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Super Training/EV/IV Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    I gave 10 proteans to Dragonite and Tyranitar and Super Trained them to have maxed attack and I level them up to level 100. Currently working on Salamence and Garchomp, all four have an attack nature and an attack characteristics.
  2. isaske

    isaske Member

    Hi guys.

    I am a begginer in competetive pokemon stuff, so I just started breeding to get a perfect 5 IV noibat.

    I read all the guides, but i think im doing something wrong.
    First, i captured a ton of dittos and a ton of noibats, both in friend safari. What i did first was breeding a Timid natured ditto with held everstone and 2 perfect IV noibat with destiny knot.
    Then, i gave the destiny know to a perfect HP/Def/SpDef Ditto. The everstone went on the child that was the result of the first breeding process.
    What happened was the following; All the children i made until now (i got 8) had only one IV maxed out. One of the children had 2 IVs maxed out.
    What am i misunderstanding or doing wrong?
    Please help.
  3. VahnDeathHeart

    VahnDeathHeart Father and Breeder

    You have to make sure the off spring get the correct ivs from the parents before switching the pokemon around. i.e parent1(female) has 0 ivs parent 2(male) has 2 offspring 1,2,3 all male with 0 ivs offspring 4 female with 1 switch parent 1 with offspring 4 rinse and repeat until pokemon complete .
  4. Metabyte

    Metabyte IV Breeder


    Destiny knot takes IV's from EITHER parent, so basically you have a lot more trial and error ahead of you. You would probably be better off using the power items to pass on IV's until you have breeding partners with more perfect IV's. You probably want to have all the IV's you want perfect between the two of them before using destiny knot. Then the wait shouldn't be TOO bad. Having overlapping perfect IV's between them would make things a lot easier though.
  5. isaske

    isaske Member

    Thanks, that helped. After a day of grinding i get the process. I hatched a 5IV Noibat, with only Attack not being at 31.
  6. asianfet123

    asianfet123 New Member

    Currently working on a Bagon with perfect IVs in every stat except HP, a Goomy with perfect IVs in special attack and special defense, a shiny Skroupi, a Miltank with IV's in the mid 20's for almost every stat, and a Quilava.
  7. isaske

    isaske Member

    I have another question.
    The hatched 5IV Noibat is a female, and i read somewhere that males benefit more from beneficial natures than females, and hence fare better in competetive.
    Is that true or does the gender not matter at all?
  8. Reimius

    Reimius Active Member

    I don't think gender makes any difference in battling. However if you want to use your pokemon later in breeding iv's for other pokemon that are in same egg group I suggest to get male because otherwise you only get Noibats when you breed.
  9. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    ive been working an a jolly chamander for a while, ive since got to the point to 5iv-atk and a bunch of 4iv all missing atk as an iv.... will need to switch up the parents soon.
  10. Metabyte

    Metabyte IV Breeder

    Reimius is right, gender makes no difference. He is also right that it might be helpful just to breed another 5 iv male one so that you can use it for breeding if you ever want a pokemon from the same egg group. It would save you a lot of trouble for the next pokemon.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
  11. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder

    The only time gender comes into play in battling is when infatuation is a factor (stuff like Attract, Rivalry, etc). Since stuff like this is almost never used in competitive play, gender is next to meaningless.
    Unless you're like me, and like having your Pokémon be the same gender as you :D
  12. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I bred a 5 IV Pinsir the other day to give Mega Pinsir a try, only to remember Pinsirite is an X exclusive Mega Stone. The final planned moveset is;

    Pinsir @ Adamant
    Moxie -> Mold Breaker @ Pinsirite
    6 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
    - X-Scissor
    - Close Combat
    - Quick Attack
    - Swords Dance

    I think my next breeding project will be a Mega Absol, just need to finish planning the moveset.
  13. julabard

    julabard Well-Known Member

    I finally have my 6IV Herecross, named Ponge. Only took like 20 hours of hatching and mucking around to get it hahahahaa. I love the little fellow. Herecross has always been my favourite pkmn since Gen 2 and it's great to have the definitive Herecross on my team at last!
  14. achilles90

    achilles90 Active Member

    This is possibly the most helpful post I've ever read on this site. Saved to .doc
  15. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    np Achilles, super training info was hard to come by anyway. other explanations gave me rudimentary info which left me with questions after rereading it a few times. luckily I found a poster which gave the advice to use a sacrificial pkmn to beat the first 12 levels to avoid messing up the EVs you'd want on 1 pkmn. I also learned the hard way about keeping track of evs with that.
  16. PokemonCarnage

    PokemonCarnage Water Expert

    IV breeding is so much easier now
    Yes it still takes time and patience, but that means its still rewarding when you hatch that perfect '5 IV' pokemon you have been waiting for
    As far as ev trainig goes, horde battling is amazing. Pokerus + Power Item + 5 Horde Battles= ev training done
    An the punching bags/mini games are fun, but for me, its straight into horde battles :D
  17. VegitoLeader

    VegitoLeader Member

    so what is more likely to produce a six IV 31 perfect pokemon egg?

    charmander male attack, defense, special attack, special defense, Speed all perfect 31 IVs + charmander female attack, defense, special attack, special defense, Speed all perfect 31 IVs


    charmander male Hit Points, defense, special attack, special defense, Speed all perfect 31 IVs + charmander male hit points, attack, defense, special defense, Speed all perfect 31 IVs

    I am asking this question because I am working on my third perfect all 6 IV 31 Pokemon. My first one was Lucario, my second was Umbreon. However when I was working on Umbreon I ended up getting two Eevee that had perfect 31 IV in everything accept for speed both male and female. I went through about 200 eggs (I think) before giving up because every single batch I got ignored speed or the destiny knot took one of the parents speed stat and put it to the egg. However I discovered that an Eevee i breed from Pokemon white 2 that i had transferred over was a perfect IV 31 all 6 Pokemon. So I swapped it out for the male one I had at the day care and it took like 15 eggs or 40. Can't remember and I got a perfect Eevee. well what I noticed is if you have two Pokemon male and female with the exact same perfect IV's bottle necked to say any one particular stat (say they both don't have a perfect attack stat) that the eggs will never come out with a perfect stat in that area. However I have noticed that if you have an off set, like two Pokemon with 5 perfect IV 31 stats but lets say the male is missing the perfect 31 in defense and the female is missing the perfect 31 in special defense that these two would much more likely have a perfect all 6 IV 31s....why is this or am I just miss understanding something here?

    My primary question was above but I would like to state something that I noticed about the Pokemon gamer community, and I am not trying to insult anyone. I have read several forums and websites about Pokemon breeding and they all seem to state that a perfect Pokemon is a 5/6 perfect 31 IV stat Pokemon, unless you are doing a trick room Pokemon which would instead be perfect 0's in all IV's. I want to say that I completely disagree with the 5 IV perfect 31 Pokemon part. And here is why. After reading such things and if most people really are going for 5 stats to be perfect instead of 6. Than armed with that knowledge all I have to do is breed an entire perfect team with all stats 6 IV perfect neutral natures and give them all or most of them the move that switches stats around. To my knowledge there are only three moves that do this and they switch the special attack with the attack stat, the defense with the attack stat, and the special attack with the special defense. If my memory serves correctly. So in order to totally screw any and all Pokemon up all I would have to do is use those moves on less than perfect 5 IV Pokemon and it's game over. I understand that the effect wares off when someone switches out, however that's why moves have Power Points and other moves, accurately predicting someone switching out will damage the new opponent. Anyway I hope you all reading this are like "DOH! I didn't think of that".
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  18. pcr

    pcr New Member

    The second is more probable.
    The explanation:
    For the first, there's a 1/6 chance that the random stat will be HP and a 1/32 chance that HP will be a 31.
    For the second, there's a 2/6 chance that the random stat will be HP or Attack, and then a 1/32 chance the random stat will be a 31, and then a 1/2 chance that the HP/Attack (whichever one isn't randomized) will be a 31. On top of that, there's a 4/6 chance that one of the other stats will be random, and then a further 1/1024 chance both HP and Attack get IVs of 31.
    1/6*1/32 < 2/6*1/2*1/32 + 4/6*1/1024 (although the difference is really small)

    For the second question:
    First of all, the moves switch around your stats, not the opponent's, and not just the IV's either. Secondly, even if the moves did work the way you described, the difference made by IV's would be minimal and definitely not enough to "screw up" the opponent.
  19. VegitoLeader

    VegitoLeader Member

    every point matters :p.
  20. VegitoLeader

    VegitoLeader Member

    Something I just noticed and maybe many of you can fill me in on this. Back in generation 2 when they introduced breeding if you took the offspring and tried to put them with either of their parents the old man would say "They seem to play with others more often." or something like that. You could not breed Pokemon with their parents. I tried it in Pokemon Ruby, LeadGreen and Emerald of generation three and it said the same thing. I tried it in Pearl version and it didn't allow it there either. I did not try it in White 2. However in my Pokemon X, Y and OmegaRuby it allows it. Just say, "They don't seem to like each other very much." or "They seem to get along." when did the Pokemon Company decide to change this to make it easier to get 6 IV Pokemon or whatever?
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