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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


Johto Champion
I've recently made it to Ula'ula Island! I skipped right through the Malie Garden scenes and got to work catching my team's fourth member.

- Marshmallow, Lv. 29
- Gumdrop, Lv. 30
- Skittles, Lv. 31
- Pepperming, Lv. 32, shiny


1 more day ^^
I got through vast poni canyon. Man there are so many trainers and I was kind of under leveled. Next I beat the dragon trial fairly easily although I needed to revive Ninetales because kommo-o killed it with flash cannon. After that I beat Lusamine who was super annoying with her clefable. Everything else just used pain split for some reason. Next I will be catching sogaleo, I had to go back to the city to buy ultra balls because I didn't have any XD. Current team
Decidueye lv 47
Raichu lv 50
Araquanid lv 47
Toucannon lv 47
Passimian lv 46
Ninetales lv 48


So i finally got Pokemon Sun! Alot of people were right about it having such a slow start. I'm on the next day where Lillie is escorting me somewhere and i've still havent even gotten to the Pokemon Center yet


Panda Power
Started with another trip to the Berry Trees. Ended up catching a Crabrawler to add to the ten pokemon i need for the scientist in Hau'oli. Also did the Machop trade on the way to Route 3. Got four pretty wings and an extra Sharp Beak from the flying pokemon along the way. There is very little to do in Melemele Meadow, besides the Poke Finder. On the way out Archer evolved against Hau like always. Also, just like my moon playthrough, Archer pecked Kahuna Hala's team into submission. Along route 1 i ended up in an S.O.S battle against Bonsly. Managed to get a Happiny with less trouble than i expected. Made it to Ten Carat Hill and tried to Shiny Hunt a Rockruff with S.O.S. I have a zero patience though and gave up rather easy. After collecting TM 46 and 83, i made my way to Heahea City. Dexio lost quite easily to Rainbow.

Archer - Dartrix lvl 19
Rainbow - Grimer lvl 20


So long
Started today by exploring the western part of Ula'ula. I obtained a Porygon from a human in the Aether House, nothing more of interest happened. Continued by exploring a little bit of Poni Island too, I explored Exeggutor Island, Seafolk Village and the Poni Wilds. Along the way, I met the Sylveon trainer and got to battle a Sightseer with a shiny Exeggcute. The shiny animation has been changed for this generation which I find unexpected and interesting.

Now that I was almost done with the Eevee quest, I decided to complete it. Learned that the Jolteon user resided in Malie, so I went there and battled her. Then I took small break and explored the Haina Desert in full, at least I'm pretty sure I did. Used a guide to make sure I didn't miss anything. Found a few new items and the path to the ruins of this Island, found another Zygarde Cell outside of them. I'm quite sure I have explored the ruins in full now, and if not... I'll probably find out what I have missed later on. After that, I did the last part of the Eevee quest. Went back to Kagetora and spoke to him, got to battle him as well. He was the Eevee user. I beat him, and as thanks for helping him find out about all of his old friends, I got the Eevium Z, quite cool but not sure if I'll ever use it for anything serious. While battling him, I used my Munchlax, it had reached a high enough level of Friendship now so it evolved into Snorlax. This was the last Friendship evolution in the Melemele dex, so I'm now done with them for a while, though there will be more of them in the other dexes later on. And I'm done with the Eevee quest too.

Decided to continue on the Pokedex or rather start on it for real... or something. I don't know. Exp. Share On, gave a Lucky Egg to my Bagon since it evolves at the highest level. Sadly, the lack of training spots in the game really stings... but I suppose it could be worse, you have to think optimistically. As far as I know, there's only Morimoto, the Battle Buffet and wild Pokemon at the last areas on Poni Island. I'm almost happy that there's no National Dex because I'm not sure if I could have been bothered to complete it with this lack of training spots. Anyway, I added the following Pokemon to the Pokedex today: Shelgon, Dartrix, Decidueye, Torracat, Incineroar, Butterfree, Sudowoodo, Magneton, Magnezone, Vikavolt and Crabominable. I have also seen all Pokemon in the Melemele Dex now, the last one I had to see was Dartrix. That gave me a silver crown, I guess there will be more later on. Decided to not do anything more today, will continue tomorrow.


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Did several things yesterday:

-Finally got the event Munchlax. I'd completely forgot about it.
-I want to breed Moonblast onto a Cutiefly, so I decided to raise a Clefairy for this purpose. I caught a male Cleffa on Mount Hokulani and raised its friendship by using EV reducing berries on it. Then, after raising its affection in Pokémon Refresh to get the experience boost, I started levelling it up and got it to evolve into Clefairy pretty quickly. I did most of my training at the buffet and Poni Island, which allowed Clefairy to reach level 46 and learn Moonblast in no time.

-Next, I hatched some more Popplio. Now that I had one with the right Nature, all I needed to do was breed for IVs. Not going for perfect IV spreads at this point, but I do want to get as good IVs as possible. I managed to hatch one with relatively superior potential last night, so I'm going to start breeding that one today in hopes of getting an even better one.
-While hatching eggs on Melemele Island, I found Guzma in his house on Route 2. I then went down to Hau'oli, put my regular team members in my party, and battled Guzma on the beach. A couple of my Pokemon fainted, but other than that, it wasn't too difficult of a fight.


Artistic Flair
Pokémon Moon:
Having resolved the tension between Lillie and her mother and becoming Alola's first champion, I proceeded to revisit previous areas to catch Pokémon I have missed. After catching Alolan Sandshrew and Snorunt near Tapu Village, I went to the Akala Outskirts to catch a Stufful. Along the way to Aether Foundation outpost on Route 8, I met up with Corless again who gave me the Drives for Genesect. Showed off Stufful's Pokedex to one of the Aether Foundation's employees there before heading for the wrecked Thrifty Megamart on Route 14 to try to find a Mimikyu.

Pokémon Sun:
After stocking up on items and Poke Balls, I proceeded to the newly built Pokémon League to try to become Alola's first champion. The Elite Four (and Kukui) put a decent challenge but I was able to emerge victorious. Returning to Melemele Island, I snuck out the Ruins of Conflict with Lillie to pay my blessings to Tapu Koko which ended up battling me. Successful in catching it (which had a Timid nature) I returned back to the party in Iki Town later farewelling Lillie as she headed for Kanto the next day.
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Shiny Hunter
Congrats to everyone's pokedex completion and shiny hunts. Wish you all the best of luck on them. i wont be posting again for awhile bcuz of something i don't want to discuss but anyways hope everyone has a great Christmas.


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Today, I finally started a save file on my Sun. Since I played as the boy on Moon, I chose the girl on this game. I picked Popplio as my starter and then got through all the intro stuff as quickly as possible until I reached the first Pokemon Center. That seemed to be the earliest that trading became available, which I needed because I wanted to trade over eggs so that my team members would have my Sun's OT.

Then, I went back to Moon to get some eggs to trade over. First, I collected some more Popplio eggs and saved, then hatched them and checked their IVs. I found a Popplio with a perfect Special Attack IV, so I soft reset and traded the egg over to Sun. After running around a lot, the egg hatched and I traded the Popplio back to Moon since I'll EV train in later.

After that, I started breeding two of the Moonblast Vulpix I hatched the other day. I plan on running Hidden Power on my Ninetales, so I had to check the HP type of each of the Vulpix. Took me quite a while to get the type I wanted, reminding me of why I usually avoid using Hidden Power. Anyway, I eventually hatched a Vulpix with my desired HP, so I reset again, traded its egg to Sun to hatch, then traded it back.

Next, I returned to the Malie Library with my Persian in my party. I needed it to get the Love Ball from Samson. Once I got it, I went over to the Melemele Meadow to catch a female Cutiefly. It took me a while to find one, partly because I ran into a lot of Caterpie and Petilil, and partly because I wasted a lot of time in a battle against a male Cutiefly trying to get it to SOS in a female one (so many "it's help didn't appear!!1!" fails). Eventually, I ran into a female normally, and caught it in my Love Ball since I want my Sun Ribombee to be in that ball. After catching it, I checked its summary and found out that it had the right Nature, which was awesome.

With Cutiefly caught, I returned to the nursery and bred it with the Clefairy I levelled up yesterday. I hatched a batch of Love Ball Cutiefly and checked their IVs. One had a max Sp. Attack IV, so I decided to buy a Power Lens with all of my BP and give it to the Cutiefly so that the IV could be passed along to all of the offspring (and I will need the item for EV training later, anyway, and I don't have enough perfect IVs to warrant use of the Destiny Knot yet). After swapping out my nursery Pokemon and hatching and checking more offspring, I found a Cutiefly I was happy with and did the same reset, trade to Sun, hatch, trade back to Moon as before.

So, I was able to breed for 3 of my Sun Pokemon today! I'll start breeding for the second half of my team tomorrow, though I have to catch some Pokemon first.

Aside from breeding, I tried earning some more Battle Points on Moon since I'll need them to buy more Power Items. I went to the Battle Tree and tried the Single mode several times with different combinations of my ingame team. The longest streak I was able to get was 2 wins lol. Yeah, my ingame Pokemon really aren't cut out for that place. Once I was tired of the Tree, I returned to Royal Avenue. My Pokemon continued to do poorly in the Battle Royales, but they somehow pulled off the win in the last one I did tonight! I got my BP back up to 10 iirc.


So long
Found out that a Drifblim had decided to join me through Poke Pelago. I hadn't registered in my Dex so I automatically got that now, without having to do a thing. I explored the rest of Poni Island today, except for the Resolution Cave which I had already explored in full and I didn't feel like doing it again. Along the way, I found one Zygarde Cell and got to battle two swimmers who called themselves the "Hidden Maidens", I got the HMs TMs for Surf and Waterfall from them afterwards. Now I'm almost done with the re-exploration, just got the Aether Paradise left.

Then I continued on the Pokedex a bit. Added the following Pokemon to it today: Slowbro, Salamence, Lumineon, Muk, Gyarados, Whiscash and Toxapex. Which were all the remaining regular evolutions from the Melemele Dex. This went quite fast after all, though there wasn't a lot to evolve and the different parts of the Dex don't have that many Pokemon each. I still have a few Pokemon left to add to that Dex through other methods before moving on to the next one.

As for the training spots (or the lack of them), I'm still a little bitter but I need to learn to live with it. My battles against Morimoto haven't been going very well, he is quite strong and I still have trouble against him. The Battle Buffet is hit-or-miss depending on how many trainers I manage to beat. Today, I also got to meet the "Queen" of the place for the first time. She was a dancer. Does this mean she is the Dancing Queen? My try at the Buffet didn't go very well though, so I didn't get to battle her, guess I need to beat 10 trainers in order to do that. Maybe another time, we'll see. I feel that I need to train my team a bit more... but I can't do that because there are barely any training spots! So annoying. Though I think I will use what there is to train them a bit before starting on the next Dex. Next time I play, I will continue with the last part of the exploration and more Pokedex additions.

Mrs. Oreo

- So I now had the Ride Pager, which I could use to summon the Ride Tauros. I took a quick detour to Ten Carat Hill next after healing my pokemon. I smashed rocks by the cave's entrance.
- I caught a Machop, Diglett and Rockruff at Ten Carat Hill, then I grabbed some items including a Hard Stone in the meadow. I then left and prepared to head back to Hau'oli city's marina.
- I departed to Akala Island with Lillie and saw a lady named Olivia as well as Mallow at the port in Heahea city. Lillie went off on her own and I saw Dexio and Sina by the Tide Song Hotel. :]


1 more day ^^
I beat Hau pretty easily. After that I leveled up my party to 53 and 54 to take on the elite 4. I also got the z crystal for raichu not realizing I can't use it because I don't have thunderbolt DX. I beat the elite 4 and just need to beat Kekuii. Current team
Decidueye lv 54
Raichu lv 56
Toucannon lv 54
Araquanid lv 54
Passimian lv 56
Ninetales lv 56


Salingerian Phony
Well...my Battle Tree streak ended at the 32nd battle. There was a Metagross that Mega Evolved and somehow outran my Garchomp the turn it was brought out, knocking him out before he could use Earthquake. Also knocked out my Kartana in one hit with Brick Break, and then made short work of Tapu Lele with Meteor Mash. I thought Pokémon keep their regular speeds until the turn after they Mega Evolve. Why was I unable to get an Earthquake in?


Got another decent wonder trade from Japan. A Gible with Adamant and Rough Skin! I love getting Trades from Japan! They're the ultimate experts in Breeding and EV training multiple Pokes!

About to start my first Island Challenge

Grey Wind

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I made my way through the massive Vast Poni Canyon and caught a bunch of Pokemon (took me AGES to find Lycanroc for some reason). Met Mina along the way, and eventually took on the final trial against Kommo-o. It was pretty easy, Salazzle took out Scizor and poisoned the totem, and Decidueye came in to clean up.

Lillie and I then climbed to the top of the altar and summoned Solgaleo, who took us to ultra space to confront Lusamine. After Lillie's outburst I battled Lusamine, who's Clefable is probably one of the most annoying Pokemon ever. It maxed out its defences with Cosmic Power, continuously healed itself with Moonlight, and ended up using the most random **** with Metronome (including Minimize which made things more of a pain, and pulling out an Oblivion Wing to KO Decidueye). Eventually after Lycanroc's Keen Eye let me actually hit the damn thing a couple of times, it ran out of PP for Moonlight and Salazzle slowly whittled down the rest of its HP. Ugh.

The rest of her team was fairly easy, although Milotic surprisingly knocked out Raichu. After leaving ultra space, Nebby asked to keep travelling with me and I captured him. :')

lv 48
lv 46
lv 46
lv 45
lv 47
lv 45


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Continued breeding on Moon today. First, I flew back to Exeggutor Island in order to catch an Exeggcute/tor in my Friend Ball. I found an Exeggutor and used my Friend Ball on it after weakening it, but it broke out, so I had to reset. On my second try, I successfully caught a female Exeggcute. I then checked my PC and saw that this Exeggcute I caught a while ago was male with the Nature I wanted, so I ended up putting both Exeggcute in the nursery together. After hatching a bunch of eggs (and ignoring all of the offspring that inherited the male's Heal Ball), I got a pretty good male-female Exeggcute pair in Friend Balls and put them in the nursery. I picked up some more eggs and did the same thing I did yesterday: saving, hatching the eggs and checking their stats, then resetting and trading the right egg over to Sun to hatch, then trading back to Moon. The Exeggcute I hatched on Sun ended up being one with 2 perfect IVs.

Next, I bred for a Jangmo-o. I didn't have one, so I had to go to Vast Poni Canyon to catch one. I was fortunately able to find one after just a few encounters, and decided to catch it in a Timer Ball. It was male, so I bred it with one of my Ditto, which had the Nature I was going for. Now, the Jangmo-o did not have the Ability I wanted, and I don't want to try to get an Ability Capsule right now, so I had to check the Ability of each Jangmo-o I hatched. Had to hatch soooo many eggs before I got a Jangmo-o with the other Ability. That one was a female, so I paired it with the best male I'd hatched and swapped out my nursery Pokemon for them. Eventually, I hatched a pretty good Jangmo-o on my Sun.

The last Pokemon I needed to breed for was Sandygast. I went to Hano Beach and caught one in my Fast Ball. I then bred it and hatched a bunch of eggs trying to get a Sandygast with the right Nature. Ugh, I filled up nearly two boxes in the PC before that happened. Once I finally had the Nature I wanted, it didn't take me too long to find a good egg to trade and hatch on Sun.

I've bred for my entire Sun team now. Next, I'll EV train everyone before trading them all back to Sun.


1 more day ^^
I beat Kukuii. He was pretty difficult but not terribly so. I hate how the game doesn't save until after the credits because it's so long and my battery was almost dead DX. Next I will be catching the ultra beasts then transferring the exclusives to moon.


I finally made it to start taking on the Elite Four for the first time. Fortunately, many of you have posted hints saying that having slightly overleveled Pokemon was actually a good thing for dealing with the Elite Four as their Pokemon have perfect IV and EV spreads. This turned out to be incredibly helpful advice, and I prepared my team accordingly beforehand. My team was able to hold its own a a result. Each battle was incredibly tough, and Kahili was the toughest of all (because of how my team was structured). The battle against Professor Kukui was a tough fight as well, but I prevailed. On the other hand, I almost ran out of potions and had to burn through my Max Potions and Full Restores at the end. Alas, a lesson for next time....

During the numerous celebration cutscenes, I snuck off and got to encounter Tapu Koko. Ran out of Poke Balls during the fight, and had to settle for catching it in a Ultra Ball. A catch is a catch. While I was hoping to catch it in a Poke Ball, that's what happens when you forgot to buy enough beforehand. Oops.

On another hand, I had a friendly battle with a high school friend of mines while we were at a holiday party yesterday. I had my Mimikyu out with Disguise up, and he had his Haunter out. He thought he could use his Haunter's Z Move-boosted Shadow Ball on me in an attempt to pull a fast one, not knowing that Disguise was up. Oops. Knowing that Haunter was faster than me but was very frail, I then proceeded to OHKO it with a +2 SD boosted Shadow Sneak. If you felt bad about this, don't worry. Hundreds, if not thousands, of players have fell for this in their first encounter with (Totem) Mimikyu, myself included because I knew about it but forgot to factor that in when battling it.
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Caught a Timid HP Ice Nihilego on my first try. It's 4IV and in all the right stats too. However, it seems like my luck is running out trying to replicate the same thing with Xurkitree. This thing keeps killing me and my Synchronizer keeps failing whenever I actually catch it. +2 Electric Terrain boosted Discharge ain't no joke.


<--- Actually me
Well...my Battle Tree streak ended at the 32nd battle. There was a Metagross that Mega Evolved and somehow outran my Garchomp the turn it was brought out, knocking him out before he could use Earthquake. Also knocked out my Kartana in one hit with Brick Break, and then made short work of Tapu Lele with Meteor Mash. I thought Pokémon keep their regular speeds until the turn after they Mega Evolve. Why was I unable to get an Earthquake in?

In Gen 7 the Mega Evolutions get their speed right away.


Completed the Pokedex the other day. Was disappointed that I didn't finish the National Dex on Omega Ruby so I made it my priority to smash out the Alola Pokedex as quick as possible. I ended up getting a Modest nature Lunala out of it which I found quite odd considering that's one of the best two natures for it. :p

Extended my Super Single Battle streak to 25 with a team of Talonflame, Kartana and Ash-Greninja. I'm using an SD-Acro set on Talonflame and it's actually putting in some serious work despite the Gale Wings nerf. Got Will-O-Wisp and Roost on there as well. The Kartana was a very lucky capture, Jolly nature without a Synchronise Pokemon (also Talonflame's nature). It's pretty useful with a Focus Sash so long as there isn't Hail on the field which the AI tries to throw at me sometimes haha. Greninja is a Hasty nature (would be perfect if it could still learn Gunk Shot). Recently it's just been taking L's to set up a clean up for the other two lol.

Starting to put together a team for battling purposes, got about three of them set in my mind and the other three I'm not convinced by. Spent about two hours today SOS Chaining with Abra looking for a Magic Guard one. I only got 40 encounters in that time because I'm bad and tried using a Mega Gengar who was too high a level for Night Shade to not OHKO them, had to rely on Confuse Ray which... isn't reliable at all. Probably going to go with a Mean Look Zubat next time (this prevents Teleport too doesn't it?), possibly a Trapinch with Arena Trap. Wanna know why I need to do it again? BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET MAGIC GUARD! *flips table*
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