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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


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Been spending some time breeding and training Pokemon for a Battle Spot doubles team. Probably won't have it ready in time for the VGC-style online competition this weekend, but wanted to make a start on this.

Strangely, a lot of the species I use in-game are actually competitively viable this time round. I'd already caught a Timid Tapu Koko during my play through, so EV trained it in Spd and Sp Atk in the Festival Plaza for an easy start. Missing a couple of TMs, but I'll go get those later.

Then went back to Melemele Island and caught myself a Timid Growlithe and Modest Pichu with the help of two of my Synco Abra. Unfortunately, I didn't have an Adamant Abra, so wasn't able to catch the Grimer I wanted. Instead, I returned to the Ranch on Akala Island and bred my Adamant Exeggcute that I caught during my play through with a Phantump, then bred that with Grimer. Still needed Shadow Sneak, so bred the Adamant Grimer with Mimkuyi to get the egg move. With all that breeding done I started EV training. Both are about half way done so far.

On a side note, also very close to completing my Melemele Dex now. After a few trade evolutions, I've now just Muk, Slowking, Shelgon and Salamence to go.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
I just caught my first SOS shiny :) a machop modest nature IVs in hp/def/sp.def/spd. Was at chain 40ish (I was going to catch the first female at around the 45 mark to make sure I was in the 40s for the chain). I'm trying to catch a brave/adamant nature no guard one with the IVs to include attack/defence/speed/hp I have caught one with IVs in sp.att/sp def/def/speed with docile nature and guts. The second with HP/def/sp.def and speed with quirky no guard. So trying to get a female with the required IVs for breeding. I might get a 5/6 IV one at this rate if I end up breeding them!

Sceptile Leaf Blade

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Got a new record thumbs up for the Rotom pokéfinder, with about 7500 thumbs up for capturing an Oricorio and a Cutiefly in the same close-up picture at Melemele meadow, both on the front side.

Captain Jigglypuff

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Got a new record thumbs up for the Rotom pokéfinder, with about 7500 thumbs up for capturing an Oricorio and a Cutiefly in the same close-up picture at Melemele meadow, both on the front side.

I got 12000 before for capturing a Lucario. That is my record in both games. It got me to level 4 rather quickly because I kept taking pics of Lucario for as long as I could which kept getting me 8000 points on average.

Mrs. Oreo

- So thanks to Solgaleo's wormhole, Lillie and I went to Ultra Space to find Lusamine. We saw Guzma, who had apparently been possessed by one of the Ultra Beasts and was scared.
- We finally located Lusamine, who had merged with Nihilego. She scolded Lillie and I had to defeat her. I had an easier time against her this time and managed to crush her Pokemon.
- Lusamine was furious and attempted to attack us upon losing, tho thankfully Solgaleo helped stop her and she fainted while Lillie and I managed to escape from the Ultra Space. ^^;


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Lately I've been preparing for the international challenge this weekend. My team is set, except for one move (Glalie's explosion), but 4 pokemon need to be hyper trained. Luckily I get Friday off work to finish the grind! This will give me two full teams worth of sun and Moon competitive grade pokemon!


So long
I have continued with the training. It has been going quite well. Along the way, one unexpected thing happen. I accidentally ran into Necrozma while training at Ten Carat Hill. Had completely forgotten about it, so it was quite a surprise when it happened. I managed to run away from it, guess I will be able to fight it again in the future in some way, but that's for later. I also obtained the prize from the PGL for participating in and succeeding with the recently completed Global Mission. As for the training, all of the Pokemon I am training are now at level 30. Bagon has evolved into Shelgon, and some others have learned some moves they need to know, though Frogadier is the only one who has completed its moveset so far. I'm going to continue with the training until it is done, which will probably happen by the end of this week or early next week.

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Finally collected the last couple of cells to assemble Zygarde. EV trained it at Plaza to max HP, max Sp.Def and tried it out at the strong version of the E4. Figured out Complete form Zygarde is heavily OP, even at lvl 50 it easily solos entire teams of lvl 60+ opponents without any kind of item support. Using a Careful set of Thousand Arrows, Coil, Rest, and Sleep Talk with a Maranga Berry. It's telling when the opposing Golem uses a critical hit EQ and it still only hits for like 25% damage, even when Golem is over 10 levels higher. Same with Probopass Dazzling Gleam, like 25% damage (and triggering Maranga Berry activation). Zygarde is absolutely insane. Also tried it against Game Freak guy in Haehae city. It even tanks Dragonite's Blizzards when Dragonite is over 10 levels higher. I don't think I'll be using it much more, it feels just so cheap.


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my recent shiny sos encounters after getting a new charger for 3ds. had to keep the 2 3dses off until i could get new charger

141 fomantis
224 spearow
204 grubbin
231 spinarak
549 geodude
153 beldum
46 cleffa
396 sensu oricorio


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Today in Sun, I went to receive a very special birthday surprise at the Pokémon Center! (I'm 22 now.) I got myself a birthday glass of refreshing but fizzy Lemonade at the café nearby, and my Pokémon also got some Poké Beans, so they shared my gifts too. ;)

Afterwards, I went to find some evolutionary stones at Olivia's jewellery shop in Konikoni City to evolve a few Pokémon to fill up my Pokédex a little, namely Growlithe/Arcanine, Staryu/Starmie, and Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales. I renamed my newly-evolved Starmie La Malbaie, after my good old one in SoulSilver. :)

I got another fossil at Olivia's jewellery shop, the Skull Fossil, and went to the trailer off Route 8 to have it revived into a Cranidos, who I named Cranbrook. Since the fossil shop owner said only one is allowed per customer, it seems I can't buy any more fossils. I could always trade for the Moon-exclusives if I wanted, though. (I do want a Drampa...)


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Today in Sun, I went to receive a very special birthday surprise at the Pokémon Center! (I'm 22 now.) I got myself a birthday glass of refreshing but fizzy Lemonade at the café nearby, and my Pokémon also got some Poké Beans, so they shared my gifts too. ;)

Heh, it's my birthday today too! 21st, actually!

I went to Mt. Lanakila to see the Diamond Dust, and it... wasn't as diamond or dusty as i hoped. I know past games the snow is literally sparkles, but this game, sparkles rarely are seen and it's mostly regular snow. Went to the Pokemon Center too, and I could swear that I did see a video that the Pokemon Center theme is replaced with the happy birthday song (remember the song is in the public domain now), but no, it's still the Pokemon Center theme remixed with a music box.

I guess i was lied to. :(

Mrs. Oreo

- Well with the Ultra Space stuff now taken care of, I spoke with Nanu at the Altar of the Sunne and I had to catch Nebby, aka Solgaleo. When I succeeded, Lillie said farewell and left.
- Lillie went off to take care of Lusamine and Nanu then showed up and gave me professor Kukui's message regarding how I had to compete at the new Pokemon League now. :]
- So with Mount Lanakila and the Pokemon League as my next destination, I flew to Tapu Village as my first task and saw Gladion again, who challenged me. I defeated him easily tho.


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Added several Pokemon to my Pokedex today:

-First, I transferred a Kangaskhan and Riolu over from OR.
-I bred my Braviary and hatched a Rufflet since I forgot to do that earlier. Anyway, with Rufflet added, my Melemele dex is now complete.
-Next, I evolved my Riolu and Dewpider, which took only one trainer battle at the Battle Buffet.
-Finally, I went to Aether Paradise to get Type: Null from Gladion. I soft reset a few times for a certain Nature and IVs. I plan on EV training and evolving it next time.

So, with those Pokemon added, I got my Alola dex to 290 owned. Once I evolve Type: Null, I'm not sure how long it will take me to get the remaining Pokemon. I want to take my time with the Ultra Beast quest and plan on resetting for the Ultra Beasts and remaining Tapus.


So long
Continued with the training. Got all four Pokemon to level 40. Along the way, three of them evolved. Frogadier into Greninja, Ferroseed into Ferrothorn and Honedge into Doublade. I'll probably evolve it into Aegislash soon as well, but I have come to the realization that I actually like Doublade better than Aegislash so it will have to stay a Doublade for a little longer. I have 10 levels left so the rest of this should go fast.

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
I got my Festival Plaza rank to 494. I'm now almost halfway to the maximum possible rank. I'm up to 1.4 million thumbs up on my Poke-finder. Just 100K more to get the mythic version 5. I'm really starting to get good with my character's outfits I think. My Aylakins is a ditzy brat, but she's the queen of cuteness. <3 Since I have an everstone and a destiny knot, I'm trying to MM for a proper shiny Vulpix. Currently at 200 eggs exactly, but no luck so far.

Mrs. Oreo

- So once Gladion was defeated, he gave me an update on how Lillie was doing, then I proceeded up Mount Lanakila. I passed the cave area of the mountain and caught an Absol. ^^
- When I was outside again, I caught a Snorunt and grabbed the Ice Beam Tm and the Icium Z too ha ha. I also visited the Pokemon Center at the peak of the mountain and shopped.
- Right as I was going to approach the League, Hau suddenly showed up and he challenged me again. I defeated him of course, then I saw professor Kukui in the League building.

Mega Altaria

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In Pokémon Sun, I decided to collect my daily Pokébeans and FC from Festival Plaza. Before going to the Festival Plaza, I participated in the lottery at Hau'oli City for a PP Max. At the Festival Plaza, I collected 2 Ultra Balls, a Nugget ^^ and a Berry Juice -_- from the Haunted House and my three lotteries. After that, I decided to have a battle at this month's International Challenge Battle Competition and easily defeated my opponent by mostly using multi-attack moves like Dazzling Gleam from Tapu Koko and Rock Slide from Garchomp. Not too surprised that it was a battle with a player with a 1500 rating though.


I finally finished catching all the Ultra Beasts and Necrozma(s) between both versions. Now all that's left is for me to do as a one console-one man-two version Pokedex completion force is to DL Pokemon Bank and swap my extra Nebby's, Lunala/Solgaleo, Buzzwhole/Phermosa, and Celesteela/Kartana. (And level up the Nebs so they evolve, naturally.)

The best part about transferring my Cosmogs is once I'm done leveling them, they'll be the opposite version's legendary of the game where they came from. A Lunala "native" to Sun Version; a Solgaleo "native" to Moon--imagine that!


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Today, I worked on training my Type: Null. I started by EV training it, which didn't take too long thanks to SOS battles and the Pokerus. After that, I began raising its happiness to get it to evolve. That took a while, and I had to use quite a few of my EV reducing berries (in the stats I didn't EV train it in, of course), but I finally got its friendship high enough to evolve into Silvally when it was around level 46.

Next, I taught Silvally several TM moves and used it against some trainers at the Battle Buffet. Got it up to level 51 today.
Once I was finished training for the day, I checked my Poke Pelago and planted some EV reducing berries to replenish my stock.

The next time I play, I think I'll start catching the other Tapu Pokemon.


Panda Power
Started off collecting my 4000FC from the Global mission. I then spent a full day leveling my Plaza from level 13 to 32. Might have been able to go higher but i got bored. The next day i headed off to the Trial at Thrifty Megamart. Turned on the EXP share for KeoKeo. Rainbow handled the Gastly family with little problem outside of hypnosis. I then had a decent time against Mimikyu, because it used Mimic twice in a row. One Sinister Arrow Raid was all it took once the Disguise broke. Checked the GTS and recieved Sandshrew. This got my Plaza to level 33. Also checked Pelago real quick and found an Ice stone for KeoKeo. A trip to Haina was next. All of the Sandile helped KeoKeo reach level 36 with little trouble. Once she learned Ice Beam I evolved KeoKeo into Ninetails. I then spent the rest of the day exploring Haina because all the split paths will always be confusing.

Archer - Decidueye lvl 37
Rainbow - Grimer lvl 37
Jupiter - Araquanid lvl 37
Plushy - Bewear lvl 37
KeoKeo - Ninetails lvl 37