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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Muun

    Muun Member

    Didn't do too much today as I was busy IRL. Woo, Christmas preparations!

    I evolved my Metapod into Butterfree and trained up everyone to level 9/10. Rowlet is level 13 but seems to be underwhelming at the moment, I hope it becomes better in the future! I visited the marina to see Ilima and took on him and the Skull Grunt.

    Still no clue about my future team!
  2. Sαpphire

    Sαpphire Well-Known Member

    Just chained my first ever SOS shiny in Moon, and it only took 59 calls! A shiny Cutiefly for building the adorable team in my signature. I named her Peppermint, and I'll be sending her over to Sun as soon as I complete the Trainer's School there.

    I can't wait to actually get my team underway - probably going to have her hold a Purple Nectar when I send her over so I can also get Sensu Style Oricorio earlier.

    This is going to be one of my favorite play-throughs yet.
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Today, I finally got around to doing the Pokemon League. I bought some more healing items just to be safe and then fought the Elite Four. I was expecting my team to struggle a bit, but my Pokemon really surprised me and did very well. None of the battles gave me that much trouble. My Pokemon got pretty lucky with things like critical hits and hanging on with 1 HP due to their high affection. I only had two Pokemon faint during my whole challenge.

    Decidueye and Dugtrio really came through for me and were useful in all or most of the battles. My Toucannon really came in handy during the final fight, as I was able to get a Swords Dance boost up. But my best teammate was definitely Raichu - its Stoked Sparksurfer Z-move got me several useful OHKOs.

    After defeating everybody at the league, I sat through all the cutscenes and credits. I did the Tapu Koko fight and tried catching it right then to get it over with. My Dugtrio was able to get its HP down to under half, but then it got a critical hit and fainted it when I tried getting it to red HP. Oh well, next time. The whole post-league/credit sequence was long, but I liked the pictures shown during the credits.

    I resumed the game from my house and went outside after talking to my mom and Hau. I received the Enigmatic Card and then saved.

    Lv. 60-62
  4. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    Started my copy of Sun and Started with Rowlet again. Sun will be my "Storage copy", so i figured id use with my favorite Alola starter. Named him Archer. Caught Pickle the Pikipek along route 1 as back up, incase of a lucky hit. However, Archer swept Hau's team in Iki town as always. Did my best to avoid the trainers around Kukui's lab. When i got to the Trainers school, i caught an Alolan Grimer for my team. Named her Rainbow. I then snuck out of Trainer school to face those Trainers i skipped. While battling around the school, i also caught a meowth for collection. Forgot about Pick up and ended up with a Potion for my troubles. Spent some time in Festival plaza after the Trainer School. My first shop on Rank up was a Battle Table. Fed Rainbow a Defence Meal and Archer a Speed Meal as a reward. Got the plaza to Rank 5 and got a 3 star Lottery for it. Won a Max Revive. Ended off with some Poke Finder trips and Trainer Customization once i entered Hau'oli City.

    Archer - Rowlet lvl 11
    Rainbow - Grimer lvl 11
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
  5. Conquering Storm

    Conquering Storm Driver of the Aegis

    Tapus Bulu and Fini have been caught! Just need Lunala for my Dex now; it's winter break, so hopefully my sister can evolve my Cosmoem soon. (Tapu Fini is the only one of the Tapus who I didn't give a Hawaiian name; I couldn't resist naming her Soigné.)

    Also, my Festival Plaza is now Rank 81, and I got a five-star lottery shop from one of my guests.
  6. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Explored the last part of Poni Gauntlet. Battled more trainers, found more items and caught a Bewear. I then traded this big creature for a Talonflame with a dude at the end of the area. When I had battled all the regular trainers, I went back to Mina and battled her. She used Fairy-types which is cool, and it makes sense now why she gave me the Fairium Z earlier. Yet, there were Dragon-type Pokemon in her Trial... intriguing.

    Once I had beat her, I continued further and arrived at the Battle Tree. Met Red and Blue there. Had to battle one of them, decided to go with Blue since I like blue better than red when it comes to the colors. He was quite tough, but I won in the end. Didn't get to battle Red afterwards... yet, guess I'll get to meet them both again eventually. Decided to try the Battle Tree a little to see what it is like. Entered the Single line with Primarina, Tsareena and Salazzle. I won 3 battles, then I stopped. The battles felt like they were quite tough from the beginning, and still, it appears there are Super Lines later on as well. I wonder how hard they are going to be... Will return here at a later point once I have obtained some Pokemon designed for this challenge.

    Battling at the Tree made me realize I haven't tried the Battle Royal yet, so I decided to get that done as well. Tried it once with the same team, and I "lost", though I didn't get last and I got 1 BP so that's at least something. Like the Tree, it feels like you faced tough opponents from the start. Will get back to it later on as well.

    I'm a bit unsure about what I should do next. There are a few projects I want to get started on. I want to do a certain thing which will take 5 days to complete (hopefully, it might take more), then there's the Pokedex and helping Looker and Anabel with the Ultra Beasts. I'll have to do everything eventually so I might get started on something. Maybe do more than one thing at a time. Decided to do some small things today. Went out to Route 10 where I caught a Ledian. Then I trained my team a little bit more. Stopped there for today. Tomorrow, I'll get started on the 5-day project because I want to be done with it as soon as possible.

    [​IMG] - level 67
    [​IMG] - level 67
    [​IMG] - level 67
    [​IMG] - level 67
    [​IMG] - level 67
    [​IMG] - level 67

    This will also be the last time I post my team since I won't focus on training them anymore, and I have explored all areas in the game. But they will continue helping me with various things during the post-game, like my in-game teams always do.
  7. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    It is very limited with stuff to do in the post game tbh. Especially when your team fails to do even the simplest of tasks. To prevent further failure on my part, I've now obtained a few Dittos with a variety of awesome IV's, as well as a Modest and Adamant one. This should do breeding a bit simpler, at least.
    Bought a new charger to my DS yesterday, so got to play again yay. and Oh my god, So. Many. Beans!

    Also got an impulsive need to obtain a shiny Mimikyu, and after some... rather poor planning on my part, I eventually managed to find one with relative ease. Those pesky Pokemon and their Disguise ability. *shrug*. Not to mention their Charm-move, which incapacitated everything I used. lol.

    But yes, I now have my third shiny Pokemon in Moon, and this has been my official bragging-post about it. lol.
    Next on the list is Stufful. huehuehuehue
  8. Ultimategodzilla

    Ultimategodzilla Dragon Trainer

    I just got my first 2 in game shinies!
    First was a shiny bounsweet which appeared after only a chain of 13 via the SOS method.
    It had surprisingly good IVs and a Calm nature.
    The 2nd I just got about an hour ago via the Masuda method: a shiny female alolan Vulpix after about 200 or so eggs!
    I bred it with epic IVs, a timid nature, the egg moves Freeze-dry and Moonblast, and in a love ball no less!
    All in all, I've been extremely lucky these past 2 days considering I usually have terrible shiny luck.:D
  9. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    I just caught a shiny Mankey using the SOS method. It only took me 30 encounters. I'll definitely keep using this method.
  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Headed back to Route 8 today. I was supposed to go to the motel there, but I couldn't remember where on the route it was and didn't/couldn't see it when I was in front of the Pokemon Center, so I ended up going the wrong way at first. That ended up being okay, though, because I ran into Colress again and received the Genesect drives from him. After that, I found the motel and met up with Looker and Anabel there. I battled Anabel and dealt with her Alakazam and Mismagius with my Golisopod and Muk respectively. My Toucannon was miraculously able to take down her remaining Pokemon. It should've fainted like 3 times, but it held on at 1 HP each time lol.

    I then started the Ultra Beast stuff. After getting the Beast Balls at the Aether Paradise, I went to Diglett's Tunnel to look for Nihilego. Found it, and caught it right away by chucking a Beast Ball at it.

    Also, today I took some time to return to the Ruins of Conflict. I was able to battle Tapu Koko again and tried catching it. I fainted it once by accident, but soft reset and tried again. That time, I successfully weakened it down and captured it.
  11. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Gesshin Powered

    Pokemon Moon:
    Checked out Isle Aphun to see the results of my Pokemon's exploration for rare stones which turned out to be quite fruitful, netting me a few evolution stones. Travelled through Poni Breaker Coast to arrive at the Ruins of Hope where I witnessed Tapu Fini choosing Hapu to be the Kahuna of Poni Island. After learning that the counterpart of the Sun Flute Gladion gave to me back at the Aether Paradise was at Exeggutor Island, I returned back to Seafolk Village making a trade with a NPC who wanted a Granbull in exchange for her Steenee.

    Pokemon Sun:
    After learning the shocking truth about Lillie's and Gladion's relationship to Lusamine, I headed to Poni Island following a one night stay at the Aether Paradise with Gladion giving me the Moon Flute and a Master Ball before I left. Arriving at Seafolk Village, I proceeded north to Poni Wilds, catching a Gastrodon and Granbull before reaching the Ancient Poni Path. I then found out that Poni Island surprisingly does not have a Kahuna, with Hapu's grandmother registering Machamp on my Rider Pager to allow me to push giant blocks too tough for Tauros to smash through.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  12. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    Done battling in the Battle of Alola and I must say that I'm satisfied with the results!
    Lost many battles, but I was still able to emerge victorious in other ones!
    All I can say, is that Golisopod is definitely an excellent Pokèmon, not only for its stats, but also for its adaptability on the battlefield! :D
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  13. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Started on a few things today. My 5-day project (which will take longer than five days since I changed my plans a bit) is that I'm going to re-explore all of the Islands, mainly to look for the remaining Zygarde pieces but also to find and do other things. Got started on that today, did a few other small things as well. I decided to do the Islands in order, starting with Melemele. I managed to explore all of it during day (night), but only about half of it during night (day). I'll continue with the rest of it either tomorrow or some other day next week depending on when I'll have time. Because of how long it took, I have decided that I will not try to re-explore the remaining Islands in just one day, will split them in two or more parts, then explore one part every day. This means this project will take a little longer but that's okay, I'll do other things alongside it as well.

    I had around 80% of Zygarde when I started today and I managed to find quite many more pieces, I think I have around 90% now. So there's not a whole lot left to be found. I did some other things along the way too. Caught some Pokemon: Spinarak, Luvdisc, Pikachu and another Meowth which I caught in a Luxury Ball, gave it the Soothe Bell to hold as well. Going to keep it with me in my party as I will walk around a lot which will raise its Friendship level. I started on the Eeveelution sidequest too, managed to find and battle the Vaporeon, Umbreon and Glaceon users today. Got to battle some other trainers I hadn't been able to battle before too, then I also got to have another battle with Guzma, he was taken up as new apprentice under Hala afterwards.
  14. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I made my way through route 15 and 16, and then through Ula'ula meadow where I spent ages trying to catch a stupid Ribombee. Nanu showed up to let me into Po Town, and I battled my way through it to the Shady House. Really love the atmosphere of the whole place. Guzma was a lot easier than last time, with Wishiwashi knocking out Ariados and Toucannon finishing off Golisopod. ]

    Once I'd finished up there I made my way back to the Aether House, where I found out that Liilie had been kidnapped and battled Gladion again. We headed to Malie City with Gladion, where Nanu appeared again and I battled him. Like the other Kahunas he was pretty easy. Sableye caught me off guard and knocked out Lycanroc, but Decidueye finished off it and Krokorok before Toucannon defeated Persian after narrowly surviving Power Gem. I really love Nanu, easily one of my favourite characters now.

    [​IMG] lv 38
    [​IMG] lv 37
    [​IMG] lv 37
    [​IMG] lv 37
    [​IMG] lv 36
    [​IMG] lv 37
  15. Waves01

    Waves01 Shiny Hunter

    Haven't posted in awhile i'm back tho. just recently got a shiny munchlax, while EV training. Also just started a MM hunt for Minior abt an hour ago hatched 30 eggs so far hope it comes soon.
  16. Violent Red

    Violent Red Well-Known Member

    An update on my mono-normal nuzlocke runthrough:

    I traveled to the Volcano Park and spent a bit of time trying to find a Kangaskhan but alas, she is too rare and I gave up my hunt.
    At the top of the mountain I challenged the trial, and Sally the Milktank did a good job handling the battle, using her Rock Tomb to good effect.
    Then I traveled down route 8 and found a new member to the party: a Stuffle which I called Snugglebum
    I spent a bit of time training her up, but unfortunately she got critical hit by a Wingul with Air Cutter, which meant she was on 1 life remaining before I'd even left the route I caught her on!! D:
    But alas we soldiered on.
    Eventually we challenged the Grass trial in Lush Jungle.
    Tamborine the Tauros and Maccas my Snorlax combined to amazing effect to neutralise the threat of the totem Pokemon: Tauros' Intimidate cut her attack while she charged Solar Blade, then I switched to Maccas to tank the hit. Then I switch back into Tamborine to cut her attack even more with Intimidate again. Then I used Yawn and burnt her down with Normal Z-Move.
    Afterwards, I captured a female Oranguru. I called her Amys (based on the wise one from Wheel of Time)
    We pushed on and met Kukui's wife, went through Diglett tunnel, explored Koni town, helped some Aether Foundation people against Team Skull.
    Snugglebum evolved into Bewear and did great against Kahuna Olivia. Tanked Lycanroc's Z-Move like a boss.
    Afterwards, I tracked down Mallow and Lana for a battle. Mallow was easy.
    Unfortunately, I completely misjudged the power of Lana's Araquanid. I wasn't paying complete attention and was expecting an easy battle. I forgot that Araquanid's ability boosted its water moves, and it used a Z-move on me. I still had Snugglebum out and she got completely wrecked and lost her second and last life :( I barely had her!! It's my bad. The game is going to be a lot more challenging without her.

    Current Team:
    Snorlax - lvl 32
    Herdier - lvl 30
    Toucannon - lvl 30
    Milktank - lvl 29
    Oranguru - lvl 29
    Tauros - lvl 27
    Raticate - lvl 27
    Spinda - lvl 25
    Yungoos - lvl 22
    Spearow - lvl 18
    Happiny - lvl 15
    Igglybuff - lvl 15

    Bewear (snugglebum) :'(
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Went back to Melemele Island today to catch the Pheromosa in Verdant Cavern. It took me a while to catch all of them since my Toucannon KOed a couple of them at first due to critical hits (my Pokemon did gain some nice experience at least, though) and I got interrupted by the Rattata in the dust spots several times.

    After that, I went to the Battle Buffet in Hau'oli City. I was able to defeat four trainers in the allotted number of turns. I wasted five turns battling a Magnezone, because as soon as I switched from my Decidueye to Dugtrio, it used Magnet Rise. >_>
    Once that was done, I went over to see Prof. Kukui, because I remembered that you could get the Lucky Egg from him.

    Finally, I continued with the Ultra Beast quest by heading back to the motel on Route 8. I battled Mina, who was honestly one of the toughest trainers I've faced in this game so far. Her Granbull really did a number to several of my Pokemon. My Toucannon defeated a few of her Pokemon while at low HP, but then it was poisoned by Shiinotic's Effect Spore and fainted. Ribombee was dangerous as well. After winning the battle, I went to the Lush Jungle to catch the Xurkitree, which ended up being pretty easy.
  18. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Explored a bit more today. I'm unsure if I'm going to continue with this though since it wasn't as fun as I thought, but rather tedious. It takes too long and it isn't that exciting either. Maybe I'll just explore each area once instead of twice and then check all timed Zygarde pieces afterwards. I explored a little more today anyway, mainly the whole southern part of Akala. There, I met the Flareon and Leafeon trainers. I also met Morimoto, got to battle him as well. I guess this will be one of my main training spots in the game since he can be rebattled once a day. Didn't find much in terms of Zygarde, just one more cell on Melemele.

    Then I continued on the Pokedex and got started on it for real, more or less. The Pokedex is what I really want to focus on right now, but I guess I'll work on it alongside the exploration project. I'm going to start by doing the four dexes in order, then the full Alola Dex. This will be similar to what I did in X/Y and OR/AS. First out is the Melemele Pokedex. Going to start with catching/obtaining all Pokemon I need. I caught some Pokemon today, first Misdreavus, Bonsly and Happiny on Melemele (I have already started to grow a love-hate relationship to the fact that some Pokemon are exclusive to SOS chains), as well as Hypno and Barboach on Poni. My Meowth had also reached a high enough Friendship level to evolve into Persian, so that happened as well. Alolan Persian looks quite weird. I showed it for Samson Oak in the Malie Library and got a Love Ball from him as thanks. It would have been better if you could have gotten more than one though. Going to continue tomorrow, will hopefully do a bit more then.
  19. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    After beating Nanu I headed to the Aether Paradise with Gladion and Hau. Battled Faba at the entrance (god Hypno's Hypnosis was annoying) then made my way to the lower levels to learn about Cosmog. Once I'd finished there, we headed back up to the mansion to discover Team Skull and battle Guzma. He was a little harder than last time, but Toucannon still pulled through and knocked out Golisopod for the win. I then confronted Lusamine inside her quarters and battle her after she opened the wormhole. Mismagius ended up being kind of tricky, knocking out Toucannon with Power Gem and Decidueye with Mystical Fire, but the rest of her team was easy. After watching her and Guzma disappear through the portal and finishing the rest of the cut scenes, I saved.

    [​IMG] lv 40
    [​IMG] lv 39
    [​IMG] lv 39
    [​IMG] lv 39
    [​IMG] lv 39
    [​IMG] lv 39
  20. Tyrone

    Tyrone Phantom Angel

    I was chaining Riolu's with the intention of getting a Female in a Beast Ball. Took long enough for it to spawn. As I tried to catch it, a shiny popped up. Then ANOTHER ONE popped up as I tried to catch that.


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