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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The last couple of days, I've been breeding for my Ultra Sun team on my Sun. I want my US team members to have the trainer ID of that game, so I've been trading the eggs over to US, hatching them, then trading them back to Sun (where I'll EV train the Pokemon and teach them moves).

    So far, I have four team members done: Mimikyu, Clamperl, Spinarak, Swirlix. Breeding for their IVs didn't take too long, fortunately, though I did have to hatch several more batches of Spinarak than the others. I also had to re-breed Mimikyu at one point, since I realized I'd been passing on the wrong Nature lol.

    I have two more Pokemon to breed for, which will be Salandit and Stufful.

    Also, I went to Festival Plaza several times. I was able to level up my plaza a few times, making it to Rank 350 today.
  2. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    I've done it!!! It took nearly a year and three months, a few distributions, and lots of time with GTS, Pokemon Bank and and Poke Transporter, but at last, I have all 802 available Pokemon in my copy of Pokemon Moon, including all mythical Pokemon!!!! Finished it today by evolving my Cosmoem in Sun into Solgaleo and sent it to Moon via the Bank, then in Moon, I caught Necrozma at Ten Carat Hill!
  3. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Played a bit of Sun for the first time in a while. Carried on working on my Akala dex, which is getting very close to competition. I'd left Sheildon and Cradinos in the Poke Pelago to level up a while back, so was able to evolve them pretty quickly. Then added Eevee to my party and headed over to the Lush Jungle to evolve it into Leafeon. On the way back, I stopped by the fossil guy and resurrected my Cover fossil. Traded my spare Cradinos for a Archen on the GTS, then evolved both him and my newly acquired Tirtouga, to complete the fossil Pokemon. Evolved a Poliwag into Poliwhirl too, with the intention of giving him a Kings Rock and putting it on the GTS for a Politoed. Need to get a Kings Rock first though...
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  4. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    I decided to play Sun so that I could get the Regigigas event on it. After getting a Regigigas Wonder Card for the game, I then decided to go onto Poké Pelago to farm some more Poké Beans, collect Berries, plant Berries and collect my shards. After leaving Poké Pelago, I then decided to fly to the Battle Tree and had a couple of battles there and had a couple of Single battles because I accidentally didn't select the Super Singles option. From there, I got to a streak of 8 and I saved later.
  5. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    I'm playing Moon. After over a year, I finally caught Comfey. About time.
  6. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    You caught Comfey after a year? I caught one not long after I completed Mallow's trial, and that was back in December 2016. O_O
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  8. fafafou

    fafafou Member

    hey guys ! so i ve been hatching eggs to get a strat alolan muk so i put a 6iv ditto + alolan grimer with power of alchemy (bc it has good nature) then i hatched a good grimer with poison touch with 5iv but not good ones. So i ve decided to use this one to be sure to have poison touch but after some eggs one of them has power of alchemy...so the HA can be passed if the "granfather or mother" has the HA but not the "father or mather" ?? apparently yes
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  9. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    I've played Sun to get the Entei event from Mystery Gift and I farmed by Poké Beans, collected my Shards and farmed by weakness Berries at the Poké Pelago. I then flew to the Seafolk Village Pokémon Center and I soft reset for a Timid Salazzle from the Salazzle event last year and I received my Hoenn Cap Pikachu with the Pikashunium Z from the delivery man. I am yet to receive my Jolly Marshadow and my Marshadium Z as of now.
  10. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Spent I bit of time on Sun over the weekend working on my new competitive team. Going for a Charizard-Y, Landorus-T and Cresselia core. Bred a Modest Charmander, which was pretty straightforward as I already had a Modest Charizard. Could have just used that, it had decent IVs, but had received it in a Wonder Trade. I like my competitive Pokemon to be my own where possible

    Then started work on Snorlax, which was a little more complicated. Bred a female one, then paired that with an Adamant Larvitar. I then traveled back to Route 1 and chained for a HA Munchlax. That took a long time. Now got to evolved that into a Snorlax so I can bred it with my Adamant one. Lot of work, but Snorlax should slot in nicely to both my new team and old hard Trick Room one, so hopefully will be worth it
  11. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    Still working on trying for a shiny Magikarp in Moon version. Thing is very, very stubborn! Going to set up some time to try to hatch the rest of the eggs I have and then I have to start the cycle again and hope that one day the Pokemon will shine.
  12. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Evolved my HA Munchlax into a Snorlax, and then started breeding it with one of my female Adamant Snorlax. After hatching about 10 eggs, none of which had the HA, I remembered that they can only be passed down by the female if not breeding with a Ditto. So switched in Ditto, bred a female HA Snorlax and then paired her with one of my Adamant male Snorlax, finally getting a HA Adamant Snorlax

    Took way longer that it should have done, but he's now in the Pelago EV training. Started working on Hitmontop.
  13. LambzGoHard

    LambzGoHard Member

    After taking a break from my Sun game i fired it up and got ALOT done over the past two days!

    Picking up where i left off from Seafolk Village i made my way through Poni Island defeating Hapu and stopping off at Exeggutor Island for the flute. My Dewgong took out Totem Kommo-O with one Ice Beam, i was sooo in awe when it happened! Eventually made it to The Altar Of The Sunne and entered Ultra Space where i defeated Lusamine who i felt was a tough battle but my team pulled through thankfully. Captured Solgaleo and travelled to Mount Lanakila and battled Gladion. Trekked to the top of Mount Lanakila and kinda took a break from story related gameplay and levelled up and evolved every new gen 7 Pokemon in my PC for my living dex. I literally only need the version exclusives and the Ultra Beasts so i've made pretty amazing progress very quickly!

    After that i challenged the Elite Four which i found to be quite easy to defeat but Kukui was a tough battle. I became the first Alolan Pokemon Champion and a party was held in my honor. During the party Lillie stole me away to check out The Ruins Of Conflict to see if it approved of my win and it seems the guardian did as it appeared and after quite a quick battle i caught it. From there i went on a quest to catch the remaining Tapu's and made a quick stop over to Aether Paradise and spoke to Gladion. He thanked me for what i had done for him and gifted me a Type:Null.

    I then went on a TM hunt and picked up the remaining 32 that i needed to complete my TM collection. As if i wasn't exhausted enough i took Solgaleo from the PC and entered into another dimension which flipped the night to day, travelled to The Lake Of The Sunne and got myself a new Cosmog! I travelled back through the wormhole and it was night once again, i then QR scanned a code to obtain Magearna, went to the delivery man at the antiques shop and he gave it to me and i placed her beside Marshadow in the PC.

    My team is: Dewgong, Pyroar(F), Vivillion (Ocean), Steelix, Manectric & Gengar
    I've yet to buy Moon and i keep changing my mind on the team i'd like to use, was thinking of skipping Moon altogether and just getting Ultra Moon. My Moon playthrough would basically be a speedrun for the exclusives anyway.
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  14. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I went back to my Sun for the first time in quite a while tonight. Haven't played it since December-January IIRC.

    There were a few Pokemon I've been meaning to breed on Sun and then transfer to Ultra Sun, but I just never got around to breeding them until now.

    I started by breeding a few of my Sun team members: Exeggutor, Ribombee, and Palossand. All three are in Apricorn balls, and I wanted an Apricorn Exeggcute, Cutiefly, and Sandygast for my US. I hatched all three eggs pretty quickly.

    Next, I looked in my PC and found several other Pokemon that I had been planning on breeding for a while: Beldum, Togetic, and Rotom. So again, I bred all three, and hatched the resulting eggs.

    Once I finished hatching all of the Pokemon, I sent them to my Bank and then to Ultra Sun.
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  15. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Yesterday in Sun, I just checked up on my team, happy to see them again after so long. I did go to Hau'oli City to freshen up my looks at the Apparel Shop, changing my fashion into something more summery for the upcoming heatwave. I also checked on Poké Pelago, developing some of the isles to full completion and trading in some of my Poké Beans, and fed my Hariyama (Harricott) and Vaporeon (Seafoam) in Pokémon Refresh.

    Today, I visited the Hau'oli City Battle Buffet first, eating some Hoenn ramen, Tamato pasta, Whirlpool sushi and a Chansey omelette. I then flew to Heahea City to fight Morimoto for the first time since I last played the game, and ran to Hano Beach to throw the Pyukumuku back into the sea. I decided to fill in more empty Dex slots by evolving a Magikarp and Lillipup I'd kept in the PC, and I managed to evolve the Lillipup all the way up to Stoutland by training on Poni Island with strong Pokémon. Magikarp also became the mighty Gyarados, though sadly not a Shiny one like in Gold/Silver/Crystal. I checked up on Festival Plaza and refreshed my fashion once again at the Malie City Apparel Shop.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  16. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Played Sun last night since I needed to breed a few more Pokemon for Ultra Sun. There were a couple of Moon/Ultra Moon version exclusives that I needed for my Alola dex on Ultra Sun (and I already had on Sun from when I completed Sun's Pokedex a while ago): Oranguru and Drampa. So, I bred my Oranguru & Drampa, and hatched the eggs. I also hatched a Kangaskhan; I had one in a Love Ball that I forgot to breed earlier.

    After that, I stopped by the lottery place in Hau'oli City. I won a PP Up.
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  17. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    I looked at my cartridges of both Sun and Moon and remembered I still have legedaries and mythicals that I haven't picked up yet (same for my Black 2). I'm glad I didn't restart right away, I would have lost out on Genesect, Keldeo, Yvetal, Deoxys, and 1 more slipped my mind. Always check your Pokemon Centers before restarting!
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  18. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    i havent really done much in the game for the past few months. got the berries to 999 in sun a while ago and procrastinated on plaza 999 in sun. currently lvl 913 and only 87 more until lvl 1000. after that its just a farm file for UM for the plaza tickets to hit plaza 999 in UM also (830 atm). once all that is done is to spend $10 to keep both pokebank apps updated and i can take it easy with sun.
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  19. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    Kicked a lot of butt online with Ash-Greninja, Infernape, Mega Gardevoir! Didn't lose even once yesterday. Also got another Latios for one of my Own Tempo Rockruffs. Trying to get all the legendary Pokemon without having to search for them in Ultra Space
  20. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Gave up trying to breed a Hitmontop. Forgot Tyrogue can only be male, so getting the right nature was a pain, and not even sure I want him for my team. Snorlax has finished EV training, so started levelling him up in the Pelago

    Took the boat out to Poni Island, and headed up to the Battle Tree. Wanted to buy a Kings Rock to give to Poliwhirl when I put it on the GTS to try and get a Politoad. Turns out I was 1 BP short, so took my Trick Room team to the double battles. Didn't realise I already had a 9 win streak going, so decided to continue that for a while. Had a few challenging battles, and some easy wins too. We struggle against rain teams, particularly slow ones, and not too great against Ground types either. The lack of team preview in the Battle Tree seems to hurt. I have some reasonable counters in the 6 man squad, but having to chose 4 of them upfront without knowing what the opponent has means some options inevitably get left behind. Suppose thats part of the challenge, but seems to be effecting this team more than others I've had in the past. Up to 17 wins now though, so going well
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