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Survival (A Doctor Who RPG)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by PikaPower!, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    This is about my third RPG. My other two didn’t do so well, so I’m trying a Doctor Who RPG.

    It’s 7:00pm. A 30-year old man is sitting at his desk. He’s just called his wife, saying he’s going to be late. He slowly types out forms on his computer. Type, type, type. That’s almost all he ever does. Tonight however, will be different. Tonight is his last night on Earth. Tonight, he will see things that have been called up from the pits of hell. Everything that he has only heard about, things he has seen, things he has witnessed but doesn’t remember, will come again. And happen to him.
    This man, whose name is Greg, is typing away at his desk, when his computer screen goes black. He waits, and then smacks the monitor, when an image appears. It’s a picture of a kind of mixed color tunnel. It was blue, and red, and purple and it seemed to be moving away from him. He felt compelled to touch the screen, and did so. Suddenly, a bright light lit up the office, and Greg disappeared.
    “Ohh, my head.” Greg had made a crash landing inside what seemed to be an arena of sorts.
    “Evening, Mr. Carter.” A stranger was standing next to Greg. He didn’t look very clear, as Greg’s glasses were broken.
    “Who are you? Why am I here? How do you know my name?”
    “That’s not important. What’s important is that you get up, and start running.”
    “Oh, and you’ll need this.” The man handed Greg a box. “I’ll be seeing you later.” And with that, the man disappeared.
    “Strange man.” Said Greg. Then, a door at the side of the arena opened. A strange saltshaker shaped blur came out from the door. A flash of light, and then pain, and blackness.
    Greg never saw what killed him.

    Back in the office, a knock came from the door. The door was opened, and then a man stepped in, quickly stepped out again and ran.

    You are a person who has a relatively normal life, until you are teleported to a strange building. You don’t know how you got there, or why. All you know is that something bad is going to happen. You have a single box in your room which contains five objects.

    This is the signup form.

    Name: (And nickname, if you have one.)
    Age: (11+ and don’t be silly with the plus.)
    Gender: (If you don’t know this, just leave.)
    Personality: (Four lines)
    Appearance: (Four lines again)
    Previous experience with extra-terrestrial life: (Put simply, have you come into contact with aliens? When? Where? Who?)
    Other: (Anything else that’s unrelated to the above?)

    My Signup.

    Name: Damien Miller
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Damien is serious with his studies, and also serious when it comes to anything dangerous. He is cautious, careful and will always check out a situation several times before doing anything. He is also a computer nerd, and can fix almost anything that runs on electricity. Damien specializes in computers, as he spends a lot of his time tinkering with his computer. He plays games on it alot, too.

    Appearance: Damien wears a pair of blue jeans with pockets all over that are filled with junk. He also wears a white long sleeved shirt with no pockets and blue lines that are randomly placed all over the shirt. He wears white gloves with black lines following from the center of the palm down the fingers. His shoes are white with gold stripes along the side. Damien’s eyes are blue, his hair is brown-blonde, and his glasses have bright orange frames.

    Previous experience with extra-terrestrial life: Was attacked by a plastic toy soldier, saw the spaceship crashing into Big Ben, read about a massive earthquake in the paper, watched a giant spaceship on the news, began reading about aliens, investigated strange lights above a school, was attacked by strange metal men, found out about a Doctor, read about the star thing above London (And noted how all these incidents seemed to take place there) watched a news report about the hospital disappearing and hacked the security videos, finally saw the Doctor (On a DVD), read about a genetic mutation attacking people, and had strange dreams about a man taking over the world with lots of spheres

    Other: Oh, he knows about the Doctor. A whole lot.

    1. Follow all Serebii.net forums rules.
    2. Post at least once every three days. If you are unable PM me.
    3. This is to be at most PG. So nothing beyond kissing, no heavy graphic violence, nothing like that.
    4. No arguing with the GM. That’s me.
    6. You may not meet the Doctor at any time in this RP without permission. Or, for that matter, meet anything other than what I will state.
    7. You may be rejected up to three times. I might do it earlier if I see fit, I might do it later.

    Ban List
    I don’t want to have to put people on this.

    Rejected List
    I don’t want to have to do this either.

    Member List
    However, this one would be good.

    So join away. I hope you like it.

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