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Swampert's Shinies

What would you rate my shop as?


    Votes: 24 27.3%
  • It's fantastic I love it!! But not that much. ^ 100/10

    Votes: 7 8.0%
  • It's Awesome sauce. 10/10

    Votes: 18 20.5%
  • It's pretty good could use some more _______ Pokemon though. 8/10

    Votes: 18 20.5%
  • It's meh. 5/10

    Votes: 5 5.7%
  • It's stupid. 1/10

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • YOUR MEAN!! I HATE YOU -1000000/10 .......Me: *Runs away and cries in corner*

    Votes: 16 18.2%

  • Total voters


This... Is my Buddy.
*pulls out Banana gun* GIVE ME EVERYTHING OR ELSE D:<


New Member

I have a shiny level 100 manaphy that im willing to trade ya :) What i like from your shop is

Movie 12 Meloetta
World11 Scrafty
Hello again swampert :). This time around I'm interested in your sf munchlax, pineco, zubat, digglet (I noticed you had "jolly for its ability, does it have arena trap?), and adamant axew. Here is everything I have to offer (sorry to dump a huge list on you :s):

(All are UT unless listed!)
----------SHINY FLAWLESS LEGENDS----------

IMPISH - Lugia (lvl 100, ev trained in def, sp def, and hp)
RASH - Deoxys (lvl 100, ev trained in sp atk and speed)
TIMID - Mewtwo (lvl 71, given one rare candy to identify IVs, nicnamed "EXODUS")
BOLD – Regigigas (lvl 100, flawed IVs)
TIMID - Thundurus
ADAMANT - Groudon (PC Fukuoka)
MODEST/TIMID - Kyogre (modest one is PC Fukuoka, timid is from heartgold)
MODEST - Dialga
TIMID - Palkia
TIMID - Giratina
TIMID - Dalkia
TIMID - Manaphy
TIMID - Shaymin (lvl 100, EV trained in sp atk and speed)
TIMID - Mew (lvl 100, EV trained in sp atk and speed)
JOLLY - Terrakion
TIMID - Virizion
JOLLY - Cobalion
JOLLY - Landorus
NAIVE - Tornadus
TIMID - Zapdos
TIMID - Articuno
2x TIMID - Raikou (HP grass and ice 70)
TIMID - Moltress
MODEST - Regice
ADAMANT - Regirock
CAREFUL – Registeel (lvl 100, EV trained in sp def and hp)
TIMID - Mesprit
BOLD - Uxie
TIMID - Azelf
BOLD - Cressilia (lvl 100, ev trained in def and hp)
TIMID - Latios (lvl 100, ev trained in sp atk and speed. I have 2, one with HP fire 70 and one that’s flawless
TIMID - Latias
TIMID - Jirachi (wishmaker obviously, most likely has terrible IVs, can check if asked)
MODEST - Heatran

----------REGULAR FLAWLESS SHINIES----------

ADAMANT – Azumarill (lvl 100, EV trained in atk and hp)
ADAMANT – Gyarados (lvl 24, drained EVs, dw ability)
TIMID – Staryu
ADAMANT – Luxary (lvl 100, ev trained in atk and speed, nicnamed “Applesauce”)
CAREFUL – Dragonite (lvl 100, multiscale, EV trained in sp def and hp)
JOLLY – Archen
ADAMANT – Druddigon
MODEST - Piplup
MILD – Seviper (not absolutely flawless but does have fairly good IVs)
ADAMANT – Gigalith
ADAMANT – Horsea
ADAMANT – Machop
JOLLY - Murkrow
BOLD – Squritle
JOLLY – Trapinch
JOLLY – Scraggy
TIMID – Misdreavus
ADAMANT – Toxicroak (lvl 50, ev trained in atk and hp)
ADAMANT - Totodile
TIMID – Volcarona
MODEST – Ralts
JOLLY – Gible
BOLD – Solosis
BOLD – Eevee (dw ability)
BOLD – Spiritomb (lvl 100, ev trained in hp and def)
BOLD - Cottonee
ADAMANT – Kabuto
BOLD – Slowbro (lvl 100, ev trained in def and hp, dw ability)
MODEST – Nidoking (lvl 100, ev trained in sp atk and speed, dw ability)
MODEST – Oshawott
IMPISH – Donphan (lvl 100, ev trained in def and hp)
IMPISH – Dusclops (lvl 100)
CAREFUL – Drapion (lvl 100)
ADAMANT – Klingklang (lvl 100)
BOLD – Cofagrigus (lvl 100, nicnamed “Hades”)
ADAMANT - Scyther
SASSY - Ferrathorn (lvl 100, ev trained in def, hp, sp def)
CALM – Chikorita (lvl 33, ev drained)
HASTY – Bouffalant (lvl 100, ev trained in atk and hp, NN “Bullet”)
ADAMANT – Eelektross (lvl 100)
TIMID – Ninetails (dw ability)
ADAMANT - Swinub
TIMID - Abra (dw ability)
ADAMANT - Larvitar
ADAMANT - Timburr
ADAMANT - Dratini
TIMID - Magnemite
IMPISH - Skarmory
JOLLY - Salamence (lvl 100, EV trained in atk and speed, nicnamed "Fleigtraum")
TIMID – Gastly
ADAMANT – Karablast
JOLLY – Sneasel
NAIVE - Chimchar
IMPISH - Gligar (dw ability)
BOLD - Politoad (lvl 100, EV trained hp and def, dw ability)
JOLLY - Cloyster (lvl 100, EV trained in atk and speed, dw ability)
TIMID - Alakazam (lvl 100, ev trained in sp atk and speed)
ADAMANT - Metagross (lvl 100, EV trained in atk and hp)
JOLLY - Darumaka
ADAMANT - Rhyhron
ADAMANT - Growlithe
BOLD – Feebas
TIMID - Zoroark (lvl 54, EV drained)
JOLLY - Sandile
MODEST - Yanma
MODEST - Litwick
TIMID – Porygon
ADAMANT – Shroomish (dw ability)
SASSY – Onix
CALM – Lapras
ADAMANT - Turtwig
JOLLY – Torchic (dw ability, obviously can’t be shiny)
CAREFUL – Sableye (dw ability)
ADAMANT – Carvanha (dw ability)
NAUGHTY – Bagon (dw ability)
ADAMANT - Golurk (trained to lvl 43, evs drained)
JOLLY - Elekid
JOLLY - Venipede
TIMID - Treecko (nicnamed Sceptile, has HP Ice 70)
TIMID - Joltik
ADAMANT - Rufflet
JOLLY - Aerodactyl (lvl 100, ev trained in atk and speed)
ADAMANT - Drilbur
TIMID - Rotom

---------- EVENTS/MISC----------

American Ruby and Sapphire shiny zigzagoon. (these are next to uncloned and will not be clone traded due to the owners request. Only exceptional offers)
TIMID - Gamestop Deoxys
MODEST - SPR2012 Reshiram
ADAMANT - Entei (WIN2011)
RASH - Raikou (WIN2011)
RELAXED - Suicune (WIN2011, flawed IVs)
TIMID - TRU Arceus
HASTY – V-create Rayquaza
ADAMANT - Rayquaza (Nobunaga)
TIMID/JOLLY - Meloetta
NAIVE - Genesect
MODEST - WIN2011 Celebi
JOLLY - SMR2010 Jirachi
TIMID - FAL2010 Mew
TIMID – SMR2012 Keldeo (Has HP Ice 70)
RASH – Oblivia Deoxys
TIMID - Lugia (dw ability)
IMPISH - Ho-oh (dw ability)
TIMID - ExtremeSpeed Pikachu (shiny)

----------REGULAR SHINYS (no competative value but you can ask for natures/IVs if you wish)----------

Camerupt, Electrike, Plusle, Poochyena, Charmander, Pansage, solrock, swablu, oddish


Knightmare Pilot
I'm interested in a Singing Pikachu. I don't have a huge collection, but there are a few things I can offer and I hope something will appeal to you. All are UT, as specified in your rules.

TRU Shaymin - Naughty
SMR2012 Keldeo - Naughty
Victini - Mild

Aside from this I'm capable of breeding Eevee with Yawn, Curse, and Wish in addition to the Dream World ability passed on from its mother. Likewise I can breed Emolga with Roost and Air Slash and get the DW ability for it. Also invested the time in breeding Cleffa with Mimic, Softboiled, and Metronome. I can make these shiny to boot, I see you don't mind people using RNG. Of course if there is something you'd specifically like bred, I'm happy to do that as well. Whichever option(s) appeal to you, I will just need some time in the case of breeding.

I've got school and work, but I'll check in as often as I can to hopefully work out a trade.
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I have an UT 2012MAY Darkrai I would be willing to trade you for shiny bagon if thats ok? I could offer other events if you could clone them back for me.
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Dunsparce MasterRace
Flawless DW lugia
Flawless meloetta
Shiny Flawless Litwick
Shiny flawless Terrakion
Shiny flawless Solosis
Shiny flawless Timburr

I can offer:
Flawless events:
Jolly and bold oblivia deoxys' (bold is japanese and has SR)
Naive Gamestp deoxys
Adamant movie14 victini
Timid and modest TRU shaymins
VGC timid milotic and adamant larvitar (both of these are shiny btw)
Timid and jolly V-create rayquazas
Jolly nobunaga's rayquaza
Near flawless adamant TRU regigigas (31/31/31/27/27/27)
Jolly SMR 2010 jirachi
Careful GAMESTP jirachi w/ SR Tpunch and iron head
Timid ranger egg manaphy (shiny)
Modest DW charmander and bulbasaur (OT: mat)

Before moving onto flawless shinies I'll ask you how many of these you're interested in, and if you can clone :3

Swampert is my Homeboy

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma
I'm sorry I haven't replyed to this in a while, I've been really busy and haven't been able to trade.

I'm going to close the shop for a bit, and it will reopen when I have more time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey Swampert. I'm interested in your Shiny Flawless Naive Bagon. CMT for anything you like when you have time/ reopen.


New Member
Nature: Mild | Gender: Male | Ability: Blaze
OT: Zack | ID: 47160
Ivs: 30/31/ 31/30/31/31
Evs: None Level 1
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Bellydrum
Nature: Careful | Gender: Male | Ability: Run Away
OT: Yuzzi | ID: 28400
Ivs: Flawless
Evs: None, level 1
Moves: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand
Notes: Meant to be used as a Umbreon
Nature: Jolly | Gender: Female | Ability: Marvel Scale (DW)
OT: Dioga | ID: 59708
Ivs: Flawless
Evs: None Level 1
Moves: Wrap, Leer, ExtremeSpeed, Thunder Wave

Will you trade those three for 6 event pokemon? Arceus, Darkrai, Celebi, Shaymin, Deoxys, and Manaphy/Mew/Jirachi?
My shiny flawless karrablast for your Latias, rotom, or tornados ?
I'm intrested in your shiny snivy and your shiny kyushu events. Check my shop for anthing you want