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:+:Super_Trainer's TC Shop:+:


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Hello and welcome to my TC shop.

In this shop I will serve people on a first come first serve basis so dont yell at me if i do not have yours done if someone eles has posted before you.

Here at the shop is what i can do:

TC Templates Credit goes to pokelite200

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3

Template #4

Template #5

I will take TC in the following Form

TC Template #:
Pokemon next to Trainer:
Pokemon Team:
Trainer Name:

If you want Shinou Pokemon please supply there number because i have not remember all of there names yet if you do your TC will be made faster.


Happy Posting :)


Rockin' Rock !
TC please:

background(template) 5
Pokemon : Scizor , Aruseus 493 , Raichu , Shiny Charizard , metagross , gardevoir
Name: Shadow
Badges : Fr/LG
Trainer Sprite : Gari in elite 4 in FR/LG


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Shadow's TC

Here is your TC i hope you like it and dont forget to give me credit: