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Super Training/EV/IV Thread

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Yes I know but it has been a few days. I am here now to for this specific thread to inform you the masses who read this stuff.

Okay I have been reading for the last 8-9 months multiple threads all over the internet and multiple interview articles and etc etc. about eggs in pokemon x and y. 100% of every thread I have ever read, shoot even the books I have for generation 6 all say that the IV's are already set before you receive the egg from the daycare man. That for instance:

If a Pikachu had Att, Special Def, and Speed perfect 31 and a Ditton had Defense and Special Def perfect 31 and one of the two pokemon had the Destiny knot attached and the next egg that you received had Attack, Defense, Special Att, Special Defense taken from the two parent pokemon that essentially if you were to "reset" your game to before you picked up the egg that it would have the exact same IV transfer from the parents an that the 6th IV would be exactly same. That this is determined before the daycare man turns around even. That you could fill up an entire box and write down all the IV perfects you get that were transfered and they would all be exact the same if you did it all over again. I am here to tell you that this is completely wrong!

Here is why it is completely wrong. I have a Mawile male that is level 100 perfect 31 Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. I have with it in the daycare a Flabebe (obviously female only) that I put in there at level 1 hatched from an egg and Mawile is it's father (yes sick but the game allows it). Flabebe has perfect 31 Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. I have been trying to get a perfect all 6 IV 31 shiny Flabebe. So far I have hatched around 600ish eggs from this pairing of these two specific Pokemon. Neither one is from a different country. I have managed to get maybe 15 perfects of which I have saved like 9 of them in my box. None of the 600ish have come out shiny. So I was doing some reading to refresh on rates and stuff and came across old things I have read about what I stated in the first paragraph. I was like Oh I can do this! So I took and kept hatching 5 Pokemon at a time and then checking them until I found one with 6 perfect IV 31 stats again. I was like AH HA. So i was going to do the time machine method to get a shiny Pokemon. Because I was saving before I took the first one in each line up of 5 eggs. It was the third egg received. So I soft reset the game and picked up the third egg again but refused the other two before it. I hatched it and took it to the IV dude and lo and behold his IV's did not match the 6 perfect that it had before! I don't know where you guys are getting your information or why you are busy accepting what so called people in Japan say that you can do a time machine method and get the same IV's on all Pokemon that they are pre determined to an unlimited list. But it's incorrect. And I am armed with more information and experience then just one occurrence. See I have done this for IV breeding throughout the last 4-5 months and the information has been wrong in every single occurrence of an egg that i have tested. And that is hundreds of eggs.

See the only sure fire working guarantee is to get eggs 1-5 at a time an hatch them and go check them at the IV checker guy in x and y. Get rid of what you don't want. There is no guarentee in "resetting" your game in order to get IV's the same every time. It's still a 1/32*6 chance to get a all 6 stats IV Pokemon of any sort out of an egg. And the IV that is not perfect fluctuates still. You don't get the same line up. I tried it three times this evening on that same egg Flabebe (even saving on the specific egg before the guy turned around to give it to me and resetting and it still did the same thing) and natta. The one that was perfect was not perfect a second time, and every reset yielded a different imperfect IV stat (not 31) than before.

So Serebii and other Pokemon websites like you need to change your inaccurate information to what I just said. IV's are not locked before hand. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF they were then the last update changed that and no one can do what your information says and what forum users have been blindly spreading around.

Don't get me wrong I have several perfect IV Pokemon that have perfect in all 6 stats. Just the method you said does not work.


i read somewhere that trading an EV trained poke makes it lose its EVs....does this apply if you move it from xy to oras via poke bank? does the game see this as a trade?


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i read somewhere that trading an EV trained poke makes it lose its EVs....does this apply if you move it from xy to oras via poke bank? does the game see this as a trade?

This is not true. I have been traded battle-ready Pokemon, and I have transferred my competitive Pokemon from XY to ORAS, and all of them kept their EVs.
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