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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


The Ghost of Tsushima
Well actually I bought Moon yesterday and started it last night, but I only got up to the first battle with Hau before going to bed.

I started this morning in Iki Town, and have been steadily progressing through the plot while also taking my time to explore. Verdant Cavern was pretty great imo, the Makuhita I caught specifically for this trial pulled its weight and KO'd it. Easily defeated Hala thanks to 3/4 of entire party knowing super-effective moves.
Currently at Paniola Ranch.

Dartrix lv.19
Cutiefly lv.19
Trumbeak lv.18 (temporary)
Makuhita lv.17 (probably temporary, but I could change my mind)

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
I haven't come on here since getting Sun because spoilers, but I've finished the main story and post-game story now, so.

My starter was Nixie the Popplio, and I basically breezed through the whole of Melemele Island with her. I went back to catch a couple more team members after beating Hala, specifically Angua the Rockruff and Blackbird the Misdreavus. On Akala, I caught Azazel the Salandit to help with Mallow's trial, and Sakura the Fomantis after completing it because I like Fomantis. Both of them have disadvantages (Azazel can't evolve due to being male, and Sakura is surprisingly slow), but I love them nonetheless.

Ula'ula Island was a lot of fun because plot. Also, Acerola's trial is the best trial in the whole game. I didn't think it was possible for me to love Mimikyu more. I was so wrong.

I actually beat Symbiont Lusamine fairly easily, because I accidentally scouted her team in advance (had to turn off my 3DS in the middle of the battle).

Anyway, I also completed the Ultra Beast postgame earlier today. I love the fact that there's an actual term for people who have traveled through Ultra Wormholes.

This is, by far, my favorite Pokémon game ever.


Current Location
Route 2, wondering whether to get to work on the Dex or go after that black Pokémon Looker saw.

Current Team
Nixie (Primarina) lv. 71
Angua (Lycanroc Midday) lv. 70
Blackbird (Misdreavus) lv. 73
Azazel (Salandit) lv. 70
Sakura (Lurantis) lv. 70
Monarch (Zygarde) lv. 70


So long
Forgot one thing yesterday. I really like the graphical improvements over Gen 6, everything feels more clear, detailed and serious, which I appreciate. It is quite a difference after all. Getting rid of the chibi models also makes it feel more serious which I really appreciate, even if the chibi models did have a bit of charm.

Did a little more yesterday evening, but not much. It was rather messy. Though one of the kids I was with had Sun, so that was pretty cool, we played alongside each other a little. I went to the Festival and completed it by having another battle against Hau. Won against him, but it wasn't easy as he managed to Paralyze my Popplio and Burn my Pikipek. I obtained some things for winning, most notably the Z-Ring, though I can't use it yet.

Continued even further today. Went to the Professor's Lab, Lillie showed me the way there. On this part of Route 1, I caught Slowpoke, Wingull and Rattata. This Rattata was the first Alola form I caught, which is cool. I battled some trainers and found some items too. Then I went to the Lab. I got the Rotom in my Pokedex, it is literally a ghost in the code and that's incredible.

Lillie continued by showing me the way to the next destination. Our first stop was a Pokemon Center. I bought some more Poke Balls there since I will need them. I also tried the Festival Plaza, there's so much to do there, it could be a game of its own. It feels like a true successor to Join Avenue which is great since I love Join Avenue and I can see this breaking the game in a similar way. Will continue working on it alongside the rest of the game.

We continued to a Trainer's School. Met some new characters, like Ilima. I completed the challenge there, found and obtained some items as well as caught Magnemite and Grimer. I also caught a Meowth somewhere, not sure if it was here or at another place. I obtained the Exp. Share here and decided to turn it off since I don't want to get overleveled like I did back in X. Though I might turn it on later if I should get underleveled or need to grind my entire team quickly.

Continued to Hau'oli City with Hau and Lillie. A big city, thankfully not Lumiose-sized because that would take forever to explore. Did some things here. Caught Abra and Pichu, bought some new clothes at a shop though I will get back to picking a final look for my trainer later on. At the Marina (which should have been named the "Pri-Marina"), I met Team Skull for the first time and beat the grunts. Also met Ilima again, won against him too but he wasn't the easiest, a mistake in the battle put me in a bad situation.

Next up, I am about to get started on the first Trial. Before going further, I backtracked a little to see if I could explore more of Route 1, but I could not. Managed to catch a Grubbin though. Went to Route 2 where I battled a trainer as well as caught Makuhita and Smeargle. Continued to the Cemetery where I battled a trainer, picked up some items, caught Gastly and Drifloon. Here, my Pikipek reached level 14 and evolved into... Trumbeak! Which was cool, I had no idea what it would look like but it is cool. I can see why it was called a stork. Decided to stop here for today, will continue tomorrow.

Regarding my team, I have decided on 3 more future members, though I won't be able to get any of them for a little while. But that's okay. I have also tried Pokemon Refresh but I'm not exactly sure how it works, I guess it is similar to Amie but I wonder if it is exactly the same or not? Guess I will find out, will continue with it later, no need to rush anything or max the affection of any of my team members yet.

- level 13
- level 14
Completed the remaining trials on Akala today, catching another bunch of Pokémon along the way (well over 60 by now I'm sure!). This island was a bit of a breeze, shame that I sort of missed out on the Wimpod on Route 8... :/

Location: on way to the resort to talk to Faba and go over to Aether Paradise!
• Torracat Lv 32
• Pikachu Lv 31
• Toucannon Lv 30
• Lycanroc Lv 29
• Wishiwashi Lv 27
• Fomantis Lv 25

This game is simply amazing! Though, I have started to experience some lag (on the N3DS XL SM edition)...


Johto Champion
Just now starting the post-game after what I think might be the toughest games in the series for me (mind you, I was under leveled from the start of Poni Island onward).

Vikavolt, Lv. 51
Kommo-o, Lv. 50
Bewear, Lv. 50
Tsareena, Lv. 49
Toucannon, Lv. 48
Araquanid, Lv. 48

Bewear and his Fluffy ability have been such a blessing so far; the only reason I managed to tough it out against the final Champion battle. Vikavolt somehow became my team's ace, though, and I'm kind of okay with that!

Currently debating where to go next- I know there's plenty post-game to do, but I'm nowhere near the level to take on theach major post-game trainers. Maybe I'll get the Eevium Z?

Completed the remaining trials on Akala today, catching another bunch of Pokémon along the way (well over 60 by now I'm sure!). This island was a bit of a breeze, shame that I sort of missed out on the Wimpod on Route 8... :/

Location: on way to the resort to talk to Faba and go over to Aether Paradise!
• Torracat Lv 32
• Pikachu Lv 31
• Toucannon Lv 30
• Lycanroc Lv 29
• Wishiwashi Lv 27
• Fomantis Lv 25

This game is simply amazing! Though, I have started to experience some lag (on the N3DS XL SM edition)...

I just finished Moon today, and I'll be starting Sun really soon, but from completing the game I can confirm that you'll notice some lag at some points. Playing on a brand new New 3DS XL, galaxy print, 32gb microSDHC. Also, I really like your team!
Since last posting, I have successfully reached Ula Ula Island (proof I have no life) and I can say Lusamine is one weird, messed up person, who kinda reminds me of a yandere.

Current team:
Torracat (Meowstache) - lvl 29
Snorlax (Pancake) - lvl 25
Fomantis (Vita) - lvl 25
Ribombee (Lola) - lvl 25
Carbink (Not) - lvl 24

I'm still laughing about Carbink's name. It's ended up becoming the comedy relief of my team, while still being the MVP versus Olivia with three sharpens and a couple of smack downs on Lycanroc-night.

Totem Lurantis was only won against because it ran out of synthesis.

I think I have a small crush on Gladion.


Well-Known Member
and after a day of capturing, leveling, trading over GTS i have completed the Dex and gotten me Shiny Charm. Now to try and breed some decent enough pokemon to get some BP and mega stones/items and so forth.


Well-Known Member
traded beware for a npc tonoflame

beaten red at tree

caught ub1


Shiny hunter :)
beat the final kahuna. current team:
Crabrawler 52 (which i heavily regret)
Salazzle 51
Decidueye 53
Vikavolt 53 (FINALLY)
Mimikyu 52 (literally besides rowlet the only poke on my team that i dont regret/gave me a headache)
sandygast 34 (pokedex)

Pro tip to anyone who hasnt gotten to that point: DONT USE CRABRAWLER ON YOUR TEAM. it's a waste of a team slot. He's come in handy maybe a handful of times, but there are about 4 other pokes available that do his job much better and actually evolve before the game is over and his evolution becomes useless and is literally just to complete the pokedex. so don't.

The writing doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out, that's a huge plus. actually some good plot twists. My pokedex is around 25% purely because i'm mainly focusing on catching and training new pokemon- I already have a complete living dex of the past 6 generations, now all I need to do is prepare a living dex for this generation. which.. Is going to be extremely difficult. Considering some of the legendaries and stuff... lol.


Well-Known Member
Okay, so where to begin... Well, let's just start with that I got Pokémon Sun on the midnight release of the 18th. I played through the game, only building a team of 4 throughout the entire game. The final product of my efforts being Midday Lycanroc, Lurantis, Vikavolt, and Glaceon. The three Alolan Pokémon mentioned were my favorites before the games even came out, so I knew I needed them when I finally played it. Though after getting through the game and reaching post game, I knew my time had come for my favorite part of Pokémon games: capturing all of the Legendary Pokémon with normal Pokéballs. I started with the Ultra Beasts. I didn't bother catching them all with Pokéballs, just one of each species if there were multiple. Then came the Tapus which weren't too much of problem... but in all of that, I discovered my favorite Legendary of 7th gen: Necrozma. With the inception of Ultra Beasts, the Pokémon series has allowed for the entry of unique and honestly strange Pokémon that otherwise wouldn't have fit in before. Battling and capturing this monster of a Pokémon was so cool, along with its signature move. Obviously being the third in the trio of legendaries in this generation, I wonder where they will take its story in the future.


I think I'm going to chronicle my experience with playing the game. This first comment post is going to sum up the first few days.

Basically I've picked my starter (Rowlett) and about to start my first Totem challenge. I've decided to nickname my main pokes, and I'll be rotating a lot of mons as I go, as I wanted to complete the dex as much as possible before going to the E4. A nice user on Reddit traded me a Jangmo-o with Pokerus and I've been spreading it to as many Pokes as possible. Tomorrow I plan on atleast finishing the first Totem Challenge.

Pokedex: 18/23 (6%)


Bowtie (Rowlett) Lvl 14
Polar (Magnemite) Lvl 10

everything else is my team is irrelevant as I'm just spreading diseases :D

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Pro tip to anyone who hasnt gotten to that point: DONT USE CRABRAWLER ON YOUR TEAM. it's a waste of a team slot. He's come in handy maybe a handful of times, but there are about 4 other pokes available that do his job much better and actually evolve before the game is over and his evolution becomes useless and is literally just to complete the pokedex. so don't.

Holy Arceus, are you me?! Not only with the Crabrawler, but with the Charjabug problem, a Salazzle, and a Decidueye?! (I also had a Mudsdale and an Alolan Persian.)

Yeah guys, I got Crabominable, Vikavolt, Salazzle, Decidueye, Mudsdale, and A-Persian. It was only when I was facing the E4 that I realized just how many type weaknesses I had, how vital the speed stat really is, and how fragile all my Pokemon were. All of my Pokemon are level 70 now and I literally can't beat 3 trainers in the Battle Tree! I'm thinking about replacing A-Persian with Type: Null/Silvally, Crabominable with Mimikyu, and either Vikavolt or Salazzle with Zygarde Complete Form. Any suggestions?


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Staff member
Started today by looking around Malie City a bit. Then, I got some story stuff done by visiting the Malie Garden and the library.
Oh, I also met Samson Oak, and saw him a couple of times today.

After that, I spent some time in the outer cape of the city. I fought the trainers there and managed to get two of my Pokemon to evolve: Wimpod into Golisopod and Dartrix into Decidueye! I taught some TMs to Golisopod because it really needed better moves, and because I just learned today that Leech Life got a power boost.
Next, I went to Route 11 for a little while to explore and train a bit more. I used Golisopod in most of the battles as it was still my lowest Pokemon by 3-4 levels. Leech Life is a fun move to use (never thought I'd ever say that).

Then, I went to Route 10. I took the time to search for all the Stufful (such a cute Pokemon!) and get them to return to their trainer. After beating up some more trainers and getting attacked by some Fearow and Skarmory swooping out of trees, I met up with Kukui at the bus stop and we went up to Mt. Hokulani.


Can also jump!
Yesterday was a doozy. So I think i'll leave my adventures in spoilers if they are too long...

Finally ready I went into Kahuna Olivia's stone shop. She wasn't there, but one of her pokemon had a message for me, so I beelined it to the Ruins of life to meet up with her. On the way there, Team Skull was up to no good! I sent them packing, of course, and the man from the Aether Foundation offered that I see him again once I complete my Grand Trial. So I went back on my way. That's when I was approached by this tough-looking girl. Her name was Plumeria, and a higher-up from Team Skull! She didn't like how I was stopping them all the time and battled me right away. I managed to beat her, but she warned me before leaving...Sheesh! I'd hate to run into her again...Aaanyway, I met up with Olivia (And Lillie showed up too for her own reasons...) and faced her in battle! Her rock types were Rock-hard, but a team effort from my Lycanroc, Brionne, and Mudsdale won the day! Furthermore my Brionne evolved into the gorgeous Primarina! I know it's a boy, but still...I can't help but be smitten...That aside, the Kahuna conceded defeat and awarded me with the Rock Z-Crystal, that's another neat Z-Move get! Shortly after Hau came by and was pumped to take her on next. Looks like I've done everything I can do right now in Akala, I might as well go to the huge hotel in Hauhau to see what Faba was talking about...

Tano Grand Resort is so huge! I think i'll have a wider look around later. But I did stop by the beach, let Stoutland sniff stuff out, battle the Trainers in the sea, as well as a bit of Pyukumuku tossing! I think I got a little too sidetracked, so into the hotel I go. Faba was waiting for me and invited me and Hau to Aether Paradise, I was curious so I jumped up on the offer, the Professor was there to see us off. A trip across the sea later, we got a tour of the whole place. Thinking about pokemon being so vulnerable makes me sad, so i try my best not to...We met the president, Lusamine, herself. She seemed to care alot about keeping pokemon safe, so say the least...Suddenly, a strange being appeared out of nowhere! We had to battle and distract it, but it vanished all of a sudden. Was that one of those Ultra Beasts i've heard about...? Lusamine looked a bit TOO interested in it, though... Anyway out tour ended, and we were taken to Ula'Ula Island to take on the next step of the Trials!

Land ahoy! We made it to the new island, Maile City sure is...oriental. I stopped by the Pokemon Center first things first, Then went to visit thg local park. I did a bit of catching and exploring before meeting up with the Professor in the middle of the park. After telling him of our close encounter with an Ultra Beast, he suggested I take a bus to Mt. Hokilani. I headed out, but Lillie wanted to stop by the Library first. After a troubling history lesson with the help of someone, she stayed behind as I left to Route 11.

(Continued in another post...)


Guess who's back
My shiny Salandit evolved into a gorgeous Salazzle! Now heading for the Ghost type island challenge after beating Guzma. His Golisopod is cool.


Forretress Fan

Let's Go
Pokemon Sun:

Beat the Elite 4 with this team:

Only to the Elite 4 did I realize some of the strengths and weaknesses of my team. I have no regrets, picked them completely for my 1st Gen 7 experience. Should've swapped Vikavolt for Alolan Raichu. I have a seventh member of Toucannon.


New Member
The so far expirience whith the game (I started playing yesterday late evening, and today finished my first island): somebody mentioned to me, how she felt like playing an actual RPG alot more than in the previous generations, and I have to agree to that. There are so many features, that make the game alot more enjoyable. Being able to use your WiFi and its own features, like the Plaza and such, is absolutly fantastic. Im still not as happy whith the difficulty of the whole thing, altough, Im glad I dont have a problem whith these trials replacing actual Gyms, altough, its still all the same pretty much.
Current team:
Piky (Trumbeak) Level 18
Rowy (Dartix) Level 19

Why I picked the Grass starter: I´m generally having a tuff time finding any liking in the new pokemon artwork, altough I am getting there. I think this variant might be the most interesting for the future, so far I am very pleased whith the choice, especially by the fact that it shows almost no weaknes on the begining, so, it provides a rather easier playtrough and makes it quiet enjoyable to just jump into everything. There is also something curious about the looks of it... I dont know exactly what it might me... sweet, the whole thing, just sweet!


#1 Lanturn Owner
100 hours in now. Here are some things I have done since my last post.

I have bred some Pokémon to MM with my 6IV foreign Ditto. The Pokemon are all 5IV. I plan on MM'ing them when I finish my Pokedex.
Speaking of which, all I have left for the completed Pokedex are Cosmoem and Lunala. Once I get them, I will have that part of the game done.
My team is around levels 80-95. My highest is my Decidueye, in its early 90's.
I have caught all legendaries available in my Sun version. I have also received the Moon exclusive UB's from the GTS, but not Lunala (or Cosmoem on that note) yet.
I have developed both my festival plaza and my Poke Pelago some. They are doing pretty well so far.
I have done some more of the Battle Tree and bought some more things there. I like how you get items for streaks there also.
I plan on completing my Pokedex and then doing some MM's. I then plan on doing some more of the Battle Tree and some other things that I have yet to decide.


*hugs Absol*
Having played for 10 hours now, general thoughts:

-Start playing. So much dialogue everywhere.
-Get Rowlet.
-Battle backgrounds look nice.
-Checking out the area. So much dialogue everywhere.
-Catch Ledyba.
-Grind to level 8.
-Stomp my rival.
-Explore town. So much dialogue everywhere.
-Let's fight in a graveyard to pay our respects.
-Catch a Growlithe and Cutiefly.
-Grind to level 15.
-Beat up Team Skull.
-Beat the trial on Route 2. So much dialogue everywhere.
-Check out Z-Move once, and decide to leave it because the animation is too long and can't skip it.
-Explore Route 3.
-Babysit Lillie.
-Stomp my rival.
-Beat the Kahuna. So much dialogue everywhere.
-Go to Ten Carat Hill.
-Catch a Rockruff.
-Grind up Rockruff.

So far, it's... OK. I just wish there was less dialogue, especially since my guy just stands there and doesn't do anything. I find dialogue-heavy games just don't work with silent protagonists, and this proves it. Story, characters and dialogue have never been Pokémon's greatest points, so I don't know why the big focus on it all of a sudden. I wish they would have put more time into giving more freedom to the player instead, and let me do what I want instead of railroading me over the island for hours on end.