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Super Smash Brothers: Angels

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Handy?, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Super Smash Brothers:

    RP Produced by: Handymankg2
    Rated: PG. May increase to PG-13 if needed.
    Sign Up Thread
    Discussion Thread


    Reality is a strange thing. A universe around all universes, reality is the only thing that one can rely on, that one can trust, one that will never break or cease. However, the inside of Reality, the hundreds of millions of tiny planets, civilisations born and destroyed within the same tiny pocket of time, can be distorted, changed, or quite easily, broken. These were the aims of the attackers, ones who pursued the destruction of all things inside reality, until reality itself was forced to break. But these creatures were weak, and as such, they could not enter the world themselves, and could not bring themselves to fight the creatures that creation had formed, these creatures believed themselves to be the ‘Guardian Angels’ of the world, and with a simple push, that they could force others to do whatever they wished for them. And unfortunately for reality, they were right.

    Taboo, a spirit who had no quarrel with the universe, and was simply at peace with all, was pushed into doing the Angels will, and as he had no wish to resist such a awesome power, he did exactly what he was pushed into doing, attempting to destroy reality itself. He took control of the two guardians of the universe, the Master and Crazy hand, balance and chaos themselves, and attempted to use their powers to destroy all resistance. He recruited villains of huge power, magnificent strengths, and through the hands of power directed their every move through the various ‘major’ worlds, the worlds where the Heroes of yore resided, the worlds which would be able to stop a force again, and again, and again. Taboo separated these heroes, placing them into the largest world of all, the Origin World. Once there, Tabuu created several weapons, the Subspace bombs, and sent them into the Origin World, intent on destroying both the Hereos, and the world which they sought to protect. The Heroes proved more resilient than Tabuu counted on, however, and ended up finding their way into Tabuus residing place, Subspace. There they fought against Tabuu, and in their brightest hour, finally defeated the armies of Tabuu, as well as defeating Tabuu himself, sending him back to the world that he primarily existed in, banished to never return.

    The Angels were angered by such an event. Tabuu had failed them, and failure was something they would not tolerate, or allow to be remembered for that matter. The angels in their might created a large beam of power, one that would fly over the universe in seconds, correcting the worlds completely and utterly until before the event happened, nobody remembering a thing. And for many years, the Angels remained silent, planning and plotting in secret, waiting for the right moment. Eventually they came across their master plan, suggested by one of the younger ones. They would send their forces into every world, targeting the Heroes one by one, and destroying their home worlds completely. Over the years, however, new heroes have begun to arise, ones which were never expected. These heroes, as well as all heroes, know nothing of the attacks, but as the angels onslaught began, strange heroes began to appear in worlds not designed for them, either to help stop the attack, or after their world had been completely destroyed. All the heroes want is for the onslaught to end, and only one being could possibly know the answer to that, Tabuu. Tabuu slowly began to awaken, the only one with any memory of the event that had happened prior, and began to attempt to send signals to the heroes, hoping it wouldn’t be too late.

    And overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.

    • Type in Third Person
    • Follow all Serebii.net rules
    • Respect All other members
    • Cursing is generally not allowed
    • Violence is allowed, and inevitable, but characters contained most likely don’t have ‘blood’. Your character can bleed, just keep it not gory
    • You are by all means not invincible, but death is different in this RP. Rather than die, you will simply turn into a trophy, so you’ll have a chance to be brought back later
    • Maximum of three characters per person
    • Bunnying is allowed, but only in a minor stage.
    • Regardless of your abilities in game, all abilities must be approved by me, or any assigned helper.
    • NPCs are allowed to be made, but just bear in mind there is a chance of them being destroyed
    • This Roleplay is generally a open one, but there is a main plot in mind, which should really be followed
    • Romance is unlikely, but possible. Keep it to kissing at most, though I don’t see why romance would be wanted in this sort of RP.
    • Don’t join if you won’t stay in the RP. I hate it when people join, and then after the first post say ‘I want to quit’. Also, if you are going away for a long period of time, or you do have a important reason that you need to quit, PM me and we’ll sort something out
    • When posting, at the top of the post note your Character Name, Location, World and Time of Day. (No need to be precise, just something like ‘Morning, Evening’ will do.)
    • You must start off on your home planet. This isn't optional, and you must roleplay here as if you were living a normal life until the first attack is made. (This attack shall be posted by myself)

    Character List:

    The Black Glove
    Son of Shadows
    RaZor LeAf
    Zero Nexus
    Mariya Shidou

    Planet List

    Pokemon World
    Zelda and Magi-Nation World
    Mario, DK World and Paper Mario (Sub dimension) World
    Metroid Worlds
    Kirby Worlds
    Earth (Ace Attorney, Eternal Darkness, TWEWY)
    Pikmin Worlds
    Baton Kaitos World (Didn’t know where to put this, sorry)
    Sonic World
    Bomberman World
    FE and Tales World
    Custom Robo World (Likely in Metroids airspace)
    SSE invented planets (See discussion)

    So, remember, Roleplay normal life for your character until the first planet is attacked.

    And so Handy said... LET THERE BE POSTS!
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2009
  2. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    You forgot to add me xD

    Himontop, Monferno, Machamp
    Old house-Between PewterCity and Viridian City
    Pokemon Planet
    Morning (10:00 am)

    "Let's have some fun Hitmontop!" Monferno said while pulling Hitmontop with him to the city.

    "W-Why..." Hitmontop asked "You know what happened last time!"

    "So? Monferno answered "Machamp easily sended them away"

    "Scared" Hitmontop said "....Fine"

    "Let's go then" Monferno said while jumping from tree to tree to Pewter City.

    "*Sigh*" Hitmontop Sighed while using Rapidspin to go to Pewter City.


    "Here we are" Monferno said while jumping from the last tree right next to Hitmontop who stopped spinning "Let's go inside I heared there's a Market today"

    "A market? Awesome!" Hitmontop said while stopping with spinning.

    "Catch!" Monferno said while taking some apples from a nearby MarketStall "Fast!"

    "Yea Yea" Hitmontop answered while catching the apples and putting them in his Backpack "Fast we need more!"

    "I'm busy!" Monferno said while taking some oranges and other fruit from the Stall next to the first one "Catch!"

    "Got them!" Hitmontop said while catching all the fruit but one -who fell on the ground- and put them in his backpack "Uhoh there are the people coming!"

    "Hey! It is the FightGang again!" A StallOwner said "Get them!"

    "It's getting to tight here...Run!" Monferno shouted while running away

    "Wait for me!" Hitmontop shouted while running after Monferno "Ugh that BackPack is heavy!"

    "I can't see the Monkey anymore! But there's the other one!" Somebody shouted "Get him!"

    "Meep" Hitmontop said while it was cornered "Ok Monferno can you please fall out of the sky?"

    "Here am I!" Monferno said while hanging from a rope above Hitmontop "Grab my arm!"

    "Got it!" Hitmontop shouted while his hand was holding Monferno's hand "Come on! Faster Faster! The crowd is getting way to close!"

    "1-2-3" Monferno said while pulling him up "And there!"

    "Thanks now run!" Hitmontop replied "We can't stay here!"

    "Yup" Monferno said "Let's move!"


    "Where have you two been?" Machamp asked angrily while Hitmontop and Monferno came in scratched with brushes at home.

    "No comment..." Hitmontop said while throwing the backpack with food right in the middle of the room

    "*Sigh*" Machamp sighed
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2009
  3. .Wind.

    .Wind. Banned

    Funky Kong
    Donkey Kong Island

    Funky slowly made his way through a small cave heading to the beach, he then saw a little monkey stck in a tree.

    "Hey! Sir? Can you help me out of the tree?" the little monkey asked

    Funky didn't relize the little guy was talking to him. So, he just walked on like always knowing someone else would be a hero so he wouldn't have to...

    "Hey, you with the bandanna! I need YOUR help?" the monkey begged

    "Oh kid...Donkey Kong will save ya...I'm just Funky Kong, owner of Monkey airlines...I don't rescue people...I'm not able to...just wait for Donkey Kong." Funky replied

    "Oh...your Funky Kong!!Didn't you win the Kong vs. Kremlin Barrel Blast race? Beating everyone inclding Donkey Kong? So, don't your still have your booster?

    "Yea...I do...fine I guess I can help you...don't move!" Funky said as he raced home

    "Yea...funny" The little monkey then rolled his eyes

    then, after about 15 seconds passed he sawFunky flying in the air with his boosters and Funky flew toward him with his surfboard in his hand he speeded toward the monkey...

    "Now...I have never saved somebody with this thing before so...I may mess up!" Funky warned

    So, with tht Funky Funky boosted toward the monkey but, he crashed into the tree and was stuck but, by attacking the tree with his board both monkeys fell out of the tree...

    "Thank you Funky...." The boy thanked him "Hey! DK Funky did save me!"

    Funky took his board and went on to surf...
    (Can I add Donkey in my next rp as a NPC?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2009
  4. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Bean Valley - Near Nimbus Land
    Mario Planet

    ((Continuing from sample....))

    The endless archipelago of cloud platforms extended up and down as far as the eye could see. Huge bean stalks snaked their way through the white wonderland, offering the only safe way up. Mallow looked up, then down. Obviously he was contemplating which way to go. Mallow took out his wooden staff. It was an intricately carved piece of wood, with frogs and tadpoles fighting off monsters all over it. It's unusually dark brown color showed that it had been hardened to perfection over a fire. Mallow tossed the staff up. It lazily rotated once in the air, landing with its sharp point up.

    Then I go up. Huh, I don't think anyone's ever gone higher than Nimbus land...

    Mallow grabbed it rough edge of a nearby beanstalk. It was about 3, maybe 4 yards in diameter. Using the giant leaves as foodholds, Mallow slowly edged his way up. After about 10 minutes of climbing, the vine passed through another cloud platform. Mallow jumped on and started to rest. Soon he felt sleep pulling at his eyelids, and the sky began to darken. Next thing Mallow knew, he was asleep.



    Something sharp prodded Mallow in the side. He leaped up, wide awake. Three huge red birds, armed with spears, had come across him. Mallow bit his lip, knowing exactly the situation he was in. The big red birds were Birdys, a species of bird that had migrated to Bean Valley and decided to stay there. They were slightly intelligent, enough to fight in groups and wield weapons. Mallow stood his ground. One of the Birdys charged at him spearpoint flashing in the sunlight. Mallow dodged to the side, clipping the Birdy's wing with his staff as it flew by. The other two surrounded him. Mallow dropped the staff and closed his eyes. There was a rumbling above. The two Birdys looked up, and lightning dropped down to shock them. They both fell down to shield themselves, but still got a good zap. The other Birdy was up and angry now. The three surrounded him. Mallow quickly exchanged his staff for his cymbals.

    Okay Mallow, just like at the training field, aim, focus, and clash them together...
  5. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Micaiah - Nevassa - Tellius (Fire Emblem) - Afternoon

    "I say! It's the Maiden of Dawn!"

    "All hail Queen Micaiah!"

    "Long live the Priestess of Dawn!"

    These were just some of the many, many chants Micaiah received as she walked the streets, her vassal Volug by her side. Honestly, Micaiah did not enjoy all the attention. It seemed as though she couldn't even blink without someone praising her. She took a seat in the shade of an old oak, in a park in the centre of town. Volug lay beside her, and she stroked the thick grey fur of the Wolf Laguz. To passers-by, it appeared as though she was merely stroking her dog. Volug had been a faithful and mighty companion during the liberation of Daein, and the Laguz Alliance's assault on Begnion. Even when he used Wildheart to shift, he was still more than a match for any Beorc. "Oh, Volug..." Micaiah sighed, "My people's hopes all rest on me, and I don't know if I can live up to them... I'm still so inexperienced, and when they see how slowly I age... They'll realise that I am a half-blood... Will they still revere me as they do now? I just don't know..." The queen of Daein closed her eyes, and rested her head on her shoulder. "I wonder if this is how Queen Elincia of Crimea feels..." Volug nuzzled his head against Micaiah's leg, trying to reassure her. "Thank you, Volug. As long as I have you, and Sothe, I'm sure I'll be alright..."
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  6. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Outer World (outside the dome)
    Custom Robo planet

    Rahu had been awaiting inside his cacoon. His hunger for power was never satisfied. Because he had no nourishment for decades, his body started to devolve over the course of these years. Rahu wanted to get his revenge on those that had caused him nothing but grief, those humans with the micro-robots called Custom Robos. His slumber was finally ended one hundred of this planets years later. The planet's recovery was still in progress, but half of the planet had been placed into large man-made domes. One of the reconnesince (sp?) teams scouting the unrestored territories came across a weird looking rock. This rock was mainly white on the outside with a little purple and red. "Hey, Jimmy, look at this rock will ya?" asked one of the men of this expedition.

    Another man came by. This one was wearing a red suit, silver helmet, and gold gloves and boots. He looked at the rock very carefully and said, "Well, this is sitting right in the way of the next dome. Come on, men, we need to crush this so we can submit our survey report." Three other men wearing blue suits, white gloves, and navy helmets grabbed three pick-axes and took a blow on the rock. The rock's exterior cracked and a bright light started to shine all over the land.

    One of the men said, "Jimmy...w-what's going on?"

    "I don't know!" replied the red suited man. "But whatever it is...prepare for the worst." Suddenly, the glowing stopped and before the men was a robo suit. This suit was mainly purple on the wrists, helmet, legs, and torso with silver gleaming from the legs, arms, and weaponry. Its eyes glowed a deep red as it glared at the men that awoke it from its peaceful slumber. This robo was Rahu. It looked at the men with hunger...for their energy. He pointed one of the guns at one of the blue suited men and fired a Green energy shot toward the man. Soon, the man was hit by the arrow. The arrow then split into other arrows, and they hit the other two men surrounding them. The men disappeared, and in their place was three trophies that resembled the men fully. Rahu lifted his right hand toward the men, and dark swirling energy spheres exited from the statues and flew into Rahu. Rahu looked at the other men, still hungry for more energy.

    "Jimmy, I think this is that robo in that legend," said the green suited man.

    "I can't believe it, I thought that was only a fairy tale," called the red-suited man, shocked that three men of his own crew were killed and some sort of energy was stolen from them. "Perhaps, we should use the Custom Robos?"

    The green suited man replied, "That we should..." He then held out his right hand and called, "Seal Head! Let's tear him apart!" He hit his wrist and soon a robotic suit started to swirl around the man. A large, brown, spherical-shaped seal-headed robot with two long arms and two short legs appeared before Rahu.

    "Right, well then, I call upon the power of Javelin!" called the red-suited man as he hit his wrist. Suddenly a robotic suit also surrounded the man. This one was more humanoid than its partner. It was a bit thinner with a helmet that had two ends jolting out from the sides. "Bring it on." Rahu pointed its two guns at the men, ready to fight them to the death...their death.
  7. Zero Nexus

    Zero Nexus Stand up, go for it

    Dogenzaka - Shibuya, 10:00 AM

    Joshua glided clamly through the air, breathing deeply as he flew to calm his mind. Soon he landed and saw Sho Minamimoto, who was surrounded by Taboo Noise.

    "Get lost!" Sho warns, then opens his hand to send a small spiralling beam at some of the Taboo Noise, sending them back a little.

    "79.824% chance of winning..." Sho mutters, then roundhouse-kicks another Noise in the face, defeating it. "Chance of winning risen to 82.257%..."

    Sho looks up and sees Joshua. "Boss! A moment of your time?"

    Joshua sighs and gets his phone out. "You may want to step back." Joshua warns Sho, who takes the advice and steps back.

    Joshua taps on his phone and a pair of cars spawn in midair. Joshua swings his arms and both of the cars crash into each other, with the Noise in the middle, defeating them all instantly.

    Joshua smirks and lands softly, then starts to walk off. "Why do you get yourself INTO these situations, Minamimoto?"

    "Hey, the freaking Noise attacked ME!!" Sho snaps, then walks after Joshua. "I probably could've beaten them, it's just it would have taken longer, around 2.41-"

    Joshua suddenly holds his index finger out to Sho's face. "Not now. I'm trying to CLEAR my head, and i can't do that if you're babbling on about maths again..."

    Sho rolls his eyes. "Fine." They both walk off.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  8. emerald18

    emerald18 kamikorosu

    Pumpkin Hill - Eggman's Base - Main Entrance

    (Proceeding with the sample)

    ''Hmph. No one is here to welcome me? You'll learn soon enough not to underestimate ME Eggman'', Shadow said as he walked through the Main Hall.

    Doors shut right in front of him, all the way to the end of the corridor.

    ''Do you seriously believe that a DOOR can stop me?'' Shadow said arrogantly as started to move forward, blowing up all the doors on his way.

    Reaching to the end of the corridor, Eggman's Mechs appeared from the walls. ''This will be too easy'',Shadow leaps on the closest mech and starts to spin. As the mech crumples under him Shadow charges up and and fires himself at the mechs bouncing from one at another, destroying all of them.

    ''Didn't even break a sweat'' Shadow said as he walked forward

    ''I'll take that Chaos Emerald now'' Shadow blew up the door the Emerald Lab. There it was, the blue Chaos Emerald shining like the sun, in a class tube.

    Shadow smashed the class and took the Emerald ''Ahh, I can feel the power flowing inside me'', Shadow pointed the Emerald at the ceiling ''Chaos Control!'' he shouted and disappeared.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  9. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    World: Fire Emblem / Tales; Aselia (Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia)
    Location: Triet Desert (???)
    Time: Afternoon (2:47 p.m.)

    Lloyd was still walking, the sun continued to irritate him. He wondered about the bomb that he had activated a while ago. It had limbs. That wasn't normal. "Well, I suppose the Desian bases were never really totally cleaned up." He muttered to himself. "Wonder why they didn't use them, it would save the trouble going to a city and bombing it by hand."

    Finally, Lloyd reached the mine that the local Triet folk had told him about. "You can tell that's it because there are ruins at the entrance, and a large Rheiard that crashed beside it." He quoted one of them. "Hm. It doesn't look like a Rheiard. Must have been another model that they abandoned, since it fell..." He continued talking to himself, and entered the side of the mountain. He felt that his footing was going upward. "Strange. This place doesn't feel that abundant in Exspheres like they said..." With a pause, he wondered, "Could other people have taken them...? That would be bad." He frowned, and as he went deeper, dug out the traces of Exspheres he could find on the walls and ground. The mine was narrow, but very long.
  10. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    White Glacier (an anchor left behind by Altair's ship)
    Planet Bomber

    Regulus donned his black armor preparing for the inevitable battle that was his and the one known as Shiro Bomberman. Regulus remembered how Bomberman was able to defeat him not once but twice in the art of Bomb battle. This was Regulus' motivation for training so hard, fighting so intense, and working so extreme. Soon, he and his foe will have their battle, and when they do, things will be different. Regulus will be the victor while Shiro will be the loser. There was no stopping him from training. Regulus climbed White Glacier to continue his training against the Bomberman, and in order to do that, he needed to defeat all the foes that were so easily beaten by the Bomberman. Regulus soon found himself face to face with a giant Ice Spider.

    "Now then, let's see what you got..." Regulus commented.

    "Graaah!" cried the spider. It jumped up very high in the air and tried to attack Regulus by squashing his body between its two scythe-like arms. Regulus easily dodged the attack and threw a bomb at the main body of the blue spider. The spider started to shrink a little bit then it shook off its shock. It approached Regulus and used its left scythe to attack the black-suited bomber. Regulus just jumped back.

    He called, "Gyyyyah!" and charged toward the scythe of the spider. He slashed it four times then did an upper kick to cause the arm to smack the spider on the face. Regulus created another bomb and caused its power to grow until the bomb had a yellow halo around it. Regulus threw the bomb at the Ice spider and once again, the spider shrunk a little bit more. Well, the spider was in rage now, so much so that it hit the ground below it and caused the entire floor to collapse to the next level. Regulus landed safely on the second floor and used threw another bomb at the spider. The spider had been fried enough with these bombs and keeled over. Regulus smirked, "No wonder Bomberman had such an easy time with beating this creature. It is definitely overrated. Perhaps Hades is a better fighter than this boss. I need to become stronger, fight faster, hit harder, if I want to beat Bomberman." He flew out of the area and headed west toward Red Mountain, where he'll try to fight against Hades.
  11. NPC

    NPC sleep researcher

    Village of Ordon (Hyrule Outskirts)
    Early Morning

    Today the wind was whistling a tune. It breezed by him on occasion, carrying fragments of that ancestral memory, as Link moved back and forth, loading hay onto the cart. Today he had risen with the sun--admittedly a bit earlier than usual--to finish a series of chores that he hadn't been able to get around to. It was a pleasant day, if not a bit chilly, sunlight filtering through the towering oaks that cradled Ordon within the woods.

    Every once in a while that tune dropped in pitch, transforming into a grave requiem, but Link pushed it to the back of his mind again. He had a sense for these things, yes, but he didn't like thinking about them. As soon as he did, paranoia slipped in through the tiniest cracks. He hadn't received word from the Queen in many months. The Hyrule trade roads seemed rather still and barren, and birds sang solace. Of course, it was all conjecture. Ordon was a rather isolated place, so he wouldn't get any recent news of the state of the kingdom, whether they were good or otherwise.

    As he pondered, he realized that his feet had stopped moving out of their own accord, and quickly resumed his current task. The Queen would send him a letter soon--she was the Queen now, she had other matters to tend to first--and once that happened everything would be fine. In case he had to walk the straits again, though, the Master Sword rested in anticipation, ready to slice through the miasma if needed.


    Alexandra Roivas
    New York City (NY, USA)

    Finally. Books and papers cascaded out of her bag and flopped onto her bed in a lopsided tower that quickly collapsed into a span of Psychology tomes. For a type-A student, Alex was surprisingly indecisive when it came to her career, but Psychology was almost comically fitting for her after everything that she had gone through. She quickly fell onto the bed herself, the silence of her empty dorm overtaking her and begging for a nap. She indulged that desire momentarily, but knew that she had too much work to do for a luxury like that at this time of day. She caught the gleam of the gladius off the corner of her eye. She had been thinking about that an awful lot, lately.

    Slowly sitting up and gathering all of her textbooks, she slipped over to the desk and began organizing them, deciding that she'd study after a snack. The gladius, the Roman sword she had found in her late uncle's estate two years ago, now hung over the desk. It was a pretty quirky decoration for a college student; most guys who saw her room assumed that she was into some form of tabletop role-playing and immediately bombarded her with fact sheets and DnD night invitations, when in reality she had experienced as much dark fantasy as was needed for several lifetimes.

    She opened the closest drawer and fit her books in as well as she could. Under the inconspicuous pile rested a little novel known as The Book of Eternal Darkness. Curiously, despite the fact that it was bound in flesh and bone, it gave off no putrid smell, which she was thankful for. She glanced at it a second time, making sure it was still there and hadn't been whisked away into the past or some alternate dimension, and shut the drawer decisively. She would have to shoulder that burden for the rest of her life, but now wasn't the time to brood.

    ((OOC: Will introduce Samus in my next post.))
  12. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Whispy Woods
    Pop Star (Kirby's world)
    Evening (near dusk)

    (continuing from sample)

    TAC was looming around Whispy Woods, looking for his next heist. He strolled to the edge of the woods and saw a small town. However, he looked north of that town to see a large castle. Bingo. he thought. This castle had to have a lot of riches and valuables in it. Of course a town wouldn't be without these either. TAC snuck closer to the edge of town when he noticed two particular figures nearby. The first one was called Blade Knight, and the other was named Sword Knight. Both knights were resting by a tree, Sword Knight had some small dents in his armor. Blade Knight's thicker armor though had little to no dents at all.

    TAC thought Why should I get caught...when I can have a sword? TAC threw his hand toward the bulker Blade Knight, and a small coin appeared in his hand. Soon TAC appeared to be a light-blue version of Blade Knight. Hehe...now let's go and steal some valuables.

    A voice asked, "Who goes there?" Blade knight lifted himself up to look around. Luckily, TAC was hidden from view so he could not see the Copy Cat anywhere.

    Sword Knight awoke and said, "What are you talking about?"

    "I thought i heard someone here," replied Blade.

    "You're training way too hard. There's no one out here but us and the wild animals. Come on, let's get a little more shuteye before Meta Knight wakes us up to do our daily routines."

    "Agreed," replied blade as he went back to sleep. Sword also fell straight asleep.

    TAC saw this as his opportunity to escape sight and head straight into town. He went to the first building he saw, it was a place to study aritifacts. Artifacts equal antiques, and antiques equal valuables, TAC thought to himself. He peered inside and no one seemed to be home. He looked around and saw some of the most valuable artifacts that he ever layed eyes on. TAC brought forth his green bag and stuffed all the ancient items inside of his sack. Jackpot. Soon, he exited the building with his sack still somehow the same size as it was when he first opened it. It had some very valuable treasure stored within its seams.

    "Hey Blade knight, what brings you about here?" asked a gruff voice. TAC turned around to see a tan creature with two black eyes, no legs, two arms, and a white mustache. "You normally don't come around these parts without Meta Knight or Sword Knight. Where are they anyways?"

    "Um..." started the Blade Knight imposter, "you see, they're in the castle...working on something."

    "Without you?" asked the elderly creature. "That seems odd...but nonetheless, nice to see you up and about. Perhaps you should come inside and have some tea."

    "Maybe next time, I have a few errands to run," replied TAC.

    "All right, well, I'll see you," replied the creature. TAC started off when he heard the creature yell, "I've been robbed! Blade knight robbed me!"

    TAC knew that that meant it was his time to run off quickly. He ran behind a building. Well, now that I finished that, no need for this body attracting attention anymore. His body glowed white and TAC soon returned back to normal. TAC started uphill to his next heist, Castle Dedede, maybe some even rarer treasures await him.
  13. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Captain Olimar
    The cockpit of Ship
    Space (en route to the pikmin planet)
    Night (Hocotate time)

    Space, so empty, yet so full of mysteries. Thoughts like these flew around haphazardly inside of Olimar's head as he performed the final checks of Ship's operating systems before turning in for the night. Tomorrow was an important day, and he wanted to make sure he was well rested for it.

    "Hull Integrity?" Olimar asked.

    "100% as always." Ship's computer said.

    "Life Support?"

    "Fully Functioning."

    "Power Supply?" Olimar continued, using the checklist he had stored in his mind.

    "I have an Eternal Fuel Dynamo, I have an infinite of power." Ship said with a notable bit of sarcasm. "The engines are functioning properly, debris shields are up, and my autopilot is ready for activation." Ship said. Olimar had run this same list so many times, Ship had it memorized now as well.

    "Well, that covers the list." Olimar said. He gave a mental sigh. After all this time, he still hadn't been able to convince the Ship to lose its sarcastic tone. If he even tried anymore, it just made things worse. "Wake me up as soon as we exit warp." He said as he reclined his chair. Chances were that he would only get a few hours of sleep, but it was better than nothing.

    As he tried to drift off to sleep, he thought towards the day ahead. The science team back on Hocotate had finally managed to produce a tiny version of the Eternal Fuel Dynamo that was portable enough to be installed on a Pikmin Onion without weighing it down. The time had finally come to see if the Pikmin he had befriended would be able to join him on Hocotate. While it was true that the Onions could go into the upper atmosphere, they couldn't actually leave the planet since they had limited power and air. But with the added addition of a Fuel Dynamo and an air filtration box (altered since the pikmin breathed CO2 and released Oxygen) it just might be possible. The last thing Olimar saw before drifting off to sleep was the picture of his family that he kept on the wall of the cockpit.
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    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    (OOC: This post contains Ganondorf's siege on Hyrule Castle. Take note that this is not intended as power playing. When challenged, he will engage in personal combat, not summoning massive armies or throwing boulders with magic. Ganondorf may be corrupted and somewhat psychotic, but he's still got some honor left. Meta Knight coming soon.)

    North Hyrule Field

    Now was the time.

    Ganondorf shot a glare at commander King Bulblin. The giant Bublin nodded and pulled a great Moblin horn from his pack. Blowing the instrument, its sound resonated through the mountains, calling forth all manner of Bulblins and Bullbos. Ganondorf, too, raised his hand, it glowing with a dark power, alerting Stalfos, Aeralfos, Darknuts, swarms of Keese and all other manners of creatures, all under his control.

    Pulling the reigns, Ganondorf turned his horse around to view the amassed army. A legion of creatures at his command, more than sufficient to take on Castle Hyrule and bring the kingdom once more to his knees. Drawing his accursed sword, Ganondorf turned around and made a motion to bring the entire army into a march forward. They moved at a brisk pace, approaching the castle from behind, where there was no gate, and therefore few guards were posted.

    Ganondorf twisted his left hand, sending a nonverbal command to his Aeralfos to go ahead of the army and kill any watchmen on the outer walls. This task was quickly accomplished, as the flying lizard-beasts flew swiftly and struck hard, leaving the outer walls of the castle vacant, ready for Ganondorf's siege. If the creatures had done their job properly, it would amass him another several minutes' time before the Castle would be alerted.

    And so it was. Ganondorf's army continued its march toward Hyrule Castle, making it within a hundred yards of the castle without any form of trouble. Not breaking the march, Ganondorf raised his free hand, producing a dark purple sphere. He poured energy into it, and just when he began to feel a touch of exhaustion, threw the magic projectile at the castle wall. Upon contact, it made a giant explosion, destroying brick and mortar and leaving a wide opening that was plenty sufficient for him to move his ground troops in.

    Ganondorf brought his horse to a standstill and held his sword high. His sword now radiated the same dark power as he had used before, calling all his summoned creatures into a charge. The Bulblins and their Bullbos, too, joined the fray, flooding into the castle through the hole and flying over the walls, laying open attack upon the castle. The soldiers would be caught completely off-guard, and the Castle would be his for the taking.

    Now was the time. He would take Hyrule Castle, and this time without the help of that fool, Zant. He would do it the proper way, by his own power. And this time, neither Link nor Zelda nor anyone else in this Kingdom would be able to challenge him.
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  15. Son_of_Shadows

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    OOC: Crump tomorrow.


    Phoenix Wright - Borscht Bowl Club - L.A. - Evening

    As Phoenix finished playing his horrendous rendition of Elton John's "Daniel", the poor customer staggered out of the bar, covering his ears, and mumbling many swear words under his breath. He chuckled. "One of these days, someone'll actually sit through one of my songs..." He was interrupted by a sudden flash of light from a camera, as Quickfingers, or Olga Orly, as was her real name took a picture of him. In her traditional Russian garb, complete with bearskin hat, she looked cute and innocent, but, she was a master con artist, and an incredibly brash one at that.

    "Da, you have challenge, Phoenix." Phoenix grinned, and turned to face the waitress, and the man she had with her. An old friend, in a burgundy suit, matched with a grey waistcoat, and white cravat. The dark grey hair betrayed his age as much older than it really was, and the narrow slits of eyes scrutinised everything around them.

    "Edgeworth... Good to see you again."

    "Indeed, Wright. It's been a long time." The two old friends shook hands. Edgeworth had not changed at all in the seven years since Phoenix had seen him last... which was more than could be said for the retired defence attorney, who was sporting a toque, and casual hoody. "You've let your appearance slip somewhat... And shave, for God's sake." Typical Edgeworth. Dry as a bone, and ridiculously condescending,

    "My daughter says it makes me look manly."

    "She is mistaken."

    "What're you doing here, Miles? I thought you were studying foreign judicial systems."

    "I heard about the reintroduction of the Jurist System over here... And your part in it." Phoenix smiled again.

    "Heh, I was just getting tired of needing to present decisive evidence, even when it's so obvious that the defendant is innocent... Care to play some poker? I should warn you, I'm undefeated."

    "I was an undefeated prosecutor until I came up against you."

    "Point taken. Follow me, Edgeworth," said Phoenix, heading downstairs, towards the Hydeout.

    "Wasn't this a murder scene last year?"

    "... Maybe..."
  16. Son_of_Shadows

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    Lord Crump - Poshley Heights - Marioverse - Morning

    As Crump waddled around the ritzy town, he had to admit... he looked out of place. In this town, women wore elegant dresses, and more often than not, fur. Men tended to wear suits, and Crump... Well, it was an orange cape, purple hat, and large X across his chest. In the early days after moving to the area, he'd received more than a few odd looks. Then again, that was the same with the X-Nauts, and the head of Grodus. No-one seemed to have fully accepted the X-Nauts as part of everyday life, despite the fact that they had formed a makeshift police force. That said, Poshley Heights had had a low crime rate anyway. Crump had thought it would help tomake the rich folks feel safer, but it seemed they already felt plenty safe. He sighed, as he sat at a table outside a small cafe.

    Now, Crump was aware of other universes, though he had never visited one. The scholars on his old planet had been researching them, though he had left before they found anything conclusive. He often wondered what it was like. Perhaps in some other universe, there was a beautiful silver-haired queen, with a vassal that could change into a wolf at will, and was the voice of a goddess... Nah, that was ridiculous, even for one of his ideas. "Hey! You out there! In front of the computer screen!" he called, receiving more than a few startled glances. "If anyone out there can tell me about other universes, that'd be great!"
  17. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    IkeThe Desert of DeathFE PlanetAfternoon

    Sand flicked slowly out of the way as the ranger walked forwards, stepping slowly through the sandy wastelands of the Desert of Death. They certainly weren’t wrong when picking this places name, as everything around seemed to suggest the presence of death. Vultures flew around the area, skydiving downwards and feasting on anything that looked weaker than them, although the greedy birds would never dream of sharing anything. Rocks were few and far between, so in all essences the place was a wasteland. Technology didn’t exist here, so no communication could be made with the outside world, and Ike was beginning to think he may not be going on the right path at all. Maybe he should of asked for an escort of some sort. Regardless, it was too late now, and Ike had to find shelter soon, less he be hunted by the vultures after collapsing.

    Ike himself was a fairly well built man. He had become slightly weaker as of late due to the relaxing life he had been leading on his ‘holiday’ to the wolf kingdom of Tellius. Within the continent of Tellius, two breeds existed. Laguz and Beorc. Ike happened to be a Beorc, human in most tongue, and was very proud of his heritage, fighting on behalf of his race on many occasions. However, that does not mean he was anti-laguz. Quite the opposite; one of his closest friends was a Laguz, and he even fought for their side on several occasions. Thankfully, this time was a time of peace and bar the thieves of the area, no damage was done to Ike on his journey thus far. And any thieves that tried their hand at Ike soon decided never to do it again. Or, well, anything again for that matter.

    He walked towards what he could tell was the only shelter around. It wasn’t much; an abandoned shack, but it had to do, as it had a roof and a fairly stable building structure, which could hold his weight with luck. He slowly walked to the door, opening it slowly, sword in hand, and preparing incase anything was on the other side. He peered round the door and…empty. Good, it gave Ike a proper place to sleep. Deciding it would probably be best not to take any risks with weight, Ike put his boots on the floor in front of the door. His sword? No, Ike would take that with him inside, as it was his only defence other than his hand to hand skills.

    Approaching what appeared to be a small bedroom, Ike stared at the bed for a second, before analysing it slowly. It seemed stable; but that was the only good thing about this bed. The wood was old and had odd rot on it. There were bugs running across the matress, and the pillow had several eggs of who knew what on it. Ike wasn’t sure whether a good nights sleep was what he would get here, but he didn’t really have a choice. Deciding the bed wouldn’t be a good idea, he sat against the wall and closed his eyes, beginning to fall into a sleep he reckoned would not be deep at all. He had no means of telling the time though, so for all he knew it may take days. He sighed and tried to get himself comfortable before dozing off.
  18. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Meta Knight
    Castle Dedede
    Pop Star

    Meta Knight stood upon a parapet overlooking King Dedede's Castle, his cape held tight around him for warmth. Guard duty was one of the least profitable uses of time that came to Meta Knight's mind, and here he was, stuck on the duty anyway. Dedede had an army to take care of this, why bother him? Of course, Kirby was off asleep at this hour, so there was nothing to do about him, and he wasn't quite up to self-training at the moment, so what else was there to do? Still, Dedede should have had a good reason for putting him up here...

    The King tended not to let people onto his plans whenever he did anything, leading residents of the kingdom to question his motives at times. Almost every time he was in question, though, he had usually been possessed or actually working for the protection of the kingdom, though in a somewhat backhanded way. The few instances of his actual violence were long since past, though, and seemingly not an issue anymore. The King was, for the most part, a worthy ruler to serve under, though immature at times....

    Meta Knights thoughts were interrupted by a slight shadow moving to the west. Just a slight one, quite possibly unnoticeable by others with less training. Sighing, Meta Knight drew Galaxia and leapt into the air. In mid-jump, his cape spread apart and transformed into a pair of leathery wings, carrying him to the castle's west wall. Meta Knight landed and stood there, eyes fixed on the creature moving toward the castle.

    "State your business," he told it formally, sword held at his side. "Hiding is no use, I know that someone's out there."

    OOC: Haha, TAC got headed off.
  19. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
    Green Greens
    Pop Star

    The sun and moon duo walked (Mr. Shine floated) through the empty and strangely quiet fields. Normally, there would at least be a few Cappys running about to try and find a good hiding place, but tonight the air was still and silence was the only sound to be heard save the occasional cry of a distant bird. The only lights came from the castle, King DeDeDe's castle in fact, on the nearby hill. Of course, the duo gave off their own circle of light, but from afar they would simply appear as a pair of travelers with torches.

    "Man, even the Cappys are still tonight." Mr. Bright (The moon) said.

    "That's never a good sign." Mr. Shine said.

    "Yeah, something's about to go down."

    "Maybe not right now..." Mr. Shine started.

    "But soon." Mr. Bright finished.

    The two of them, slightly more on edge than they had been previously, continued their walk. Where they were going, even they didn't know. Sometimes, the best way to find somewhere to go was to simply start walking and hope that wherever you ended up was better than where you began.



    Ahh, morning. The time of day when the world was new and the day ahead had yet to become an issue. Janaff, currently in hawk form, was gliding on a few thermals high above Phoenicis, now a state of the unified Bird Tribes rather than a country of its own. His mind dozed back and forth between reality and dreams. He had been up all night working on the new training routine for today, but now, after three straight days of work, he just might not be able to stay awake long enough to actually put the routine into action. He knew the new recruits needed to be prepared and ready for anything, but right now he just wanted to catch some sleep. And while he was up in the sky, no one was likely to bother him.

    "Master Janaff!" a voice called.

    Okay, scratch that last thought. Maybe he should have just gone back to his quarters. Janaff shifted back into his "human" form as the source of the voice, one of the rookies he was training, came closer.

    "I've been looking for you for a while sir." he said as he finally caught up.

    "Well, I didn't exactly want to be found this early." Janaff replied.

    "Its about the training exercise, King Tibarn requests that you hold of until tomorrow. There's..."

    "Huh? Why?"

    The trainee tilted his head a bit. He had been about to answer that question when Janaff had interrupted him to ask it. "A group of ravens are coming in tonight. King Tibarn requested that you hold off so that they could join in the lesson tomorrow, sir."

    "Huph. Alright, if that's what Tibarn wants, I'll be happy to oblige." Janaff said. "Just tell the rest of the rookies to take the day off today okay." Ignoring the trainee's response, Janaff shifted back into Hawk form as he dove from the sky towards the buildings below. Reaching one of the stone buildings, he shifted back and landed on his feet, using his wings to steady his descent. Right now, it was time to get some much needed rest.
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    I know I didn't post A.S.A.P., but finally, here's my first post. Apologies!!!

    Miles “Tails” Prower ~ Swamp Zone on West Side Island ~ Noon

    “The Swamp Zone!” Sonic declared as the forest cleared and revealed miles of marsh. Sonic smirked when he heard Tails gulp beside him. The miles of swamp ahead were more varying than expected. For a mile or so, the ground was rather flat, but many tree stumps protruded out of the boggy mush. Large, thick trees stood tall in the background, with little light showing between trunks.

    "So... T-this is the S-swamp Zone?" Tails asked worridly. Sonic smiled.

    "You're not worried, are ya buddy? I thought you were gonna take the next batch of Badniks?"

    Tails swallowed his fear and puffed his chest with pride. "You bet I am! And nothing's gonna stop me!!!"

    He spun his twin tails the fastest he had that day and shot out yards across the swamp. Sonic was energized by his friend’s spunk and shot off after him with equal speed, jumping the trunks of trees. It was not long before the nasty minions of Robotnik appeared.

    “You’re up, Tails!” Sonic said.

    Tails swallowed his fright again then landed directly on the nearest Badnik that had stood ready to fight on a trunk. It was a pile of pieces now as Tails jumped to the next stump, this time spinning. His tails whipped around and knocked this robot into the swamp muck, where it became stuck. The next one was firing lasers, straight and swift, towards Tails as he flew above it. He dived down, avoiding the laser beams of course, and let his tails stop. He flipped headfirst so his tails smashed the robot into the stump of a tree. Breathing hard, Tails realized all the mechanical animals were destroyed. He looked for Sonic, wanting his praise. Unfortunately, the one robot knocked into the bog remained intact and Sonic had taken care of it. Tails was disappointed, but Sonic said, “Great job buddy! Two for three!” with thumbs up.

    He smiled weakly back and followed his blue friend through the swamp until they reached the supposed storage place of an Emerald.

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