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Sweet revenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by KenzeyEevee, Sep 16, 2018.

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  1. KenzeyEevee

    KenzeyEevee The Realistic male Eevee

    Espeon and Umbreon have always been a couple as long as people can remember it. Espeon is the one with the bow tie. He is calm and knows everything. Umbreon is the one with the neckless, he is harsh to others. Everything was good and fine, until a certain pokémon arrived at town....

    I greeted Espeon and gave him a kiss. Espeon blushed! Oh god I love him so much. I wouldnt trade him for any other guy. That is what I thought. But boy I was wrong! I went outside the house and went to my work. I am a poké-writer. Then I saw a beautiful and cute male Sylveon. His eyes were ocean blue and he had a cute smile. I asked if I could help him. Yes, he anwsered. I am looking for Espeon. Oh I know Espeon! I will guide you towards him! When we arrived, they hugged eachother. Do you know eachother I said. Yes, Espeon said. He is my brother. W-Wait brothers? Oh God did I like the brother of my lover? Stay calm Umbreon I thought. Sylveon winked at me and I started to blush. When Espeon was away, he came to me and placed his ribbons on my ears, he came closer and said: you are mine now! Espeon saw this and he began to fight with his brother. You are a dirty pokémon, stealing my lover! Espeon said. Maybe you finaly know how it feels! Sylveon shouted back. You have always been the one who stole my lovers! And know you say I am the one who steals something you love??? You are a hypocrate piece of pokémon and you deserve it! I shouted at them. STOP! I want both of you to leave! I need time to think. To think? Espeon asked. How do you even have to choose between I, the who has been the love of your life for or he, one that you just have met??? GO! I shouted. I thought and I thought and I thought.... But I couldnt find a way to not hurt one of the two. I loved Espeon, but Sylveon is so kind and cute. He is the total opposite of Espeon. But I both love them equally! I took a deep breath and asked them both to come back to talk. Welcome I said. I have been thinking at lot about the situation and I cant make a choice between you. I also want that the fightings between you stop. So I have decided to leave you both. This is a goodbye. This is the best choice. And actually it was. I felt more free then I ever have been. And I fell in love with a cute Leafeon. What happend to Espeon and Sylveon you might ask? Espeon started to drink and killed himself because he couldnt bare the thought that I left him behind. And Sylveon? Sylveon fell in love with a female Sylveon. They have two kids now.

    The END
  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Please read the rules of the Fan Fiction forum. In particular, this is quite difficult to read because you don't use paragraphs or quote dialogue:

    Additionally, you've got a number of spelling/proofreading errors. Please write in a word processing program with an integrated spellchecker or run a third-party spellchecker tool on your work before posting.

    If you'd like to fix up your story to follow the rules and repost it, feel free to do so.
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