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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


Salingerian Phony
Caught a Timid HP Ice Nihilego on my first try. It's 4IV and in all the right stats too. However, it seems like my luck is running out trying to replicate the same thing with Xurkitree. This thing keeps killing me and my Synchronizer keeps failing whenever I actually catch it. +2 Electric Terrain boosted Discharge ain't no joke.

It is definitely harder to pull off if you're trying to control an Ultra Beast's Nature with a Synchronize Pokémon, but that Pokémon does not need to stay conscious through the whole battle. Once the battle has begun, and the wild Pokémon has the Nature you want, its job is done. But yeah, due to Beast Boost, the Synchronize Pokémon will probably get knocked out on its first or second turn and raise the Ultra Beast's highest stat.

I heard from others that Xurkitree is the hardest Ultra Beast to catch, especially if you don't have a Ground-type with you. I had a Ground-type (Alolan Dugtrio) and I still struggled big time with both of them.

In Gen 7 the Mega Evolutions get their speed right away.

I got some answers on the help topic as well, but thanks for the reply. This was something I didn't know about prior to that battle...In any case, I'm done with the Battle Tree for a while. At least I got the BP I wanted to get the items I was looking for.


So long
Thought I would have a lot of time to play today, but no. Things don't always go as planned... or pretty much never in my case. Anyway, I continued with some different things. Battled Morimoto and took on the Battle Buffet (which didn't go well as usual, I didn't get to battle the Queen). Today, it wasn't for the Pokedex but rather to train my team a bit since they needed some training. I managed to OHKO Morimoto's Dragonite with a Subzero Slammer from my Primarina, so that was good. This training helped a little, all members of my team are now at level 71 or above.

Continued by exploring Aether Paradise. Which went quite fast since it is small. Some fun things happened there. I got to battle Faba who had been demoted, he disappeared afterwards. Obtained a Type: Null from Gladion which I will train up to something later on. Also got a ton of items, the Memories for my future Silvally from Gladion, a Dubious Disc from Faba and some form changing items for legendary Pokemon. Met Wicke and got some more info from her and some Beast Balls. I want to continue on the UB quest soon, and I'm going to do that as well. I also learned why Lusamine wasn't found anywhere, she had gone with Lillie to Kanto. I hope I can see both of them again...

Then I did a little more on the Melemele Dex. Added the following to it: Raichu, Arcanine, Mismagius, Lilligant and Cloyster. Which were all the stone evolutions that could be found within it. This part of the Dex is now more than 90% complete, the ones I am missing are the trade evolutions and the Sun exclusives, though I will wait with obtaining them until I have Sun as well. And the Tapu, will catch all four of them at some point in the future.

Since I want to continue with the UB quest soon, I decided to breed for some more Sync Abra because I think I will need them. Hatched several and got a few new ones I didn't have since before, I now have 10/18 of the useful natures, so that's good. Will try to hatch a few more before moving on. I also unlocked the IV checker, and it is amazing. It should have been like this long ago. I found out that my Mudsdale has terrible IVs overall, and that none of my team members have a good IV in Speed. No wonder they were always so slow...

Finally, I continued with looking for the final Zygarde Cells. Checked all the areas that had ones that were exclusive to day and night. During the day (night in real life), I managed to find the three ones I was missing. So I now have all 100 Zygarde cells and cores, time to make a good Zygarde out of them. Will probably do that rather soon.


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Yesterday, I spent quite a lot of time earning BP for the remaining Power items I needed for EV training. I started by trying the Battle Tree again. I tried the Doubles option a few times, but it wasn't working well for me at all. Next, I tried the Multi Battles with the default partner, which went better. My partner wasn't always great, but on one attempt she helped me get a streak of 4 wins, my best yet lol.

After that, I figured that Battle Royals would get me BP faster, so I returned to Royal Avenue and did a bunch of them. I actually had more success with them this time. I didn't win that many times, but I wasn't the first person to lose all of their Pokemon that often either. The 3 times that I did win, though, were the times that I cleared the Super, Hyper, AND Master Ranks! I wasn't expecting to clear all the ranks. The Master Rank win was especially surprising as I was sure that one of the other Pokemon was going to hold onto first place.

Once I cleared the Master Rank, I had enough BP to buy the Power items I needed, so I did that. Then, I EV trained all of my Sun Pokemon. I got my EV training done using the Power items and doing some SOS chaining using a False Swipe Sneasel. It wasn't too bad, though I kinda miss Horde Battles. When each Pokemon was done, I returned to Royal Avenue to get them all Effort Ribbons. I then taught a few TM moves to some of my Pokemon.

Back on Sun, I quickly caught some Route 1 Pokemon for trading. Then, I traded my Sun team over from Moon, along with my Power items (really don't want to have to buy them again!) and some evolution stones in case I want to evolve Vulpix and/or Exeggcute early. Meant to trade over my Lucky Egg, too, but I forgot. Maybe next time.

Now, I'm going to be playing through Sun, which'll become my main game of the Sun/Moon pair. After trading, I picked up the event Munchlax and then caught some more Pokemon along Route 1 for my Pokedex. I saved after defeating some trainers at the school.

Sun team (all in different Poke Balls):


Random Passerby
I had nothing to do since I finished my Pokedex so I randomly decided to use a Alolan Raichu Z-Move on a random wild mon just for fun. But I saw a Shiny Makuhita as soon a I stepped into the tall grass. Feeling it would be a waste to kill it, I decided to catch it with a Quick Ball and nicknamed her Maki.

I also went to the Battle Tree to continue my Super Single Battle streak with Meralco the Xurkitree, Rob Lucci the Incineroar, and Mariposa the Tapu Lele. I encountered Wally during my 20th battle and defeated him by a narrow margin, thanks to Rob Lucci's bulk. Despite the win streak, a Bell Hopper ended it with his Choice Scarfed Rampardos with Head Smash. I think I should add a speedy mon in my Battle Tree team.

Mrs. Oreo

- So previously I had encountered Dexio and Sina as I went to the Tide Song Hotel and I had to defeat Dexio's Slowpoke and Espeon, which was easy. He then handed me a Zygarde Cube.
- Apparently I could now find Zygarde pieces with the item and I found a Zygarde Cell as I explored the corner of the hotel lobby. I spoke with Lillie next and then I proceeded back outside.
- With most errands in Heahea city now completed, I went to Route 4. I defeated trainers on the road, picked berries, caught a Mudbray, evolved my Grubbin and found a Zygarde Cell.


1 more day ^^
I finally caught all of the version exclusives except I still needed a tortanator si I caught one. Next I wondertrade my extra ultra beasts and after several trades I got a litten ^^ Now I don't have to start over on sun just to get litten and trade it to moon =)


Canada Connoisseur
Yesterday in Sun, I finally started my adventures in Alola! I chose Litten as my starter, explored Melemele Island, caught (nearly) all the Pokémon on that island, and completed Ilima's trial at Verdant Cavern. After that, I battled against Island Kahuna Hala back in Iki Town, using the Pikipek I'd caught right at the beginning, by that point a Trumbeak. I experimented with the Z-Crystals a few times, placing a Fightinium Z onto my Trumbeak (named Thessalon) to use All-Out Pummelling. When I later caught a Makuhita (now a Hariyama), which I named Harricott, I put the Fightinium Z on him instead. I sailed to Akala Island with Hau, Lillie and Professor Kukui, where I met up with Island Kahuna Olivia and Mallow, caught an Eevee, collected a Water Stone off Route 8, and completed Lana's trial at Brooklet Hill and Kiawe's trial at the Wela Volcano Park. I'm going to challenge Mallow's trial today.
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Did quite a lot on Melemele Island on Sun today. I finished up at the Trainers' School and then entered Hau'oli City. I checked out most of the buildings there, talked to some NPCs, and captured a few wild Pokemon before fighting a Team Skull Grunt and Ilima.

Once I was finished with the city for the moment, I headed to Route 2. I trained my Pokemon against all of the trainers and captured several more Pokemon for my Pokedex, including Smeargle, Makuhita, and Growlithe. After that, I entered Verdant Cavern to do Ilima's trial. I went up against the Totem Gumshoos with my Exeggcute and set up a Leech Seed. I kept Exeggcute in for a few turns before switching to Popplio to finish the Gumshoos and its Yungoos partner off.

After completing the trial, I visited the Melemele Meadow and did some things along Route 3 (including evolving Popplio into Brionne) before eventually reaching Iki Town again. I fought Hala there, defeating him using my Exeggcute and Sandygast. Afterwards, I gained the ability to use Tauros and spent some time exploring the island with it. I went back to pretty much every area of Melemele and smashed every rock I encountered. I caught quite a few more Pokemon, too, such as Abra, Rockruff, Spinda, and Roggenrola. On Route 1, I happened to find a Munchlax, which I caught to get a free Leftovers. Meanwhile, my event Munchlax, which I had in my party to raise its Friendship, evolved into Snorlax.

Once I was done with Melemele Island for now, I returned to the marina in Hau'oli and sailed to Heahea City. I purchased a few new clothing items there before saving.


1 more day ^^
I evolved all the pokemon I could on my moon version with stones. I also evolved my metapod. I beat Guzma again to get the dawn stone but I discovered I need to get the dawn, dusk, and sun stone on my sun version. It would be so nice if every stone you needed to evolve pokemon was obtainable in the game. I know you can get them from poke pelago but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
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So long
Trained my team a bit more by battling against the Battle Buffet trainers and Morimoto. I still need to train my team more, they are currently at levels 72-73, I would love to get them to level 80 or above. Feels like it will take a while... Once I had used up my daily training spots, I went to Seafolk Village, showed my Alolan Raichu to a woman in one of the houses boats, she gave me a Z-Crystal which was exclusive to Alolan Raichu. Pretty cool, though I'm not sure if I'll ever use it for anything.

Hatched some more Abra afterwards. Managed to get quite a few more of the Sync Natures I didn't have, I now have 16/18 of the useful Natures. I think this will be enough for now, the ones I am missing are not that commonly used, so I decided to stop here for now, might go back to getting the last two in the future, or if I should end up needing them soon. After this, I decided to assemble a new Zygarde. Went to the Zygarde Cell lab on Route 16 and put together a new one. Now that I had all 100 Cells and Cores, it got its Power Construct Ability which is really great. I could only get one as it used up all 100 pieces, which is understandable. I'll get another one in Sun later on though.

Decided to try scanning some QR codes since I hadn't tried that yet. Started by scanning the Magearna Code, then I looked around for some other ones as well. I eventually reached 100 points and unlocked the Island Scan. Decided to try it, a Pokemon appeared in the Tapu Village since I was at Ula'ula Island. Went there and found a cute little Swinub which I managed to catch. After that, I couldn't use the Island Scan anymore for today. It was far more limited than I had expected which was a bit sad to witness, I had expected more of it.

After that, I flew to Melemele and went to the Antique shop where I obtained my Magearna. This thing is amazing. I really like it now that I have seen it in the actual game, and I liked it quite a lot even before. Plus, it's a Fairy-type. And it has Fleur Cannon. Which seems like an amazing move. Magearna is definitely my new favorite Pokemon this week. I'll definitely train this thing at some point in the not-too far future, together with some other cool ones I have like Lunala, Type: Null and my new Zygarde. But not right now. Decided to stop here for today, I think I'll continue with the Ultra Beast quest tomorrow now that I have most of the Sync Natures. I have also thought about taking part in the upcoming Global Mission... not sure about though, haven't made my final decision yet.


Can also jump!
I took a long hiatus from the game, but now i'm back!

After a bit of backtracking beforehand, I went to head up Mount Lanakila. But the lift was being used, and someone came down it. It was Gladion! This time he had a different agenda: He wanted to thank me for helping Lillie and righting Lusamine, which he was pretty thankful for. As usual he wanted to see just how strong i've gotten, so we battled! He gave me a fight to remember this time, with his slew of evolved pokemon. Including Type: Null, which actually evolved into something tougher! But me and my team were able to best him. After the battle, Gladion...actually looked happy! He was glad to have encountered a strong Trainer, and gave me his best wishes before leaving. With that over with, I took the lift to explore the summit.

I'm met with a snowy area full of various Ice type pokemon. There was also a cave that I had to go through. At least there were no Trainers to get in my way! I searched the slight maze of an icy cave to find various useful items, including the Ice type Z-Crystal -- The last type i'm missing! I eventually found the way through and found myself outside again. There was another lift to take, which led to the peak. Luckily there was a Pokemon Center which I made immediate use of, getting up there did a number on us!

Recovering, I saw an extravagant shape in the distance...that must be the Pokemon League! I raced to get up there, but I was stopped by a familiar face. It was Hau! Looks like he managed to get tough enough to get even up here. We battled to see who was more worthy of tackling the Pokemon League. They were definitely tougher than the last time, but so are we, we came out on top! Hau admitted defeat with a smile as usual, wishing me luck before leaving. Looks like the way is now clear. I'm ready to take on the Pokemon league and become the Champion of Alola!

My friends, at their current shape, i'm hoping can take me there:

Dizzy the Primarina, Lv. 55
Backer the Passimian, Lv. 52
Eversnooze the Komala, Lv. 52
D.Hoof Jack the Mudsdale, Lv. 52
Maui the PomPom Oricorio, Lv .55
Nebby the Solgaleo, Lv. 55


1 more day ^^
I transfered over a sun, dawn, and dusk stone from sun so I could evlove misdreavus and petilil. I also evolved poliwag with the water stone. After that I caught a gabite, trapinch, and shellder. Man trapinch took forever to find DX also evolved shellder. Next time I will be evolving pokemon by trading =)


Active Member
Got Sun for Xmas and made it to the Trainer's School so now I can Wonder Trade for the rest of my Team after starting with Popplio. Nearly 14 hours of Wonder Trading later, I have:

2 Ultra Beasts - Pheromosa and Kartana
Shiny Decidueye with Choice Band
Shiny Bruxish with Choice Scarf
Multiples of all 3 starters
106 Pokedex Entries

Mrs. Oreo

- So continuing on Sun, the good news was that when I finished traveling along Route 4, Paniola town came within reach. The bad news was that once again Hau wanted a battle. ^^;
- When Hau's pokemon had lost and he left me alone, I grabbed a Quick Ball nearby in Kiawe's house, then I shopped and went to Paniola Ranch. I saw Mallow in the Moomoo Paddock.
- Mallow gave me the Stoutland Search thing, which would allow me to sniff out hidden items ha ha. I defeated a few trainers, caught a Miltank and visited the Pokemon Nursery too.


What do I do now?
It finally happened- I bred my first Masuda Method shiny ever XD

I'd been trying to breed just a non specific IV shiny Chikorita since the 23rd. I Wonder Traded about two and a half boxes of Chikorita on Christmas and was trying again tonight when I finally got it! I thought my 3DS was bugging out at first lol

Now I'm off to collect the EV decreasing berries as well as evolve Chikorita up to Meganium.


~Ðiva and Lucariϕ~
I'm really beginning to give up hope on my Shiny Popplio ive restarted my pokemon Moon version and ive been resetting for 6 days now the first 2 days was for only 5 hours because of work and such but the other 4 ive had the whole day to reset and STILL notthing! I even lost count! Idk how people do this it's brutal :(


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Got some things done on Akala Island today. I finished up in Heahea City and then explored all the areas preceding Brooklet Hill. Along the way, I captured several more Pokemon, including Mudbray, Miltank, Lillipup, and Fomantis. At the Paniola Ranch, I picked up the Eevee egg and hatched it after running around on Tauros for a while. I gave it the Soothe Bell to hold and was able to evolve it into Umbreon after some more walking around and a few battles.

I battled Hau while in Paniola Town and fought Gladion on Route 5. Both battles were pretty easy for me. Eventually, I entered the Brooklet Hill area to complete Lana's trial. I caught a Psyduck, Surskit, and Poliwage there, then captured one of the Wishiwashi while investigating the splashing spots. Finally, I reached the Totem's den and battled the Totem Wishiwashi. My Exeggcute was able to win the battle on its own, thanks to its useful Bullet Seed/Leech Seed/Hypnosis moves.

After finishing the trial, I got the Waterium Z and Fishing Rod from Lana. I saved after that and will continue exploring Akala next time.


Canada Connoisseur
Yesterday in Sun, I completed many trials on three different islands. Since then, my Torracat has evolved into Incineroar, and my Fomantis into Lurantis. I sailed on to Ula'ula Island, where I caught a few new Pokémon at Malie Garden, like Araquanid, challenged Sophocles and Acerola's trial, broke into Team Skull's HQ at Po Town, and battled against the Island Kahuna Nanu with his Dark-type team. After completing the Ula'ula island challenge, I was called back over to Aether Paradise to take on Faba, Lusamine and a bunch of Aether Foundation employees with Hau and Gladion. Once I'd dealt with Aether Paradise, I could finally move on to Poni Island, where my final island challenge awaited. I fished for a Dhelmise at the Seafolk Village, then I took on Island Kahuna Hapu with her Ground-type team, using mostly my Lurantis (named Fernie). I went through the final trial at the Vast Poni Canyon, taking on a Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o and Kommo-o in a row, and thus completed my Alola island challenge. I travelled with Lillie up to the Altar of the Sunne so we could play the Sun and Moon Flutes together to summon Lillie's Cosmoem, who evolved into Solgaleo. I had a rather difficult battle with Lusamine inside the Ultra Space, but we managed to save both her and Guzma from harm. I now have the Alola Pokémon League facing me.


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After finishing the trial, I spent a little more time in Brooklet Hill to do some fishing. I found a Goldeen and a Magikarp and caught them both. Then, I headed back to Route 5 and healed at the Pokemon Center.

Back at Paniola Ranch, I scared away some Sudowoodo blocking the way and continued on to Route 6. I battled several trainers, talked to Hapu, and dealt with a couple of Team Skull members. I briefly went down to Heahea City afterwards, to check out a couple of new buildings and talk to a few NPCs I couldn't access before.

Finally, I entered Royal Avenue. I visited the Thrifty Megamart there and stocked up on some useful items. Once that was done, I didn't have time to do much else, so I saved. Next, I'll head over to the Battle Royal place.


Panda Power
Started Thursday with getting a Klink from the Island Scan. Then caught an Igglybuff to go with Happiny and a Future Cleffa for the "Pink Trio". On Friday Rainbow swept Hau's team. While collecting items with Stoutland, i caught two Lillipup. One for the Trade in route 5 and one to keep. Also collected the Eevee egg. Rainbow's high defense let me defeat Gladion with no problem. I dont understand why Route 5 has a "defeat all Trainers" Challenge when you cant reach half of the route until Route 8. Anyway eventually made it to Brooklet Hill. Spent some time looking for a Dewpider, but couldnt find one. Archer handled Totem Wishiwashi, after some difficulty from Alomomola's Heal Pulse. I then spent the rest of the day and Christmas Eve looking for Dewpider. Turns out it can be only found in the morning and i wasted two days. Found one this Morning and named it Jupiter. Gave it the Waterium Z and am busy training it to level 23 to match Archer and Rainbow.

Edit: Forgot to mention Eevee hatched while hunting for Dewpider

Archer - Dartrix lvl 23
Rainbow - Grimer lvl 23
Jupiter - Dewpider lvl 17
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