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Sun & Moon, your thoughts now vs first thoughts

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Soniman, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    NO character deserves two episodes in a row, I don't care who they are. Ash being the sole exception since he is THE main character.
    Defend Lana getting two episodes unfairly in a row all you guys want, I guarantee if Team Rocket got two in a row you'd all be a bunch of hypocrites and ***** about it though.

    Sophocles was just a supporting character in the mall and Tapu Koko rematch, it'd be unfair to say those were Sophocles focus. He didn't even do anything. That'd be like counting the starter trio episode has a Mallow/Lana episode. Farewell Sophocles is the ONLY Sophocles episode. As it stands, Kiawe, Sophocles, and Mallow all only got one episode while Lana hogged two in a row, and Lillie has a few.
  2. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    Back to my whole character archetype discussion, I found my problem with Ash. He is defined by what he wants rather than what he is. He is the only one who is defined by his dream rather than by what he is. As such, it caused a problem because he frankly sticks out like a sore thumb. That is why he doesn't fit any school archetypes other than the new guy.
  3. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Truthfully I'd be all for that. The Team Rocket spotlight episodes tend to be WAY better than when they're forced into one of the twerps' stories as a plot device or battle interrupter.
  4. Daniel31

    Daniel31 HopingGaryReturns

    I'm pretty certain that there will be a Team Rocket focus episode in the near future. They do have a Z-Crystal after all, but no real Z-Ring, so an episode of them finding a Z-Ring, and learning how to use the Darkinium-Z/Black Hole Eclipse is probably in the cards at some point. The rivalry between Pikachu and Mimikyu also exists, so I could see a battle with Z-Moves being used as well.
  5. Everything12

    Everything12 Wishy-Washy Trainer

    It can easily be pointed out that for one thing episode 32 was not a Lana only episode considering all the character got some level of focus when they were searching for treasure Lana was just the one the summaries focused probably because of the Z-Ring which is the other reason people say its a Lana episode, and another thing yes a character can and should have two episode in a row if its for a character arc, like I don't know getting a Z-Ring than getting something to use with the Z-Ring, because it allows the characters to be developed more than in a single episode. Really the only reason your complaining is because you don't like Lana and you wouldn't be compiling if it was about a character you like. Besides Lana has a Starter so they focus on her more because Starters always sell more merchandise.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  6. That's been a thing with his character forever, though, really. He always introduces himself as "I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and I want to be a Pokemon Master". He's quite literally the kid who wants to be a Pokemon Master. It's a massive part of his identity as a character.

    It's something that's prevalent amongst lots of protagonists.
  7. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    It's fine he is that way, but his character is geared way too far into the future and not the present. All adventurers are dreamers in one way or another, but they do have traits other than the future ahead.
  8. Johtohfiller

    Johtohfiller Well-Known Member

    I'd LOVE for TR to get 2 eps in a row, they're my biggest reason for watching SM. I wouldn't mind at all if they were the official main characters for this saga, for that matter.
  9. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    I also would not complain about TR getting two episodes in a row. I don't hate them period, only in specific circumstances, like in "Friend and Foe Alike." They've been one of the positives of SM so far, and since they have a Z-Crystal, it would make sense to focus on them.

    That, and I agree with DatsRight in that they tend to shine when they're the focus of the episode rather than a shoehorned plot device.
  10. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    This. We all used to think Lana had no purpose of being on the main cast, but at least the latest episodes are finally showing development for her and there's the fact that as this poster said, she's there to sell Popplio merchandise much like Sophocles is promoting Togedemaru merchandise.
  11. aguilas_hhh

    aguilas_hhh A critical hit!

    Just imagine when its May´s, Dawn´s Grand Festival or Serena´s Master Class... This is not a point
  12. Pikachu979

    Pikachu979 Sinnoh Champion

    If i recall correctly other main characters have had 2 back to back episodes focusing on them.
  13. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    You could even do Serena + Eevee capture, Serena and Eevee introduction and then the second Rookie Class win for three in a row and I'm fairly sure others have had others.
  14. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    It's flat-out preposterous to say NO character deserves two episodes in a row, especially when they're the main characters. Just because I wouldn't care that, as your example said, Sophocles got increased focus wouldn't mean he didn't deserve to have it in the first place.

    Wouldn't all the Grand Festivals count as having more than two episodes in a row? Surely every League would count as 3 episodes in a row followed by another 3 after a 1 episode break

    And I know this is irrelevant, but TRio were at their most boring in BW.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  15. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    By your logic then May and Dawn don't deserve two episodes in a row either. Which means the contest and Grand Festival episodes would have been extremely rushed.
  16. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    THAT is different....
    That is one single activity. Nothing forced about it.
    Lana's was forced. There was no need to go from no z-ring/crystal to a z-ring and a crystal within two episodes.
  17. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Of course there was.

    Lana needed a boost of some kind. Prior to SM32 and 33, she had one unevolved Pokemon that knew one move. Prior to SM32 and 33, if I were to rank Ash's classmates by battle prowess, I would have had Lana dead last, behind even Lillie. So Lana needs a boost. What are they supposed to do for her?

    Popplio is a starter, and starters never evolve this early unless their name happens to be Charmander, so evolution is out. A new move for Popplio alone is not enough (although I am happy it learned Aqua Jet, as that makes it more mobile on land). And given how little Charjabug has contributed to the anime so far, I doubt even a capture would have done much for her, as I'm sure any Pokemon she would catch would just get overshadowed by Popplio anyway. So that leaves the Z-Ring/Crystal as the only logical option. And, hey, the Water Trial happens to be coming up, and Lana just happens to own a starter Pokemon that evolves into a Pokemon that happens to have a unique Z-Move.

    Besides, I'm assuming the writers' intention all along was to give all of Ash's classmates Z-Rings. Lana just happened to need it the most, and her Trial happens to be first. That's all there is to it.
  18. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    I haven't watched Sun and Moon, but reading a few of these post maybe that was a mistake on my part. If the complaints are true and the sidekicks are overshadowing Ash (did I read this right?) then maybe the Sun and Moon anime is the Pokemon anime I've been waiting for. I needed a break from the series after XYZ but Sun and Moon sounds quite interesting now.
  19. chestyunease

    chestyunease New Member

    I’ve heard many people said that Sun & Moon is of the hardest Pokemon games yet it 's pretty cool at first thought and still a blast for me and interesting now.
  20. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    It was maybe the one series besides SM they were TRYING to find a proper role for them though, just the execution was very hap hazardous.

    To tell you the truth, a villain can only be as good as the hero they oppose, and vice versa. Sure TR get downgraded and used excessively much of the time, but the majority of such cases I can't help but feel are made to compensate for the twerps' weakness in character. They're always shoved in as a quick plot device whenever the latter can't carry an episode on their own, and they struggle to be anything more than jobbers because the writers don't seem capable of making the heroes much more compatible with them most of the time. They can be good as characters, but as heroic foils they're shallow as hell and of the 'zero chemistry, tons of plot armour and formula' kind (I don't even buy into the whole 'TR are supposed to be outclassed' excuse, plenty of heroes in fiction are renowned for winning easy but at least making it half way entertaining every episode, eg. Bugs Bunny).

    This is admittedly something that disappoints me about SM, I was hoping the return to wacky offbeat stories and more moderated TR appearances would mean a return to Kanto style stories, where the twerps had a funny chemistry with Team Rocket and some more random and amusing face-offs, but if anything they're at their absolute worst here, almost none of their interactions have been that interesting (even the rivalries like Pikachu/Mimikyu and Litten/Meowth are solely from TR's point of view with the hero side refusing to bounce off of them), just it doesn't stink out the whole series like it did for DP and XY because they're not forced against each other nearly as often, and the twerps regularly don't need TR to pad episodes anymore. Both sides can carry great episodes individually, but pit against each other, their fun personalities 'turn off' for some reason and it's back to barebones formula.

    I wouldn't say that. The limelight is still mostly Ash and his own team, even if his goal maybe isn't progressing as blatantly as in other series (though he's still probably the most powerful member of the companions). Not to mention the writers are clearly trying to make Ash stand out as a character this series, the blandness he occasionally suffered in XY is gone (except the issues with Team Rocket mentioned above) and he even gets odd episodes revolved around his personality.

    If anything I think the companions should get more limelight episodes right now, Ash's limelight is pretty strong. Kaiwe and Mallow have only had ONE limelight episode and even in that Ash was a large focus of it.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017

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