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Sword of Destiny v.2 (sign-ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Kiruria, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Come one, come all, to a new remade fantasy-style RPG!
    The Origin

    On the mystical island of Avalon, the high priestess carried out the council, a ring of wizards and lesser priests gathered in a circle before her. After much chanting and singing of ancient hymns, the council summoned an enchanted sword, which rose out of the earth like a ghost. This they passed to the high priestess, who would decide its fate. After a moment of contemplation, in one graceful motion, the high priestess turned and walked towards the western coast, where she cast the sword into the sea.

    In the time after the sword hit the bottom of the sea, the land of Crownen arose. This was a massive continent in the shape of a bird, Avalon being its "egg". The large and forbidding Sentinel Mountains rose first, right along the bird's back, and the legendary Wolfsbane River cascaded from the highest glade within its peaks. Forests and plains sprouted, digging intricate caves and faery lairs in roots of trees and hollows within the ground. And there after the land was formed, folk from lands afar began to inhabit Crownen, from the elves in the wing to the pirates and ne'er-do-wells in the head, to the harpies of the Nightwing Lake in the foot and the mighty lions of the Pandrean Desert. Folk came from lands and legends of old, from faery-tale worlds and times of the old earth.

    Then there was the Holy Land, nestled in the back side of this bird-shaped continent, where the religions of the world would gather and collaborate. But even so, this region was often overseen by two goddesses: Maia, goddess of light; and Katami, goddess of darkness. Even though the goddesses were literally like night and day, they still spent some time traveling around Crownen together, marveling its beauty and heritage.

    After much traveling, Maia and Katami discovered an ancient temple deep below the heart of Crownen. Inside this temple, resting in the very centre of the round and spacious chamber, was none other than the Sword cast by the high priestess of Avalon long ago. Both goddesses knew that whoever held this sword could bend Crownen to their will... but as they were goddesses, they themselves could not wield the Sword. Instead, they each chose a mortal individual, a puppet of sorts, to do the job.

    Maia, being the goddess of light, desired peace and harmony in all existence. She wished Crownen would be a lovely place where all the races would exist harmoniously, where there would be no need for wars and disputes. Thus, she turned to the most benevolent and influential leader she knew: Satani Merelda, the queen of Crownen.

    It was Satani who founded and instructed the seven Star Knights, who were long considered the "heroes" of Crownen. These were not only knights, but people of varied skills and abilities and races--there were two wizards among them, for example. With keen intuitions and fair senses of justice, the Star Knights trimmed the tree of dangerous crimes throughout the land, defeating feared enemies like Captain Dom o'Willy and his dirty shipmates, and the infamously sadistic Vampyres of Nemaforte. Satani gave these Knights council and guidance, thus being the key to their success. They were a small group, but they hoped to grow into a large organisation of warriors and peace-makers.

    Katami, being the goddess of darkness, desired chaos, pain, and corruption. As she traveled around Crownen, she was disgusted by all the happy faces on people, and thought life was "too easy" here. To set Crownen straight and put an interesting spin on things, she looked to a cult of a mysterious, esoteric race called the Sakh. Mornain, leader of the Sakh, piqued Katami's interest as a being of ill intention.

    The Sakh were recognised by their horned and fluffy-haired heads, their reptilian eyes, their arrow-tipped tails, and their small draconic wings. Mornain was a well-known spellcaster in this cult, and performed many wondrous miracles--he could heal a fellow Sakh's wounds in a heartbeat, he could manipulate the weather when he sacrificed a fellow Sakh, and he was said to be able to enter people's dreams freely. Not only that, he was gifted in alchemy, and was best known for turning large stones into deadly weapons made of pure diamond. He did some wonderful things, but to get on his nice list, one had to believe that he was the supreme god of Crownen.

    And so it was a race--who would reach the Sword first? Maia and Katami guided their chosen along, bending the elements to their favour, clashing their powers when their chosen got too close together, threatening the chosen of the other. It was an epic race indeed, and the tales of it are still told today... but in the end, it turned out that Satani and Mornain reached opposite sides of the Temple at the same time. This temple would stage their epic battle...

    ...Or not. A battle would have started, but then Satani did something rather odd. Taking a step backwards, she said to Mornain,

    "Mornain. I can see this Sword has the very power to change the course of Crownen to the desires of its owner. I can think of several good uses for this sword if it passes into my hands. However, I do not need such a power. One does not need a sword accursed as this to arouse peace in this world. You, Mornain, may take the Sword if you so desire, but be aware of the karmic impacts that arise from your use of it."

    Mornain stopped to think for a moment. For what seemed like a very long time, he and Satani stood in silence, facing each other with the Sword between them. Then, with a smirk on his face, Mornain grabbed the Sword, plunging it into Satani's chest. Satani died, and with her, so did the Merelda dynasty which would have continued had Maia gotten her way. Even the Star Knights lost a bit of their power; they held a grand funeral for the fallen queen, and were on their own without protection from then on.

    As for Mornain, after he killed Satani and licked her blood off the Sword, he laughed. And then he laughed some more. And his laughter rose into great bellows. That laughter became an evil power spreading throughout Crownen in the years afterward. The Sakh, who were overyjoyed by the presence of the Sword, multiplied and came out of hiding, seizing the heart of Crownen. They hired many a sorcerer and assassin to do their bidding, and sent orders to kill anyone who did not see Mornain as Crownen's supreme god. Their first targets were the elves, who they also found to be very tasty when killed.

    But even with Mornain's reign spreading like butter across a cob of corn, there were many who opposed Mornain's strategy for creating "the perfect world". Foremost among these people were none other than the Star Knights, struggling to keep Satani and Maia's wishes alive. There was a grand battle at one point--the Battle of Starfall, waged on opposite sides of the Wolfsbane River. The Knights were able to defeat a good chunk of the Sakh, but there is a reason why the battle was called Starfall. In the end the Star Knights fell, to the larger army of the Sakh, and even to the terrible sorcery of Mornain himself. Four of them died, one of whom was Parth, Satani's son. The remaining three retreated, never to be seen again.

    Not even the next king of Crownen was any help. With Parth dead, King Ben took the throne, having been Satani's advisor and financial manager in the past. However, he refused to support the Star Knights, instead gathering a more conventional army of his own. These soldiers patrolled around Crownen, collecting taxes, fining people who didn't carry out ordinances, raining on any parade or festival that was held without Ben's permission, shutting down inns and taverns, dragging the village wizards to prison for "talking nonsense", even murdering women who were unfaithful or unloyal to their husbands. Playing music in the streets became a punishable offense. Alcohol consumption became illegal. Women were not allowed to take most jobs and were required to give all their money to their husbands. Most fortune-tellers were fired for speculating on the king's evils. It was a time of unrest indeed.

    To make matters worse, Ben became enlightened by Mornain and his followers, convinced that Mornain's miracles were the key to Crownen's success. He even welcomed Mornain's followers as allies to his army. Under this rule, and the combined army, the number of outside invasions from across the sea went to practically zero--all outsiders stained the ocean with their own blood before they could even get a chance to set foot in Crownen. King Ben convinced people that this was a definite improvement over the Star Knights, who were not numerous enough to keep out all invaders and eliminate crime. True, the crime rate in Crownen dropped as well, and all sorts of criminals were harshly punished in the new prison Ben's henchmen constructed. Crownen became a "safe place to live in", at least according to Ben and those who adored him, which was slowly becoming most folk of Crownen.

    As for the many people who were outraged by King Ben's new rules, and fearful of Mornain's conquest of Crownen, what were they to do? With the Star Knights gone, Satani dead, and a king who would not listen to them, who were they to turn to? Throughout this time a few rebel groups rose up, but Ben's army and the Sakh made quick work of them before they could grow. The only thing they could do was try to keep the happiness in their villages going, and hold festivals as usual which they would shut down upon the army's arrival. Hope was dying.

    ...Or was it? Though Crownen was on a definite road to chaos, one place remained relatively untouched. Avalon was the one refuge from the unrest in the land, because the magical border around the island kept the Sakh and Ben's soldiers out. For years these armies tried to break through the border, but to no avail. The sad part, though, was that many of the hordes of people desperate for help were unable to enter as well, for the wise spirit who created that border knew that Avalon was not meant to hold people plagued with revenge and despair. Only those true of heart, as that spirit would say, were able to make it through the border.

    Then one day, out of Avalon flew a raven named Ezra, who traveled around Crownen carrying several letters. Though Ezra was blind, she belonged to an old wizard named Sisturnia, who was her psychic sight into the world. Ezra saw right into the hearts of every individual she met, and after the trip around Crownen, she reported back to Sisturnia, informing her of the worthy recipients of the letters. Each of these letters told the recipient to meet Sisturnia in Avalon, where they would be allowed to enter. At her residence, they would discuss a plan to hopefully stop Mornain from taking complete control of Crownen...


    The RPG

    You, fellow RPers, are the recipients of Sisturnia's letters. It has been forty years since Satani's death, and ten years since the formation of the king's growing army. Sisturnia needs your help against the evil forces stirred up by Mornain, the evil overlord who wields the Sword of Destiny. Now is the time to act, before a new Crownen brainwashed by the new ordinances and rulings recently set up is born. Please refer to the signup sheet at the bottom of this post before signing up.

    The following section consists of information about the land of Crownen. It's not required reading, but it might help you with your signup.


    The Land of Crownen

    Name any creature from any fantasy, legend, myth, etc--chances are that Crownen has it. There are humans, elves, dwarves, catpeople, half-dragons (and full dragons, though they're not civilised), trolls, merpeople, werewolves, flying spaghetti monsters... just kidding on the last one. There are even a few small dinosaurs in Crownen. You can also make up races here, as long as they fit the fantasy theme (e.g. they can't be aliens from another planet). Also, in case you're low on ideas or not used to a fantasy RPG, I will now provide a sampling of races that exist in Crownen (which include a couple I made up). However, your characters are by no means restricted to these.

    Humans -- The most common race in Crownen. Known to be the most versatile as far as location, abilities, and cultures go of any race--in fact, most races in Crownen are based off of them. They're also one of the races who claims to have inhabited Crownen first, along with the Elves and the Sakh. But this is not an anime-based RPG, so please don't create human characters with pink hair and red eyes and such, unless you have a very good, non Mary Sue-ish reason to do so.

    Elves -- You would expect elves to exist in a fantasy world, right? The main elfin community in Crownen is in the wing, but some elves are scattered throughout the rest of Crownen. Now, different authors have different opinions on the characteristics of elves. In this RPG in the very least, elves are generally about the same size as or just a little smaller than humans, with lighter builds, lighter-coloured and smoother skin, and longer lifespans. Elves inhabiting Crownen typically live to be about 500 years old, and an elf is usually considered elderly by 400. An elf between 100 and 200 years old would be considered a teenager or older child. Most elves are agile yet fragile, and their culture emphasizes a strong bond with nature. Out of all the races, they have the biggest rivalry with the Sakh, probably because the Sakh consider them "tasty".

    Faeries -- It seems that many people have different opinions on how big faeries are, but in this RPG, they're quite small, the size of most birds, and their wings are based off of insect wings, leaves, or even flower petals. Out of all the races of Crownen, faeries have the strongest affinity for magic, but are the least adept with weaponry. They also have a rather skittish nature, usually fleeing at the first sign of negativity. Thus very few of them would venture anywhere near the Sakh or the king's armies or even the pirates in the head of Crownen. Faeries in Crownen are mostly rather short-lived, living about thirty or so years, but they also are born fully mature, out of flowers or trees or special initiation ceremonies performed by other faeries. Though some spend all their lives on their own, many live in small families which are usually headed by a queen and/or king. They tend not to mingle with the other races, but sometimes will act as guides.

    Half (insert animal name here)s -- It is true that some inhabitants of Crownen have animal characteristics, leading to things like catpeople and half-dragons (which are often characterised by their magical talents and little dragon wings on their backs) and centaurs (half-horses) and even things like "bunny people" who are covered in fur and have very rabbit-like faces and hands and tails. Then there are half-birds, also known as harpies, who have wings for arms and very bird-like feet. There are male harpies, but they look more like angels judging by their very human-like appearance with feathery wings on their backs. Merpeople also exist here, but... they have a hard time traveling on land. There are also hybrids of... well, practically any animal one can think of.

    Were-creatures -- Likewise, there are people of any race who transform into various animals under certain circumstances. The most common are werewolves of course, who transform only during the full moon, and often into full wolves in Crownen. Some keep their sense of self while transformed (depending on the animal); some don't. If your character is a were-creature, make sure he or she can transform into only one kind of animal.

    Lions -- In Crownen, lions are considered to be civilised creatures! It's weird that the dragons are not... The lions of Crownen look very much like the ones you're all familiar with, except they can be as big as horses, especially if they're higher up in their hierarchy. Solarius, the current King of the Lions, is a fearsome creature indeed, big as two horses and with a regal air about him that intimidates most who find themselves in his presence. Male lions often have very decorated and varicoloured manes, and even lionesses have varying earthy fur tones and like to wear jewellery and other accessories. The lions tend to be a very arrogant race, and will not accept other races into the Pandrean Desert, their main territory and location of their single kingdom. They cannot wield weapons nor are very good with magic, preferring to use their own physical strength for fighting and self-defense. They are also known to not fall ill easily and are less susceptible to poison. And yes, they are perfectly able to talk--in fact, lions often hold massive prayer sessions, from where ominous chanting in Latin could be heard. But the lions do not often speak that language regularly unless they want to exchange secret information amongst themselves.

    Gnomes and dwarves -- I mention them here because people often get them confused. Gnomes are shorter and stouter (and a bit stronger) than humans are, but have roughly the same lifespan. Dwarves are the same, though less likely to be as stocky. As a result, they're sometimes called halflings as well. Out of all the races of Crownen, gnomes are the most renowned for their weaponry, and thus ore mines and smith shops are often occupied mainly by gnomes. Dwarves tend to make better farmers and handymen, and known to be the most practical and business-savvy of all the races. Both races tend to not like to live in forests or wet places. Both tend to prefer caves and mountains, and fields and cities in the case of the dwarves.

    Giants and trolls -- Another pair of races that often get mixed up. Giants are simply larger versions of humans (they can be between eight and twenty feet tall), and while they famously have stocky builds much like gnomes, this is not always the case. They tend to live alone or in small groups of friends that barely know each other, and have few enemies, Sakh included. They're not very numerous in Crownen, and don't typically like to interact with other races, though they have been known to spontaneously save the lives of smaller folk who venture close to their territory. Speaking of territory, giants aren't very territorial--they only kick someone out of their location (which changes quite frequently) when someone's clearly violating their privacy. Giants are usually found wandering around mountains and forests, hardly ever out in the open. Trolls have roughly the same habitats and lifestyles, and are about the same size as giants, but they have tougher skin and are much less intelligent, to the point where they're not even considered civilized. Both are tough and good at handling large weapons like hammers and clubs (clumsily in the troll's case), but are the least agile of any of the races. I'll have to ban trolls here simply because they are easily provoked into a fight and typically cannot distinguish friends from enemies. Not to mention we have rules against trolls on these forums in general, ha ha ha.

    Pipsians (PIP-shuns) -- This is a race unique to Crownen, and it was rumoured to be the race that led to the belief that witches fly on broomsticks. Pipsians always have some sort of large item that they can fly on, whether it is a broomstick, a staff, a giant spoon... One even flew on a big, slender oil lamp. They tend to be about the same size as elves, but are a very diverse race appearance wise--they range from looking very human-like to more like animal hybrids. Pipsians are known for appearing young even when they're old (they have about the same lifespan as humans do), and for being light and delicate much like elves are. But they don't have the pointy ears characteristic of elves, for one thing, and they vary more in figure and skin colour. Pipsians hardly ever use weapons save for the occasional knife, but are usually very good with making a quick getaway and in some cases, illusion magic. Many are spellcasters as well, though they differ from human wizards and sorcerers in that they very, very rarely have incantations for them--they are less powerful but can be cast instantly. They're also the least likely race to have their magic concentrated in one element.

    Dragons -- There are several different kinds of dragons in Crownen, pretty much every kind imaginable. There are wyverns, which tend to be smaller and lack hind legs. There are sea dragons which resemble magnificent serpents. There's even a kind of dragon unique to Crownen called the draclyn--these are about the size of a snake and have two large flippers on their sides. They are abundant on the eastern coast and make popular pets. But dragons of all shapes and sizes lurk around Crownen, all over the place. Now, although it is true that dragons are just as intelligent as the civilised folk of Crownen, they have their own wild nature, and cannot speak any of their languages. Because of these complications, nobody can have a dragon as their main character--though they can have one as a pet (see FAQ's and Rules).

    Vampires -- In Crownen, vampires are simply dead bodies of any race who retain just a bit of their essence, thus becoming a deadly killer with little or no self-control. There have been some stories of vampires who manage to get along well with other people and live civilized lives, but that is very rare. The Sakh have at times employed some as assassins--they tend to be easy to manipulate. But because of the general danger vampires present to anyone they are around, I'll have to say that nobody can sign up as a vampire. I'm just mentioning them here just in case there comes a time when our characters encounter them.

    Sakh -- Nobody who signs up can have a Sakh character, because these are the bad guys. As briefly mentioned in the plot, the Sakh look human-like for the most part, but their hair and eyes can be of any color on the visible spectrum, and is often puffy or spiky in appearance. Their eyes look very reptilian, with slits instead of round pupils. They also have two horns on their heads which are often short and/or decorated with personal ornaments. Some of them have fangs as well, and many have dragon wings of various small sizes. They also have clawed feet and arrow-tipped tails, making them look very devil-like. And strangely enough, the Sakh seem to be an all-male race; no female Sakh has ever been seen. Like humans, the Sakh have a variety of abilities and occupations, but they have a strong sense of community and working for the greater collective good. Not to mention they all worship Mornain like a god. And this is the only race which is completely absent in Avalon.

    Technology: Wait--what technology? Oh, you mean computers? Nope, sorry, you geeks, no computers here. Crownen has never experienced anything like an Industrial Revolution, so that means... Well, there are no factories, no machines, no telephones, no lightbulbs, and no guns (except the simple things like rifles and cannons). If it didn't exist in pre-Sauron Middle Earth, it probably won't exist here. Remember this is a fantasy RP.

    Geography: (in terms of the bird shape of Crownen)

    Head--Consists of mostly flat land, and inhabited by nearly every sort of species in existence, although humans and the occasional gnome or dwarf seem to be the most populous. This place is mostly known for its marketplace, its fortunetellers, and its supposed safe haven for ne'er-do-wells... Oh, and the beak is a huge seaport, and everyone from sea dragons to pirates come to visit. Nowadays this area is the only place where outsiders can safely arrive, the folk from the mysterious lands beyond the sea. The Sakh seem to not have much influence here, but the king's soldiers have been patrolling around here more often lately, often for the purposes of ending parties and petty thefts and other forms of mayhem. That's not to say that those things don't still happen though.

    Chest--The most diverse area of Crownen--basically a mixed pot where basically anyone can feel at home. Name a geographical feature of this area--the chest of Crownen has it. But this is the most dangerous area at this point, for at the "heart"--a cave in a range of rocky hills--is the lair of the Sakh. Many of those the Sakh have recruited reside in the chest, and thus it is very dangerous to live here. One has to at least pretend to worship Mornain in order to do so.

    Body--Separated from the feet by the spacious Samadan Forest in the south, separated from the wing and chest by the Wolfsbane River in the northwest... okay, enough about borders. This area contains the vast Grand Plains, which are dotted with several little villages, but there are marshes and little woods here and there and... Ah, forget about it. Create anything except mountains and huge lakes here. The villages in the Grand Plains are scattered about haphazardly, making it hard for non-residents to find some of them. Some villages have so far remained untouched by evil influences; others have been Sakh outposts; others have been destroyed completely.

    Wing--The wing of Crownen is known for its large, lush forests and mountains with caves and temples underneath, said to be enchanted by faeries. Even the marshes here are very beautiful. Although the wing is mainly inhabited by elves (it helps that it's cut off from the rest of Crownen by the large Sentinel Mountains to the south), the elves welcome visitors of any race--except Sakh of course. In recent years, the elves set up their own form of border patrol, questioning those who wish to enter the wing and instantly killing any Sakh who ventures near. This was done as the result of another battle that took place long ago, while the Sakh were first expanding their territory. Their numbers were still small at the time, so the inhabitants of the wing, an elf-led warrior clan, was able to finally defeat the invading Sakh. However, a couple of their border cities were destroyed in the process.

    Foot--Hmm, this foot's pretty big for a bird like this. There are a few villages here and there, but this area mostly consists of the quiet, sunny Morning Star Forest in the centre, separated from the darker Samadan Forest in the north by the Nightwing Lake, residence of a clan of harpies. The Pandrean Desert in the south is a lions' paradise, the Grey Mountains extending to the northeast, well... Be creative here. Mornain's forces and even the army didn't dare to venture south of the Samadan, save for a few messenger soldiers and small groups of Sakh, so this is a relatively peaceful area, albeit not very populous.

    Tail--A meadowy and hilly region which contains the royal palace, where the current King Ben resides, his army and his prisoners not too far away. But the rest of the tail contains some pleasant scenery, not to mention almost as many farms as the body of Crownen. The most populous and famous city in the tail, right behind the royal palace, is Castle Hill. This used to be a very prosperous city, but when Ben became king, he declared Castle Hill to be his new army base, evacuating the women and children and elderly to other places, and forcing the young men to join his army. He also declared a monopoly on the farms, and shut down the huge farmer's market that took place weekly near Castle Hill. Cities and towns further away from the palace still hold smaller versions of this, but they're under strict regulation by the king's army. Fortunately, though, no Sakh bother visiting the tail, so the elf population there has risen recently.

    Rear--Basically the eastern coast of Crownen--I'll let you decide what's along the southern half of this coast. But just under the tail is the Holy Land, a string of churches and homes and such. Each church practices a different religion, thus this becomes a place for one to explore different faiths. Or at least it used to--each of those churches are slowly being converted to "Sakhism".

    Egg--Not really part of Crownen (I certainly didn't create it), but still important. This is the one and only sacred island of Avalon, where King Arthur was said to be buried long ago. It's a peaceful place, inhabited by several wizards and priests, dotted by many small temples and other sacred spaces. The "eggshell" acts like a border around this island, keeping all those of evil intention out. I expect a very good signup from anyone whose character is from Avalon.

    Outside of Crownen--This time I will not allow characters to come from outside of Crownen, because they might bring technologies with them that will distract us from the story. Besides, the Sakh and the king's army have adopted very strict laws regarding immigration, basically outlawing it altogether.


    The Signup Form (Signups are still open)

    Name: Any combination of names people can call your character is fine.

    Age: If your race's lifespan is way different from a human's, also put what human age you character's age corresponds to--which can be something vague like "teen" or "middle age".

    Gender: I'm assuming most races have one.

    Race: If you make up a race, be sure to describe it.

    Appearance: Please don't make this just a list. I expect just enough for people to get a good mental image of what your character looks like, not something vague like "wears all black".

    Personality: This field will be especially important in this RPG, as our characters will do a lot of traveling together. Include how your character acts in social and challenging situations, some of their likes and dislikes, what some of their hopes and wishes are, and their strengths and weaknesses. This is a bit to cover, so I expect at least two paragraphs on it.

    History: When writing this, keep in mind that all outsiders have to have arrived in Crownen more than ten or so years ago (because of the army's border patrol) and that Ezra gave you the letter. This isn't as important as the Personality, but can be a good place to describe your character's motives and background and such.

    Equipment: A list of the items your character carries around. The basic necessities of life--extra clothing and food and such--are given, so only include the stuff that people would not normally carry around. If your character has a weapon, especially if he or she uses it as their main form of self-defense, it's a good idea to include its appearance and any special abilities or characteristics it might have. But if the weapon is your character's key to a good variety of intricate abilities (i.e. if it's a magical weapon like a wand or a staff), it would be better to explain those abilities in the Abilities section.

    Abilities: Yes, it is possible that some characters can do wonderful fantastical things, ranging from spellcasting to being able to transform into an otter. You get the idea... but try not to make your character invincible. Try to be descriptive in this field, especially if your character has magical abilities (i.e. don't say something vague like "fire magic"). If your character is a were-creature, this is the place to describe the conditions of the transformation.

    Other: Here's where you put anything else that does not fit into the above categories. If your character has a pet or an important goal having nothing to do with the plot, this is the place to describe it.


    FAQ's and Rules

    Why is Manaphy Mare pretending to accept me as if he's the GM?
    He's not pretending. He's the co-GM, so he has the authority to accept/deny people and handle certain NPC's and such.

    Can my character have a pet?
    Yes--it's not a rare sight to see someone with a little furry or feathery friend. But only one is allowed, and let's not travel with something that could kill and eat a person if it wanted to, or that's bigger than a horse. This even applies to dragons--only small ones are allowed. The big and powerful ones are tameable only by specially trained dragon lords, who are few and far between here.

    Can I RP more than one character?
    Yes, but no more than three.

    Can I have the same race, ability, etc. as another character?
    I would prefer a little variety here, but if you have your reasons, it's okay.

    How many people will be accepted into the RPG?
    I think one of the reasons why the RPG died last time was because I accepted too few people, and kept the signups open for only two days. This time I won't place a limit on how many people will be accepted--we can always split up into groups and whatnot.

    Can I sign up after the RPG has started?
    Yes, as long as signups are still open. It's always possible that some of Sisturnia's correspondents arrived in Avalon late.

    What if all the spots are taken?
    Be patient. Reservations can expire, members can be kicked out due to breaking the forum rules, and people can drop out due to real-life circumstances. When that happens, I will re-open the signups.

    Can I reserve a spot?
    This time I won't be taking general reserves. Only reserve a spot if you know that your signup will take more than a few days to complete. At some point when the RPG starts to fill up, I will post a warning telling everyone who's still interested to reserve a spot--this means that I'm about to close the signups.

    Where can I ask questions about the RPG?
    Last time I was successfully able to get a discussion thread up. I'm not sure if we're allowed to use the same discussion thread for two versions of an RPG (we may need a new one), but I'll get that sorted out soon enough. For now you can just post your questions here, or VM me or Manaphy Mare (though if you have a question about Crownen in general, it's better to ask me, since I know more about it).


    What's Different from Last Time

    This is for all of you who joined or tried to join the last version of this RPG (which I posted exactly a year ago, oddly enough).

    • Sign-ups will be open longer. Last time, I had signups open for only two days! Can you believe it? I'll be accepting more people into the RPG as well, if there are more signups that is.
    • We will start at a different point in the plot. Last time, we started off by having everyone travel to Avalon from wherever they live in Crownen. This time, I'll just have the first post be the meeting with Sisturnia.
    • I won't play a character. Remember Satsuma? She won't exist in this version. I'll just be controlling important NPC's like Sisturnia, and villains like Mornain and King Ben and their underlings.
    • I'm not the only one running things. Manaphy Mare, the co-GM, will have the power to accept and deny people just like I can, and might occasionally control some otherwise uncontrollable NPC's. I figure this will help if I'm ever away for a time.

    And with that, let the signups begin!
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  2. Universe Chaser

    Universe Chaser Trust me, I'm a cop.

    You said to reserve if the SU would take a while (of course, I may have misread this). That being said, I'd like a reserve, and even if you're not taking any, an SU will be up as soon as I can.
  3. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    The signups will go like this:

    1. Everyone can sign up, and you only need to reserve if you know you'll be gone for a long time (i.e. you're going on vacation) and won't be able to check back on this thread.

    2. After a bunch of people have signed up, I will warn everyone that the RPG will start soon. At that point, everyone who's still interested will be encouraged to make a reservation and post their signups within a few days.

    3. I will start the RPG and no longer take reserves.

    4. People can continue to sign up late as long as I allow it.

    Glad to see you're interested though!
  4. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    Alright. First, I would like to mention that in addition to a diversity among the various races, I would also like to encourage a diversity of archetypes. Now I won't deny people for having similar personalities, but I would like to encourage using different personalities. I won't speak for my co-GM, but I'd rather not have a cast filled with shrinking violets, ditzes, etc. Second, unlike my co-GM I will have my own character in addition to the various NPC's that we will encounter.

    Name: Opal Aither

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Harpy

    Opal stands at a medium-short height and is often thought to be younger. His build is slender and athletic, much like a cross country star or a sprinter. He has a slight tan with no visible acne. His jaw-length hair is a bright, orangish-pink that can only be described as strawberry-daiquiri-blond and usually pulled back into a topknot or left to just fall as it is. His ears come to an elf-like point. His face is moderately long, yet a little rounded with high cheekbones and smooth cheeks. His eyebrows are fairly thin when compared to his peers. The expression that is usually adorning his face is calm and regal. His features seem to by fairly sharp and pointed. All aside from his nose, that is. His nose is actually quite petite and comes to a rounded, slightly upturned point. Any person who peers into his jade eyes will see a soul that wishes for peace. Unlike most male harpies his wings and arms are the same appendage, which tends to give him a feminine appearance; however he still has hands at the end of his forearm, albeit with talon-like nails and a continuation of his wings. The feathers of his wings are a soft, silver color with the snowy-white down occasionally showing through.

    Opal's typical wardrobe consists of a sleeveless yukata that is patterned to resemble the typical robes of a white mage. The yukata itself is pure white with red, inwardly-pointing triangles at the armholes and the hem. His obi is also white with scarlet embroidery and a single badge. The badge itself takes the shape of his family's crest; the general shape is a shield with the images of a rod and a sword, both with wing-like acents at the swords handguard and the rod's top, crossing. His bottoms are a pair of white, skin-tight pants that seem to resemble bicylclist's shorts, albeit they're silk as opposed to spandex. His talon-like feet are adorned with simple sandals.

    Personality: Opal acts with a calm, yet cheerful, demeanor. He can usually think on his feet, and get himself, and his friends out of many sticky situations. In addition he is sweet and gentle towards others, often proving to be a true friend to those in need. Though Opal is quite intelligent, this often isolates him. In addition he is also quite shy and introverted around others he doesn’t know. Opal doesn’t know much about interacting with others which only adds to his quiet nature. It is all of these factors that make him come across as more pompous or aloof than he truly is. Once he comes out of his shell, however, Opal is much more energetic, albeit still incredibly soft spoken and still holds himself with a regal demeanor. Opal is generally sweet and gentle around others. Overall he is emotionally weak; it takes very little for him to burs into tears. Despite his intelligence he is not pompous or aloof, but rather humble and down-to-earth. He tends to be very formal and well mannered. Apollo has one major vice: sweets. His favorite happens to be chocolate.

    Don’t let Opal’s innocence fool you; he is actually quite an intelligent young man. Indeed he does inadvertently hide his intelligent, perceptive side with his rather ditzy demeanor. He may be energetic and talkative, sometimes to an annoying extent, but he also has a surprising insight to the way people act and can easily pick up on ulterior motives and hidden agendas rather quickly. He is known to be quite pure hearted, always thinking of others before himself. Another notable personality trait of Opal’s is his aversion to “making waves” when in a group of people; he will even say something contrary to his opinions if it means everyone else gets along.

    Opal may be calm and diplomatic when the situation calls for it, but that does not mean he has his own little tics and quirks that indicate various emotions. The first, and easily most prominent, is when he brushes his bangs behind his ear; this is often an indication that there is something troubling him. Another of his little quirks is more a display of confusion than anything else; he has a habit of tilting his head to the side when things don't quite make sense to him. This quirk is often an indicator that there is more to the situation than is being indicated or some of the evidence for a situation doesn't add up. In addition to this he has a tendency to rub the back oh his head when he feels a situation is incredibly awkward, especially if he has a weak smile while doing so. The last of his major tics is when he crosses his arms. If his wings are folded in, then it is an indicator that he is thinking about something. If his wings are extended, however, he has more than likely figured something out or come up with a solution.

    History: Opal was born earlier than expected, by human standards it would be thought of as being born three months early, and was fairly frail and sickly as an early child. However he had been fortunate enough to have been born into a prominent Harpy clan near Nightwing Lake that most Harpies revered, and sill revere, as their royal family. As a child he felt out of place with his older brother, Seraph, making himself known to be an incredible warrior and his younger sister, Morgan, proving to be an adept mistress of the elemental arts. Soon, however, he discovered that he had several unique abilities. First he discovered he was incredibly gifted in the healing artes as well as use of the element of light. Soon after that he took up the bow and, after hitting several bullseyes in a row, learned about his impeccable aim. Fortunately Morinan and the Sakh have paid little attention to the society; however his parents are beginning to fear that circumstances will soon change. He has recently received a letter from a wizard who calls herself Sisturnia requesting his help in defeating Morinan, and by extension the Sakh.

    Equipment: Opal’s equipment consists of a white oak longbow with a quiver full of arrows and a white oak rod that is roughly 3/8 of his height and topped with the carving of an outstretched bird's wing.

    Abilities: Opal is incredibly gifted with healing and buffing magics. He can easily reverse most any nonfatal wound, albeit the more severe wounds take more energy. As for buffing, his spells can easily make his target two times stronger than usual, three if he can concentrate fully on the spellwork. In addition to this he is a fairly skilled light elemental and can form barriers that are capable of blocking out most attacks. Another skill of note is his impeccable eyesight and accuracy which have led to him being well known for his archery prowess; some say he could hit a running mouse from 200 yards away. In addition to all of these skills is his capability to fly for moderate distances.

    Other: Opal has a pet deer that he sometimes refers to as his “elegant steed” and has been known to act arrogantly at times.

    Manaphy Mare: Opal Aither (Harpy) Rosa Megami (Lilyara)
    TheSequelReturns: Silva Hettan (Naga), Merci Celestia (Angel), and Tomoyo Hazuki (Harionago)
    Neo Pikachu: Kaxo "Skylily" Dyrakas (Lilyara)
    Slipomatic: Alvara Roma (Dragoon)
    Niihyl: Gemini (Arqabuamelu)
    Ryodragonite: Vega Renko (Werewolf)
    Floorman: David Tawnye (Half-elf)
    *Jean Grey*: Emilia "Mia" Diamante (Succubus)
    DVB: Diego Vendrix (Blue-moon-type "evolved" werewolf)
    Grassmaster411: Bronson (Elephant)

    Universe Chaser (no access for a week)
    Deltakumori4 (RP soon to start)
    Hotshot (RP soon to start)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2011
  5. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Well, as promised, I'm here to re-join the fun. I may make a third character this time around if I have the time, but otherwise Silva and Merci are back.


    Name: Silva Hettan

    Age: 18 (Around 25 or so in human years)

    Gender: Female

    Race: Naga (Half-Human, Half-Snake)

    Appearance: Silva happens to be a bit of a tomboy, and as such her appearance isn't exactly what you’d call girly. Then again, she still manages to have a bit of an attractive figure but she’s not the type to even pay attention to how she presents herself. Her blood-red hair is cut a bit shorter than shoulder length, but her bangs are a bit long. However, her hair is always messy, and usually spiked up a bit, especially around the sides or in the back. The bangs tend to kind of stick up naturally. Her eyes are an emerald green color, and always seem to shine brightly since she’s so fired up all the time. She has tanned skin, something close to the result of sunbathing often, although her skin is normally that shade.

    Silva is energetic and confidant, and her expression is always broadcasting that fact loud and clear. When she is grinning, smiling, or other wise having her mouth open you can see the two fangs she has on the top row of teeth, her canines to be exact. Sort of like a larger version of vampire fangs, these two fangs are not only long and sharp, but can be used to inject venom with a bite as well. She even has a slightly longer tongue than a normal human, but thankfully it lacks the fork of a snake’s. Her muscles are well toned, but far from bulging, and of course, she only has a human upper body. Right around belly button level, her human half ends and her snake half begins. The scales in that transition area seem to just blend over the skin before becoming her skin. Her scales are a purplish color on top, slightly changing shade from a reddish purple on her back to more of a violet on her sides. The underbelly of her snake half is a dull blue that fades to a pale yellowish color on the very bottom.

    Having the lower body of a giant snake has its advantages, such as only having to buy clothes for your upper body. Silva’s only real article of clothing is a tough but slightly worn leather top. It looks more or less like a tube top designed for battle, and is actually detailed with all sorts of line designs and patterns, but Silva could really care less about the fashion appeal so long as it does what it needs to do, namely act as clothing as well as some form of defense. Her only other accessory are the stone bracelets she wears on each wrist. They both look about the same, and each are made from strings of little polished pebbles of all shapes and colors.

    Personality: As mentioned earlier, Silva is a bit of a tomboy. She is always ready to fight, and while she isn’t one to pick fights she will gladly answer a threat with a punch. She is brash and confidant in pretty much any given situation, and as a result is often bragging or making threats at anyone who seems like they might need to hear it, which is pretty much everyone that doesn’t respect her or Merci (especially Merci). Silva is fiercely protective of the little Angel, and seems to treat herself as Merci’s bodyguard, voice, agent, or whatever is needed at the time. As a result, Silva can occasionally come off as a bit motherly, but telling her so will result in physical retaliation and swift denial on her part.

    Silva is a Naga, and as such she has a tendency to behave in a snake-like fashion from time to time, such as swallowing her food whole, excessive licking, or staring at people (especially in the eyes). She even enjoys sunbathing, and getting her out of the sun on a cold day is nearly impossible. In addition, she hates the cold with a passion, and will flat out refuse to go anywhere chilly. She also can’t stand it when she meets someone who is just as confidant and headstrong as she is, especially if they can back it up. On the other hand, she loves warm sunny places and isn’t fazed by hot weather at all. She enjoys eating (even though a big meal will last her a few days) and can smell a fresh cut of meat from a good distance if she’s hungry. She also enjoys a good friendly brawl as well as any kind of competition.

    Silva doesn’t really think much of the future, she tends to keep her thoughts limited to today. As a result, she doesn’t have any long term plans for herself, and can often be caught off guard by sudden changes in the day to day flow of things. The only thing she really wishes for is a peaceful life where she can relax and have some fun. That’s really all she expects or wants out of life.

    History: Silva’s family is from the “foot” area of Crownen. Her clan lives deep in the Pandrean Deseret in a series of villages nestled between the dunes anywhere there is a water supply. Silva, like many of her kind, enjoys arid climates, and as such the harsh heat of the desert that is often despised by other races is comforting and homely to her. While most Nagas were content to spend their days relaxing in the desert sun, Silva like a few other youngsters of her kind, was growing bored with the plain landscape and lack of adventure and excitement. Together with a few of her friends, she set off out of town around two years ago. Her parents didn’t think too much of it, as it was common for younger Nagas to want to head out into the world, and since Silva happened to be the only one of her seven siblings to want an adventurous life, her parents had no problems with letting her head out with the others.

    Their group started off with five members. As they progressed further and further from their home village, they eventually started to part ways. One decided to back out before they even got out of the desert. Another found a nice harpy girl and decided to stay with her. And so on and so forth, until Silva found herself continuing on alone. She didn’t mind at first. She was the fastest traveler in the group anyway, so the less people to slow her down the better right? Or so she thought. Eventually, she started to get a little lonely traveling all by herself. It wasn’t too long after she started considering heading back that she happened into a small village in the “rear” area of Crownen.

    It was here that she stumbled upon a strange sight. The village was tiny, but that wasn't what was strange about it. The village seemed to have been abandoned, as if everyone just got up and left. There were a few damaged buildings and signs of conflict here and there, but for the most part it didn’t look as if there had been much of a serious battle here. That was until she heard the crying. Curious, Silva followed the soft sobs to the only destroyed building in town, the church. The ruins of the church showed that it had obviously been burned to the ground not too long ago, but the crying seemed to be coming from inside the charred and burned ruins. Silva entered to find a small figure huddled up and crying softly in the corner. The white-winged figure seemed to be all alone, the last being in the whole town. Silva approached her, and after to several attempts to earn her trust was eventually able to convince the girl that she meant no harm.

    The girl’s name was Merci, and she was an Angel. Apparently, she had been “appointed” to look over this church, and yet she had been unable to protect it, or rather that was what Silva was able to gather from Merci’s rushed explanation as the little Angel spoke between her sobs. Silva told her that it was alright, that she wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to her anymore. Merci finally stopped crying, and after a moment reached out and gave Silva a hug, finally cheered up after crying for so long. Since that day, the two have traveled together, and are practically inseparable. Silva thought that their mostly carefree days would last forever, at least until she received a special letter from a certain raven. After much deliberation, Silva decided to head out for Avalon, to see just what this letter was all about. Of course, whatever happened, Merci would be at her side the whole way.

    Equipment: Silva’s only formal weapons are a pair of spiked knuckles. The thin metal strips slide on over her fingers, and when she makes a fist her fist then ends in four inch-long metal spikes, each sharp enough to easily pierce through bone with a good swing. Thankfully, she doesn’t wear them all the time, and stores them in her small side pouch when not in a combat situation.

    Abilities: As a Naga, Silva has a easy time moving across terrain that often gives other races a hard time, such as sand, mud, or swampy areas. On the downside, she finds it hard to jump considering that she has no legs. In addition, the scales on her side are very hard an durable, and can easily block a sword or other blade if its not really sharp. While her scales provide excellent defense against cutting or slicing weapons, piercing weapons such as a spear don’t have too much trouble getting through her scales. Her tail is muscular and powerful, and a good hit from it is enough to do some damage. And last but not least, her fangs are capable of piercing a variety of tough materials and are capable of injecting venom with a good bite. Her venom isn’t anywhere near strong enough to cause death, but rather it causes a pretty painful burning sensation wherever the venom spreads in the victim’s body as well as a localized stiffness around the bite area.

    Other: Silva takes Merci’s goals as her own, since she herself is too nearsighted and lazy to come up with goals of her own. (But for your own safety, don’t tell her that).


    Name: Merci Celestia

    Age: Appears to be around 15 or 16, real age unknown.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Angel

    Appearance: Merci looks, by any meaning of the word, angelic. She has golden blond hair, with slight curls at the end but otherwise straight, that is long and flowing, going a bit past her shoulders. Despite her surroundings, her hair will always be perfectly styled in exactly the same way. Apparently, it naturally sits that way. Her eyes are a silvery blue, and positively radiate a sense of innocence and kindness with such a force as to impact the full force of her angelic charm to anyone who stares into her eyes. She has fair skin, with just the lightest of tans to avoid looking pale, while at the same time looking a bit radiant. She is thin and frail-looking, having absolutely no visible muscle tone what so ever which is about how strong she actually is. And of course, what Angel would be complete without their wings? Merci’s wings extend from her back, right around shoulder area, and are covered with snow-white feathers from the long feathers at the ends of her wings to the soft downy feathers near her shoulders. She has a decent wingspan, but her wings aren’t that big, rather they are just big enough to allow her to fly.

    Merci is a bit timid, and her expression is often one of either shyness, fear, or happiness. The third seems to be her default, but she experiences the other two quite frequently. However, there seems to be a supernatural cuteness about her, as though her certain combination of traits is exactly right for causing her to be seen as cute and adorable by any human-like (or half-human in most cases) creatures. She herself is not entirely aware of her supernatural angelic aura of cuteness and as such isn’t one to abuse it.

    For her outfit, Merci wears a fancy white dress. The dress has just enough of the top back open to allow her wings easy movement, but otherwise is far from being revealing in any way. The dress has multiple lines around the edges of the patterns, frills, and various sections of the dress, each sown with golden thread. In addition, she wears a small blue ribbon on her neck with a golden charm in the center. The charm is engraved with a cross. The dress continues down into a long skirt that goes almost all the way down to her feet. She wears white silken slippers all the time, and thanks to her wings, they almost always look clean despite their material and color. In addition, she has a set of blue ribbons in her hair, one on each side, and each of them is tied into a fancy curl without really tying up her hair. She also wears a small bead necklace on each wrist, both are made entirely from pure white beads.

    Personality: Merci is usually nothing but a little bundle of shy and timid kindness and charm with a bit of love mixed in. Seriously, she NEVER sees the downside to things. She also has a very difficult time with sarcasm, telling when someone is lying, or dealing with scary/violent things. If someone scares her, she will not hesitate to cower behind Silva, at which point the Naga will gladly confront and or beat the crap out of the person in question. Of course, Merci is usually very kindhearted, and will always try to help out someone in need, even if they are a total stranger. Its because of these qualities of hers that she is starting to become a little too dependant on Silva for support and protection, even if she herself doesn’t realize it.

    Merci can be scared easily, but it depends on the nature of the incident how she will react. If its something threatening or scary, she usually cowers in a corner or behind Silva, where as if its something embarrassing or surprising, she will often blast a burst of her magic as she freaks out. This is completely a reflex, and she can usually end up apologizing for the damage she causes as a result. Of course, with her cuteness she often tends to attract more of the later than the former. She is grateful for Silva’s protection, and usually refers to the Naga as her “Big Sis”. Despite the sheer difference in the personalities of the two, the odd pair seems to get along just fine.

    Merci absolutely loves anything romantic or cute, and will often assign nicknames, attempt to pair up others, give “romantic advice”, bake sweets when the opportunity arises, and otherwise try to brighten everyone’s day. Although, she can get a bit annoying at times since she will often jump to conclusions or get a bit carried away with her “advice”. Her wish, or rather her hope for the future, is to create a peaceful world where everyone can get along, preferably by peaceful means. Talk about setting the bar high.

    History: Merci has spent as long as she can remember keeping watch over a certain church. She has no idea who ordered her to do so, where she came from, or what she was doing before that. She doesn’t even know how long she watched over the place. However, that would all change one day. Merci was usually spending every moment near the church. She didn’t know why, but she felt that protecting it was very important. One day however, she was distracted by a butterfly. The little insect flew over and landed on her hand. Amazed at the little golden yellow bug, Merci couldn’t help but chase after it when it took off again and flew out into the fields. She spent practically all day following that butterfly (and its friends) around, picking flowers, and just generally goofing off, something she rarely did. Today however, it would have some dire consequences.

    She didn’t realize what had happened until she felt something. She felt that something was wrong, that something bad had happened. Looking up, she saw the column of smoke rising up on the horizon. Horrified, Merci took to the air and flew back to the tiny town as fast as her wings could carry her, which unfortunately for her really wasn’t all that fast. When she returned, she found the village deserted, and the church burned to the ground. Merci was devastated at her failure and the loss of the church that she felt she was supposed to protect. She fell to her knees and cried. There she sat for hours, sobbing. She felt as though her one purpose in life was gone, that she had failed at even that.

    Merci had no idea how long she sat there and cried. It could have been hours, it could have been days, but something, or rather someone, finally got her to stop. That someone was a Naga. At first Merci was terrified of this newcomer. She had never seen a creature like her before, and so it took quite some time for this newcomer to earn Merci’s trust. She introduced herself as Silva, and she said that she wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to her again, she said she would protect her. Merci stopped crying and hugged the newcomer. Finally, she felt better, finally she was able to think that maybe she hadn’t been a total failure, that maybe there was still something she could do with her life. And so, Merci has spent every day since then at Silva’s side, and the two of them are all but inseparable now.

    Equipment: Merci carries a small rosary around with her. Though it is on a chain, she rarely has it around her neck. The rosary itself looks like a cross surrounded by rings, and is made of silver. So far, the rosary has served no purpose other than a “good luck charm” for Merci.

    Abilities: Merci is an Angel, and as such has a few magic abilities. They are as follows:

    - Light Lines ~ Merci can draw lines of golden light in the air. They don’t really serve a purpose other than looking pretty, but Merci seems to like them. Unless Merci herself stays close to the lines, they will fade away after a moment. Her main use for the lines is to create a “halo” for herself that of course serves no real purpose other than being cute.

    - Holy Burst ~ With a palm-first thrust of her hands, Merci can unleash a burst of holy light that can be painful as well as blinding if done up close. Though the light is painful, it leaves no lasting physical marks on anyone who isn’t an undead or a demon or other similar unholy creature. Merci often uses a burst of this when suddenly embarrassed or surprised. However, she has trouble focusing this power in an actual combat situation.

    - Flight ~ Merci does have wings, but they are not large enough nor strong enough to give her the same flight capabilities as say a Dragon or a Harpy. Rather, she must be content to slowly hover her way through the air, and has to struggle to move at a decent pace or to get more than a few yards off of the ground. She would probably be able to fly better if she worked on her wing strength, but she's also never had the opportunity to learn proper flying techniques.

    - Holy Mark ~ A variation of her light lines, this is basically a luminous “tattoo” that she can apply to most any surface. This mark lasts for about thirty minutes or so, after which it fades away without a trace. So far, Merci has found no real use for the marks other than fun or humorous uses of course. She can totally use these marks for a variety of purposes, including healing wounds and calming a person down, but she herself has no clue that she is capable of such feats.

    - Angel’s Blessing ~ Merci is a true Angel, and as such her prayers and blessings have a tendency to have an immediate effect on her environment. The effects generally aren’t anything more than good luck can grant though, and she can’t do the impossible with them. However, this has helped her and Silva out on multiple occasions. Of course, Merci has no idea that this effect exists either, nor does Silva.

    Other: Through all her travels, there is one thing that keeps bothering her. Where is she from? Why was she guarding that church? Does she have a family? Does she have a boss? Will she ever get her memories back? Does she even have memories to get back? These problems of her lost memories keep on troubling her whenever she stops to think about it, and she hopes to find out the answers one day. In addition, her lack of knowledge with her own powers stems directly from her lost memories. To fully be able to utilize her powers, she would need proper training from a full fledged Angel or other being familiar with her powers.
  6. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    I gotta say, this looks VERY interesting. Though I do have one question. Both humans and elves are available as playable races...so could my character be the offspring of a human and an elf? A half-elf, so to speak?
  7. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    Looks awesome

    Reserve me a spot and I'll have a sign up (or maybe two) up!

    Also, for my (for now unused) fanfic, I've made a world map what slightly resembles of how you described it was. I'll link it to you in this post so you can take a look and whether you want to use it or not (I'm willing to add in stuff on the map btw).

  8. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    @Sequel: Looks like denial is just a river in Egypt for you because Sylvia and Merci are both accepted! Good to see the two of them back in action.

    @ Hotshot: Hm... I say if you can make it work, then go for it; however keep in mind the difference in lifespans and the fact that elves age much slower than humans.

    @Zandaiga: I'm not sure the map is quite what Kiruria had in mind, but she knows more about Crownen than I do. As for your reservation, you don't really need one unless you'll be gone for a while or your sign-up will take a long time to write. Good to see you're interested though.
  9. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    Name: Moltar Morter (commonly known just as Moltar)
    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half-snake. has super long fangs, a forked tongue with a good sense of smell, but not as good as a nose, and scales that protect him.

    Appearance: MOltar mainly wears a small dragon hide to protect himself, while his actual clothes are like medival guardian armor, as he used to be a defender of his village. the armor is a shining gold because he was the commander of the defenders. he does not wear a helmet. he takes off his clothes when he transforms. when he becomes moe human-like again, his armor magically appears on him. the armor does not slow Moltar down.

    Personality: Moltar is a boy with a changing personality. what personality he has depends on what his envirnment he is in. in buildings, he is very civilized and well mannered, hating nothing of the world. in grasslands and forests, he becomes a little curious, and will maul small animals from time to time. He hates rabbits, and enemys of him and his friends. he is usually seen in this state. underwater, he is the same as his grassland personality but is much more aggresive, and only fears certain sharks. lastly, in deserts, his personality changes so he is fond of heat, and hates anything that might make him cool/cold but water.

    History: Moltar was born in a distant land. He was very smart for when he turned 3, having the brains of a 14 year old. when he turned 4, his family shipped him to Cronen. If he wasn't as smart as he was then, he wouldv'e gotten eaten for sure. but because of how smart he is, he devised plans and caught things like werewolves and ate them. when he turned 9, he learned from a sacred sorcerer that his family was not human, but Half-Snake. He was also taught how to use his powers. It also explained his tongue and sharp fangs. finally, since that day, he has been living peacefully in a peaceful town, also becoming one of the village defenders.

    Equipment: Moltar carries around multiple daggers, 2 of them he uses like small swords, while others are throwig weapons. He also has a rattle shaped like a rattlesnake's tale that when he shakes, it creates a tremendous earthquake that effects only the users enemys. it works only for Moltar.

    Abilities: When Moltar turns more into a snake, he grows scales, which are invulnerable to any harm exept for his stomache. The scales are sharp, so almost anything that touches it will be cut. a human doing this will get a cut at the least of a paper cut and at the worst of like cutting your finger off. His thick scales also protect him from any weapons but magic. ice spells and fire spells will damage him the most in this state. water wont hurt him t all. his fangs create venom that can poison even other poison snakes and frogs, and even a huge elephant can die within 2 hours if not treated. lastly, his forked tongue gets bigger, allowing him to be able to roll it around most opponents. it is long enough to fit around a rhyno's waist. He also has 2 magical daggers. one is explained in other. One lets Moltar take his enemys ability's powers for a short time. it drains some of the enemy's power and energy, making it harder for the opponent to use thier attacks. depending on how big the enemy is, Moltar sucks power from them that lasts a certain amount of time. an average 6'00' human would give Moltar 20 minutes to use their powers.

    Other: Moltar has a pet bat that he flies on. It has the power to manipulate fire, ice, water, wind and lightning. It is as big as a pheinox while it is as powerful as an adult dragon. Also, with one of his daggers, he can summon 5 small magical daggers (about 1'6" long) that move on thier own to aid Moltar in battle. usually, this is a last resort. This was put in the "other" section because they listen to orders just like pets. they have names and have the powers to:

    Grimo-manipulate darkness and shadows (exept space)
    Aslim-manipulate light and some sources of heat (exept stars)
    Antom-manipulate rocks, ground, earthquakes etc. (cannot manipulate entire planet at once)
    Tanvir-manipulate wind such as tornados, hurricanes etc. (cannot maniplate air or carbon dioxide)
    Asguardian-The most powerful, can manipulate anything needing electricity and even lightning itself
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    Deciding to test out a supporting character and race I had actually intended for a future fantasy novel. The RP's storyline (which is pretty awesome) creates a really unique and interesting setting for it, so I thought I'd give it a shot, especially since the RP seems pretty open and lenient as far as races go. Not to mention my two other RPs seem to be fading out...

    Name: Kaxo "Skylily" Dyrakas

    Age: 54 years (27 in human years of age)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Lilyara

    The Lilyara are a small race of flower-based humanoids that have green skin and stand just as tall as humans do. Surrounding their waist is a bell-shaped skirt of large, overlapping flower petals that come out of their waist and bend down to lightly touch the ground. Meanwhile, a "belt" of rainbow-colored lily flowers surround their waist. These same rainbow lilies also surround their wrists like bracelets, and around their forehead as a headband. Meanwhile, a rather massive eighteen-petal lily flower comes out of their back in three tiers of six petals, with the bottom tier being the largest while the upper is somewhat smaller. This large flower covers their entire back, reaching from the back of their skirt petals to the back of their heads. Lastly, another large twelve-petal lily flower the size of an open umbrella comes out of their head in two-tiers of six petals, with the lower tier being larger than the upper one. The difference between female and male Lilyaras is females have a lighter green skin tone, and their flower petal colors are typically in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow, while males have a slightly darker skin tone while their flower petal colors are at the other end of the color spectrum, mostly in shades of cyan, blue, indigo, and violet. Because of the cover the flowers provide, Lilyara don't wear clothing, the flowers are considered their "natural attire."

    The Lilyara race typically reside in the Foot and Wing of Crownen, and typically have flower-based names, such as "Cherry Blossom," "Crimsonpetal," and other similar variants. Typically, each Lilyara lives for about two hundred years and ages at half the rate of a human. Meanwhile, the only thing Lilyara require to survive is water and sunlight. And as a result of their plant-based anatomy, carnivorous creatures won't go after them. Lilyaras also have the ability to regenerate quickly after suffering injuries, and can even regenerate severed limbs in a few weeks' time. Regardless, they're still quite mortal, as excessive blood loss (their blood looks like green chlorophyll) or other massive and fatal injury such as decapitation will still kill them.

    The culture of Lilyaras are mainly surrounded around performing, art, and entertainment, as they are naturally skilled at dancing, singing, painting, sculpting, and many other fields that could be considered art or performing. They're often a welcome sight in musicals and festivals as they have the lucrative skill and the festive appearance that's well-suited for it. However, King Ben's rule in Crownen has been an absolute nightmare to them as they've been horribly stripped of the ability to freely perform and present their art without his strict regulation. For the first time in many years, many Lilyara have been chronically depressed, and as a result of such depression, have been plucking their own flower petals off. Even though the petals grow back in time, it's meaningless until the emotional situation changes, as the plucking will still continue, leaving depressed Lilyaras as stripped and ugly.

    Lastly, Lilyaras are a strictly non-combative race, as its considered taboo for a Lilyara to take up arms or practice "attack" magic (essentially any type of magic that could be used to hurt), and even so, magic in Lilyara culture is strictly meant to add flair and colorful pyrotechnics to performances. Any Lilyara that takes up arms, practices combat, or trains themselves in offensive magic is considered a renegade and an outlaw. Because of this, Lilyara are often protected by other races that don't follow such a strict credo. However, given recent times and under King Ben's tyrannical rule, some Lilyara have often contemplated breaking the rules...

    Appearance: Kaxo "Skylily" Dyrakas looks like a typical male Lilyara with cyan, blue, indigo, and violet colored flower petals. The petals around his waist transcend from a cyan color, which fades into blue, then indigo, and then violet as the petals go further down, which is typical for most males. Meanwhile, with regards to the massive flower on his back, the first and largest tier of six petals is colored in a rich indigo color that turns to purple toward the tips of the petals, while the second tier is a purple to royal blue color, and the third and smallest tier of petals is a cyan to light blue color. As for the large, umbrella-sized flower on his head, the first six-petal flower tier starts purple and become blue toward the tips while the second tier starts blue and becomes cyan toward the tips. Meanwhile, like other male Lilyaras, he has a darker green skin tone, although unlike other Lilyaras, has slightly noticeable scars and signs of injury.

    Kaxo also has a more rugged appearance, due to the reason he is in fact one of those lone renegade Lilyaras. Unlike others of his race, he isn't afraid to get hurt, get dirty, and take a stand. As a result, a few of his flowers have slight slits and tears in their petals. In the past, they've taken a share of punishment from attackers, and if it weren't for his regenerative ability, most of them would have been burnt off or badly frayed.

    Lastly, Kaxo seems to have a shady appearance to him, as if he lives as a member of his race in sarcasm. Those who have never seen a Lilyara before might consider him handsome and attractive, but others who know the race better would say he looks very beat-up and rough for a Lilyara. On his left side under his left arm, he also wears the insignia of the "Nightwind Summoners," a magical black tribal-style tattoo that indicates his rank of "Syrak," an intermediate rank of summoners within the guild. It's definitely not something one would ever expect on a Lilyara, of all races. This, however, is the only physical indication that Kaxo is a spellcaster, albeit it's not a very good one at that considering not many know about the Nightwind Summoners or what the insignia means.

    Personality: Sarcastic, guile, and somewhat arrogant, Kaxo "Skylily" Dyrakas is an outcast and an exile among his race, which is ironic considering he could very well be one of the race's best chances for survival and reprisal. Kaxo is not one to live by the rules or "by the book," as he's pretty much gone against every cultural rule, norm, and credo that the Lilyara have. He also has a strong curiosity, finding ways to be inventive, experimental, and to take risks. It's what originally drew him in to explore practicing magic outside of the "colorful pops and crackles" that were used for festivities. He also firmly believes he was born into the wrong race of creatures, but he deals with it the best he can and with his own style.

    Regardless, Kaxo is not evil, but definitely takes on a "chaotic good" alignment, even though he is prone to selfishness and laziness when he doesn't feel like applying himself. He also hates those that mindlessly defend something that oppresses them, as he sees that purely as hypocritical. He can't stand mercenaries with random moral values, he doesn't care for bodyguards that are ordered around by the weak and feeble-minded nobles they're sworn to protect, and he shakes his head in disbelief at soldiers and men that rise up as an army to fight for and defend a monarch that taxes them to death and watches them die in painful, bloody battles as they live in comfortable luxury.

    As a result, Kaxo has essentially become an ideal assassin, as those who know of the Lilyara would never suspect one of attacking them, and those that aren't as aware of the race are even worse off, as they would never suspect a race that wears colorful flowers would be capable of combat. He is also a daredevil, sees dangers as interesting challenges, and gets a kick out of taunting and provoking his enemies. He is also prone to using Lilyara dances as cover and deception, leading his enemies into believing he's nothing more than a docile and jubilant entertainer when he's buying time to plot their demise. He's also sung Summoner Cants (incantations needed to cast a summoning spell) as lyrics during his dances, causing his summoned guardians to attack his adversaries right in the middle of performing when they least suspect it.

    History: Kaxo was born in Morning Star Forest as "Skylily" to his mother "Dayflower" and his father "Shadepetal" to a family of six in a small town called "Kyras," built around nature as a treetop village. As a young child, Kaxo was prone to mischief and showed early signs of rebellion, although no one took this seriously and figured it was simple "inventive creation" that might lead to inspiring creativity. However, this sense of not really wanting to follow the race's typical culture became more prevalent during his reluctance to learn dances, sing, and otherwise do most of the things the race was known for, even though when he was finally pushed into doing it, he showed admirable skill.

    Kaxo stuck more to supporting roles when it came to Lilyara festivities and dances, often just being the one who shot off colorful pyrotechnics while other, more enthusiastic Lilyaras took on the roles of lead and supporting dancers simply because the other Lilyaras and the group of Elves and Faeries that lived alongside and protected the Lilyara didn't see Kaxo ever becoming that star dancer they were hoping for. Instead, Kaxo was given the necessary magic training to learn out to cast magical fireworks, firecrackers, and other entertaining pyrotechnics that would help enhance performances and festivities.

    The Elves in charge of Kyras were a bit relieved when they found Kaxo's niche, as the young Lilyara was quite good at providing very flashy and dazzling pyrotechnics. In the beginning, his sense of inventiveness and creativity was appreciated, as they made every performance interesting and new. Eventually, in time, Kaxo became very attached to learning magic, and was a rare case of a Lilyara having absolutely mastered the pyrotechnic effects to the point where there was nothing else to teach him, and because of his skill, often worked alone when it come to providing the magical light and fireworks show for even the biggest of festive celebrations and holidays. He actually got to the point of becoming a teacher of the magic, but in time, with nothing left to learn, grew bored of it and wanted something more. His light shows never disappointed, but inside, he yearned to go further.

    It all went sour when Kaxo's curiosity pointed in him the direction of the deeper aspects of magic and sorcery. A visitor named Aradesh, a human arch-mage, had visited the elves in search of rare potion components. Kaxo, seeing the arch-mage, realized there was a connection between the two of them, and that for the first time, Kaxo realized the magical field of conjuration was way deeper than he thought it would be. While in Kyras, Aradesh sought out the Jaderoot plant, a thought to be rare but potent plant. The Elves expected top gold for it, but Aradesh was surprised when it was Kaxo that had found and provided him the valuable components for free of charge, and even showed the arch-mage where the Jaderoot grew, and it was then Aradesh realized the Elves were being deceptive in keeping circulation of Jaderoot to be tight, leading others to believe it was rare and extremely valuable. But, in exchange, Kaxo wanted conjuration training from Aradesh, knowing it meant being exiled and branded as an outlaw to the rest of the Lilyara. As Aradesh quickly deduced, Kaxo was probably of the wrong race for someone with his personality, and decided to take him in as an apprentice.

    Kaxo possessed quite a few of the traits needed to become an expert conjurer mage, something that surprised Aradesh given his assumption that the Lilyara were simply peaceful entertainers and not fighters. His weakness, however, was his impatience and his expectations to move quickly. Still, he possessed the much-needed curiosity needed for a mage to be driven to grow in skill, and his interest in magic was much higher than even some of Aradesh's human and Elven students. In the beginning, Kaxo showed Aradesh what he was capable of doing, but felt they were still only baby steps toward something much bigger. Also, Kaxo wanted to learn magic that could help protect others, as well as destroy evil. Aradesh saw no reason to deny him that noble cause, regardless of his race, and felt he could be one that would inspire others to not feel limited because of physical differences.

    After growing in skill through many long hours of training and reading, Kaxo was able to take the next step and cast fireballs, summon lightning bolts, and conjure up frost and beams of ice, which proved to Aradesh that Lilyaras were definitely capable of magic. After reaching the intermediate level, Aradesh took a leap of faith and introduced Kaxo to other students he was training. At first, Kaxo was ridiculed by his fellow students at the Wizard's Academy, but he simply smiled and stuck his hand in their face, knowing looks could easily be deceiving. Most of the human and Elven students tried to pick on him and take him on, but Kaxo was often able to turn the tables on them and prove he was an equal to them. Kaxo actually enjoyed most sessions of wizard's dueling, non-lethal magic training used to build the quick-thinking and wit of mages in terms of spells and counteracts. Most other students wanted to put the Lilyara to shame and humiliation, but considering Kaxo spent countless hours of what should have been free time learning magic "just for fun," he was a bit ahead of their game, won more often than they did. Still, even in the few cases where Kaxo lost, he simply smiled it off and laughed about it, usually pretty good about hiding his frustration. It left his bullying peers feeling pretty unsatisfied as Kaxo seems to be perfectly aware that living well was the greatest revenge.

    Kaxo graduated from the Wizard's Academy, and was one of Aradesh's notable achievements, being remembered for training a member of a race usually so reluctant to magic of any respectable level. However, it was about this time that King Ben had come into power, and it was here that the King's campaign of destroying magic by imprisoning wizards and banning unwarranted and unauthorized entertainment put Kaxo in a tight spot. Kaxo knew he had two choices. The first was to become a submissive, depressed, and ashamed Lilyara that would have to forgo all of his magical skills, and try to bargain his return to a depressed, little town that had already exiled him for running off with an arch-mage. The other was to become an absolute rebel to King Ben's dominion, use all of his magical skills to challenge King Ben's authority, and prove there was more to this particular Lilyara than just dancing and singing. However, as Kaxo found himself alone without a rebellion group to turn to, he had lived as a nomadic hermit, usually going to places and locations where Lilyaras never went to.

    He had later joined the secret society of the Nightwind Summoners, again, taking yet another step where no Lilyara has ever gone before. It was here that he had learned how to summon up guardians and forces of nature in the forms of living creatures to do the bidding of the summoners. As Kaxo learned, it was a very challenging and taxing ordeal, and forced him to get branded with the Nightwind Summoner Sigil, a mark that would forever indicate his allegiance to the guild. As with the field of Conjuration, Kaxo showed dedication toward learning how to summon and command the guardians he brought forward without relying too much on them, only to use them for supplemental aid, as which most Nightwind Summoners did. Like Kaxo, most of these summoners were mages in at least one other field, as most of Kaxo's fellow summoners were necromancers, warlocks, illusionists, evokers, and fellow conjurers. After becoming an elite member, he returned to his nomadic ways, living as a hermit in search of a cause.

    That was, until he had received the letter to meet Sisturnia in Avalon, indicating details to stop Mornain from taking control of Crownen. While Kaxo was inclined to investigate to get the full story and see what this whole thing was about, he had a slight hunch it was something he had been looking for now for quite some time...

    Equipment: Kaxo doesn't carry very much around with him, usually only a beat-up, water canteen wrapped around his shoulder and a small pouch he carries money in. Unlike other mages and schools of magic, conjuration only needs incantations and use of the hands and other body motions as opposed to channeling through a staff or wand. Meanwhile, Nightwind Summoning works purely off of spoken incantations. Besides that, Kaxo doesn't carry any weapons. He prefers looking harmless to have others put their guard down.



    - Regeneration ~ Like others of his race, Kaxo's healing rate is much higher, able to heal even serious wounds in a matter of a few hours as long as the bleeding can be controlled. Despite this effect, bandages for critical wounds still have plenty of life-saving uses even though Lilyaras do have a way for their blood to clot.

    - Performance ~ Naturally, Kaxo has dancing, singing, and entertaining talent and skill thanks to his Lilyara race, even though he typically never does it out of pleasure, usually only to taunt or use it as deceptive acting. He knows quite a few dances, is good at making up his own on the fly, and can effectively make a lethal conjuration spell or Nightwind Summoning look and sound like a harmless, entertaining dance or song. He is, however, no where near the best dancer or singer that has ever existed among the Lilyara, and would be considered "below average," D-grade material to anyone knowledgeable of the intricate and delicate Lilyara dances, although to those who don't know much about them, his performing seems quite respectable and better than what most other races can do.


    - Conjuration ~ Given formal training by the arch-mage Aradesh and other mages, Kaxo has the ability to cast conjuration magic consisting of fireballs, lightning bolts, ice storms, and the like. Most of these spells would only affect an area no larger than fifty meters wide, and the more space a spell uses, the more "spread" out it becomes, losing its power of potency throughout space. For example, a wall of flame used to protect Kaxo and suppress his adversaries would be taller and burn hotter over a space of twenty meters than it would be at fifty meters. Meanwhile, spellcasting does incite exhaustion on Kaxo. Drinking water to replenish his stamina does help quite a bit, but it takes time, and isn't something Kaxo could do in the middle of combat.

    - Nightwind Summoning ~ A rare and lesser-known form of magic, used to call forward guardians and sentries to assist the summoner, usually for only one attack or action. For example, a summoned wyvern would only launch one breath weapon at the summoner's adversaries before disappearing in a flash of light. Also, all Nightwind Summons require the following Summoner's Cant incantation to be formally spoken out loud before the summoned creature will appear alongside the summoner:

    Las machodaz Nighwindash scarmonas ci gaznardash vinc somnia...
    Oh great guardians of Nightwind, I call upon you for aid.
    Sectash forodoth <Summoned creature's formal name>!
    Come forward, <Summoned creature's formal name>!

    This causes a flaming outline of the Summoner's Sigil to appear in the ground. The summoned creature will then burst out of the ground and will await the summoner's command. As part of Kaxo's deception, he will sing this incantation during his phony dances, leading his adversaries to believe they're nothing more than song lyrics.

    Summoned creatures will only be roughly about twenty feet high at max (at Kaxo's Syrak rank), and will only carry out one command before leaving Kaxo on his own. Their attacks can be blocked and guarded against, and the summoned creature could possibly be mortally slain by Kaxo's adversaries, although this only results in the creature being painfully sent back to the Nether Realm in which in came from. It can be summoned again at a later time, although the summoned creature may be a bit resentful on the summoner if the summoner was careless and/or inept and allowed the summoned creature to be killed. This summoning can only be performed about once every hour, as it is exhausting on the caster to open up the gateway to the Nether Realm.

    Other: As a specialist wizard in Conjuration, Kaxo can't go into other schools of magic, although he can read their books and identify what spells are from what schools. Also, as part of his weakness, fire and ice is especially dangerous to him, as fire would kill him in seconds if it weren't for his ability to summon up water (although tragic burns would still be inflicted in the time it took to cast). Walking through deserts would also be murder on him, and so would going through snowy tundra plains. Any temperatures under 30F or over 110F starts to become torture. Lastly, Kaxo, like others of his race, feels more energetic than all other races during the day, but begins to slow down, get tired, and feel weariness at night or in dark places.
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    It is definitely nice to see this back up and running. I hope you won't mind me re-applying for this rpg with my old character. I can't stand having characters who never see any glory of rping :)

    Name: Alvara Roma

    Age: 10 (around 35 in human years)

    Gender: Female

    Race: Dragoon (half-dragon, half human)

    Appearance: Alvara resembles a human in shape for the most part. The major difference in one area is that she stands quite tall, being seven foot in height. Another major difference is that her skin is very similar to that of the dragon’s scales, but much softer and smoother than a dragon scale would be. If looked closely at, her scales have an intricate pattern of lines in which her body can expand without having the need to shed the scales off although her whole body sheds the skin once a month. Her wings are small, which are only a foot in length, and are leathery and soft. Her feet are shaped similar to a dragon’s paw which is only has three claw-ended points.

    Her face is narrow and slightly bony due to her facial structure. Her eyes are purely black which make it hard to see her pupil which is still there, but smaller due to the way the dragon’s eyes are formed. Her hair is a pale blue which matches the color of her scales which are light blue. Her body is slim and well muscled due to dragons being well muscled overall. Her chest size is B and her waist is slim. She wears a black, strengthened, custom made leather armor which has holes on the back to allow her wings to fit through. She has a black, short, leather pants that come down midway to her lower legs. Since her feet are more like a dragon’s paw, she chose to walk barefooted, not minding it at all.

    Personality: Alvara is a bit cold to strangers and is talks bluntly. She will be honest and straightforward and will not hesitate to give her input on matters at hand which sometimes gets her into trouble. When she becomes comfortable around the people she is with, she will speak more often and show a bit more emotion. She doesn’t mind working with groups although she keeps away from the group a bit. She prefers to be at the back end of a group and doesn’t like to be put on the spot where she has to make decisions. She dislikes harpies due to them always attacking dragoons and thinking that they’re superior to dragoons.

    Although she isn’t aggressive, she will easily become angry if someone insults her about her appearance. And when she is insulted about her appearance, she will assault the offender and will probably try knock them unconscious or at least leave them writhing on the floor in agony. She will be a bit ignorant of what’s going on in the world and has a bit of curiosity on learning about the places outside her small village in Grey Mountains.

    Alvara was born and raised in Grey Mountains in Foot. She lived with her family and a few others in a very small village in the mountains. Life was difficult for her as she had to learn to survive early on due to the scarcity of prey in the mountains. Meat was something of a delicacy for her small village and when someone in the village brought in meat, it meant that there was a feast. She didn’t get to enjoy a childhood as she spent her early days, as soon as she was able to talk and walk, learning from her father how to fend for herself with a wooden sword where as her mother tried to get her to feel for her affinity towards an element. Her life became a simple routine of spending the first half of each day, sparring or hunting with her father with a lunch break before spending the afternoon learning how to cast spells from her mother. As a dragoon, growing up took less time than a normal human did, meaning that dragoons matured quicker and hit their max height early on in their life.

    Although she couldn’t figure out why, she was unable to cast any spells successfully unless it pertained to ice which her mother soon figured out why. Her mother told her that although they were half-dragons, they were limited in terms of magical capabilities as each dragon became proficient with only one type of element and thus they were also limited to one element. Her mother explained to her that she herself had an affinity towards fire and that Alvara had an affinity towards ice. Although Alvara never figured out why it was that way, she never lost her curiosity to find out more about their own race and that of the dragons. As she was watching the empty sky from her house one day, she spotted a lone raven flying in the sky. It made her wonder what the raven was doing out in the open skies since harpies were territorial and attacked anything that wasn’t in their clan on site. She couldn’t ponder it long as something landed on her window and she looked at it. She was surprised as the letter was addressed to her so she read it.

    Although she had a small ebony wand that belonged to her, she asked her father, who forged weapons from materials she didn’t understand to make her a sword that she could use. She told him that she was planning on travelling to see the world, although she didn’t mention anything about the letter, which was enough to have her father agree to it. She spent that night packing up to travel a long distance as her mother recommended to her that she would be safer if she travelled in the skies and take her chances with the harpies as they only chased until you were out of their territory. Her mother said that the lions which controlled most of the land and to steer away from them. She was definitely surprised the following morning when her village made a solemn ceremony for her, giving her a farewell speech and other small gifts as well as her father giving her a flamberge which he said was forged just last night. She was ready to go tomorrow to see the world and to find out more about her own races and perhaps find other races that would be friendlier than lions and harpies.

    - Custom leather pouch which is strapped either on the lower back or in front of the stomach. (Think of it as a bigger version of a fanny pack.)
    - A flamberge which is a long, two-handed sword with a wavy pattern shape in the blade. It is fairly light, but it's length is a bit restrictive.
    - A small, ebony wand which is used to assist in casting harder spells.

    Given the abilities that dragons have and an affinity to a certain type of element which is easy to tell based on the color, Alvara has a strong affinity towards ice.
    - Enhanced defense on skin, making it harder for weapons to pierce through although her wings are fairly easy to wound.
    - Less susceptible to illnesses due to enhanced immunity system.
    - Strong resistance towards ice elemental spells and the cold doesn’t bother her.
    - Alvara doesn’t have much experience in combats with her sword so her attacks with it will be a bit sloppy and slow.
    - Alvara is able to cast ice spells without the use of a wand or staff, but harder spells require her to use a wand. Her common choices for spells are:
    Ice Spear – a single, solid icicle that is roughly 6 inches in length and about 3 inches in width and is fired at opponents.
    Ice Wall – a simple upright wall that will block arrows and slow down heavier projectiles that crash into the wall. It is easy to break the wall though with a standard melee weapon. Depending on how tall and how wide Alvara wants it will affect how long it takes to form which could be from 10 seconds for a simple one which barely covers her to over 2 minutes for a wall that can provide cover for five people.
    - Alvara is able to manipulate ice to a certain extent, like freezing a small puddle or creating a small slick surface on the trail or freezing a bowl of water.
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    Call me crazy, but I found an old character of mine that I thought was a perfect fit here, so I'm gonna push the three character limit.


    Name: Tomoyo Hazuki

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Race: Harionago (A type of Yokai)

    Yokai are a vastly varied group, perhaps even more so than the Irish Faeries. Though they come in various shapes, sizes, and body types, many Yokai still retain a very human-like appearance, often with only one or two defining features that set them apart from a normal human. All Yokai posses a defining trait as well, they all retain a degree of ghostly properties, and so any sort of purifying (or more specifically exorcising) icons such as blessed prayer beads, purifying tags, and other such things are a deterrent to them and cause them quite a bit of pain if touched.

    Yokai are communal creatures, and generally live groups. These groups are almost never type exclusive, and are often a mixed bag of various types of Yokai from the near-human to the beastly to the spiritual and a single village will normally include every Yokai in the region. They prefer to keep to themselves, and as such their villages are often very hard to locate without proper knowledge. It is also because of this that most sightings of Yokai are of single Yokai as they go about their nightly business, and sightings of a group, especially a group of varied types, is exceedingly rare. Thought they retain some spirit-like proprieties, Yokai are still flesh-and-blood creatures, and need food, water, and sleep like any other creature. Their diets can range from the human-norm to something more odd, and can sometimes be a defining factor in and of itself. Their degree of ghostliness can vary as well, from being only the innate aversion and weakness to exorcism tools, to being a full fledged spirit in a paper or wooden body. It is even possible for non-Yokai to become Yokai through certain means, though the means vary depending on the type.

    Harionago, like many Yokai, retain a very human-like appearance. Their only truly defining feature is their long black hair which is strong, able to move freely, and tipped with sharp barbs. Also like many Yokai, their main activities take place in secluded areas. They appear to travelers traveling alone in secluded areas like a forest, or a lonely section of trail. All Harionago are female, and as such their "targets" are almost always male. When they meet a traveler, they will often block his path as he comes closer. Then, they will test him by mocking him, laughing at him, or some other such gesture. If the man returns the insults, gets angry, or otherwise acts in a rude or arrogant matter, the Harionago will attack, mutilating and killing the man with their hair, feeding on his life force in the process. If they resist the temptation, and instead take a path of peace, the Harionago will spare them. Though able to feed on their victims spirit, a common trait among Yokai, Harionago are also able to get by gating normal human food.

    Apperance: Tomoyo is about 5'9'', and very thin and wiry. If it wasn't for the dignified way she carried herself, her stature would probably make her look stretched out or lanky. Her eyes are a fiery red, and they have a depth to them that can be a bit unnerving when she fixes one of her signature glares at you. Her hair is as black as night, and so long that it often trails along the floor behind her just a bit when she walks. When she isn't holding her hair up to keep it off the floor, the barbs at the tips make a scratching sound as they etch across the floor. Her skin is a bit on the pale side, but still with a hint of color underneath, and is smooth. Her facial features are a bit sharp as well, which only adds to her intense look, especially when her bright red eyes are fiery from excitement or anticipation.

    Tomoyo normally wears a red and white silk kimono. The pattern swishes across the garment, the top part mostly white and the bottom mostly red with the division between them a flowing line higher on the left than the right (the way the kimono is folded helps the distinction). The wrap around the chest is black, and is tied in the back into a large simple bow. To finish off the outfit are a pair of fancy black sandals.

    Tomoyo also has a defining tattoo, an intricate group of flowing intertwined lines, some crimson, some black, and with one white line right in the middle. The lines start at the edge of her left wrist, and proceed all the way up her arm until they reach the base of her neck. The tips of the last few lines can be seen at the edge of her collar, while the long sleeves of her dress mean that the lower half of her tattoo is barely visible.

    Personality: Tomoyo is a hard one to figure out. At times she is calm and respectful, other times she is blunt and abrasive. This second one tends to apply to men more often than not. There is nothing that she hates more than false pride, and anyone who dares to mock her or someone she cares about will instantly find themselves on the receiving end of her very short temper. She doesn't like show offs, bragging, bullying, or any other similar thing. She may be quick to anger, but if you are honest and respectful, she will gladly treat you the same in return.

    Tomoyo's anger is near instantaneous when she gets set off by something, but on the plus side she is quick to calm down as well. This helps her in many ways, especially since she likes to test people by mocking them first. If someone seems to be arrogant or boasting, she will test them by mocking them or making fun of them. If they dare to return the laughter or insults, then she feels no sympathy for whatever she may do to them in her rage. If they shrug it off or don't seem to mind, then she will repeatedly apologize for her part.

    Tomoyo can be a bit harsh at times... alright, on most occasions, but on the off chance that she actually makes a good friend, she will stick by them through whatever may happen and she will do her best to help them. Of course, if they set off her temper, she makes no promises as to what she might do to them, which is why she doesn't really have many close friends, as she takes most joking and sarcasm very seriously and literally.

    When it comes to action, Tomoyo is all business. She demands a plan for any occasion, is always the one with the map, and makes sure that everyone is doing their fare share. She doesn't tolerate slackers, and is something of a perfectionist, but she also makes it a point to reward those who go the extra mile. She has a tendency to take charge, but will follow behind if she sees the other person as a capable leader, something that generally follows one of her tests. Should her leader fail to meet her standards, she will have no problem questioning their authority and critiquing their performance. She takes a total no-nonsense attitude as well, and goofing off or making a joke, especially about something important, will really get her blood boiling, doubly so if its a man who does it.

    History: Tomoyo is from a small clan of Yokai who live deep in the sheltered forests of the Wing area of Crownen. Her clan took refuge in the forests long ago, when the Sakh were first taking over the land, and have lived in relative isolation ever since. Her clan were refugees from the Chest area of Crownen, driven away by the Sakh's oppression, and as such is something of a rag-tag group of various types and races of Yokai.

    Tomoyo was born as the first child to the clan leaders, and as such is something of the next in line to lead the clan. In order to prepare her for that, she has had a strict upbringing, heavy tutoring, and a lot of responsibility. She has had to endure it all from a young age, day in and day out, and it has helped to make her the harsh but respectable person she is today. Though it was hard work, Tomoyo met it head on, taking every opportunity to prove herself, even acting as her parents shadow during the clan meetings. Even when her younger brother was born, she still made little time for personal matters, instead throwing all of her effort at her duties and responsibilities.

    In time, she became her father's second, the go-to person when her father was busy with another matter. She knew the village like the back of her hand, perhaps better, and could recite the entire population by memory. She knew the reputations, the frequent complaints, the secrets, the rumors, she was ahead of the gossip, and right on point in all matters related to the villages's daily life. Unfortunately, that was all she knew. Her parents, seeing this, tried to convince her to travel the land, but she wouldn't have it. She always had some kind of excuse at hand, something that needed to be done, someone who needed to be helped, it was always something. That was, until the letter arrived. It told of a gathering of people, to discuss a plan to overthrow Mornain and his Sakh.

    Tomoyo would have dismissed it as a fool's fantasy if it wasn't for the strange manner in which it had been delivered and the urging of her parents to attend the meeting. It was a chance, no matter how slim, of reclaiming their clan's homeland, and there was nothing that Tomoyo could think of to dismiss that chance. So, hesitantly, she set out for the meeting, leaving everything she had ever known behind.

    Equipment: Tomoyo carries little in the way of formal equipment. What she does carry consists entirely of a small pouch of Shuriken (throwing stars) with three stars, a folding paper fan decorated with pink flowers and black vines, and a pair of ornate, finely crafted chopsticks. She is a good shot with the Shuriken, but rarely relies on them preferring instead to use her hair as her primary weapon. The fan is ornamental, and is a staple of hers in formal occasions, planning rooms, and as a way for her to hide a blush. The chopsticks are more a personal item, and are a gift from her mother. she refuses to eat with anything else, even when they aren't the best choice for the meal at hand.

    Abilities: As a Harionago, Tomoyo retains a very human-like appearance. Her abilities are limited to her hair. Her long jet-black hair is surprisingly durable, strong enough to resist even repeated strikes from a cutting weapon, and each strand is tipped with a sharp barb. Should anything actually manage to cut it, it grows back quickly, usually overnight. Tomoyo can freely control her hair as an extension of her body, and it has a surprising strength. The barb's are one-sided, sharp on side side but smooth on the other, and are sharp enough to pierce even tough materials like leather and wood. On the flip side, she happens to be apprehensive to any sort of prayer beads or purification tags or other such "purifying" icons, (as they hurt her quite a bit if they touch her) so she'll probably avoid anyone who happens to have some.

    Other: Tomoyo, though very skilled and knowledgeable about certain things, is completely ignorant of others. It is something of a habitual behavior of hers to gather as much information as she can, so that she can report back to her home with a wealth of information about the outside world. She see's this as her primary objective, and very little can serve to distract her from it.
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  13. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    Name: Vega Renko

    Age: Around 25, he still keeps his human years.

    Gender: Male

    Race:Were-wolf (Half human, half wolf) didn't know if I needed to explain this :D.

    Appearance: In his human form he is shown to be rather tall. Over 6 ft to be exact. He has a long slender like body and not an ounce of fat on him, mostly from traveling all the time. His hazel brown eyes a soothing when looked at and comforting. He has long jet black hair that goes down to his back and is rather messy as well spiking up at the top. His skin tone is a fair cream type tone that has scratches and bruises from all of his battles. He can heal pretty fast though. He has a scruffily beard resembling a wolf, almost like wolverines, that covers his chin and mouth, like a goatee.

    He sports some socked sandals with white socks. Over his black t shirt he wears a long dark green coat that comes down to his ankles. Vegas pants are just black cottoned, baggy pants. Over his messy hair he has a straw hat that conceals the top of his head.

    In his wolf form he grow to at least 7 ft tall with a more muscular type of body. Hair covers his entire body including his face although his beard is still noticeable. He slouches when he walks and almost touches the ground with his hands. Surprisingly his t shirt and clothes are still intact, yet his hat sports holes where his ears poke out. When he runs he resembles a wolf gliding through out the forest.

    Personality Vega is well kept to himself after living as a fugitive for so many years, yet has a strong sense of justice. His attitude even as a young child before becoming a werewolf was kind and caring. Though it didn't show much as his wolf like side comes into play as he can be shown to be very harsh. In fact although being half wolf, it has actually helped him out. He may seem stiff at first but once you get to know him he can be a very trustworthy friend and protector of the innocent.

    Although he is passive he likes to fight. As shown in battle he can be very aggressive. Turning full wolf he doesn't lose his self to the blood of the wolf. He can control himself although the destruction he causes is usually on purpose and can be blamed on his wolf side. He is shown to have a strong dislike of feline like races, and not to mention vampires.

    History: Vega has lived in a small village most of his life near the foot of Crownen. Not really being somebody and bored through out his life. As a kid he was raised as a single child with both of his parents. His father was held of his authority in their town with him being the sheriff. He lived a normal boring life up until he turned 18 of age. After that he had strange dreams of war and fighting. Rumors of a half wolf half human monster was roaming around the village. Wanting to fight because of the vivid dreams he went out to kill the monster stealing the food from the crops outside the village. He thought of it as a sense of justice. As he grabbed a rifle from his fathers sheriff he left in the middle of the night sneaking away from the guards posted at the front gate.

    Finding the wolf near the crop field he attacked it. Scratching it across the chest the monster bit him. As known when bit by a were creature you turn into that creature. As the were creature dashed off Vega attended to his wounds and went home. Nothing unusual happened until a few days later, which was the date of the full moon. Turning into a wolf he was banished from the village. It was no big deal though. He was 18 he was out of that place anyway.

    For years he's been traveling Crownen just roaming and not searching for anything. He usually keeps to himself and travels alone not afraid of being rejected because of his power. It has actually helps him on his journey. He really has no previous knowledge of the Sakh. the only knowledge of them is what he's heard from traveling in villages. While traveling he met a raven named Ezra. The raven gave him a letter. Vega skimmed it.

    - A small sack full of food and whatever he finds
    - Two cestuses, one black and red, one black and blue, both with claw openings for wolf claws

    -Wolf transformation: After being a werewolf for so many years he has the ability to control the beast inside of him. No more full mooned nights for vega. He can transform at will when he pleases and is in complete control of himself.

    - Speed: Gains the speed of a wolf or faster

    - Strength: Gives more strength than the average human
  14. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    @Bobyjoe5000: I'm sorry but your signup is denied for several reasons...

    First is the fact that your character is from outside Crownen, which Kiruria stated would be against the rules this time around.

    Second is the fact that your signup was fairly short and left me more than a little confused. Your appearance seems to focus more on his wardrobe and less on what he actually looks like. Your personality also seems fairly short. History I'm going to be fairly lenient with, because it is an achilles heel of mine, but it seems a little rushed. What happened when he was with the wizard. And, as I stated earlier, nobody can play a character outside Crownen; otherwise I would have been playing a different character.

    @Neo Pikachu: Faith and begorrah that was a long SU! Everything seems to check out, Kaxo is accepted, interesting choice for a race... I might just use it for a second character.

    @Slipomatic: Everything seems to check out with Alvara, accepted.

    @TheSequelReturns: Interesting choice for your third character's race... I'm looking forward to seeing how it will work out. Accepted

    @Ryodragonite: Vega is pending. Almost everything seems in order, but his wardrobe doesn't fit the setting. This is a fantasy setting, meaning characters probably wouldn't be wearing
    a t-shirt and jeans. Revise that and you should be good to go... Unless Kiruria finds any other issues.

    Now these are only my decisions, Kiruria has the full authority to revoke any and all of them.
  15. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Hey, I'm continuing my habit of signing up for EVERYTHING. ... :D

    By the way, I was saddened by the fact that Avalon is closed to anyone that wants revenge, or is even mildly evil. Why can't I be someone who genuinely despises the Sakh and wants nothing more than to kill every single last one of them and tear Mornain's heart out? Still irrevocably on the heroes' side, but without any of the 'true of heart' nonsense, hm? Because I had to blandify this personality a bit...

    Name: Gemini

    Gender: Male

    Age: 97 (Late Teens – Early Adulthood)

    Race: Aqrabuamelu

    The Aqrabuamelu are scorpion-folk. They have human upper bodies, but instead of legs, the body of a scorpion, eight legs, pincers, and venomous tail included. Their human half is virtually identical to a regular human being, except they have ten long, dextrous fingers on each hand, and appear more elvish than human. They can have anywhere between two to eight eyes. Females also lack mammary glands, as the species are not mammals, but simply happen to appear vaguely humanoid.

    Usually, ten or twenty children are born in a litter. Children are very well protected, and ride around on their mother’s back for the first few years of their lives. However, the desert is a harsh place, and it’s more than likely that half will die before their first year. After they are able to walk on their own and are around four or five years old, they go with the other children, who are watched over by the village as a whole. It’s quite common for Aqrabuamelu to not know who their parents are, and vice versa, as they have few memories of their early years. They are remarkably long-lived, although not so much as elves. Their life-spans range to around 300 years, and they fully mature to adulthood in their early hundreds.

    The race generally has black hair, although some rare few are born with white. These are often honored within the community. Aqrabuamelu live in tight-knit communities, villages in the desert. They sometimes trade with the Naga, and some of the Gnomes and Dwarves in the area. Conflicts with the Lions were common, as the Lions did not want them in their desert, but they were far enough away, and the villages were near enough to the very edges of the desert that there were few major problems. Everyone is equal in the village, and everyone is welcome. The villages are ruled by democracy, where issues are brought to a council in the center of the village, usually accompanied by a fire, and each and every member votes, from soldiers to shamans. Aqrabuamelu are peaceful folk, and are mostly scholars, healers and mages, although the hunters usually can wield bow, spear, and sword.

    Aqrabuamelu are deeply religious, and place great honors on the idea of ‘two’, dualism, and opposites. They have two deities, the masculine god of night, Slythos, who provides peace, focus, magic and comforts the dead in the afterlife. The other is the feminine goddess of day, Lux, who provides strength, blood, and rouses the hearts of the living with song. The shamans are dedicated to keeping the two in balance, by making offerings, and watching the waning and waxing of the day and night. Some have also come to include Maia and Katami in this worship, and they revere both, for one would be nothing without the other. “Light without Darkness is blindness. Darkness without Light is blindness. Only with both can one see.”

    Well… they used to be. Until the day a drunken bard accidentally wandered into an Aqrabuamelu village, panicked, and screamed to the world of hideous hellspawn that ate babies and performed evil dark rites. The Aqrabuamelu studied various forms of magic, including necromancy, blood magic, and chaos magic, but did not see the magic as evil, merely a thing to learn about and study. For blood magic could heal as well as it could torture. Necromancy could put to rest the spirits of the dead as much as it could call them forth. It wasn’t as easy to convince panicked people that these monstrous ten-fingered, many-eyed desert scorpions were friendly.

    Villages were burned, children were killed, and the Aqrabuamelu became nomadic, wandering the desert, fleeing from their attackers. Some grew angry with this, and left the groups, determined to fight back, and protect their homes. This made their reputation even worse, and soon it became a general consensus that all Aqrabuamelu were violent, evil monsters to be eradicated. People’s fear of the unknown, general dislike of creepy-crawlies, and massive amounts of publicity by bards singing exaggerated tales led to these horrors.

    Genocide happened. Now, the remnants of the Aqrabuamelu wander alone throughout the desert, a once high race fallen very, very low. All of this happened over a eighty years ago, far before any of the current chaos with the Sakh happened. Today, they are just a legend, still heavily demonized, a race of monsters that lurk the night. Now, they are what mothers threaten their children with if they don’t come to bed.

    Appearance: Gemini is humanoid, yet has a scorpion’s body rather than legs. Like most of his race, he has ten fingers on each hand. The scorpion-body is fairly large, so that when he is standing normally, in a centaur-like stance, he is around 5’5”. The scorpion body has eight legs, and two large pincers, which sprout from around his waist. He actually has two scorpion’s tails, both with wicked barbs. The scorpion body is colored a pale yellow, with blue highlights, corresponding to the Deathstalker Scorpion.

    His human half is pale-skinned, ghostly and rather painfully lean. He has a shock of startling white hair, spiky and short. His ears are pointed, like an elf’s. He has two eyes where normal human eyes would be, and a smaller pair under them, around where the cheekbones are. The four eyes are colored a pale sandy brown. His face is soft, rounded, and his proportions are rather childlike, ghostly and sad.

    His mouth and lower pair of eyes are hidden by a white scarf, which wraps around his face and shoulders. A white linen cloak keeps the sun’s heat away, as well as shrouding him from vision. The white clothing is good for the desert. Strange tattoos wreath his torso, long black lines of writing and odd sigils contrasting with his pale skin. A long spear-like harpoon is strapped to his back, with a chain wrapped around his forearm.

    Personality: Jaded, cynical, and wry. Gemini has lived a life of misfortune and hate, and takes it with a ‘the universe hates my guts… to hell with it’ attitude. Gemini is actually pretty friendly, usually bright with a smile on his face and a witty remark on his tongue. Inside, he’s simply sad, but perhaps a bit inanely bemused by his own predicament.

    Once upon a time, he was furious, filled with the passion of youth… but although still young by the standards of his race, he’s seen 80 years worth of pain. Gemini hates people who whine and cry about their own problems, and will never do so himself. He takes it for granted that everyone’ll be afraid of him and hate him, so occasionally humors those that are, anything to relieve the monotonous boredom of living.

    He’s considered suicide, but for all his depression, he can’t bring herself to do it. Hey, life is bad, but what comes next’ll almost certainly be worse. And besides… maybe something’ll happen. He takes a carefree approach to life, rather hedonistic even. Live to draw every ounce of enjoyment from the world. Why bother caring about anyone else, right? If everyone on earth thinks you’re a horrible monster, might as well be one.

    But… he can’t. Gemini’s too… too nice. He can’t bring himself to really hurt anyone who’s done nothing wrong. As much as he would like to be a selfish, horrible monster… he just isn’t. He doesn’t have any code of honor or anything, he’s just a decent nonhuman being. If it comes to a point where he has to choose between killing the villain and letting him go, he’ll kill the villain, without a second thought. But harming innocent people isn’t something he does for laughs.

    Gemini is philosophical and thoughtful, having spent a lot of time alone. Also just a bit of a genius, and knowledgeable about a great many things. He isn’t the greatest at social interaction, often getting awkward and uncomfortable, especially when these interactions don’t involve fire and pitchforks. He knows how to deal with fire and pitchforks. Friendly conversation? Stymied.

    All he really wants is a purpose, something to do. Something meaningful to live, and to die for. As someone who really feels no point in doing anything, he wants something that’ll give his life meaning again. Whether this quest to defeat the Sakh will do that is a mystery.

    He chose to focus on necromancy and blood magic, simply because of the inherent ‘evil’ that most saw in the twin arts. Any skill is only as evil as the one using it. Perhaps the only thing keeping him going is that spark of hope that eventually he’ll be accepted, even for everything he does to try and shy away from that acceptance.

    History: Gemini was born with white hair and twinned tails. Revered as being the host for both of the Aqrabuamelu deities, Slythos and Lux, he was raised personally by the village shaman. He studied varied magical arts, mathematics, languages, history, music and art. He was the closest thing the Aqrabuamelu had to a prince. The years were happy, peaceful even, until the day he turned 16. At 16, he was hardly a toddler by human standards.

    He met a drunken bard, and thought him rather spoony. The terrified man fled, screaming obscenities and rantings of horrifying monsters in the desert. Most assumed that the poor man would get killed in the desert, but he survived… and told tales. And so, mercenaries, soldiers, and just plain farmers attacked the village.

    The Lions took advantage of this to also drive the intruders out, and the Aqrabuamelu with them. Gemini escaped into the desert, under cover of a plague he had been brewing. Well, it was supposed to be a healing draught, but that hadn’t really worked out yet. It accelerated cell growth, causing fatal, extremely fast-growing cancer in anything it infected. Even now, 80 years later, there are tales of the Desert Plague that still remains around the ruins of an old village.

    Gemini wandered. For the first few years, he was filled with hate, and hunted down Lions, humans, dwarves, harpies, elves, gnomes, faeries, naga, and everything else with impunity. He killed them all, using their blood to tattoo himself with various sigils. Years passed, and the anger dulled, to be replaced by regret, and loneliness. There were one or two Aqrabuamelu that joined up with him over the years, rallying around their ‘Prince’, but even they died off or left over time.

    He wandered the desert, helping travelers now. Healing them, giving them water, and pointing them in the right direction. But travelers were few and far between. Eighty years he spent walking the desert, surviving, but not really living. When the raven came with the letter, he chose to go. He wouldn’t have been chosen before, for all the hatred in his soul, but now, he had already let go of his vengeance. All he had now was peace… and a quiet sadness.

    Equipment: Harpoon on Chain, Herbs and Plants, Various Poisons and Potions



    ~ Scorpion Stinger: A single sting will cause mild paralysis and pain. Plus, the tearing of flesh from a very large barb. It takes several stings to cause death, and has little effect on very large organisms or those immune to illness.


    ~ Blood Magic: Not really magic in of itself, but a power source. Traditional magic uses up stamina, energy, the force sometimes known as ‘mana’. Blood Magic is a method for using a more physical source, not of the actual spellcaster. Blood, and the undiluted Life that resides in it. Although it increases magical power, it is usually considered an inherently ‘evil’ form of magic by traditionals, as this usually involves someone being sacrificed for all of their life to be poured into a spell. He usually gets this done by throwing his harpoon into someone, whetting the blade with blood, giving him something to work with.

    A few things that can be done with just blood magic, including transferral of life. A form of healing, it involves drawing the life force from one being and pouring it into another, healing it.

    ~ Necromancy: Gemini’s brand of necromancy doesn’t involve raising the dead, but rather death itself. Spells generally involve causing plague and pestilence, such as casting bolts of rot that decay what it hits. Poison also falls under this. Also, this magic can delay death and slow the effects of rot and disease, although it can't reverse it.
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  16. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    The t shirt is just a regular shirt nothing fancy, I just couldn't find a word other than just shirt to use for it xD. The pants he's wearing aren't jeans just a cotton hakama, (I think thats what its called :p). Basically like the bottom half of a robe.
  17. Floorman

    Floorman Creeping On Le Floor

    Name: David Tawnye

    Race: Half-Elf

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    David has jet black hair, and a very pale complexion. He has ice blue eyes, and some have described his gaze to be like a frigid glare which seems to see right through one’s soul. He wears a white hooded cloak over a midnight green tunic and white leggings. The cloak itself has many tears and holes. On his back is a battered leather quiver. He never removes his quiver from his back, other than while he sleeps. There is a small brooch on his quiver, which is set with an aquamarine. This was his mother’s, and it is a reminder of what he is fighting for. He is 6’3” and weighs about 120 pounds.

    Born into a Gypsy Caravan, his mother was an Elfin bard and his father was an archer who was one of the guards of the band. From a young age, his father taught him to use a bow, while he learned to play the pan pipes from his mother. He also learned about herbs from a good friend of his father's. He became an official member of the guard when he turned 15, and quickly earned his keep. He would hunt partridge and quail for the band when they were camped, and when they were moving, he would keep watch for thieves and the like. When he was 18, King Ben had risen to power. As the caravan passed through a small town, his soldiers attacked them, massacring almost everyone. David was ahead of the Caravan when it was attacked, and tried to fight through the soldiers to get back to it, killing a few of them. In the end, he was forced to flee alone after the caravan was burned.

    He fled into the Samadan Forest, where he has remained. He has a small hut on the bank of the Nightwing Lake opposite of the Harpy settlement. Being this close, he has good relations with the Harpies, and often will trade herbs and furs he finds with them for supplies. Other than the Harpies, he has no contact with the rest of the world. He has lived in the Forest for three years now. Unless he is out hunting, he is usually found at home, playing songs that his mother taught him on his panpipes. Recently, a raven flew into his hut, clutching a letter. Upon reading it, he made ready to leave, and headed towards the Harpy settlement to trade with them for possibly the last time.

    He was always a fiery boy with a short temper in his youth, but has slowly lost it over the last few years. Since the massacre, he has slowly become more and more aloof, and he probably wouldn't be able to cope if he moved back into society. He can be cold to strangers, but once he has warmed up to them, he is a very kind person. He has also become more forgiving of the men who murdered his family, as they were probably only following orders. The only people he blames now are Mornain and King Ben.

    He is distrusting of few people, no matter how cold he may seem to them. He has become quite pacifistic since he has lived in the forest, and probably wouldn't be able to kill a person if he had to. He had lost his passion for life when Ezra had delivered the letter, which gave his life a new meaning. He is willing to die to take Mornain out of power. He will often stop to smell the roses, and is never in a hurry to do anything. He can't stand people who don't know when to get serious, and absolutely despises hypocrites. He always looks at the brighter side of things and can't handle when things go wrong, blaming it on himself.

    He carries an Ox bone bow, a set of pan pipes made of reeds, a leather quiver full of arrows, and a canteen of water. He also has various healing herbs on hand.

    He is an excellent marksman, almost to the point where it is unnatural. He also has a knowledge of a large variety of herbs.
  18. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Whew, sorry for not posting here in so long... Thank you, Manaphy Mare, for handling the signups while I was "gone". But to make up for it, I have a treat for you all: a song I wrote about Crownen! I guess you can call it Crownen's national anthem... (The rest of the website is old and outdated--I'm using it for temporary storage until I get my new website up.)

    After that musical break, time to review some signups...

    Manaphy Mare: A harpy with a pet deer?!? I feel sorry for the deer... Well, since Opal is male, I'll let it slide. The only thing that seems odd about your character is his Japanese last name and style of clothing--especially since harpies originate from Greek and not Japanese mythology. But who knows, there are Yokai in Crownen (one of TSR's characters is one), so maybe his style of clothing was inspired by them. But the only way he would have a Japanese last name is if he was the distant relative of some Japanese mythological race.

    On a lighter note...
    I know it's a bad joke, but I still LOL'd when I read it!

    TheSequelReturns: Yay, the dynamic duo (Silva and Merci) is back! As for your third character... I'm assuming Harionago are humanlike for the most part except for their hair? I would like to see general appearance and lifestyle details in the Race section, for those of us who are not too familiar with Japanese mythology. And hmm, you said she doesn't sit well with holy presences... Well, hopefully the border around Avalon won't bother her too much.

    zandgaia: Glad to see you're interested! I'm not taking reserves now, so just post your signup(s) whenever you're ready. As for the map... it was a nice effort, but the continent of Crownen is shaped like a bird, so your map won't work too well for it.

    bobyjoe5000: I agree with what Manaphy Mare said about your signup. Denied, unless you can fix the issues he told you about.

    Neo Pikachu: A very interesting race indeed! At first I thought he was going to be too powerful, but you seem to have kept the powers reasonable, and gave him some weaknesses to compensate for it. I guess he would technically be considered a wizard now, having graduated from the academy and all.

    Slipomatic: I remember Alvara! It's nice to see her again.

    Niihyl: You always like to play characters that are a bit on the evil side, don't you? Actually, I like the way Gemini's personality turned out--it's very balanced and complex. (It's funny that you decided to call him Gemini, given he's a half-scorpion, but it does make sense with the twin tails he was born with.) The only issue I have is a little detail in his History: when his village was burned down, you said he fled to the desert. But wasn't his village already in the desert? And finally, just out of curiosity, how the heck do you pronounce "Aqrabuamelu"?

    Haha, his race reminds me very much of what happened to Pagans when the Christians came along to try and condemn them. Especially with the rumours of the Aqrabuamelu being vicious baby-killers and all. And I'm pretty sure there is a sector of paganism that deals with blood magic... Anyway, accepted.

    ryodragonite: Fixing the shirt thing is as simple as erasing the T. But besides that, your grammar is rather sub-par, but it doesn't make your signup extremely difficult to read. For now I'll accept you, out of trust that you will make good posts in the actual RPG.

    Floorman: Being a half-elf is perfectly okay for this RPG. (In fact, if he was a full elf, I would have criticised you for naming him David.) Your signup is a little on the short side, but it's just descriptive enough to get a general idea of what David is like. So another archer, eh? I'll take that, especially since the bow isn't Opal's main specialty. (Opal is Manaphy Mare's harpy character.) Oh and speaking of harpies, I don't know what they'd do with fur, but I dunno, maybe some male harpies wear it at least. And I see no reason for harpies to be hostile toward elves, as long as they're on the other side of the lake. Accepted.


    EDIT: A certain PM I just received questioned the planetary origins of Crownen. As such, I think this info might be worth reading:

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  19. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    VERY good RP, Kiruria. i can hardly handle the sheer amount of AWSOMENESS it has. i would two reservations. once again, very cool RP. i'll work on them tommarrow, but probably won't be up till next week.
  20. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Emilia Diamante (Usually known by the nickname "Mia")

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Race: Succubus (This is a mythological creature. Can't explain further though...just search a bit. XD)

    Appearance: Emilia, being a Succubus, has a seductive, sensual allure that seems to attract men. She stands at a solid six feet tall, with pale, almost deathly skin and eyes of a deep magenta shade. Her long hair is blood-red with a ruby-colored sheen, cascading down to her knees in soft, glossy waves. Emilia's face is slender, with a high-bridged, pointed nose and eyes surrounded by long, thick lashes. Under her eyes are rather prominent dark circles, giving her a look which could be interpreted as either scary or sleepless. Her slim, yet shapely body with the large breasts and long legs characteristic of the Succubus race is almost human-looking if not for her long, black tail with an arrowhead-shaped tip. Curved, black horns adorn the top of her head, and large, black demonic-looking wings decorate her back.

    Emilia's dress sense is suggestive compared to most, reflecting the nature of her race. Her usual attire consists of a tight, black leather tube top which laces up in front, resembling a corset, and matching black bikini-style bottoms. She also wears long, black gloves reaching her biceps and black thigh-high lace-up boots with heels. Whenever she travels, she usually puts on a short, black hooded robe over her usual attire. This robe reaches until mid-thigh, with two slits down her sides, holes on its back for her wings, and a low neckline, which partially shows what she wears underneath. She is often seen carrying her weapon of choice: a whip.

    Personality: Emilia is a proud individual who knows and acknowledges her own beauty and often uses it to her advantage against anyone or anything. She is known to be arrogant as well as having issues with her pride, which is shown in the way she dislikes being talked down or lectured, which usually prompts her to whip whomever it is who does. She is also rather shameless and crass in her words and actions, owing to her nature as a succubus, turning off most normal, sensible people. She is also known to be a consummate flirt and would likely try to hit up on any guy she is with, often resorting to less-than-proper ways to do so. She also dislikes being seen as a "damsel in distress" due to her pride and usually tries to do things herself and generally hates the idea of being saved by someone else.

    Emilia, however, can also be seen as caring if one looks hard enough beneath the surface. She often puts others first before herself, being one of the last remaining leaders of her clan, though she doesn't usually show it directly, preferring to do so in ways most interpret as reckless. She is also one who keeps her feelings of inferiority and loneliness locked up behind her proud exterior. In reality, she feels as if she is never good enough and that she could never have anyone, which she tries not to show. However, if one gets to know her, she could be compassionate and kindhearted. She is protective of those who are with her and goes through great lengths to protect them, even though many can judge her as foolish for going so far. She'd much rather take a hit than watch others get hit by enemies. Her proud exterior may be what most see, but she is a different young woman to those who know and understand her very well.

    Emilia is not like other Succubi in a way that she really wants to love someone and have that someone love her back. Her ways may seem uncouth, but her only motive is to find that someone who would accept her for who she is. Having lost the only man whom she felt love from, the Incubus Alejandro who was her older brother, she always felt empty, and never liked that feeling, which she tries to cover up most of the time with her promiscuous nature.

    History: Emilia, the younger of two siblings, was born to a tribe of Incubi and Succubi living near Nightwing Lake, just at the edge of the Samadan Forest. Both her parents, Iago and Lluvia, were among the leaders of the clan, and thus, were in charge of decision-making as well as making sure the clan does not starve. However, both of them were killed by the Sakh in the Samadan Forest while out hunting a few years before Ben took the throne. Emilia was only seven years old at that time, leaving only her older brother by nine years, the Incubus Alejandro, to take care of her. Emilia loved Alejandro very much, and often stuck by his side, knowing that he was the only one she could really count on. All throughout her younger years to her early teens, she was always known as quite a handful, causing trouble here and there and venturing into the Samadan Forest despite being prohibited to do so because she was not of age. Alejandro was the only one who could control her, more likely because he was gentle towards her, making her rather disliked among the clan who did not approve of Alejandro's coddling. Emilia at that time, had the tendency not to care about what others said or felt, so the disdain she observed did not really affect her. To her, all she needed in her life was Alejandro, as was all that mattered to her.

    However, the shores of Nightwing Lake were not going to be safe for long. After several incidences of fellow tribe members getting killed by the Sakh in the Samadan Forest, as well as the growing Harpy threat, the tribe had no choice but to leave. When Emilia was seventeen, Alejandro took his place among the leaders of the tribe and suggested that they move to the Grey Mountains. Emilia, for once, did not side with her brother. She considered Nightwing Lake her home, and refused to leave, accusing the rest of the tribe for being cowards. However, as expected with being considered the runt, nobody listened. Alejandro managed to convince her the night before they left, promising that he would keep her safe. Emilia, trusting her older brother, finally relented. The tribe then left by wing before dawn, heading for the Grey Mountains, which was to be their new home.

    For three more years, life continued on as usual for Emilia. When she turned twenty, she was finally given permission to hunt, though supervised under the watchful eye of Alejandro. Though she loved her older brother, Emilia was pissed off at the fact that she had to be supervised in the first place, claiming it made her feel "like a child" and that she was no longer one. When she felt that she had enough of it, she ran away from Alejandro while hunting one night, which resulted to her getting lost in the mountains' woods. Regretting her actions shortly afterward, she went on to look for Alejandro, only to find that he had been killed by a Lion while he was out looking for her in the dark. This was the first time Emilia ever felt her heart sink. She then started blaming herself for Alejandro's death.

    As she was the daughter of two previous leaders, as well as the sister of a recently deceased leader, tribe law required Emilia to step up and take their place, despite protests of the other tribe members. She tried to ignore their qualms the best she could, knowing that they were still of her kind. She did her best to help support the tribe, keeping her feelings inside. The more she tried, the more her inferiority complex grew, feeling that she was never going to be like Iago, Lluvia or Alejandro to her fellow tribe members. Despite her trying her best and being kinder towards the others than most of the leaders, none of the other tribe leaders seemed to take her decisions seriously, deeming her "too soft" and her reputation as a runt tainting her. She still cared for the rest of her kind though, and later on, gained a bit of respect after she managed to kill and haul the Lion that had killed Alejandro back to the tribe.

    One day, while out hunting, she met a raven who gave her a letter. Curious, she read it. Thinking that it would be her chance to start anew and not live with shame, she set off for where the letter told her to go, unknown to her tribe. She decided it was better that they do not know, fearing that they would deem it a mistake because of what she was known for. She then assumed a proud, confident front as she went on, thinking it would help her in being taken seriously.

    Equipment: Emilia's primary weapon is her whip, black in color and full of spikes/thorns, designed to make her victims suffer after she traps them. This whip, however, does not have a very long reached compared to other whips. She also carries with her a skin of water and a few bottles of healing potions she obtained while travelling, not being a believer in healing herbs herself.

    Abilities: Naturally, Emilia is skilled in using her whip, boasting good aim and strong hits for a woman. However, Emilia is also adept in two fields of magic: charm and illusion, and does much better in battle when her opponent is of the opposite sex. She knows various techniques in drawing a male opponent close, using her looks and words laced with charms and sometimes, poison to weaken them, before striking them with her various whip techniques. Should that not work, she uses illusions to enfeeble or distract them. However, her biggest weakness lies in her inability to use these in battles with those of the female sex, leaving her only with her whip in those situations.

    Emilia is also pretty good with spells involving draining life, an alternative to going up close with her whip, which is often risky. However, she is still trying to perfect this field, and her spells don't do as much damage as she would expect as of yet.

    BTW, before you criticize her appearance, I suggest you search for images of Succubi first. It's really how they look like as far as I know and have seen.
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