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Survivor (Pokemon and Other Stuff) - Regional Team Aces


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Because there might be a surge in different Survivor threads spread throughout the forums, I’d thought I’d make one where it can all be contained here! And it won't limited to Pokemon either but other things like video game and anime stuff! We'll do a simple voting process where you pick one thing out of a list to vote out. The last remaining one to remain wins!

Other types of rounds will be introduced later. And follow forum rules!

We'll start things easy with the aces of each region's team leader (I didn't add villainous to the title since Yell isn't one =p)! Lusamine and Rose’s aces aren’t in this as they lack the Team moniker.


• Rhydon
• Gyarados
• Houndoom
• Sharpedo
• Camerupt
• Weavile
• Hydreigon
• Golisopod
• Obstagoon

Vote one out. This rounds ends at 10:00 A.M. EST
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