Minami (Primarina F - Level 44)
Raiden (Pikachu M - Level 41)
Miette (Tsareena F - Level 41)
Vulcan (Growlithe M - Level 40)
Amarok (Lycanroc M - Level 40)
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After defeating all the trainers on Route 2 I began Ilima's trial which involved defeating some Yungoos and Gumshoos before taking on the Totem Gumshoos and knocking it out with Mudbray. I got a Normalium Z and headed onto Route 3 to find Lillie where I caught a Rufflet which will be a temporary team member that I start using to avoid being over leveled. Once I found Lillie and beat Hau again Rowlet evolved into Dartrix and I headed towards my first Grand Trial which was easy with 2 flying types. After defeating Hala and getting the PokeRide feature I took a break.



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Finished the Ultra Beast story, and also caught all other Legendaries(Just have to wait for the Mythical ones now). When Looker told me I would be paid I was expecting like 20,000 or so, but nope...a million Pokedollars. Funny since most of the game I was actually slowly running out of money, was even under 100,000 when I got that million, now...I don't even know what to do with all that money(Don't care too much for the clothing I'm fine with what I got). Already got close to a 100 Adrenaline Orbs so not much else to buy that I really need. Still got valuable items to sell too. Guess I'm set for life, now more chucking Pyukumuku back into the sea for me(I would not mind getting paid basically over 200 dollars a day(For a minute work) to toss 6 things into the sea). Working my way to the Battle Tree, probably do that a little before going to rematch the league and get those champion battles. Also finished with upgrading Poke Pelago, now I can horde the beans to help speed stuff up. Almost at rank 50 for Festival Plaza too, would like to try and do all the missions but I'm too focused on getting the rank up so type match up mission is the go to(Record is 22 for solo, got 1004 for group). Close to 90 hours.


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Pokémon Sun: Whoa, a lot happened as we went on our rescue mission in Aether Paradise. Explored the area once more, fighting members of the foundation and picking up items. Fought Faba and gained access to the research labs that contained information about Cosmog and Type: Null's origins. After not finding Lillie there, we went back to the entrance where Wicke showed up and gave us the key we needed to advance. Good to know she's still on our side. Fought some members of Team Skull, before eventually fighting against Faba and Guzma again. Finally found Lillie, who was confronting her mother, Lusamine, revealing Lusamine's true colors. Lusamine intended to use Nebby's power to open the Ultra Wormhole. Lillie, Gladion, Hau and I eventually confronted Lusamine, revealing that Gladion is also Lusamine's child. Lusamine manages to open several Ultra Wormholes, bringing UB-01 back to the lab, as well as summoning UB-02 elsewhere, with Tapu Koko showing up to fight against it.

Gladion decided to distract UB-01, while telling Hau to deal with Guzma and me to try to stop Lusamine. After a tough fight, I managed to defeat her. As UB-01 began to retreat to its own world, Lusamine and Guzma decided to follow it in order to catch it. After the Ultra Wormhole closed up, Lillie checked up on Nebby, who had survived the ordeal and changed into a different form. Hau decided to go back to finish up the trials he hadn't cleared yet on Ula' Ula Island in order to become even stronger, while the rest of us decided to head to the next island, Poni Island, to try to look for a way to summon the legendary Pokémon of Alola, in hopes of stopping Lusamine and bringing her back to Alola. Lillie has changed her look a bit, declaring her intent to become stronger.

Yeah, a lot has happened. I've finally reached Poni Island, and I guess it's time to begin exploring this new place.

Current team:

Minami (Primarina F - Level 46)
Amarok (Lycanroc M - Level 44)
Miette (Tsareena F - Level 43)
Raiden (Pikachu M - Level 42)
Arlene (Persian F - Level 41)
Vulcan (Growlithe M - Level 41)

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Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Having been in post game mode for a while now, my cuteling of a protagonist is doing quite well in her quest for great wealth and strong Festival Plaza performance. Battle Buffet, Boulder-smashing, and 3-star Pharmacy have all helped make her the financial wizard she is today. Those type-match up missions, though having become slightly monotonous, have boosted her to Festival Plaza fame. Dang can she score well! Now as of today, she seldom comes across guests to her Festival Plaza who have higher Materialism and Plaza ranks than she does.


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Ended up being rather busy today and then I had to charge my 3DS again, so I didn't have much time to play. Speaking of my 3DS, my first one (which I play Moon on) has significantly less battery power compared to when I got it 3 years ago, it can now play for around 6 hours before I have to charge it, used to be 8 when it was new, and it stayed so until rather recently, or at least that's what it feels like. I guess it's expected since the batteries gets weaker with time. Hoping it will hold on for a bit longer, at least.

Anyway. I started by entering Olivia's house, which was a shop. They were selling Evolutionary stones and Fossils there. I bought one of each type of fossil and later restored them into Archen and Shieldon thanks to the Fossil dude at the Dream Park. But that's not why I came here. Olivia wasn't at her house, a Probopass gave me a letter which said I should go to the Ruins of Life, so I went there. On the way, I met some more people from the Aether Foundation and Team Skull, had a battle against the latter.

Made my way to the Ruins of Life where I met not Olivia, but Plumeria, a Team Skull Admin. She challenged me to a battle and I won, but I guess I'll see her again later on. Then, I could finally battle Olivia. I forgot that Mudbray had a type advantage against her as well, so I used Mudbray, Brionne and Tsareena against her Pokemon, they took care of one each. Tsareena used a Z-move to nuke her strongest Pokemon. Which was at level 27, the opponents are almost at my level now so I'm not very overleveled anymore, which is good. For winning, I got the Rockium Z, which I likely won't use for my team but it is always good to have and chances are I'll use it for something in the future.

Afterwards, I had to go somewhere else. I went to the resort city, can't remember what it is named. I had been invited to the Aether Paradise, so I met a man at the second hotel in Akala. We went to the Aether Paradise together with Hau. Sadly, the arrival happened at a bad situation so I missed most of the dialogue. Thankfully walkthroughs exist so I re-watched everything afterwards, making sure I didn't miss anything. They were taking care of Pokemon at least, that was the main message.

Once we were at the conservation site, I was ordered to find the president of the place. Looked around a little and eventually found Miss Lusamine. She told me how she wanted to be a mother to all the Pokemon at her place, she is welcome to become my mother as well. Or my 10th extra mother. If she wants to. Then we heard a tremor, a strange portal appeared in the air and out of it came a strange-looking thing. Is it a Pokemon? I guess we'll find out, or maybe not. Had to stop playing there since I had to charge my 3DS, will continue either tomorrow or later today. Tomorrow will also be my first completely "free" day since I got the game, won't be busy with anything special in real life (at least I haven't planned anything), looking forward to it.

Don't remember the exact levels of all my team members and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I think this is what they are at. They didn't change much from yesterday at least.

- level 29
- level 29
- level 29
- level 28
- level 29

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Today I obtained 8 more Zygarde cores making me just over halfway done with that. I also captured more than 20 Pokemon I didn't have between the first two islands. I obtained a few more TMs that I missed while doing the main story.