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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Grey Wind

Well-Known Member
After evolving Trumbeak, I made my way through route 11 (I hate that surprise bird mechanic) and battled the trainers. Defeated team skull at the end and met up with Kukui, before heading up the mountain. Spent awhile exploring the top and captured a couple of Pokemon (couldn't nab a Beldum sadly, those bastards are annoying to catch). I then battled Molayne outside the observatory before making my way inside for the trial.

Vikavolt was really annoying. Lycanroc and Salandit had type advantages but both had weak defences and after a couple of Charges the totem could knock them out easily, and nothing else could do much (especially with all the paralysis and Special Defence boosts). I lost narrowly the first time, with Wishiwashi reverting back to its regular form and healing not doing anything for some reason. The next time went better, and after burning Vikavolt with Toucannon (I really love this bird lol) Raichu was able to pull through for the win. Electrium get.

When I finished up with the trial I went back to Malie City to meet Kukui. Guzma appeared there and battled me, and was actually pretty tough. Toucannon proved useful again, and finished off Ariados before knocking out Golisopod. After that I headed to Route 12 and explored a bit before saving. I really like the environments of Ula'ula so far, much more interesting than the first two islands.

lv 33
lv 31
lv 31
lv 31
lv 30
lv 31


Well today I decided that I would complete the Zygarde quest. Took longer than anticipated and had to have Solgaleo to travel to the reverse world and back because I missed one. Thankfully that's sort and the power of Zygarde is mine.

Don't know what I'll do next. Maybe I'll crack open my Moon copy. Maybe I'll clear out the junk in my boxes from wondertrading. Might try and complete Pokedex next on Sun.


Crimson Dragon
i went on a SOS session for a 4IV growlithe for breeding purpses but came up with a shiny one mid 50 calls in. it had pretty good IVs but it was a lax male, was hoping for a female to use level ball on it. i also finally put some pkmn in my boxes in some sort of order, got fed up with less useful pkmn clogging the first box where i keep the most used pkmn. i ev trained my near perfect 5IV adamant dhelmise.

Mrs. Oreo

- After doing more tasks in Hau'oli city including picking up the Echoed Voice Tm near the police station and grabbing a Lumiose Galette, I stopped at the city's Pokemon Center.
- As I was walking toward the edge of town, I saw Kahuna Hala standing near a Tauros ha ha. Eventually I was allowed to pass on to Route 2. I now stumbled into the spooky Hau'oli Cemetery.
- I picked up items, fought a few trainers and used a Great ball that I found to catch a Misdreavus. I wanted to find a Drifloon as well, tho I soon realised that they only appear in the day.


1 more day ^^
I caught a sableye, delibird, misdreavus, and a goomy. I also evolved goomy and tried to evolve it again but forgot it has to be lv 50 so that's for another time. Ugh so many left to catch and couldnt get a stupid bagon to appear. I hate 1% encounter rates DX


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It's almost like they wanted lvl 10 salamances to be hard to get or something. But for pokedex completion I'm pretty sure the lowest it goes is 5% (at the best location/conditions of course) though I don't know for certain and I don't know the SOS chances.
If you just want a bagon you want to look in Kala'e bay not route 3 where it's 10% instead of 1% (Unless that was a typo and you actually meant 10%, well then have fun with the 5%s I guess...)


Demon Child
I arrived in Heahea City on Akala Island and immediately made my way towards the clothing shop to look at the cloths they have. After, I made my way towards Route 4 but I got stopped by Sina and Dexio. I recievef the Zygarde Cube from them before I battled Dexio. Due to the fact that all he had were psychic types, Vikibolt handled him with no problem at all. They spoke to me for a few more minutes before leaving.

I continued on to route 4. I caught some new Pokemon, like Mudbray and Lillipup. I also battled all of the trainers and picked up every item before I made it to Paniola Town, where I met up with Hau again and he challenged me to a battle. After I beat him and he left. I proceeded to make my way towards Paniola Ranch. I went into the ranch and met up with Mallow again. She registered the Stoutland Search in my ride pager before leaving. I then continued to make towards Route 5. I battled some trainers before I reached Brooklet Hill.

I did a little bit of training to get Vikibolt to evolve into Charjabug before I take on the trial.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Torracat - LV 19)
Vikibolt (Charjabug - LV 20)
Oreo (Oricoro - LV 19)


Steel-Clad Wonder
Played Moon yesterday for the first time in a few days and oh my god. Beans. Everywhere. got the latest amenities from the Pokepelego thing, and harvested yet another disappointing round of treasure hunting from the other isle. Should take a trip to the Poke mart and sell stuff and become rich.

Either way, yesterday I also saw a Pokemon trainer with a shiny Exeggcute! Not only did he give me praise when I humiliated him in a devastating defeat, but he also gave me like, 6 nuggets. That also sparked an idea, and I got to experience the soothing combination that is Binge-watching Bones on Netflix while SOS Battling wild Exeggcute. After about 1 episode ish, I met this golden bunch of eggs. That was also when I realized I didn't have anything sith either Spore or Thunder Wave on my team.

After annoyingly 17 more Sos battles against wild Exeggcutes and the occasional Sliggoo, the Sos call finally failed, allowing me to capture this omelette. Her nature was okay-ish, and her IV's non-existent. I nicknamed her Autumn and wasted no time hurling a Leaf Stone in her face. I am now the proud owner of a 100 meters tall, majestic palm tree bathed in the colors of autumn, and able to shoot f***ing Fire!. Needless to say, I am very pleased with this catch.

Oh, and my Meowth evolved. lol


Panda Power
Figured out i had to tell the guard "No" after giving him the correct passwords. Fought Guzma again and Snowball handled him as usual. Back on Route 15 i fought Gladion after Lillie was kidnaped. Snowball handled handled Golbat and Rumble dealt with everything else. Fought Kahuna Nanu on the way to Aether Paradise. Sableye was a little trouble, but Rumble handled it. Gave the Darkinium Z to Classic. Nothing really interesting happened then through most of Aether Paradise. Hau's Raichu handled most of the double battles while i was leveling up Mars. On the roof was another Guzma fight. Guzma's Pinsir took out Snowball, but not before she took out the rest of his team. Squishy's Posion jab finished him. The Lusamine fight was easier. Squishy took out half her team. Owl and Rumble squashed the rest.

Aether Paradise did take awhile so i didnt do much else once i got to Seafolk village

Owl - Decidueye lvl 40
Classic - Raticate lvl 41
Snowball - Lycanroc lvl 41
Rumble - Bewear lvl 41
Mars - Clefairy lvl 40
Squishy - Togedemaru 41

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
Well, caught Tapu Lele yesterday! She turned out to be much less cooperative than Tapu Koko. Only slightly harder to catch, but I had to SR so many times to get the right Nature and IVs. I'm planning on going after Tapus Bulu and Fini tonight.


Demon Child
After Vikibolt evolved, I went into Brooklet Hill and I met Lana. This time, the trial was a lot more challenging than the previous one. The totem Pokemon, Wishiwashi, called for help and an Alamomola, which knew heal pulse so it kept healing Wishiwashi so I had to take that out first. It took a while but I defeated Totem Wishiwashi and I received the Waterium Z from Lana as well as a fishing rod.

Before going to Royal Avenue, I took a detour and went back to Melemele Island to catch Mareanie. It took a few times since its a Pokemon that Corsola has to call for it but I did find one and I nicknamed Spike and I am going to use it. After, I went back to Akala Island.

I briefly explored Route 6, battling every trainer and picking up some items before going to Royal Avenue to participate in the Battle Royal. I met the Masked Royal who clearly is Professor Kukui in disguise, just putting that out there and saw Hau and Gladion again. The four of us took part in the Battle Royal. After, I went into the Thrifty Megamart to look at what they have.

Before going over to Route 7, I did some training with Spike for the upcoming trial.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Torracat - LV 21)
Vikibolt (Charjabug - LV 21)
Oreo - (Oricoro - LV 20)
Spike (Mareanie - LV 18)


Shiny Hunter
Im still shiny hunting since that's the only thing that I have to do. Cool I just caught mine not thinking abt the natures but I tried to catch Lele in a heal ball but that didn't work
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Demon Child
After I finished training Spike up, I made my way towards Wela Volcano Park to take on the next trial. I battled every trainer to get Spike a few more levels. I also picked up some items and the TM for Rock Tomb before heading over to where Kiawe was waiting for me. I had a bit of a tough time with the Salazzle but I did manage to beat it. I received the Firium Z from Kiawe and he also registered the Charizard Glide on my ride pager.

Before continuing on, I decided to check out Poke Pelago for a bit to get some more beans and also to harvest some berries before continuing on towards Route 8.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Torracat - LV 21
Vikibolt (Charjabug - LV 26)
Oreo (Oriocoro - LV 21)
Spike (Mareanie - LV 22)

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Finally managed to start my Moon version after delaying starting it. So I tried to SR for shiny Rowlett cause I wanted to do a shiny trial game. I tried Rowlett just to see how it went and it was... awful I kept fainting, this was my first choice starter as well, so restarted and on my first Litten I got a female Hardy one and called her Kaili. I tried her out to see if she was good and I love it! Its been amazing I've decided on keeping her and caught a Pichu to cover water weakness this might be changed to . I've also thought on the other pokemon which I'm going to use on my team so think I've got a good idea on what I'm using.

So far I've beaten Hau twice and been catching pokemon in Route 1 and going to trainer school now.

I've managed to go through the first island caught a cutiefly which I used for the first trial which went easy and the grand trial. I've been filling up the island pokedex and going back and fourth between the two islands, it was easy for the water trial because of shrapnel but struggled cause of the fire trial as I forgot to get my water type, I managed to get a Mareanie but the first one was pretty bad so I've caught a second and shes better and she has the merceliness ability so now i'm training her up and she seems to be better then the other but I can also breed up some now. I've not progressed too much I've been doing lots of fishing and training. I tried the second grand trial and it was awful I kept fainting so I've got some more training to do I'm hoping to train up a bit more. I've also caught a morelull and named him Mycena (a species of bio-luminating mushroom) and evolved as I thought its evolution looked cool in the grass trial, with Kaili was pretty easy. I'm currently trying to get my Mareanie and Shiinotic to level 30 on the second island so i'm going back between the 2 islands using the battle place to get money and experience. I've also been using the poke pelego to harvest lots of rainbow berries so I'm hoping that now affection is high it'll help and been enjoying doing the expeditions.

My current team:
Asteroidae - Mareanie L16
@ Evolite
Poison sting/peck/bite/toxic spikes

Mycena - Shiinotic L25
@Amulet coin
Flash/Moonlight/Mega drain/Sleep Powder

Shrapnel - Charjabug L31
@Nothing yet
Vice grip/X-scissor/Spark/Crunch

Kaili - Torracat
@Nothing yet
Scratch/Fire fang/Bite/Lick


So long
Entered the Trial Site, didn't meet the Captain but I got instructions and the Trial started anyway. I made it to the end with ease, the Totem Pokemon was a Kommo-o. I destroyed it in one hit with Primarina's Moonblast, this is why we have fairies. For clearing the Trial, I got the Dragonium Z which I gave to my own Kommo-o since it is mainly a Dragon-type.

Afterwards, I arrived at the Altar. Once again, I'm not going to describe everything that happened, I'll just say that I liked it this time around as well. Maybe not as much as the previous scenes at the Aether Foundation but it was still great. I didn't expect to see many of the same kind of Ultra Beast, thought there would only be one of each of them. And Lusamine practically became a Pokemon, that's epic. She wasn't that hard to beat, I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning but then I used Pokemon from my team that had an advantage against hers and it was no problem even if her team was at a higher level than mine. It was a little annoying to see her Bewear survive an Oceanic Operetta from my Primarina with around 1 HP left, but such things happen. Fortunately, it didn't do any significant damage afterwards. Either way, I cleared all there was there and we left the other world.

The annoying thing was that after of all this was done... I had to catch Lunala. I don't like obligatory legendary captures or being forced to obtain one, never have, never will. But I had to get this done. I wanted it to get a good Nature at least, IVs doesn't matter that much with Hyper Training being a thing. And so, I had to obtain a Sync with a useful Nature. Researched a little and it seems like a Timid Nature was recommended, so that's what I decided to go with. I didn't have a Timid Sync here yet so I had to obtain one. While I could have asked someone to trade me one, I wanted to do it the hard way and get one of my own.

Went to the Day-Care Nursery and started breeding Abra. This was also my first time breeding in this generation. I have to say that it felt a bit inefficient at first, but then it started going fast, both receiving eggs (as long as you had good odds) and hatching them. So this could be good once I get around to some more serious breeding in the future. The fixed price felt high at first but I guess it is pretty good since the Pokemon no longer gain levels there. I managed to hatch a Timid Synchronize Abra very fast, within the first 10 eggs! That made me happy. I also got some other really useful Sync natures like Modest and Jolly.

Then I did some other preparations, like withdrawing my Klefki and teaching it Thunder Wave since that was the only way I could think of to inflict a status on Lunala, none of my team members could learn Thunder Wave. I'm glad Klefki is a part of the Alola Dex. I also bought several Quick Balls. Then I was done with all my preparations. Went back to the Altar with the Pokemon I needed in my party and started the battle. Lunala was at level 55, my own team was at level 49-50, I was not really prepared for this at all when it came to levels. Fortunately, it had a pretty high capture rate, so perhaps it wouldn't be hard but rather easy?

And that's just what how it turned out to be. I ended up catching it in a Quick Ball on the first turn. So that was rather anticlimactic. I didn't get to hear much of the presumably awesome battle music, and many of the preparations I did wasn't necessary. It had a Timid Nature just like I wanted, and a perfect IV in Sp.att according to its characteristic, which is good. So I kept it. Afterwards, Lillie talked for a while about things, then she left.

The old policeman from before appeared, he who also was the Kahuna of Ula'ula. I can't seem to remember his name, but I'll try to do so from now on. Nanu. He invited me to go to the Final Trial which was to battle all of the Kahunas in a row. I thought I would get to battle Hapu again first though, but that was apparently wrong. I went back with him to Tapu Village, but I will need to train a bit before taking on that Trial.

Went back to Akala and got to have a battle against Mallow, another thing I wish I had done earlier since I was at much higher levels than her, but oh well. I wondered what had happened to Lusamine and Lillie, not to mention what about Gladion and Hau? Hadn't seen these guys in a while. Went to the Aether Paradise and heard that Lusamine wasn't in a good condition, Gladion and Lillie was with her. Left and went to the Vast Poni Canyon and managed to find a part of the area I had missed before. Explored it now, found some items, caught a Golduck and battled a trainer, tried to let Kommo-o use a Dragon-type Z-move. Continued by training my team until everything was at level 50. I think I'll try and go up/through Mt. Lanakila next, we'll see how it goes...

- level 50
- level 50
- level 50
- level 50
- level 50
- level 50
My Bruxish's training has been going well, he's now Lv.76. The rest of my team is in the low 80's, though, but at least Bruxish isn't as terribly underlevelled as he used to be. I unlocked the IV judge function of the PC, and discovered that my Bruxish has a 0 Atk IV, and my Salazzle has a 0 SAtk IV. I'm quite disappointed in that, but life goes on, I suppose. I also tried to raise up an Exeggutor for my team, but discovered that Alolan Exeggutor does not have any way to acquire Dragon Pulse; in fact, the only special-attacking Dragon move it gets is Draco Meteor. Without Contrary to take advantage of the effect, that move is worthless to me.

I also remembered to download the Munchlax and Snorlium Z. I have no desire to put Pulverizing Pancake on my team, however, so into the box it goes.

Current team:

Kuwanger the Vikavolt, Lv.84
Toukitouki the Toucannon, Lv.83
Succubus the Salazzle, Lv.84
Triggered the Bruxish, Lv.76
Legolas the Decidueye, Lv.83
Xerxes the Kommo-o, Lv.78

Back-up team members:
Ash-Greninja, Lv.74
Heidi the Dugtrio, Lv.49

I still haven't gone after Necrozma or the Tapus. I wanna get my team to Lv.100 prior to the PokéBank update, and with as slow as EXP gains are this gen, I feel like I need to focus on that first.


1 more day ^^
I just caught a castform finally. Man it took awhile to show up. After that I caught a staryu, sandygeist, and a trubbish. I also beat some super weak swimmers that I didn't beat before beating the game. I'm now done catching pokemon normally but still need to catch everything from s.o.s exclusives, fishing, and surfing.


I just finished breeding Masamune and Muramasa (respectively Adamant Lucario and Jolly mega lucario) with perfect IVs. I feel really happy about it, this is my first time breeding perfect IVs pokemons and even if it tooks me over 40hrs it was worth it. Next up is Whimsicott, I can't wait.


Well-Known Member
I spent all day catching ultra Beasts and the Tapus. I think I'm going to hold off on catching Necrozma until later. Im going to work on evolving Type: Null and trying to find a Mareanie.


Demon Child
After completeling Kiawe's trial, I made my way over to Route 8 where I encountered Colress. He gave me the TM for Flame Charge before leaving. I then proceeded to battle every trainer on the route. I also caught several other Pokemon, including Chinchoi, Stufful, and Wimpod. I also got the TM for Sky Drop from the very first trainer on the route. The egg I recieved from the daycare hatched into an Eevee which I evolved into Espeon.

I backtracked to Route 5 so I could battle every other trainer I didn't get the chance to before when I first arrived. I got the TM from Nature Power from one of them. I then made my way back towards Lush Jungle so I could do a little bit of training before the next trial.

Current Team:
Blackjack (Torracat - LV 24)
Vikibolt (Charjabug - LV 26)
Oreo (Oricoro - LV 25)
Spike (Mareanie - LV 24)