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Super Contest Stumped

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by ZanderR110, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. ZanderR110

    ZanderR110 Northern Darkness

    If this is the wrong section, I apologise.

    I've come to the point where all I'm doing in Platinum is EV training new Pokemon and endlessly challenging the E4 and rematching Gym Leaders. I thought I'd start to look at some Super Contests just to expand my gameplay. Problem is I have no idea how to do them efficiently. I had been completely absent from Gen 3, so Contests are new to me.

    I know about enhancing natures and feeding poffins and the like, the Dance competition is no problem, and the dress-up part or whatever can be easily figured out if I'm using that scoring table I found somewhere.

    My problem is the acting competition. I have no idea how to use move efficiently and I can't think of good movesets for anything. I managed to get by the first 3 levels with a bunch of Tough moves slapped onto a Tyranitar that I had been EV training, but Master Rank promptly thwamped me.

    So what I'm asking from you all is some good contest move sets for all five categories. Specifically, move sets for rarely used Pokemon in the NU tier to give me a chance to train some non-competitive. Although please keep them making sense, I don't want a moveset for a Tough Delcatty or a Smart Agron. Also try to stray away from 1-use-only and expensive TMs as well as excessive amounts of Move Tutor moves and hard to get Egg moves.

    Help much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  2. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused

    First, don't expect to get a poke with a decent moveset for battling and contests at the same time.

    Anyway, poffins. You feed them to your poke to max the stat you want for the right contest, you know, but after you max that out, go to Pastoria and go to a house in the up-right part of the city and talk to the Ace Trainer dude, he will give you a scarf. Make your poke wear that scarf and you will get more points in the first part of the contests.

    Master rank is a huge step from the other contests for some reason. The others are between very easy and medium, Master is very hard. You'll probably need to try again lots of times.

    I have a Raichu that won the Master Cool one.
    I think its moveset was...
    -Thundershock(basic 3 hearts move, learned by Pikachu by default)
    -Quick Attack(2 hearts, goes first in next turn, learned by Pikachu at level 13)
    -Thunderbolt(2 hearts, +2 if first to appeal, learned by Pikachu at level 26 or heart scale as Raichu)
    -Hyper Beam(2 hearts, +3 if previous poke maxed voltage, TM bought at Veilstone, only learnable after Pikachu evolved).

    Pretty simple. All moves are Cool.
  3. ZanderR110

    ZanderR110 Northern Darkness

    Oh, I know that battling and contest movesets are vastly different, which is why I'm looking for NU Pokemon that I would most likely never train to battle. I was also aware of the Poffins and the Scarf Guy, even if I didn't mention it (My TTar attempt had the scarf).

    As for your Raichu set, it looks pretty nice. I'm guessing you'd lead with Quick Attack if you aren't already first then follow up with TBolt, and use Thundershock on a last turn or if you can't use the other 2. Hyper Beam would be a just in case move when you predict your opponent will max voltage, right?

    I guess I have a few follow-up questions:
    Is it sometimes practical to use moves that either don't increase or even lower the voltage for jamming reason?
    Does using Seals on the Poke Ball improve your score in any way?
  4. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused


    Yeah, mainly abusing Thunderbolt's bonus points.
    Sometimes I would fall 2nd or 3rd, while some judge had 3 or 4 voltage, then I would attempt Hyper Beam at that judge. If someone got the voltage right before my turn at least I get the Hyper Beam bonus, and if they don't, then I get the voltage for me.
    IIRC, the NPC lead would never make the fourth star.

    Using moves that don't increase voltage(moves that don't fit in that category, like Smart in a Cool contest), or those that lower their voltages, lower the chances of someone getting the voltage, making the contests not so dependant in the voltage bonus.

    You could attempt to win by lowering the voltages while keeping a score on your own, while trying to get the judges no one else does, of course, it's viable.

    Personally, I just prefer to steal all the voltage for me.

  5. ZanderR110

    ZanderR110 Northern Darkness

    Thanks, Tio. Just making sure now that you don't mind if I use that set.

    Does anyone else have some suggested sets?
  6. RedMoogleXIII

    RedMoogleXIII Team Rocket Trainer

    What funny is I had an Arcanine who got Master in Honen and finally n Sinnoh with a very similar contest movest for Cool Contests as well.

    -Hyper Beam (2 hearts, +3 if previous poke maxed voltage)
    -Extreme Speed (2 hearts, goes first in next turn)
    -Aerial Ace (2 hearts, +2 if pokemon preforms first in the turn)
    -Agility (2 hearts, goes first in next turn)

    for the Shinnoh Master Rank i ended up replacing Agility with Rock Climb

    -Rock Climb (2 hearts, +2 if pokemon performs last in the turn)

    Rock Climb was very useful in the Shinnoh Master Rank as i ended up performing last after the turn i used Aerial Ace

    Hyper Bean never came though for me in the Shinnoh contests though.

    Also the middle judge, Dexter, is worth +8 if he hits Max Voltage, while the other two are just +5 for Max Voltage.
  7. zlxq3000

    zlxq3000 Master Collector

    I haven't yet gone into the hardcore world of Super Contests, but I do know that Bulbapedia does have lists of every move based on what contest-type of attack it is, as well as the attacks' effects in the Contest. I'm sure Serebii has one, too...

    Here's links to each of Bulbapedia's move lists according to what Super Contest they are best suited for:
    Cool Contest
    Tough Contest
    Beauty Contest
    Smart Contest
    Cute Contest

    And here are links to the same things on Serebii:
    Beauty Contest
    Tough Contest
    Cool Contest
    Smart Contest
    Cute Contest

    Just figure out the best moves for each Contest, and set up a different pokemon with those moves for each Contest.
  8. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused

    If I mind? If you want to try it, then go ahead.

    Shinnoh? Wasn't it Sinnoh? Or maybe Shinnoh is what it is called in Japanese and you're opting for that. Nevermind.

    That's cool too. Rock Climb can help... Hey, it's better than my Thundershock when I was last.


    That's were I checked for my set. It might be trouble to get some moves and then find a poke who can learn them all, without wasting unique TMs or chain breeding or whatever.

    Just for fun, I'll see if I can come up with a Tough set.

    Kay, I thought of two. Didn't test them yet.

    -Tough Octillery
    Octazooka 2(+2 if voltage goes up)
    Constrict 0(Points equal 4 minus voltage of judge)
    Waterfall 3

    Octazooka and Stone Edge are the only two Tough moves with that effect, and Stone Edge is a hard-to-get TM if I'm not mistaken, so I tried Octillery's Octazooka.

    With that effect, it's pretty much a guaranteed four hearts in any position, because it's hard to see someone using one of these moves that makes it impossible to raise voltage for that turn, and even it someone uses that in the same turn as you use Octazooka, they might act after you.

    Constrict gets you 4 hearts if you use it on a no-voltage judge, or three if he/she has one voltage, while Waterfall guarantees three hearts.

    This set would use Octazooka every two turns, using Constrict or Waterfall when it can't use Octazooka.
    I'm not sure how this set would be... It's 3-4 (mostly 4) hearts per turn... And that's it.

    Octillery doesn't have any other useful Tough move(the ones not here are TMs, by the way), so yeah.

    -Tough Kecleon
    Lick 0(Points equal 4 minus voltage of judge)
    Bind 0(Earn a higher score the later the poke performs)
    Scratch 3
    Thief 0(Receives voltage points if previous pokemon reaches max voltage)

    What got me intested in Kecleon is his Thief move. Hyper Beam gets bonus hearts if someone just maxed voltage, but Thief gets the VOLTAGE, if the one before you just hit jackpot. I'm just not sure if he would generally be in the right order to do that with those moves.

    I'm not sure how Bind works, but I assume you get four hearts if you're last.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2009
  9. doku888

    doku888 Where am I?

    Well, Berry planting ALL THE TIME is nessescary for coordination... you can purchase items to decorate for your pokemon... And, I use The serebii attackdex.... What you do is you list every attack your pokemon can learn in PLatinum. Then, go to the attackdex and figure out what each attack does. You then put together a strategy, and you breed a pokemon with a good nature for eating the poffins you want, get the item from the man in pastoria, and enter away..... At least that's how I do it.
  10. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused

    Well, there isn't THAT many decorations you purchase with berries, most of them you get in the daily massage in Veilstone. Not to mention that some decoration you buy with berries have a ridiculous price.

    You know, since they're for contests, it doesn't matter if you breed or catch them. It even would be easier to get a Synchronizer and catch the poke.

    It would be better if you checked the moves first(the move list posted before), not the poke, because some pokes aren't really that good in certain categories.

    For those that are interested, I made two little sets(Octillery and Kecleon) on my other post over there.
  11. Bobblefighter

    Bobblefighter Relic Owner

    Master contest are pretty tricky, but it does help if you feed off the opponent. For example, Surf used to be reliant on the previous opponents hearts. The more hearts they got, the more you got as well. And while it is handy to have all of your moves to be only Smart, or Beauty or Cool, etc, other moves can help you out. For example, the opponent could be hitting max voltage, and you could use another move to lower it. That's why my Milotic knew Splash.
  12. ZanderR110

    ZanderR110 Northern Darkness

    I am NOT berry farming. I cannot stand it at all. It becomes a chore, not a game. Poffins? Buy them. Accessories? Freebies.

    And about just browsing the attack dex, that takes a while. A long while. And as I said earlier, I am horrible at figuring out attack combos for contests.

    And thanks Tio.
  13. razor fire

    razor fire Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2009

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