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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Mrs. Oreo

- So still on Sun, my rival Hau had just shown up and battled me. His team only consisted of Rowlet and Pikachu tho, so I won pretty easily. I then left Route 3 and went to Route 1. :3
- Next I had to complete my first Grand Trial against Hala and I went to find him in Iki town. I had to battle him and I defeated his Mankey, Makuhita and Crabrawler with Trumbeak.
- Once Kahuna Hala had accepted defeat, I was given the Fightinium Z and the Ride Pager as a reward ha ha. Professor Kukui was there as well and he handed me the False Swipe Tm.


Panda Power
Got distracted by Festival Plaza this morning for about an hour. There was a Type Matchup Mission going on every 2 minutes or so. Got a ton of FC and reached Rank 8. Recieved a 2 star Haunted house. Also Wondertraded an Abra and received a Japanese Abra in return. Trained both Rainbow and Archer to level 12 before heading to the Hau'oli Docks. Had Rainbow sweep both the Skull grunt and Ilima. Deposited meowth on the way to Route 2, since he hasnt picked anything else up. Caught a Drifloon in the cemetery for the Girl in Hau'oli Poke Center. Also, caught a Cutiefly for the Route 2 trainer. Archer Handled all the Trial Yungoos in Verdent Cavern. While Rainbow handled Team Skull and Totem Gumshoos. To celebrate i Wondertraded a Yungoos on the way out. Recieved a German Makuhita in return. Ended with a trip to the Berry Trees.

Archer - Rowlet lvl 16
Rainbow - Grimer lvl 15
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Salingerian Phony
Speaking of Festival Plaza, I was playing "Cross-cultural communications!," and apparently, "Bon appetit!" counts as English and not French. Heads up to anyone who'll be playing that mission.


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Today, I returned to Malie Garden in order to catch the Celesteela there. They were probably the toughest of the Ultra Beasts for me to catch - had to use more than one Beast Ball on both of them. But whatever, I caught them and then continued on to Seafolk Village. I had to battle Nanu there, and wow, the battle was worse than the Mina fight yesterday. Krookodile and Persian outsped everything I had that could be used against them (I mean, my Raichu might've been faster than Krookodile, but it would've been completely useless in that matchup). It was pretty bad...when I won, half of my team was dead and the other half was at red HP.

After that, I headed back to Ancient Poni Path. There, I encountered Sina & Dexio again and battled Dexio. After the Nanu battle, this one was really easy. My Golisopod, Decidueye, and Dugtrio had no trouble taking his team down. When the battle was over, I received a Key Stone and the Alakazite.

Next, I began exploring the rest of Poni Island. I visited several new areas today, starting with the Poni Grove, Plains, and Meadow. Eventually, I made it to Resolution Cave and found Guzzlord (love that name). I caught it and then used an Escape Rope to get out.
Finally, with Guzzlord caught, I finished off the Ultra Beast story by visiting Aether Paradise once again.


So long
Did some more things today. Started by re-exploring the rest of Akala, which was every area north of Heahea. Found a few new areas, notably a cave in the Lush Jungle which I hadn't been able to go to before. There, I found a TM for Energy Ball as well as another Zygarde Cell. I have collected 94% of Zygarde now, checked today and noticed that I have found all 5 Cores so I just have 6 Cells left to find, hoping my current projects will allow me to find them. I have explored 2 Islands now, just the last 3 left, will probably not be able to get them done before Christmas but it doesn't matter much.

Continued a little on the Pokedex afterwards. Forgot to mention yesterday that I caught another Golbat, in a Luxury Ball. I gave it the Soothe Bell to hold. Today, it had reached a high enough level of Friendship, so I evolved it into Crobat. Next up when it comes to Friendship evolutions will be the Happiny line. Withdrew the Happiny I caught yesterday, it was already holding an Oval Stone. I let it gain a level and it evolved into Chansey. Gave it the Soothe Bell afterwards, keeping it in my party from now on.

Decided to do a little bit of breeding. I hatched some Popplio, connected to the GTS and offered one of them there, asking for a Rowlet in return. A reasonable trade which should go through eventually, otherwise I will lose all faith in the Pokemon fanbase. Went to Route 3 where I managed to find and catch a Delibird. Then I went back to the GTS, but my Popplio hadn't been traded yet. Decided to do a Wonder Trade instead to see if I could get anything fun. 2 Scyther had recently joined me through Poke Pelago, I decided to offer one of them. In return, I got a Litten! One of the Pokemon I really wanted, so that's pretty awesome. Stopped there for today, going to continue tomorrow with exploring the first part of Ula'ula and perhaps get further on the Pokedex too.
So, I went on my very first Masuda Method hunt over the weekend, and guess what I found? NOTHING! Twenty! Seven! Boxes! Not ONE Shiny! I gave up on it, and I will not try again for a while. It's a shame, too. Shiny Litten is a gorgeous shiny... Ah well, back to grinding my team to Lv.100 before the Bank update.

In related news, I was finally able to renew my PokéBank sub! I also bought Pokémon Yellow for VC, as well as a few Mii Fighter outfits and the Hyrule Castle stage for Sm4sh.


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Pokemon Moon:
Began the arduous trek through Vast Poni Canyon, catching Boldore, Jangmo-o and Midnight Lycanroc along the way (the second Pokemon showed up first despite being the rarest Pokemon in the tall grass in Vast Poni Canyon). Went through the unguarded trial site in the canyon, with my Primarina easily beating the Totem Pokemon and the wild Pokemon that appeared. I then proceeded up to the Altar of the Moone and summoned Lunala with Lillie's help (which ended being Nebby's evolved form) to travel to Ultra Space to hopefully talk some sense to Lusamine.

Pokemon Sun:
Battled against Kahuna Hapu whose Gastrodon was surprisingly tough since I did not have any Grass-types on my team (did not want to risk using Scald on it in case it had Storm Drain). Following a brief detour to Seafolk Village to stock up on items, I made my way through the Vast Poni Canyon catching myself a Golbat, Boldore and Midday Lycanroc. Opened the path back to the entrance of the canyon and battled my way through the trainers to the familiar trial gates where Lillie gave my team a much needed healing.
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Crimson Dragon
i did a few hours of soft resetting for a purple 5* stall or a red 3-5* but settled for a clink clunk 5* to replace my current 4* shop. i did a few battles in between the sessions but most of my time was wasted SRing... getting the 5* color shops is rather tough, hopefully when i get to +lvl70 i can get a few more 5* options.


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Finished exploring Poni Island today. I went through the Poni Coast first, which didn't take too long, before entering the Poni Gauntlet. I battled my way through all the trainers there until reaching the entrance to the Battle Tree. After saving, I entered the Battle Tree area. I already knew what was waiting for me there, but I thought I'd have a chance to fully heal my team first...but nope, got dragged into battle right away. I considered soft resetting, but I decided not to and chose to fight Blue because I thought he'd be easier (really didn't want to deal with Snorlax or Lapras). Arcanine was pretty speedy and took out a couple of my Pokemon, but other than that, Blue wasn't really that hard. My weakened team did a pretty good job overall, especially my Raichu and Golisopod.

After that, I talked to some people around the Battle Tree, healed my Pokemon using the PC, then headed back out to the Gauntlet. I battled Mina again and had a much easier time defeating her this time.

Next, I returned to Paniola Ranch to hatch some eggs. Now that I've done most of what I want to do on Moon, I want to start breeding for the Pokemon I want to use on Sun. One of my Sun team members will be Primarina, so I decided to start building my team by hatching some Popplio today in hopes of getting one with the right Nature. Took me about 20 eggs.

Then, I wanted to hatch an Alola Vulpix with my target Nature as well. I really want my Alola Ninetales to have the egg move Moonblast, though, so I had to get a Pokemon with Moonblast to breed with the female Vulpix I got off the GTS a while ago. Fortunately, one of the Popplio I hatched was male with the Nature I want on Ninetales, so I decided to use it as my Moonblast parent. I trained that Popplio at the Battle Buffet (did better today than last time) and Mount Hokulani (caught a Jolly Ditto there, which'll come in handy later). Once Popplio learned Moonblast, I bred it with my Vulpix, and hatched several offspring with Moonblast and the right Nature.

Finally, my Moon team:

Lv. 70-71
Probably won't do too much more training, but I'm glad I got everyone to level 70+.


Mew... Mew... Mew...
On Moon, catching the Tapu is so hard... I did it, but it’s hard...


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In moon today I finally completed my pokedex, and move on having to go grab that beautiful shiny charm.

I've never felt so satisfied of completing a dex, and i'm happy to have done it before the bank update as well and this is my first dex completion since my RB-SG days when i was a much much younger. Funny how the spirit of nostalgia will not let me go of any of these wonderful lands.

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
I just completed the Pokedex in Sun and got the stamps for the passport and coveted Shiny Charm. Weavile was the last Pokemon I had to get. I ended up trading my bad natured Solgaleo for it since I have a much better Cosmoem.


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So I've been making a few posts around here lately complaining the game is too easy, that with the Exp Share has caused me to become over-levelled, that my first time doing a Nuzlocke (and a mostly blind one at that) was a cake-walk. Well, I fought the Elite Four today and they certainly made me eat crow. I lost four of my six partners in the attempt. My Mudsdale, Roach, went down first. I switched him into Hala's Crabrawler thinking he could tank a few hits while I did some healing. Didn't expect Ice Hammer to one-shot. Second was Glinda the Lilligant, who fell to Olivia. I figured she'd be able to just sweep the team of rock types and that was working fine up until we got to Lycanroc, who led with a Z-move, crushing Glinda's meagre defences both figuratively and literally.

For added irony, Hala and Olivia served me my first two losses in the early game as well, and Olivia even did it with the same technique on a similar Pokemon, a Steenee. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Acerola and Miss Johnny-Come-Lately (seriously, was I supposed to know her?) went down without too much trouble. My last two losses were served by...well, he's not technically the Champion and I'm not sure if his identity is still a spoiler so I'm just going to call him SMUG GIT. Outnumbering me six to four, Smug Git just had to lead with Stealth Rock, which half my surviving team was weak to. I was probably lucky to make it through with just two losses. Maggagie the Toucannon went first (my first catch...), but ever the reliable one, she took Snorlax out in a beautiful war of attrition before falling to Ninetales' Ice Shard. Hux the Gigalith, who had been my Sturdy wall for so long crumbled at the hands of Decidueye, leaving Max the Primarina and Cornyx the Magmortar (the oldest and youngest members of my team, respectively) to join me at the top as the sole surviving members of the Hall of Fame.

So yeah, that was my first Nuzlocke and my first time beating Moon. Think I'll call off the Nuzlocke for the post-game and just keep the fallen in storage, since I owe my brother a match and I don't want to raise up four new team members just for that.

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
Alola Dex complete! The last Pokémon I needed was Lunala, which I registered because I lent my sister some of my legendaries to take on the League, and she has a Lunala on her team which she traded to me. Anyway, I got all five passport stamps and the Shiny Charm from the Game Director in Heahea City. Time to start shiny hunting!

Grey Wind

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I arrived in Seafolk Village and explored for a bit, then made my way through Poni Wilds to Hapu's house. Lillie and I followed her to the Ruins of Hope where we watched her become the new Kahuna. After that I headed to Exeggutor Island with Lillie where we found the Sun Flute before leaving for Poni. I was weirdly under leveled so I spent a while training before challenging Hapu.

She was probably the hardest of the Kahunas. Lycanroc wasn't fast enough to knock out Dugtrio, but Toucannon took it and Gastrodon out. Decidueye knocked out Flygon before Mudsdale came out and basically destroyed my team. Toucannon managed to burn it but so many boosts from stamina meant I was barely damaging it. After the bird finally fell, I brought back out Wishiwashi and managed to knock it out. Explored the canyon for a while after winning, then saved.

lv 45
lv 43
lv 42
lv 43
lv 43
lv 43


1 more day ^^
I finished up at exegutor island and made my way to the ruins. Next I went to vast poni Canyon and beat Hapu. I was surprised I was able to beat her since she's 3 to 4 levels higher than me. Next I will go through vast poni canyon. Current team
Decidueye lv 44
Raichu lv 44
Araquanid lv 44
Passimian lv 42
Toucannon lv 44
Ninetales lv 44
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So long
Started today by checking the GTS in the morning, but my Rowlet had not been traded. I decided to let it stay a little longer, maybe the GTS isn't only corrupted by greed, but also undergoing heavy traffic due to a lot of people trying to complete their Pokedexes at the same time? I looked for Rowlet offered up for trade instead and found one person which was looking for a Popplio in return, so I traded one of my other Popplio for their Rowlet. With that, I had all three starters! Checked back later on, and the Popplio I had offered had been traded for another Rowlet, so that's good. Now I have 2 adorable little owls, easily the cutest of the first stages of starters. Did a little more in Festival Plaza, tried some Online Missions today which was quite fun and gave a lot of FC, definitely something I will continue with in the future.

Then I continued with the exploration. Started exploring Ula'ula today. This Island is most easily divided into east and west parts, I explored the east part today, from Malie City to the Tapu Ruins, though I excluded the Haina Desert for now, will take care of it later on, maybe tomorrow. Looking back, this was probably quite a bit more than half of the Island, but it's okay. Along the way, I found one Zygarde Cell, caught a Minior as well as met and battled the Espeon trainer.

Continued a bit on the Pokedex afterwards. Started by going to Route 1 to look for a Munchlax. I managed to find one quite quickly, it only took about 5 minutes. Catching it was harder, but I eventually got it in a Luxury Ball just like I wanted. The little guy was also holding a Leftovers which is never bad to have. Bought more Luxury Balls afterwards since I almost ran out of them. Then I let my Chansey gain a level and it evolved into Blissey. Another Friendship problem solved. Decided that I might as well continue with Munchlax next, not sure if there are any other Friendship evolutions left in the Melemele part of the dex. So I gave it the Soothe Bell and have been keeping it in my party.

Then I went down to Melemele Sea to find more Pokemon. Thought the next one might take a while, but I got it quite quickly. Found a Corsola on my second encounter in a Bubble spot, so that was great. However, I had to find one more afterwards, which took a little longer to find. Fortunately, I found a way to automatically make the Bubble spot reboot which was great, and will be for the future as I'm guessing this works in other areas as well. My second Corsola took a while to find, but I eventually got it. Then it quickly sent an SOS to call in the Pokemon I was really after this time, a Mareanie. Caught it quickly. And with that, I had all Pokemon I had to obtain through catching from the Melemele dex. Now I just have the other methods left. My Melemele dex is 70% complete now, so this is good, not a whole lot left on it.


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So after finishing the main game I have been slowly doing the after-story but making sure I use a Synchronise Abra on each of the Ultra-Beasts because I plan to try and use Bottle Caps to make them battle viable.
So at the moment I have managed to gain Timid Nihilego, Adamant Buzzwole and 2 Timid Xirkitree's.
I also traded one of my Buzzwoles for a Pheromosa but that has a Lax Nature so dont think that is any good.

But the main thing I have been doing is Wonder trading all the time because I want to see how long it takes me to get a any legendary through wonder trade. But since starting I have managed to get the following worth noting

Shiny 6IV Japanese Ditto holding a Destiny Knot ... so yeh we all know what thats about ><
Shiny fully trained Level 100 Oranguru holding a life orb ... this one seems to be from a known twitch streamer

and all the following which are 5IV but not the right natures or maybe one of the IVs is not useful

Moon Ball Mimikyu
Moon Ball Gible
Heavy Ball Beldum
Luxury Ball Pichu
Moon Ball Jangmo-o
Love Ball Alolan Vulpix
Premier Ball Wimpod
Love Ball Stufful
Nest Ball Exeggcute

So I got some call breeding starters :D ... So Wonder-trade seems good at the moment but as you can see be careful because there are some things being wonder traded that you may not want.


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Just caught a shiny Alola Dugtrio on a random encounter. It was my first time catching a shiny in the wild so it was pretty exciting. I wish it was a pokemon I wanted on my team, but I can't really complain.