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Super Nintendo World - Upcoming Universal Studios Themed Area (Official Thread)


Ghost-Type Master

As officially confirmed last year, Nintendo and Universal NBC have secured a contract to incorporate Nintendo into Universal theme parks, particularly Universal Hollywood, Universal Japan, and Universal Orlando Resort. (Check out the announcement video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9j-MHzwEQ8)

The name of this upcoming area, Super Nintendo World, has recently been revealed, and the construction drafts have been set. Universal Japan's Nintendo area is intended to be completed in 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympics. That said, when can we expect Universal Hollywood and Orlando Resort (which I prefer to go to) to have their grand Nintendo worlds installed? More importantly, what can we expect to see in this world? Feel free to discuss your heart out, whether it's hype, critique, wishes, complaints, or whathaveyou. Spill it all!

As for me, it's rather obvious the area will be heavily Mario-themed, with individual attractions representing other Nintendo franchises. One thing I definitely expect is a Metroid ride. I also expect to see a Donkey Kong-themed restaurant, as it just makes sense. Here are some of my wishes and hopes:

- Yoshi gets a bomb a** ride
- Super Nintendo World gets at least one roller coaster (preferably Donkey Kong)
- LOZ gets a restaurant
- Super Mario 3D Land gets a 3D ride. I mean come. It's just right there. How can they not do it?
- A Mario Underground area is installed (even if after initial opening)
- Star Fox gets a ride
- Splatoon gets a water ride
- Fire Emblem gets something
- A gaming corner is installed for fans to enjoy and discuss video games, and a tournament center for those who enjoy the competitive scene

Now, here is my one worry about this area. As we all know, Pokémon is often branded as a separate entity from all other Nintendo franchises. We get Nintendo products, and then we get Pokémon products. With that said, I'm worried Pokémon will not be included (at least not initially) in Super Nintendo World. I do believe it to be possible Pokémon could potentially have its own area, but it is far too early to tell. My thing is this: Pokémon is far too huge to be a small part of a Nintendo area, or anything Nintendo-related. Thus, if it is added to Universal parks, it has to be done so in a big way. Therefore, Nintendo would not shortchange Pokémon by giving it a single ride or other attraction. They would probably just not have it in the area at all. Hopefully, Pokémon does get some Universal love.

Trainer Yusuf