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Surplus & Breeding

Poke'man Dizzy

Kitsune Breeder
Hi new here and ive come into a well...excess of pokemon. Some of them are good (egg moves, helpfull natures, females etc etc) some of them are well...just forming clutter in my boxes and has become a problem. As i am not supremly cruel to the poke's i catch (except magikarp and Psyduck...gir) or breed, welp bottom line is im looking to rid myself of some and possably gain some new and or usefull poke's / Items. Heres what i got w/ natures, ability, and level (if i can)...also what im looking for myself. Oh yea...dont ask about the Makuhita...too much time breeding the perfect one for myself (Female, Adamant W/ Guts).

With some persuasion i may be convinced to breed a copy of my personal Makuhita.

Makuhita x 14
Hasty / Guts (Facade, Detect)
Gentle / Thick Fat (Facade, Detect)
Naive / Thick Fat (Facade, Detect)
Adamant / Thick Fat (Facade, Detect)
Relaxed / Guts (Facade, Detect)
Calm / Guts (Facade, Detect)
Hardy / Thick Fat (Facade, Detect)
Quirky x3 / Thick Fat, Guts x2 (Facade, Detect)

Jolly / Thick Fat (Facade, Detect)
Gentle / Thick Fat
Naive / Thick Fat (Close Combat, Wake up slap, Reversal)
Timid / Guts (Facade, Detect)



Poke's im willing to breed for nature / Ability and possably egg moves if i can.
Eevee (heck ill even throw in a evo. stone of your choice)

What i want
Ditto w/ Quirky, hardy...or any neutral nature.
Female Starters
Shiney male Raltz (heh...id give a few for that lol)
Female Seedot (nature dosent matter)
Female Combee
Burmy (male & female)

Im flexable but thats mainly what i seek, If you want to negotiate something message me or reply below and well talk it out.

*note* everything i catch, breed, subdue, train and everything else i have done in my game so far is, has been, and always will be legit ^_^

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
Phione, Combee (need to hatch), Beldum & Burmy...just need to breed them.
What will you give me?
(For Burmy: I'll only take shiny's as their hard to get)

Poke'man Dizzy

Kitsune Breeder
for the Phione, if you got a lvl 1 just hatched ill trade ya for it. Pick anyone from the list (makuhita, castform), the ones on breeding list i have to pop into the old pokefarts oven and make an egg. I can have any of those by tonight if your not picky as to the nature etc.

*ps* ah heck ill make an offer, ill breed my Hariyama (Adamant, Guts w/ Facade = High atk power) for your Phione, For the Beldum (female if at all possable pwease) ill breed you a Vulpix or an Exeggcute
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Gurren Lagann.
If no-one trades you one now I can get you a skorupi, seeing as I going to catch one for my self today. But alas I gotz school...ugh. If your up for this offer I'll pm you 'round 3pm EST. Okay then gotta go. Later

Poke'man Dizzy

Kitsune Breeder
I have a single Male Stunky Bold natured ill trade you for Phione.

E.J.S; catch up with me later on, what ya want for the scorupi?