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Sword & Shield IV: Ultimate Sword & Shield (1134)


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Sword & Shield IV: Ultimate Sword & Shield

Chairman Rose has unleashed the Pokémon Eternatus to help solve a future energy crisis. However, with Eternatus unleashed, Pokémon have been Dynamaxing at random across Galar. While Leon has gone to try and stop Eternatus, Ash is trying to stop Chairman Rose. With Goh, Raihan and Sonia joining in to help, will they be able to stop the crisis from overwhelming Galar?

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Well that was disappointing.......
The episode was extremely fantastic, up until the Zacian Zamazenta battle against eternatus. That was ass. And that climax being bad....well it really ruins the episode for me.
I would say what I liked is how they had Leon try and catch eternatus with an ultra ball, fail and get injured by trying to protect Ash and Goh, just like in the games.
This episode didn't feel rushed, but that was because the climax battle was short....I guess it's because how hard it is to animate eternatus. Rose and Oleana managed to escape though, seems like Leon is in pursuit of them.
All in all a good arc, I definitely enjoyed it more than the games, but this was quite frankly a disappointing episode
Also lucario and cinderace are op


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So does that mean Ash officially owns a Legendary Pokémon?
Nah. Apparently, it was locked in a safe at Magnolia’s to not be used again. Getting bucking ethernatus in a common pokeball, the heck!

The final battle be the same that in the games was uninspired, though. I suppose that Rose and Oleana being loose points for things not ending that easily. Bonus points for Rose’s crazy faces.


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The Pokeball was Goh's... Ash helped to throw it but I guess it doesn't count for him. I think it was Goh's Pokedex that registered the capture too
Well, that means Goh managed to beat Ash to the punch of catching a legendary Pokémon...

Though Ash still got a Mythical before Goh. LOL to Mew.


Eternatus has a low catch rate in the games if I recall correctly.

Honestly, wasn't expecting they'd follow the games and had one of the protagonists actually GET a legendary. On another hand it's kind of cruel just locking Eternatus on a pokéball forever. I mean, it wasn't responsible for the rampage. Rose was.


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Is this a perfect episode? Nope.
Does it suffer from being kind of rushed? Yes.
Is the Etarnatus situation dealt with rather quickly? Yeah, kind of.

It certainly suffers from it's flaws but I still had a good time with this episode and Ash's parts were especially great and the fact that Pikachu and Riolu/Lucario were able to put up a good fight against Rose... and to think that a Pokémon many people wanted Ash to get is now finally a reality.

Not surprised to see poor ol' Jessie, James and Meowth getting shafted though considering this series could not give two craps about them for the most part. :p
Wow this was kinda lame. Evolutions felt rushed and the dogs felt off in the way that they do exactly the same as in the games. 5/10


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Still feels unreal, after 15 years Ash finally has a Lucario, voiced by the same person who voiced the original lucario in M08. A full circle. Ash and Lucario Definitely fit in perfectly together.
One has to wonder if Riolu was really the reincarnation of Sir Aaron's Lucario... and Ash is the reincarnation of Sir Aaron himself.