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Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread


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Pokémon Sun: Got the games today, and began playing Pokémon Sun. After going through the first cutscenes, I eventually received my starter, soft-resetting until I got a female Popplio, which I named Minami. Battled my rival, explored Route 1, fought my rival again at the festival, got the Z-Ring and went to the lab and got the Rotomdex. Stopping by the Pokémon Center, I got the Munchlax I downloaded. Soft-reset a few times for better natures, eventually deciding to keep one with an impish nature. I also explored the Festival Plaza for a bit, and I'm on my way to the Trainer's School.

Current team:

Minami (Popplio F - Level 10)
Snoozer (Munchlax M - Level 5)


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I thought I might post my adventures in here. So lets gooo!! :D

I finally recieved both my Sun and Moon after the deliver driver admitted to losing them and instead of getting them at 11:30am like I was told, I got it at 5pm in the evening -_-
I decided that I would start Moon first and soft reset for a female Popplio. So after getting through all the Dialogue ... and wow soo much dialogue in this game already. But tbh its worth it just for Kapu Koko cos this legendary is awesome already xD .. I got to the point where I saved.
So amazingly I actually got a female popplio first try!!!... YAY!! ... ADAMANT NATURE!! ... NOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... well good with the bad xD ... its for ingame anyways .. who cares.
I decided to name her ... Mei! ... because I was playing Overwatch at the time I was getting ready to soft reset.
So I played through the rest of the beginning with the going to the Lab with Lillie. Who at the moment has to be one of the best characters I have seen in a pokemon game :D .. I got the first PokeCentre and thus allowed to trade. I saved the game and put in Pokemon Sun! xD

So I am mainly playing Pokemon Sun. I again went through all the beginning but chose Litten. Again a female first try!! ... xD
I decided to call her Marmite, just because that it the name of my rl cat :D
I played through all the parts until i got to the trail, which I was surprised I was well prepared for. Totem Gumshoo didnt really give me a problem and I beat Ilima with relative ease.
After getting to route 3 I went into the meadow and caught myself a female Oricorio. I named her Uiharu! named after a character from A Certain Scientific Railgun. After training her up to the rest of the team I am now making my way to next island! lets go!!

Current Team

Marmite the Torracat @ Level 19
Mei the Brionne @ Level 18
Uiharu @ Pom-Pom Oricorio @ Level 19


So long
Started today by exploring the rest of the Cemetery and Route 2. Came across the Berry Fields on the way but couldn't figure out how to plant berries, if that's even possible? I'll wait with it for the future either way. Met Team Skull there too and smashed them. Then I went to the Verdant Cavern for the first Trial. I managed to complete it, but it wasn't all easy. I was surprised that Team Skull appeared and tried to interrupt me. Speaking of Team Skull, I find them to be rather generic villains (albeit very hilarious), I hope there's more depth to them than what currently meets the eye.

So yeah, I completed the first Trial. The Boss Raticate wasn't all easy though, it managed to defeat my Popplio so I had to let Trumbeak take care of it. I'm glad I found the Brick Break TM in the Cave and used it on Trumbeak, it needed a good Fighting-type move. For clearing the Trial, I got my first Z-Crystal, the Normalium Z. I'm not surprised that Normal is the first type you get since it is the most "standard" type. Professor Kukui appeared afterwards to show me how to use Z-Moves in battle. They are really cool. Tried them a little myself too. I decided to let my two team members hold the Z-Crystal for now, but I will only use Z-Moves in serious battles, such as when facing Rivals, bosses and similar. Like I did with Mega Evolutions last generation.

Continued to Route 3 where I had to find Lillie as she had gotten lost. On Route 3, my Popplio reached level 17 and evolved into Brionne after a trainer battle. It is adorable! I'm glad it evolved since it was getting a bit weak compared to Trumbeak, it should be stronger now. I found Lillie in the Meadow and helped her get her cute little Nebby back after it went away on its own. After that, I had another battle against Hau outside. Won against him with ease, I had forgotten that he has the starter that is weak against mine, I was prepared to use my Trumbeak against his Rowlet, then I realized that he has Litten instead. Went back and explored the Sea Cave here, as well as battled some more trainers on Route 3. Going to continue tomorrow, next up is the Kahuna battle. I hope I'm good enough for it, looking forward to facing Hala in a battle.

I caught a bunch of various Pokemon today, don't remember all of them or exactly where I got them. I'm very happy about finally seeing some Unova Pokemon, seeing the Backpacker with a Cottonee really made me happy since Backpackers are my favorite trainer class and I'm glad they are staying. I also caught a Vullaby and Petilil. Now I just need to see a Kalos Pokemon, then I will have seen Pokemon from all generations in this game. I have also continued playing with my team members in Pokemon Refresh, they now have three hearts each. Will do more later on when I have more team members, no need to rush it.

- level 19
- level 18

Grey Wind

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I explored Route 2 for a while and battled Team Skull at the berry farm. After training for a bit I went straight to the trial. Gumshoos took ages to take down but it wasn't too difficult, Pichu managed to paralyze it and Rowlet and Yungoos knocked it out. I battled my way through Route 3 and looped back around to Iki Town to battle Halla. He was pretty easy, Cutiefly and Rowlet did the job. Once I defeated him I went straight to Ten Carat Hill to look for a Rockruff, and saved after I captured it.

lv 16
lv 14
lv 11
lv 15
lv 10
lv 15


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I'm currently at the Panoli Ranch in Pokémon Sun. I've managed to catch a few pokémon within the last few days (though I had to backtrack to Melemele Island to get Chikorita). My Popplio finally evolved into a Brionne after beating Hau's Torracat, & my whole team did a great job handling an SOS battle against a wild pack of Eevee. I wasn't able to find an Espeon, but the all managed to hold their own and I got an Eevee out of it, though I'm not sure what to do with it yet :\ . Rght now, I'm trying to boost the happiness of my Meowth and Pichu so they can evolve soon.

Main Contenders for my team:
  • Wallace (Brionne, M, Lv. 18)
  • That Hippie (Munchlax, M, Lv. 19) [named after the CotD from Wake Up, Snorlax!]
  • Kazooie (Trumbeak, F, Lv. 16)
  • Clemont (Grubbin, M, Lv. 16)

I've got a bunch of other pokémon too, but I still need to try the new ones out, while the other ones I'm debating whether to trade them, grind train them, or wait until I can access the Poképelago
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I've just been doing the Pokepelago, and been hunting down the Pokemon I haven't caught yet in the game yet, mostly the new characters, I've also been using Isle Evelup, sorry if I misspelled that, to train my Pokemon, although I am disappointed they got rid of super training since the current method feels long winded when compared to super training, but it could just be me.

I completed the game within about 3 days, sad I know.


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Pokémon Sun: Went around the Trainer School, fighting trainers and collecting what items I could find. I also caught a Meowth that is currently a part of my team. After finishing things up at the trainer school, I began to explore more of the city, and changed up my player character's hairstyle. I bought my player character some new clothes at the clothing store, nothing special, but it'll do until I get to a clothing store with more options. Eventually got to the Marina, and had my first encounter with Team Skull. Ilima wants to battle, but I haven't accepted his challenge yet. I'm wondering if I should train more, or catch more Pokémon first.

Current team:

Minami (Popplio F - Level 12)
Snoozer (Munchlax M - Level 10)
Arlene (Alola!Meowth F - Level 9)


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I started off just before the Totem Wishiwashi battle. My strategy was to start off with Makuhita's knock-off, then focus on knocking out both allies before taking on Wishiwashi itself. What was surprising about this battle was that my strategy actually worked better than I expected, and I ended up defeating the totem before Alomomola.
Next up is Kiawe's trial. I spent some time beforehand looking for a female Salandit for my party, after which I leveled her a bit to catch up to everyone before actually starting. I had no coverage against Fire or Poison-types aside from Rock Tomb, so the Salazzle battle was the closest I've been to actually losing so far.
Before heading to Lush Jungle, I caught a Volt Absorb Chinchou for my party and played around with PokéPelago for a bit. I also caught a Stufful with Fluffy after getting Klutz three times in a row. That was annoying. As for Mallow's trial, the lead-up to the totem battle was so hilarious I couldn't help but restart just to watch it again. Lurantis was a pain to fight, even with taking advantage of Sunny Day to increase Salandit's firepower.
Next up, a good half hour or so of level grinding and plot! Eventually made it to Konikoni city. I'm currently at the Ruins of Life, just before battling Kahuna Olivia.

Dartrix lv.26
Ribombee lv.26
Salandit lv.26
Chinchou lv.26
Stufful lv.26

By the way, might I add that I'm loving the heightened difficulty in SM so far. Boss battles are actually challenging imo and require more than just mashing A like Gen VI.


Catching targets in the one time only Apricorn Pokeballs, I have successfully caught one of my targets. A Lure Ball Gabite with Rough Skin. 5 to go, will be breeding them once I'm ready. Returned to the story where I take down the Aether Foundation.
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I'm currently working my way towards my 6th Trial, the hardest one so far was the Fire because the Poison moves were a pain to get past.

I got a shiny Roggenrola less than a day into playing the game.

I'm working my way through the Pokedex at the moment and a few have surprised me because the design doesn't fit the type.


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After witnessing another Ultra Beast encounter and defeating some evil bosses Lillie and I headed to Poni Island where we witnessed a Kahuna become a Kahuna and met some rather tall Exeggutor. I completed my final Grand Trial I think and Charjabug finally evolved into Vikavolt. After the trial I realized the opposing trainers Pokemon were all 7-10 levels higher than mine so I decided to go ahead and turn on the Exp Share. I made my way through the Vast Poni Canyon and caught some new Pokemon. After a rather easy trial thanks to Mimikyu I teamed with Lillie to play some flutes and finally met Lunala. We went to the Ultra Space where I defeated Lusamine once more. We escaped and I am now resetting to try to get a Modest/Timid Lunala.



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Got several things done on Mount Hokulani. First, I walked over to the observatory and battled Molayne. I managed to take his team down with my Golisopod and Dugtrio. After that, I went inside the observatory and wandered around. I ended up finding Sophocles and starting his trial, which was something I didn't want to do right then as I wanted to get some other things done first...but whatever, I figured I might as well get the trial over with. So, I answered all the questions and then fought the Totem Vikavolt. Golisopod was so useful in this Totem fight thanks to Leech Life spamming.

After clearing the trial, I went back outside and started looking for wild Pokemon on the mountainside. I was able to catch a Minior in a Quick Ball on my third attempt, after losing two Minior to Self-Destruct. Then, after a million more wild encounters, I finally found a Ditto and caught it in a Quick Ball right away, too.


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Pokemon Moon:
Caught Spinarak, Wingull, Slowpoke and Alolan Rattata, adding the last one to my team. After a bit of training I met with Lillie at the Trainer School and obtained the Exp Share from Kukui. Also caught a Magnemite for my team, it proved to be decently tough as there isn't much Pokemon that hits Steel-types for at least neutral damage at the game's start.

Pokemon Sun:
Finished up with the second Hau battle at Iki Town, catching a Grubbin along the way. Went to Professor Kukui's lab to have Rotom installed into my Pokedex and get the amulet for the Island Trials. Later stopped by the nearest Pokemon Centre to obtain the event Munchlax and the special Snorlax Z-Crystal.
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So idk how much more longer this game is but I just got to Po Town. I just want to say I'm heavily disappointed that it took up to the end of the third island for a serious Team Skull encounter/base raid to finally happen. They've literally been a joke this entire game so far with no serious point of them even being there. Guzma 1st encounter so random~

Just think they've could made a better first impression with them.


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Continuing from my last post...

I went to Route 11 to catch a bus. After getting ambushed by birds, herding some runaway Stufful, and battling some Trainers, I showed up at the bus stop when I find some Team Skull jerks up to no good! I had to chase 'em off, right on cue the Professor showed up and we caught the bus up the mountain. Molayne, a friend of the Captain AND the Professor, wanted to see if I had the right stuff to take on the Captain in the Observatory, I passed. I entered and met up with the Trial Captain, Sophocles (Yes, the same guy who shows you Festival Plaza!). He had in mind something different, namely a neat device that can bring the Totem pokemon right to us. He turned it on, but the power suddenly went out and we were locked in! Looks like the gizmo uses alot of energy...I had to disarm the security system by answering sound-related questions, some pokemon snuck in and attacked too...Soon enough, the Totem zoomed right into the door and challenged me itself! It was fast and annoying, especially with its Charge spam...But my Mudsdale was able to put a stop to that and put its lights out! After the battle the Totem powered up the room for us and left, meaning I passed the Trial. And Sophocles gave me the Electric Z Crystal, and a shockingly cool new Z-Move. What's more is that Molayne gave me a Steel type crystal too. 2 Z-Crystals in the same instance, awesome! Now with that over with, I might as well head back down to Malie City...

Back in Malie I headed into the garden to see Team Skull harassing the Professor! I don't know why they have a bone to pick with him, but I just had to butt in. But someone ELSE did too: The bad-to-the-bone Big Boss of Team Skull himself, Guzma! He wanted to see what i've got...Man he was tough, but I managed to show him up. With his pride wounded, he warned me before beating it with his crew. Geez, being in their crosshairs is the last thing I need...Either way, the Professor was glad I pulled it off. After the ordeal, I went to patch up my pokemon and take a little rest. I think i'll do some side stuff before moving on...

Oh yeah, team status because why not!

Dizzy the Primarina, Lv 36
Parasprite the Ribombee, Lv 35
D.Hoof Jack the Mudsdale, Lv 36
Freya the (Midday) Lycanroc, Lv 35
Maui the P'au Oricorio, Lv 33
Backer the Passimian, Lv 31
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Completed the grand trials of Akala, Ula'ula and Poni since my last post. Successfully evolved a bunch of Pokémon, with about 80 Pokémon captured thus far - I'll probably hold off on catching much more until the post-game (it's made my Pokémon a tad overlevelled!). Skull are hilarious, had a few bones to pick with them, and a lot of shady stuff is going on at Aether. Manu was the latest to give me any serious battle worries - his Persian early took out my entire team! Witnessed the hakuna-ing of a kahuna, met - and caught - some pretty tall trees, have a green and black dog sitting in my PC for the post-game, alongside about three others boxes of Pokémon!

Loving all the character arcs, nods to past games and hints at future installments (Hau becoming a kahuna? Various building locations throughout the region?), as well as the music. I LOVE some of the elements of the trial music!

Currently walking through Vast Poni Canyon to do our best Ocarina Link impressions (but with flutes!) :p

• Incineroar Lv 51
• Alolan Raichu Lv 50
• Toucannon Lv 49
• Wishiwashi Lv 49
• Lycanroc Lv 48
• Alolan Ninetales Lv 46

Also boxed my Fomantis from my last post, who had evolved into Lurantis!


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Finally on Akala!
This one is going to become one of my favourite island due to the variety of biotopes it has! :D
I'm about to face the second trial and my team is the following:

Mudbray (Lv. 17)
Torracat (Lv. 21)
Trumbeak (Lv. 21)
Cutiefly (Lv. 21)
Rockruff (Lv. 21)
Crablawer (Lv. 21)
CAUGHT A MIMIKYU. I'm so happy.

Currently in the Strange House trying to work out wtf I'm doing.

Incineroar (Meowstache) - lvl 41
Snorlax (Pancake) - lvl 36
Fomantis (Vita) - lvl 36 [waiting until night so it can evolve during the day]
Ribombee (Lola) - lvl 36
Mimikyu (Kawaii) - lvl 35
Carbink (Not) - lvl 35

Kukui is frickin everywhere.


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Once I was done catching wild Pokemon, I finished my exploration of Mount Hokulani by fighting the remaining trainers. I wanted to see if I could get my Grimer to evolve, but it only reached level 37 (so close!). I'll get it to evolve next time, I guess.

After that, I returned to Akala Island and went to the Paniola Ranch. I stopped by the nursery and deposited my Ditto and Decidueye. I obtained several Rowlet eggs and hatched them all pretty quickly while riding on Tauros. Then, I went on the GTS and deposited one of the Rowlet. I checked it a little while ago and I got a Popplio!


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Pokémon Sun: Continued going around town and back to Route 1, catching some more Pokémon and eventually adding a Pichu to my team. Decided to challenge Ilima, my Munchlax and my Meowth managing to handle the situation just fine. Finishing up my business in the town for now, I began exploring Route 2. I also stopped by the cemetery, picking up the items I could find there and beating the trainers there. I also caught a Drifloon for my Pokédex, getting the money promised from the Beauty who wanted me to catch a Drifloon. Continued making my way through Route 2, coming across a Delibird. Team Skull is up to no good again. Managed to drive them off. Time to pick up some berries, and continue my exploration.

Current team:

Minami (Popplio F - Level 15)
Snoozer (Munchlax M - Level 12)
Arlene (Meowth F - Level 12)
Raiden (Pichu M - Level 10)

Edit: Completed my first trial, got my first Z-Crystal and Minami evolved after the battle against the Totem Pokémon.

Current team:

Minami (Brionne F - Level 17)
Snoozer (Munchlax M - Level 14)
Arlene (Meowth F - Level 14)
Raiden (Pichu M - Level 13)
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