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Sweet Baby James (424)


I call you honey
Kojirou didn't exactly lie, however. He said he'd be back for Chirean, but from what I remember, he didn't give his Chirean an exact time frame for the eventual reunion.

I think he shouldn't have even mentioned coming back for Chimecho if he wasn't going to do it.


Looking back, since the mansion setting didn't exactly impact the episode's main plot points regarding Manene and Chirean, I wonder why Kojirou's family was mentioned to have owned the manor if it wasn't even important.


Denko Sekka said:
Mime Jr wasn't funny, sorry. Chimecho was so much better and if James was smart he would've kept him. I didn't like James's sudden decision to ditch his Chimecho whatsoever.

Whether Manene was amusing or not is subjective, but Kojirou's motivation for leaving his Chirean behind was clear. He simply wanted him to rest and heal.
This episode is so sad. NOOOO CHIMECHO!!!!!!! I loved James in the episode and the respect that both him and the twerps had for each other. I wanted to punch Jessie and Meowth. James's grandparents are so sweet! James saying goodbye to Chimecho was so heartbreaking, I wish to see it again. Mime Jr is cute but Chimecho is way better. I miss Chimecho :(


When I reached the point where the dub changed studios, I was nearly ready to give up and quit watching. This episode was so good that it made me want to stick it out and see if the quality of the dub got better.

This episode is great in many ways, but I think the most underrated thing about it is how Ash is just completely fine teaming up with James at a moment's notice, which is a great example of one of Ash's most likeable qualities being that he doesn't hold personal grudges.

...Well except with Gary pre- Indigo League.