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Swine Flu.

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The names says it all......just for discussion about swine flu.


I had swine flu for about two weeks, and I recovered fine without meds.

Didn't even come close in verocity to the flu I had last year. Stop fretting.


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I've got it now, not so so bad. It's just the aching and the throat that are annoying, and beechams takes care of that well enough.

My nephew had it which was worrying because he was so young but that was fine too.

The word pandemic is just about its spreadability right? Is margarine pandemic?


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Extremly over-hyped, its just slightly more deadly then the regular flu. Its not even worring me...

It can spread from human to human, thats the worst thing it can do?!? Ptf.


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It was not overhyped, you people (and the media) just don't understand that a pandemic is not always going to be of a virus that's fatal.


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I do understand it. But the thing is, every person diagnosed with the disease is given a segment in the news, they are doing it to trick dumd people to watch the news/read the papers and listen to the radio. Its smart by the media, just dumb by the viewers.


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Its not old news in my towm, everynight there is something, its getting boring... Pretty much all of the deaths, they have other health conditions...

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And to think SARS didn't get a lot of media attention outside of Asia :<

Ah well, all flus are deadly anyway. I think the most worrying thing about swine flu is its potential to mutate into something more deadly.


it was abused by the media that made it a hype, those people have the power to make a doom disease from a regular headache-.-


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My friend had Swine Flu and had it for 4 days before it was cured. -.-
The Death rate for the regular flu greatly outnumbers the death rate for SHWINE FLOO!
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