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Sunny In Sunyshore (ikarishipping fic rated PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by pikachu200, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Okay so I'm going to try making an ikarishipping fic so people please read this please please please!!!!! ha ha :)

    Chapter 1 The Electrifying Defeat And A Shocking Arguement

    The pokemon battle between Ash and Volkner was not going well for Ash. It was down to Ash's Pikachu and Volkner's Luxray. Pikachu wasn't doing well "Now Luxray use Thunder Fang" Volkner said. "Luxxxxxx" Luxray yelled and it's fang charged up with electricity. "Pikachu use Quick Attack" Ash yelled. "Pika pi pika" Pikachu said and charged at Luxray with high speed. "Go Ash fight fight fight Pikachu you can do it right" Dawn cheered. Both pokemon collided and caused a small explosion. As the smoke cleared Pikachu fainted "Pikachu is unable to battle Luxray wins the winner is the gym leader Volkner" the referee said.

    "Return Luxray" Volkner said. Then the pokemon went back into it's ball. Volkner was disappointed with the battle "You didn't make much of a difference" Volkner said to Ash and walked out of the arena. "Pikachu" Ash said and ran up to his pokemon partner. "Kaaaa" Pikachu said with exaustion. "Don't worry buddy we'll go to the Pokemon Center right away" Ash said and picked up the electric mouse pokemon.

    Pretty soon Ash, and co. made it to the Pokemon Center and Ash's pokemon were all resting in bed. "I can't believe this I lost and to Volkner and I thought I would show him what a great trainer I am" Ash muttered. "Ash you just were'nt ready" Dawn said to him. "I'm not ready I'M NOT READY" Ash yelled at Dawn. "Huh" Dawn asked with fear. "DAWN IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT I LOST!!!!" Ash yelled.

  2. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 2 Team Rocket Spies

    Dawn was running through the streets of Sunyshore and she was wicked upset. *How could Ash talk to me like that* Dawn thought. "Then she remembered how much of a friend Ash was to her and her pokemon. He even tried saving her during Dialga and Palkia's battle in Alamos Town. She was so deep in thoughts she stopped running and didn't know that a certain Meowth balloon was following her from high in the sky. "Ha look guys dat girl who's friends with the twerp with the Pikachu is all alone now" Meowth said. "Yes but Meowth why should we even take notice of that" James asked the talking cat like pokemon. "Because James we have a great use for dat girl dere" Meowth said. "I don't see why" Jessie said.

    "Okay I'll give you the information about why this girl will be a great hostage" Meowth told the two. "Well you know how her and the twerp with Pikachu are friends" Meowth asked them. "Yes" they both say. "Well if we take her hostage we might trade the girl for Pikachu" Meowth said. "Ohhhh that's going to be great" James said. "Wait I'm not finished yet" Meowth said. "Oh tell me more" Jessie said. "Well you know that bad twerp who use to have Chimchar but released it during that tournament in Hearthome City" Meowth asked. "Yeah I do remembre him he treats pokemon like their nothing" James said. "Exactly" Meowth said. "Why does he come into this" Jessie asked. "Because one night I tried eavesdropping on him when he was training his pokemon and you know what he's been hiding something" Meowth said.

    "Ohhhhhh what is it what it is" James asked. "He seems to have good feelings towards the blue haired, blue eyed twerpet" Meowth said. "So you mean" James asked. "Yes I do know he's in love with Dawn" Jessie said. "WHAT????!!!!!" James asks. "What it is obvious isn't it" Jessie asks. "Yes but they are total opposites I mean think Paul's a trainer, Dawn's a coordinator, Dawn likes to have friends, Paul doesn't, Paul treats his pokemon with cruelty, and Dawn treats her pokemon nicely" James explained. "So you're saying it's unnatural" Meowth asked him. "That's exactly what I'm saying" James said. "James love doesn't have to always be with two people with common likes and dislikes" Jessie said. "Jessie didn't you tell me once about that time you were spying on Dawn's contest training" James asked. "Oh yes how could I forget that" Jessie said and gazed into the sky.

    "Well was she hiding something" Meowth asked. "Yes she was she was talking to some of her pokemon that she felt an odd warm feeling when she saw Paul during the travels that she shared with Ash and Brock" Jessie said. "So you're saying" James asked. "Yes she's in love with Paul" Jessie said. "WOAH THAT'S AN ODD PAIRING ISN'T IT" Meowth asked. "Wait we have to get back on topic here we need to kidnap that" Jessie said but then noticed Dawn wasn't there anymore. "Aw rats" Meowth cursed. "Well at least now we know why she's valuable she has great friendship with Ash and is in love with Paul" Jessie and James said. "Yeah but we should get out of here before any othre twerps see us" Meowth said and then began to drift their balloon outward and above the sea.
  3. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    Chapter 1: NO!! ASH!! WHY??? ash was so mean to dawn...
    Chapter 2: So meowth is an ikarishipper. FINALLY!!
    it was kinda fast
    :) update soon
  4. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Well Ash was the only one that could fit my thoughts of upsetting Dawn even though he is my favorite human character in Pokemon but here's the next chapter Kiara911

    Chapter 3 Trial Of Tears

    Pretty soon Dawn ran to Sunyshore beach though she was upset inside. "Now Buneary go" Dawn said and threw a poke ball. "Buneary" Buneary said as it came out. "Bun" Buneary asked Dawn. A pokemon could tell if it's trainer was sad. "Buneary I just need someone to talk too" Dawn said as she began looking at the blue ocean. "Bun" Buneary responded and bounced off to find someone to talk too.

    First Buneary came across a trainer and her pokemon. "Bu buneary bun bun" Buneary said to the trainer. "Sorry Buneary but Pikachu and Jirachi are burying me in the sand isn't that right" the brown haired girl asked her pokemon. "Chuuuu" Pikachu said happily. "Yeah burying burying" Jirachi said too. "Bunn" Buneary sighed and bounced off.

    "Come on Pikachu we have to find Dawn" Ash said. "Pika pikaa" Pikachu groaned. "No Pikachu Dawn wouldn't be at the beach we went there before we went to the gym and she swam a lot during that time" Ash said. Pikachu was right though Dawn was at the beach. "Hmph what you looking for your girlfriend" a cold voice asked from behind.

    Ash turned and saw his arch rival Paul with his Electivire next to him. "You haven't seen Dawn around here have you the blue eyed girl with a white hat with a pink poke ball symbol on it" Ash asked. "No I haven't seen that pesky girl since you scared her out of the pokemon center" Paul responded. "Oh you heard that" Ash said with anger. "Yeah but I'm leaving now" Paul said and walked away from Ash. "If you see Dawn tell her I'm sorry" Ash yelled.

    *Yeah like I'll say that to her* Paul thought. Then a Buneary bounced in front of him and Electivire. "Bun bunear" Buneary asked itself. She was wondering if it would be okay with Dawn. Then she thought it would be fine as long as she's happy again. "Vire" Electivire asked it with rage. "Bunn" Buneary yelled. "Didn't she have a Buneary" Paul asked Electivire. "Vire" Electivire replied. "Bun buneary bun bun bunear buneary buneary bun bun" Buneary explained. "Oh so she's sad not like I care she should whine to Ash about her problems" Paul said. "Bun buneary buneary buneary" Buneary said. "Oh so Ash said he didn't want to ever see her again" Paul said. *Ha they finally broke up* Paul thought and smirked.

    "You go back and tell her and I'll be there soon" Paul said to Buneary. "Bunear" Buneary said and hopped off. "Return Electivire" Paul said. "Eleect" Electivire said. "Now Weavile go" Paul said and threw a poke ball. "Weavile" Weavile said. "Okay you're just going to talk to the Buneary while I talk to that troublesome girl" Paul told Weavile. "Vile" Weavile said with a smile.
  5. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    pauls so nice
    at least ash is sorry
  6. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 4 Double Battling Styles

    "Buneary you found somebody" Dawn asked her pokemon. "Bunear" Buneary said. Then a sandball hit Dawn on the back of her head. "Ow" Dawn said and rubbed the painful area. She then turned around and saw a Pikachu only it was a female one because there was a V like design on the top of her tail. "Pikachu" Dawn asks.

    "Ka ka pika ka" Pikachu taunted. "What the" Dawn said. "Okay Pikachu I have to admit that was quite funny" a voice said. Only it wasn't a human talking it was a pokemon. "Ka pikachu" Pikachu said to the pokemon. "I must be seeing things" Dawn said and tried rubbing her eyes. "Okay so where's out trainer" the pokemon asked. "Pikachu" Pikachu said with a shrug. "What are you" Dawn asked. "Pikachu" Pikachu said to Dawn. "I'm Jirachi" Jirachi said. "Jirachi" Dawn asked and looked it up on her pokedex. "Oh you can grant wishes" Dawn asked. "Yes but don't get into the idea wish granting will just attract people and then I might get into the hands of evil" Jirachi warned. "Pi pika" Pikachu said.

    The Pikachu then tossed another sandball at Dawn. "Ow" Dawn yelled and tried getting the sand off her face. "Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka" Pikachu laughed. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" Jirachi laughed. "Okay guys you can stop hitting the little girl with sandballs" a voice said from behind the two pokemon. "Ka pika" Pikachu said and jumped into the trainer's arms. "Yay you're back" Jirachi said and glided on to the trainer's head. "How did the training go" Jirachi asked. "Are those two your pokemon" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah" the girl said with boredome. "Quit with the attitude" Dawn yelled. "I'd watch my mouth if I were you Ally is the new Pokemon League Champion" Jirachi snapped. "But I thought Cynthia is the Champion" Dawn said. "Yeah until I beat the Elite 4 and her though Milotic was a challenge" Ally said.

    "Really then how about we see how your pokemon battle then" a voice said. "Oh you want to battle then" Ally asked. Dawn then saw Paul and his Weavile standing next to her. "Yeah we would" Paul said. "We" Dawn asked him. "Yeah you and me we'll challenge her and see how powerful she is" Paul said. "Weavile" Weavile said.

    "Alright I accept your challenge" Ally said. "Okay Buneary go" Dawn said. "Bunear" Buneary said. "Weavile you battle" Paul said. "Vilee" Weavile yelled. "That's your best shot well okay" Ally said as her pokemon went back inside their balls. "Okay Jirachi and Deoxys go" Allison said and threw two poke balls that were inside ball capsules. Flash in orange and blue confetti Jirachi appeared "I'm ready to play" Jirachi said with a smile. Then in the stars Deoxys appeared although he didn't say anything. Deoxys was in it's Normal Form. "A Deoxys" Dawn wondered and looked it up on her pokedex. "Ha Psychic type attacks wont do a thing against Wevile" Paul said. "Weavile" Weavile said.

    "Ack it can change it's forms" Dawn said. "Yeah I alreday know that" Paul said to her. "Ha she doesn't know that Deoxys" Jirachi said. Then the two high fived. "Jirachi Doom Desire" Ally commanded. "Hmmmmmmmmm" Jirachi hummed and glowed. But then nothing happened. "What was that" Dawn asked. "The attack is going to happen later in the battle we best be ready for it" Paul said. "Now Wish" Ally said. "Okay" Jirachi said and then it created a shooting star which flew in the air above it. "Cool the little one's making a wish" Dawn said. "Troublesome that pokemon is going to get healthy while at the same time one of our pokemon are going to take damage" Paul said.

    "This girl's clueless when it comes to our battle stratagie Ally" Jirachi said. "Attack Form" Allison whispered. "What's that mean" Dawn asked. "It's going to change it's form so it's attack will get extremly high" Paul exclaimed. "You guessed right so prepare to fight" Ally said. Pretty soon Deoxys began to glow and then it changed it's form. "Wait a minute if Deoxy's attack us high then Paul now Deoxys has low Defense" Dawn said. "And Dark type moves will do damage Weavile use your Dark Pulse" Paul yelled. "Weavileeeeee" Weavile yelled and fired a black ray at Deoxys. "Jirachi defend Deoxys" Ally said. "You got it" Jirachi said and flew in front of Deoxys. Then the attack hit Jirachi. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Jirachi yelled. "Deoxys while Jirachi's taking damage use Hyper Beam on Buneary" Ally said.

    Deoxys did as it was told and then fired a super powered Hyper Beam at Buneary. "Weavile grab Buneary before she gets hit" Paul said. "Wea" Weavile said and stopped firing. Then it grabbed Buneary and pulled her out of the way. "Bun" Buneary asked Weavile. "Vile" Weavile said. "Bunear" Buneary said happily. "Yeah I think our pokemon are getting along" Dawn said. "Hmph not like I'd get along with you" Paul said with a smirk. "What" Dawn said with rage.

    "Hey let's keep the pokemon doing the battling and not the trainers" Ally said. "Yeah just calm down" Paul said to Dawn. "Don't get me angry and I will" Dawn mumbled. "Oh that's was a harsh one huh Deoxys" Jirachi asked. Deoxys nodded "Yeah I know you don't say much" Jirachi said. "Now's the turn" Ally said. Then Jirachi's third eye opened and let out a bright blast of light at Weavile "Bun" Buneary said and grabbed Weavile's hand and then bounced high into the air. "Vile" Weavile said as it looked down. Though with Weavile out of the way the attack was heading straight for Dawn. "Ahhhhhh" Dawn yelled and shielded herself. Then Paul grabbed Dawn and pulled her out of the way. "Yayyy yayyy" Jirachi said as it regained Hit Points.

    "You call this battle off" Paul snapped. "Sigh fine we're done guys" Ally said to her pokemon. "Awwww" Jirachi moaned. Deoxys hung it's head in shame. "No no no Deoxys you weren't weak it's just that those trainers couldn't take our power" Ally said. "Really you mean we're really strong" Jirachi asked. "Yeah wicked strong" Ally said. "Yayy did you hear that Deoxys we're wicked strong" Jirachi said. Then Deoxys turned into it's Normal Form and nodded it's head yes. "Alright high five" Ally said and held out her hand. "Yeah" Jirachi said as he and Deoxys hit it.
  7. Cool! I really like the chapter names, especially Trial of Tears. It sounds great. I like that you've paragraphed it and not just written it in one big clump, it makes it a lot easier to read. It's a pretty good story so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!!

  8. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Excellent I'm getting a comment :)

    Chapter 5 Trouble From The Trio Part 1

    "So you going to get out of here then" Paul asked with anger. "Yeah Ally we gotta get some more seals" Jirachi said. "Oh yeah return" Ally said as her two pokemon went into their poke balls. Then she ran off into the city and her Pikachu came out too. "Kachu" Pikachu asked. "We got to get more seals Pikachu" Ally said. "Pikachu" Pikachu asked. "Yes for more Capsule Creativity" Ally said with a sigh.

    "Aw man where is that girl" Ash asked Pikachu. "Pika" Pikachu suggested. "Yeah but why would she be at the beach she doesn't even have sunscreen on" Ash said. "Kaaa" Pikachu moaned. "Okay Pikachu I think we made it" a voice said. "Pika" Pikachu said while walking besides her.

    "Pika" Pikachu asked the Pikachu walking beside the girl. "Pi" the Pikachu said. "Pikachu" Ash's Pikachu said. "Pika pikachu" Pikachu said. "Hey Pikachu must have made a new friend" Ash said when he saw the two Pikachu talking. "No my Pikachu doesn't seem to understand what your Pikachu's asking" the girl said. "Yeah you wouldn't happen to see a blue haired blue eyed girl wearing a white hat with a pink poke ball symbol on it" Ash asked. "Yeah" Ally said.

    "Well where is she" Ash asked. "She at the beach with somebody" Ally said. "Well who was it" Ash asked again. "The kid didn't say his name but he did have a Weavile" Ally said. "Pikaaa pikaachu" Ash's Pikachu said to Ash in a mean way. "Ka kachu pika" Ally's Pikachu laughed. "Uh oh that can't be him Paul doesn't even know Dawn's name" Ash said to Pikachu. "Pika" Pikachu said. "Thanks for the information" Ash said and ran towards the beach. "Pikaaa" his Pikachu said while following.

    "Well that was odd wasn't it" Ally said. "Chu ik" her Pikachu said with a frown. "Well we should get those seals" Ally said. "Kaaachu" Pikachu said happily.

    "Well now it appears that the twerp with Pikachu is getting jealous Meowth" Jessie said while looking throguh her binoculars. "I don't tink dat's jealousy Jess I think Ash is thinking that Paul is being harsh to Dawn and Ash is getting to the beach and seeing if that's being possible" Meowth said as he and James were looking at the beach scene with theirs. "But Meowth that isn't happening" James said.

    "Oh I want to see" Jessie said and looked too. "James I think Paul was defending Dawn from that blast of light due to Jirachi's Doom Desire attack" Meowth said. "Oh I thought they were hugging" James said. "Enough of this we got to steal those two pokemon" Jessie said as she was looking at Weavile and Buneary. "What about Ash's Pikachu" James asked. "James we've been stealing Pikachu for 11 seasons and in akmost every episode so let's just change our act this time" Meowth said. "Meowth's got a point besides something different should happen and besides we should be lucky we're even included in this fanfic" Jessie said. "Whatever Jess at least we have fans" Meowth said.

    Pretty soon Dawn opened her eyes "You okay" Paul asked her. "Huh" Dawn asked. "Are you okay" Paul asked. "Yeah yeah I'm okay" Dawn said. "Well well if it isn't the loser of a coordinator" Jessie sneered as Team Rocket's Meowth balloon was floating over the ocean. "Uh oh" Dawn said. "You losers again" Paul said with anger. "I think he's mad Jess" Meowth said. "Just stick to the motto" James said.

    "Listen is that a voice I hear" Jessie said.
    "It speaks to me loud and clear" James said.
    "On the wind" Jessie said.
    "Past the stars" James said.
    "In your no good ears" Meowh said.
    "A rose by anyone else's name is just as sweet" Jessie said.
    "When everything is worse our work's complete" James said.
    "Jessie" Jessie yelled.
    "James" James yelled.
    "Meowth dat's the name" Meowth yelled.
    "Putting all you do gooders in your place" Jessie said.
    "We are Team Rocket" James said.
    "And we" Meowth started to say.
    "Are in your face" they all yelled.
    "Wobba wobba" Wobbuffet said.
    "Mime mime mime mime" Mime Jr. said.

    "Do you always have to say the same thing every time" Dawn asked. "Well if we changed it around a lot we wouldn't be original bad guys right" Meowth said. "Now go Seviper" Jessie said and threw her poke ball. "Seviper" Seviper hissed. "You go too Carnevine" James said. "Canavine" Carnavine said and bit James on the head. "Owww why do you bite me every time" James asked. Meowth just shook it's head.
  9. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 5 Trouble From The Trio Part 2

    "Wait a minute those two can't swim" Meowth yelled. "Oh yeah guess we have to put our pokestealing plan into action" James said. "Well that's an appealing thing to hear" James said. *Yeah but what rhymes with action" Meowth thought as Jessie and James' pokemon went back into their balls.

    "Okay Meowth let er rip" Jessie said. "You got it cheif and arippin we go" Meowht yelled and pushed a red button. Then a net came out from their green basket and grabbed Buneary. "Wait I thought we were aiming for Weavile on dis thing" Meowth said. "Awww come on Meowth I want a cute pokemon this time" Jessie said.

    "Weaaaa" Weavile growled with anger. "What the" Meowth yelled when the three saw another pokemon. It was galring at them "Hey that one look familiar" James said. "Wait isn't that the cloned Mew that the boss made" Jessie asked. "Yeah that's 'gulp' MEWTWO" Meowth said with fear. Then the Mewtwo fired an Aura Sphere at their Meowth balloon. Then the balloon exploded "Wow whoever thought we'd see that pokemon again" Jessie said. "Hey Buneary's falling into the water" James said as he looked down. "Our life's falling down the tubes" Meowth said. "Wobba" Wobbuffet said. "Looks like we're blasting off again" they all yell.

    "Bunearyyyyy" Buneary yelled as it was falling. Unfortuntely Team Rocket was floating above water so Dawn couldn't catch it. Splash Buneary fell headfirst into the water and it was still trapped in the net. "Weavile go get Buneary" Paul shouted. "Weavile" Weavile said and dove into the water. Then it began swimming a very fast freestyle to the drawning bunny like pokemon.

    "Bun bun" Buneary yelled as it tried to stay at the surface and at the same time trying to keep the water out of her mouth. Tears were forming inside Dawn's cerulean colored eyes. Paul put his hand on her shoulder "It will be okay" he whispered. Then Dawn hugged Paul and started to cry.
  10. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 6 Is This Love

    "Weavile" Weavile called out. "Bun" Buneary asked herself thinking she wsa hearing things. "Weavile" Weavile called again. "Bunear bunearyyyyy" Buneary yelled. Then Weavile found the trapped pokemon "Weavile" Weavile said and slashed the net thus getting Buneary free. "Buneary" Buneary said happily. "Vile" Weavile said and grabbed Buneary's hand and tried pulling her along with him.

    "What's wrong with you" Paul asked her. "What if they don't make it" Dawn asked. "Look my pokemon are strong and...." Paul shouted but then stopped when Dawn began crying again. "Why do you have to be so mean to me" Dawn wailed. Paul then looked at the sad version of Dawn. "No wait I didn'" Paul started but Dawn just kept sobbing.

    "Weavile" Weavile said as the two made it to land again. "Okay maybe now you can let go of me because the pokemon made it" Paul said to Dawn. Dawn then let go of him and blused a dark red.

    "Thank you Weavile for bringing back Buneary" Dawn said and petted Weavile on the head. "Weavile" Weavile asked because Paul never congratulated him on anything. *Maybe now I can get her trust* Paul thought as he saw Dawn petting the two pokemon.

    The Dawn stood up and looked at Paul, then she hugged him again "Thank you Paul" she whispered. "Your welcome" he whispered into her ear. "Buneary" Buneary said to Weavile. "Wea" Weavile asked. "Bunear buneary bun" Buneary said and hugged Weavile. "Wea weavile" whispered and wrapped his paws gently around Buneary.

    "Ah ha now I see what's been going on" an angry voice said. Dawn,Paul,Buneary, and Weavile stopped hugging and saw a very angry looking Ash and Pikachu. "Pika pi pikachu pika" Pikachu said with anger.
  11. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 7 Things That Shouldn't Have Been Said

    "Ash it's not what you think" Dawn said. "Not what I think huh I saw everything that happened and so did Pikachu" Ash said with rage. "Pikachu pika pika pi pikachu" Pikachu yelled at Buneary (What are you doing that's a pokemon that belongs to Paul Ash's arch rival). "Buneary buneary bun!" Buneary said (You didn't even like me anyways so why do you care!). "Pi pika pika pi pika" Pikachu said with a laugh (Didn't like ya that's rich).

    "You didn't see anything Ketchum" Paul yelled and stood in front of Dawn. "Oh really well it did look like you were somehow enjoying her thanks" Ash said with a smirk. "That's a lie" Paul shouted. "Weavile weavile weavile" Weavile said with anger. (Face it you had your chance!!) "Pika pikachu pi pikachu pika pikachu pika" Pikachu said. (Had my chance hah I had more chances with her than you ever did since Dawn and Ash are best friends!!)

    "Weavile weavile weavile weavile weavile weavile weavile wea weavile" Weavile said. (Were best friends Paul heard the shouting coming from Ash and he even saw Dawn running out of the Pokemon Center crying even Buneary was upset)

    "A lie huh well why did you even try saving her pokemon like that you could have just let Buneary drown" Ash said. "Well I wanted o just see how tough Weavile is nothing more I don't even care about her pokemon" Paul said. "Pi pikachu pika pika" Pikachu said (Hear what Paul just said Buneary he didn't care that you would be okay) "Weavile weavile weavile" Weavile said to Buneary. (Don't fall for the lies he's telling you Buneary)

    "See Dawn Paul doesn't care about his pokemon or anyone else's pokemon you can't trust him even if he saved you from any harm like Team Rocket" Ash said to Dawn in a nice way. Dawn didn't know who to believe. "You're trying to get her back she told me you didn't want to ever see her again I even heard it from outside the Pokemon Center I saw Dawn running past me in tears" Paul shouted. "Well same bet goes for you since you insult me and how I treat my pokemon you probaly insulted her and tried to make up for it" Ash said.

    "I didn't insult-" Paul yelled. "And you're probaly just trying to gain her trust and then she might travel with you and you'll abandon her just when she's in the worst trouble" Ash yelled. "What gain her trust?! Traveling companion!? I don't even want her as my traveling companion or even as a friend!!! I hate her!!!!!!!!" Paul yelled. Everyone gasped even the pokemon Dawn looked at Paul and her heart was broken.

    "I thought there was some good in you but I was wrong about everything I thought about you was wrong everything was a lie everything you said and saving my pokemon is all a lie" Dawn yelled and ran off crying even worse than when Ash Ketchum said he never wanted to see her again. Paul looked at Dawn running crying her soul was shattered. He never felt this guilty in his life "Well now it looks like you're the worst person Dawn's ever met" Ash sneered. "You shut up Ketchum if you weren't even here she wouldn't even-" Paul shouted but he couldn't continue his sentence. "Glameow got your tounge" Ash sneered again. "Get out of here" Paul threated. "Okay come on Pikachu" Ash said. "Pi pikachu" Pikachu asked Buneary. (You coming?) "Bun buneary buneary buneary" Buneary said. (No Pikachu you go with Ash I'm staying with Weavile) "Pi pikachu" Pikachu said and followed Ash. (Fine suit yourself) "Weavile?" Weavile asked. (You okay?) "Buneary buneary buneary?" Buneary asked (You don't hate me do you?) "Wea weavile weavile" Weavile whispered into her ear. (No I love you)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  12. pikachu200

    pikachu200 Banned

    Chapter 8 Emotional Help (Sort Of)

    "What the heck did I just do I upset Dawn" Paul whispered. "Buneary bun?" Buneary asked Weavile. (Why is Paul upset?) "Weavile weavile weav" Weavile said. (He upset your trainer and he loved her) "Buneary buneary bun" Buneary whispered. (Then why was he so mean back when she was with Ash?) "Weavile weavile weavile weavile" Weavile said. (Because he was jealous he though Ash and Dawn were boyfriend/girlfriend) "Buneary bun buneary buneary bun" Buneary said. (No Ash and Dawn had like a brother/sister relationship)

    "Weavile weavile weavile" Weavile asked. (But what about you and Pikachu?) "Bunear buneary buneary bineary bineary bunear buneary buneary" Buneary said. (I did like Pikachu once but then he yelled at me and said I can't get it through my thick head that he doesn't like me back)

    "That's it I'm going to find her" Paul said. "Weavile" Weavile said. (Us too!) "No you stay here I want to tell her myself about how I feel about her" Paul said to Weavile. "Weavile" Weavile said. (I understand) "Buneary buneary" Buneary mumbled. (Good luck trying to find her) Then Paul began to walk off the beach trying to find the blue haired girl.

    At the rocky shore of the beach where the waves were hitting Dawn was crying her eyes out. "He he completly hates me and I loved him" Dawn wailed. "Riiiii" a pokemon said from behind one of the rocks. Flas Dawn's Piplup came out. "Piplup" Piplup said to Dawn. "You go see what you can find Piplup" Dawn said with a miserable tone. "Lup" Piplup sighed. and waddled over.

    "Pika" a Pikachu said and jumped in front of Piplup. (Get out) "Piplup piplup piplup" Piplup said. (Oh and what's a pokemon your size going to do about it) "Charrrrrrr" a voice yelled and then flames erputed from behind the rock and melted it into magma. Then a Charizard could be seen along with it's female trainer. "Oh really little guy you think you can take on my super strong Charizard" Ally asked. "No Piplup can't take down someone of that size" Dawn said and called Piplup back into it's ball. "I thought so" Ally said and called back Charizard into it's ball. "What seems to be the problem you lost a battle" Ally asked. "No it's just that I feel heartbroken" Dawn said.

    "Why did your strongest pokemon faint due to Poisen" Ally asked. "No it doesn't have to do with pokemon I just lost my love for someone" Dawn asked. "You talking about that kid with the Weavile" Ally asked. "Yeah him he seems to hate me" Dawn replied.

    "Was he arguing with somebody" Ally asked. "Yes he was arguing with Ash" Dawn said. "The kid with the male Pikachu" Ally asked. "Yes and now I just don't know what to do Ash doesn't want me as a friend anymore and Paul doesn't seem to want me as a girlfriend" Dawn said.

    "Sheesh you should have just traveled solo" Ally said. "Solo" Dawn questioned. "Yes you should have traveled with only your pokemon by your side then you wouldn't be in this sort of situation besides your just too sensative to even be in a realationship" Ally sneered. "What why you I'll show you sensative" Dawn yelled and punched her. Then Ally fell into the blue ocean. "Pika" her Pikachu asked and ran to the spot where it's trainer fell. (Ally!) "Pip piplup piplup piplup" Piplup said. (Well I guess now it's bye bye trainer) "Pika pi pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Pikachu yelled and shocked Piplup and Dawn at the same time. "Luppppp" Piplup screamed. "Ahhhhhhhh" Dawn yelled.

    Then after Pikachu was done Dawn just realized what she done. She called Piplup into it's ball "Oh no what have I done what have I become I'm letting my emotions take over me" Dawn yelled and ran off. "Pika" Pikachu asked as the pokemon looked at the water. Then the trainer rose to the surface "No worries buddy the water pokemon helped me out" Ally said. "Chuuuu" Pikachu said and jumped on to her head. "Good girl" Ally said and petted the elctric type pokemon.
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    Chapter 9 Psychic Powers Activated

    Dawn ran throgh Sunyshore City and eventually into Route 222. She was thinking about things as her tears stopped flowing from her blue eyes. Maybe the girl's advice was right maybe I should travel alone. I mean she traveled alone and she became the champion and een beat Cynthia so maybe if I travel alone and just be with my pokemon I'll be a great coordinator.

    Paul also made it to Route 222 "DAWN DAWN" Paul yelled. Dawn could hear him but she didn't want to see him again. She then ran and hid behind oe of the brown rocks at the sandy part of the route.

    Though in the air two pokemon were watching the scene. "Woah look at that she seems to be hiding from her problems" Jirachi said to the other pokemon Mewtwo. "Shut up Jirachi" Mewtwo snapped. Then Mewtwo flew down and landed across from Dawn. "Sheesh just because he's bigger doesn't mean he's more powerful than me" Jirachi mumbled and then flew next to Mewtwo.

    "Ahhhh" Dawn screamed when she saw the pokemon. "Good job of scaring her" Jirachi said. "I told you I'll do the talking" Mewtwo said. "Why you always have to do the talking" Jirachi asked. "What do you want" Dawn asked. "Well you got the guts" Mewtwo asked. "For what" Dawn asked. "To challenge me to a one on one battle" Mewtwo said with a shrug. "Okay then I'll do it" Dawn said.

    "Ha good luck challenging Mewtwo he's the strongest one on the omp" Jirachi started to say when Mewtwo covered it's mouth. Then Dawn was leaded to a battle arena. "Okay Ambipom let's go" Dawn said and threw a poke ball. "Ambipom" Ambipom said. "That's all you got" Mewtwo asked. "Ambipom Double hit now" Dawn said. "Ambipom" Ambipom said and jumped at Mewtwo as it's two tails were glowing. "Aura Sphere" Mewtwo yelled and fired a blue ball at Ambipom. "Ohhh ahhhh" Ambipom yelled as it was hit. It was a one hit knock out. "Easy" Mewtwo said. "You said it" Jirachi said. "I said shut up" Mewtwo said.

    "Return" Dawn said. "Ambi" Ambipom said with sadness. "Well might as well do what I always do to losers who don't put up a challenge" Mewtwo muttered. "Beat the snot out of them using your telekenetic powers" Jirachi asked. "Exactly" Mewtwo said and used Psychc on Dawn. Then Dawn body glowed blue and she was under Mewtwo's control. "Oh no" Dawn yelled.
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    Chapter 10 Two Legendary Psychics Raised By One Trainer

    Paul just caught a wild Skitty. "Okay so I know Dawn really likes the cute pokemon and Normal types really are the cute ones so I should find her soon she can't get lost that easily" he muttered. "Eleeee" Electivire said.

    Mewtwo then smashed Dawn into the ground just by moving his hand downwards. "Owww" Dawn yelled. "Nice shot" Jirachi said. "That's only a minimum of what I can do especially when I created that storm" Mewtwo said. (You would remember that from the 1st Pokemon movie) "Okay" Jirachi said with cluelessness. "Who are you and why are you hurting me" Dawn asked. "You don't knwo about" Jirachi started. "Shut up Jirachi" Mewtwo yelled. "Why do you always get to do the talking" Jirachi muttered with anger.

    Meanwhile Ally was flying on her Charizard searching for Jirachi. "I can't believe we lost him Pikachu" she said. "Chu" Pikachu said sadly. "Oh well at least if he hadn't caused us any trouble we'll be fine" Ally said. "Pika" Pikachu said happily.

    "I am Mewtwo the most powerful pokemon ever created" Mewtwo said. "Created weren't you born like others" Dawn asked. "No girl I was created from the genes of the rare pokemon Mew and I was said to be stronger than any pokemon alive" Mewtwo said. "You can't be the strongest pokemon you'll just lose when you come across a pokemon that's strong against your type there's no such thing as a universely strong pokemon" Dawn said. "Oh really" Mewtwo said.

    Then he smashed Dawn to the ground again "Tell her the move set" Mewtwo said to Jirachi. "Alright the moves Mewtwo knows are Swift,Recover,Aura Sphere, and Psychic" Jirachi said. "Well at least that's the move my trainer taught me" Mewtwo said. "Yeah so can you let me down now" Dawn said. "Well okay" Mewtwo said and then raised Dawn wicked high into the air and threw her down headfirst into the ground. She fainted after that hit "Great hit" Jirachi said.

    "There you are" Ally said as her Charizard landed behind the two. "Huh" Jirachi asked. "Jirachi you should know better than to travel about unsupervised somebody might try to steal you" Ally said. "Sorry but I was with Mewtwo so I wasn't alone" Jirachi said happily. "Oh okay that's different then good job keeping an eye on Jirachi" Ally said. "Errrr no problem" Mewtwo said. "Return" Ally said as Mewtwo went back into it's Ultra Ball.

    "Pika" Pikachu said and pointed at Dawn's body. "Oh no" Allison said and ran up to the body. She felt to see if Dawn's heart was still beating. And it was "Okay Jirachi use Wish" Ally said. "Okay" Jirachi said and made a shooting star and made fly by them. "Okay grab the girl's hand and transfer all your new energy into her body" Ally said. "Okay" Jirachi said. Then a white light completly covered Dawn and all her bruises and scrapes weer healed. "Okay that should do it all she needs is a long rest and she'll be fine let's go guys" Ally said. "Ka" Pikachu said and jumped on to Charizard's back. Ally climbed on too, and Jirachi floated by their side. "Now Charizard Fly to Eterna City" Ally said. "Riiiii" Charizard roared and took off into the sky.
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    Story summary

    This isn't so bad, so far! I especially liked the IceBeamShipping chapters! THEY RULED!! Please continue, when you get un-banned and could you put Team Galactic in there, by any chance?

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